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Join Tawny Newsome (Star Trek: Lower Decks) and Paul F. Tompkins (BoJack Horseman, Comedy Bang Bang) in a wide-ranging and often hilarious take on the Star Trek universe. With unparalleled access to Star Trek luminaries, celebrity superfans, and behind-the-scenes creative professionals, The Pod Directive takes a smart, witty and thoughtful look at all things Trek – both old and new. Offering a high-level discussion of the themes, ideas and characters that resonate across the history of the franchise’s storied universe, episodes will also explore the brand’s 50-plus year legacy and influence. New episodes every other Tuesday.Star Trek: The Pod Directive listeners can use discount code "TREK20” for 20% off all Star Trek products on

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  • urefansince80
    Best Podcast this side of the Galaxy!
    Fun and informative. Tawny and Paul are awesome and entertaining. Great guests and topics. As a life-long Star Trek fan I am embarrassed to say I’m late to the party for this podcast. Thankfully time travel is a common thing with Trek and I can go back and start from the beginning. Lots to cover and enjoying catching up.
  • Computer Janitor
    Season 2 Not Real
    I love the show but they are just slowly re-releasing all of season one and pretending it’s a new season. Very disappointing.
  • tjderham
    “How Did This Get Trekked?”
    Tawny and Paul are always a delight in everything they do, especially this show, but I’m here to make a request: Please do a recurring segment with fellow Lower Decker Paul Sheer, and his co-hosts from HDTGM called “How Did This Get Trekked??” where y’all go play-by-play with Sub Rosa, Code of Honor, These Are The Voyages, the salamander one, all the episodes commonly agreed to be bananas beyond typical Trek. Please! 🖖🏼
  • BocciaBall
    Too many hiatuses
    So the latest episode is a promo for the Mission: Impossible movie? I don’t appreciate that after months of no new Star Trek content. To the hosts, this isn’t you. You’re delightful and thank you for bringing comedy and your genuine love of the material to this Star Trek podcast.
  • Jer1978
    Love Tawny and PFT
    Tawny and Paul are national treasures, but this second season is baffling. My only guess is that Paramount is interfering and screwing it all up. 5 stars to the hosts, 1 to the studio that disappeared Prodigy and is now making the Official Star Trek podcast a shill for other IP.
  • atc-airman
    A Must Lusten
    Star Trek: The Pod Directive is a must listen. It can be relevant, irrelevant, funny and informative. The host are hilarious and know how to keep the conversation going. I look forward to each episode.
  • Sarah mmMmm
    Makes my day every time
    Tawny and Paul ‘hang out at you’ and ‘filibuster’ through the intros/outros. I’d say it’s the best thing ever, but their interviews are easy competition. If you’re any sort of a Star Trek fan (or, tbh, just a person) you’re going to find this podcast beyond delightful. llap 🥰 lol
  • Pwbnyc
    2nd season disappointing.
    First season was ok for this pod. Second season is a complete disaster. Totally disappointing. “All good things….”
  • JJM3
    Fun and engaging hosts
    I’m glad this podcast has returned for a second season. The hosts are funny, knowledgeable, and engaging. I’m looking forward to hearing future episodes.
  • Keeper2015
    Boring guests of season 2
    I adore Tawny and Paul. Season 1 of pod was great with lots of interesting guests. Season 2 started strong with Frakes but after that it’s just been nobodies like Star Wars bloggers and some guy that directed a not Trek tv series Tawny and Paul like. Not really much of a Star Trek podcast anymore. Wasn’t the point of the podcast to document the people of these older Treks before they’re gone? I’ll pop in for the interesting guests that want to talk about Star Trek.
  • Pretty_Doll
    Michelle Yeoh is AMAZING
    The interview with Michelle Yeoh was insightful and inspiring. I’m in love, too. Thank you for asking thoughtful interview questions and stepping aside to let her shine. What a joy!
  • Ben Richards 2024
    A cut above the rest
    The same way that Star Trek is more than just another sci fi franchise, The Pod Directive is more than just another Star Trek podcast. Having true fans who just so happen to be talent on a Trek show host the pod makes this something special. While most Trek podcasts are simple recap shows, this one goes further. At first I thought that this would be a promotional show since it’s official, but they’ve done amazing work celebrating Trek’s impact and love. Absolutely recommended!
