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Tennis #54

Keeping up with which tennis player broke their racquets during the weekend can be a difficult task. Lucky for you, Myles David is here to help you navigate the busy professional tennis circuit and the hot topics that come along with it. Sometimes your faves can hit it for a winner or just flat out get it wrong. Either way, we want you tuned into tennis!

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  • igotstago
    One of the best tennis pods. Love the passion
    This guy knows and loves Tennis. Clearly a fan. Love the knowledge, diplomacy about some sensitive issues, (and the hilarity), and, of course, Myles’ passionate fandom. He also brings equally knowledgeable guests which makes for great conversations. Great time to be a Tennis fan and a great pod for said fans. Keep ‘em coming!
  • tfrank8
    Reminding me why I love tennis
    Life happens and staying on top of tennis world is not easy..when I saw a black man with this passion for the game and his personality my black a*s was SOLD to this podcast and his Instagram!!!
  • RockyBalboa2
    Love this Platform
    Love hearing from someone of color who is very much into tennis and knows what they are talking about. Plus- amazing voice.
  • Pj4742457
    Don’t Miss This!
    Love this podcast. Keeps it super interesting and real.
  • Befesk
    Diversity & Commitment
    So glad to hear new and differing voices talk about the sport of tennis. The landscape of the viewing audience has changed over the years and the media around it is slowly catching up. Myles gets all my respect for being a one man show - I could never pull that off. I highly recommend this intimate yet entertaining commentary on one of the greatest sports in the world. Great job Myles - and I would kill to have your voice - ugh!!! 😂🤣
  • DevonJamaal2015
    Do it, Myles!!!!
    Love the podcast so far! I don’t fully understand the sport of tennis, but I’m keeping up. I really enjoy the pop culture segments and I’m excited for what segments you will add in the future. I also want to hear you dive more into HBCU culture. My favorite episode thus far is definitely the Brandy vs. Monica recap. Keep up the great content!
  • 4everkirk
    Myles Is Gonna Be Tennis Go To Guy
    Also listening to this podcast first of all I learned about so many new players because I’m pretty sure like many people I only know about Venus and Serena. I also learn a lot of tennis terms like clay dirt playing and they were talking about serving techniques and all these things that I didn’t know about. So listen this podcast made me feel like we need more. I appreciate you for doing this podcast and I will be the first want to say it you are going to be the official tennis go to guy.
  • V.Dott
    Great Show!!!
    I really enjoyed listening. Can’t wait to hear more!
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