  • e-q
    Fun show about all the trek series
    I think the original cartoon is the only series that doesn’t get touched on (you need old guests that experienced that show when there was no other new trek other than the novels) I like the movies too but I can see that there is more content in the series so the tv focus makes sense. One thing I’ve noticed since watching ’the way to Eden’ as a kid in the 70s and then seeing it every few years since is that I identify with the space hippies now more than the crew/starfleet (not in their means just their wanting less walls & tec) It would be fun to hear if the host ever changed their perspective over time with their fave series. Also, book guests from the Futurama writers room, those folks obviously loved the original series. LL&P
  • StephanieSH928
    Tawny and Paul are a great podcast team. It is funny, and I do feel like they ask really great questions to their guests. My husband has a similar view to Trek as Natasha, but I was able to get him to watch Lower Decks with me.
  • startrekbarbie
    What a Delight!
    Oh the sweet sounds of Tawny Newsome and Paul F. Tompkins talking trek into my ear holes once again! Always amazing, fun, and interesting interviews with a wide variety of trek and science folks. This podcast has really opened my eyes to different perspectives of the fandom and has enriched my Trekkie experience. So SOOO glad to have it back. The only struggle is the 14 day wait!
  • AnonymousReviewerToday
    It would be nice if you could listen to the OFFICIAL Star Trek podcast with your kids, without foul language.
  • BlueJaigEyes
    Funny and Inviting!
    Latest Review (3/7/2023): Just listened to the first episode of season 3 with Jonathan Frakes! That was a fantastic episode. Tawny and Paul continue to be hilarious and wonderful hosts! I can’t get enough of this show. It’s so much fun! I can’t describe how excited I felt when I saw the new episode pop up on my feed. Listening to Tawny and Paul talk about Star Trek and more makes me feel like I’m also part of the conversation. Keep up the amazing work! Original Review: I love listening and learning about Star Trek from a fan’s point of view, so it makes me extremely happy to know Star Trek is continuing that with this official podcast. The first episode with Ben Stiller is simply awesome! Him being a TOS fan is something I didn’t know about. I had such a great time listening to it. Tawny and Paul do such a fantastic job at keeping the conversation going and keeping me engaged along the way. They also make it warm and inviting for new fans who may not be fully versed in ST. 5 stars! I am really looking forward to more episodes in the future!
  • joelmw
    the best podcast ever
    If you love Trek, you must listen to Tawny and Paul. If you don’t love Trek but are just a decent human with a sense of humor and good taste, you’ll want to listen anyway. The best podcast ever.
  • Fathom12
    Hooray! Another Season!!! 🤩🤩🤩
    Love this show! Great hosts! Can’t wait for more!!! Gimme Gimme Gimme!!! Now Now Now!!!!!
  • raw vegan food!e
    Great trek pod!
    Love this podcast! I just found it and I’m so anxious for season three. Please come back!! We need new episodes.
  • Dork Queen
    Yay!!!!!! I'm so happy for the new season!!!
    I love star trek !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🖖
  • CHOS13
    Hoping for another witty and thoughtful season
    Brilliant pod with the best hosts that brings together reverence and irreverence of a beloved franchise. It is so great to hear how people have connected with Trek and with others to dream of a better world. Hilarious and thoughtful. Hoping for another season.
  • Jezzebel
    Such a great Podcast!
    I really love what they have done with this podcast. I never watch the official anything but this show is so thoughtfully curated and the hosts are so knowledgeable and charming I really can’t get enough of it. More please!!
  • Ameeeely
    Live long and podcast!
    Ya’ll. This podcast is a true delight, not only because of the hosts (who I already adore tbh), but the content is so so interesting and funny and charming and everything you’d want from a Trek podcast. I couldn’t love it more and I am frothing at the bit, as it were, for more episodes! 💜
  • HarbinLaoshi
    Warp Drive Podcast!
    This show is spectacular. Tawny and Paul have great chemistry and their wit and humor really entertain and enthrall. Where’s the next season?!? We’re waiting…
  • Sooz21
    To have found this Trek centered podcast! PFT & TN are wonderful, and the interviews are too. 🖖
  • GreatShaggu
    Paul F Tompkins is one of my favorite comedians and my favorite podcaster. Tawny Newsome plays my favorite nutrek character, the best character in Spaceforce, and is generally delightful. Together, they are an unstoppable force intent on assimilating new fans and old. You will love this pod, resistance is futile.
  • morgodth
    This is my second favorite Star Trek podcast (after Mission Log). I've been a long time fan of Paul (from Superego), and he and Tawny's report is delightful. The show can be a bit too much of a love fest at times. I enjoy their attitude of not being gatekeepers, but I also appreciate the ciritcal eye that Mission Log and RedLetterMedia provide. An ideal guest for me would be if they occasionally had a dissenting voice like Mike Stoklasa on to discuss his issues with newer Trek, as well as his TNG movie breakdown videos. I think his perspective would lead to an interesting discussion.
  • Mighty mo mo
    Delightful Listening
    I love all things Trek and this is no exception. Tawny and Paul F are the best cocktail party hosts for your ears. The conversations are relaxed and delightful. I save this podcast to wind down with after a long day of working online. Always makes me chuckle and sometimes I laugh so hard I scare the dogs. An oasis in the midst of the dystopia that has been the pandemic. Thank you!
  • itsonlyhumannature
    This show is a blast! I appreciate everyone who worked together to make it possible. Can't wait for more. Also please make sure they get all the guests they wish for like Whoopi Goldberg for starters.
  • BelovedBitterSea
    What is the ending song they play?
    Where is the song they play at the end of the podcast from?!?! It's driving me nuts. I think it's from Picard but it could also be Discovery. Pretty sure it's from one of the new shows but can't place it and can't find the episode it's in. Help! But yes other than the maddening mystery of that song, I love this podcast. Lower Decks is my favorite show, so hearing Tawny and Paul talk is just a delight! Please, though, where is the song from?
  • kcobb471
    Just what I needed
    I’m a Trek newbie, having only started watching it a few months ago. Imagine my delight when I learned that my favorite comedian, Paul F. Tompkins, was co-hosting a Star Trek podcast with the brilliant and always hilarious Tawny Newsome (I miss Bajillion Dollar Properties)! This was just the thing I needed to supplement my maiden voyage into the Trek Universe.
  • Damlar
    I Considered
    I considered writing a review for this podcast and it seemed like a good idea so I did it and this is it. What a wonderful podcast this is. Tawny and Paul are a delight both in terms of their hosting abilities and their Trek knowledge. They are both so funny I hope they are still doing this show in 37 years when I die!
  • Ratetron2654
    They are not just beautiful, they know their Trek
    Loving this show. Tawny and Paul F are the best, their genuine love of all things Star Trek shines through. I would love to see them in a future live-action iteration of the Trek-iverse Either one could be a fantastic option for Harry Mudd.
  • Amtrak207
    Mostly irrelevant
    It hurts to write this, because I am a lifelong Trekkie and do not want to tear down anything related to the shows/series/franchise. This podcast appears to be little more than a marketing front. The only discussion of issues is superficial, there is very little depth other than “I have (an opinion) about (topical issue) too.” You have to realize that Trekkies are going to expect a more in-depth discussion of the various social issues brought up in the series. I guess that is a difficult order to fill without coming across as “too preachy,” which various series just may have done a little bit over the years. The guests have to save the podcast when they get an opportunity to speak on topic. I am turned off by all the folksy, personal discussions about episode premieres and personal background and how the history of the series applies to one person. We all have that experience, it’s why we are here. We don’t need to be re-sold or have our allegiance to the series re-affirmed by hearing about someone else’s background. Some guests are better than others at keeping their egos in check. So maybe my expectations were a bit too lofty, but I still feel a bit let down.
  • halenick
    Drop The Mic 🎙 but don’t!
    Tawny & Paul holy cow I love listening to your Podcast! I have fallen in love with you guys and all the guest. I am up to date on all the shows and movies! Thank you for being such and amazing culture of Space and the finale frontier. I get excited every time something new comes out. I have seen every tv series and movies over and over. Including Lower Decks ugh I can’t get enough. Even the last episode of Lower Decks. I promise I watch other shows, My world stop when a new episodes comes on! My partner asked what Star Trek show you watching to fall asleep too! Star Trek Voyager there’s nothing like hearing the voice of Katherine Janeway and the crew living each day to get home. Anyways great podcast cast! I can remember watching Star Trek with my mom with ima kid, ugh Great memories! Well love long and prosper treky peeps!🖖🏼
  • danmcc13
    A much needed calm in a very stormy sea
    Tawny and Paul (I feel like we are on a first name basis), thank you so much for the amazing work you do and the genuine fun you have on this show! I grew up in a nerd family where both Star Trek and Star Wars were integral parts of my life since before I could walk. My dad watched Trek at multiple times a week and I would always end up watching with him. “My” Trek will always be “Enterprise” because I was kid when it came out. It makes me happy that your mom loves it so much as well. I love and associate everything about it (even the AMAZING theme song) with having a good time with my dad. Recently I shared it with my partner and she absolutely loved it. We finished the series right before she left for a year to get her Master’s degree in Scotland. Between her moving, me starting a new job, moving cities, oh AND a global pandemic, there have been a lot of rocky moments over the last few months. Listening to you guys talk to each other and your AMAZING guests about your genuine love and enjoyment of all things Trek has been a much needed respite every day during the work commute. Thank you a million times and of course….. LLAP
  • alloutofclever
    PFT: the Batman we deserve
    This podcast may not be narrative, but it’s generous tone and the care it exudes for the material and the people who work on, consume and/or just love the universe of Trek makes it as delightfully “official” as can be.
  • Q Worshiper
    Thank Q for this Show
    Tawny Newsome and Paul F. Tompkins near encyclopedic Star Trek knowledge, fantastic humor, and great guests makes this podcast really enjoyable to newcomers and long time fans of Star Trek. I thank Q every time I listen to The Pod Directive especially during the off season when there is no new trek airing on P+. Thank you for this great show!
  • MangoTree426
    Star Trek during the off season
    I love this podcast and wish it was on with new episodes year round. Really helps me cope lately with no new episodes of any Trek on right now!
  • Josuemoralesc
    Among the Greatest Podcasts in the Universe!
    Tawny and PFT are everything you want in a podcast host. They’re funny, insightful, honest, and much more. I always look forward for listening to new Star Trek: The Pod Directive episodes. Their season 2 finale episode was hilarious. I highly recommend. Hopefully we get more of those sprinkled throughout the third season of the show.
  • HollyTamale23
    Tawny and PFT are BALLER
    Tawny and PFT (pronounced pffffttt!!!!… sometimes known as Paul F Thompkins) are literally my new best friends, unbeknownst to Tawny and PFT. The pandemic was (is) soooo isolating and they (and their merry band of Trek friends…”I am not a Merry Man!!” -PFT) are the perfect comforting mix of humor and Trek, like a bowl of chicken noodle soup from Bob Evans. Thank you thank you thank you my new besties for this ear candy. I’m only slightly miffed you forgot to tell me happy birthday on Twitter, but it’s water under the Bridge, my friends! (The Enterprise D bridge to be exact).
  • tapanapa
    Another side of Trek
    Super charming hosts exploring another side of Trek with interesting guests. Great questions, great chemistry. Fave episodes: Justin Simien, Michelle Yeoh
  • AlexTPerry
    Cool conversations with famous fans
    There are a lot of Star Trek podcasts, but only The Pod Directive can explore how celebrities, prominent political figures, writers etc. engage with Star Trek just like any other fan. A set of great conversations with two charismatic hosts that will deepen your appreciation for the franchise. More please!
  • AltraWave7
    General Order One: Have fun!
    This is by far some of the best new Trek content available. Tawny and Paul F. are an amazing pair of hosts that help bring a relaxed, just hangin’ with some friends vibes to the interviews. This is by far the best way to start my week and I look forward to each episode with as much anticipation as any new episode of the other amazing Trek shows. This is one podcast you need to listen to as a long time Trek fan, or as a new Trek fan it’s a wonderful look at how Trek has inspired so many people from so many different backgrounds and walks of life. It may not heal the world, but it’s a great place to get away from it and hope for a better future together.
  • Moses T.K.
    Trondy & Puff ♾
    This podcast has been unexpectedly comforting during the pandemic. Though a lifelong Trek fan, but one who has NOT seen every episode of every show, I never considered myself a Treker. It’s only logical that the “official podcast” would make me feel included. And the hosts make me feel happy too. Advice: listen Monday mornings before starting work for a nice start to the work-week.
  • KylieG
    I am so friggin thankful for this show!
    I have been a long time Trek fan, but I’ve always been surrounded by non-trekkers. Listening to two hilarious people talk about my favorite universe is literally all I have ever wanted in life. I’ve always thought Paul was funny but Tawny is such a breath of fresh air. My favorite times are when she makes Paul cackle with her segues. These two are Trek nerds but not all uptight about it. And it’s so much fun to hear other Trek nerds across the lifestyle spectrum talk about what Trek means to them. Paul and Tawny are engaging and thoughtful interviewers but it always feels loose and fun. Also, Tawny’s mom has gotten me to re-consider my opinion of Enterprise so that’s also a plus. I always look forward to new episodes!
  • Great weather app
    I just love this podcast. That’s it. That’s my review. I love this podcast.
  • Papposilenus
    like landing on a planet in Omicron Delta
    You might expect an official podcast to be lovely but predictable, as the crew of the original series Enterprise expected their shore leave to be when they beamed down to that planet. But, like the episode "Shore Leave", the things you always wanted to hear about Trek but never imagined could be in a podcast start materializing in your headphones. Guests like Stacey Abrams, Phil Yu, Emily VanDerWerff, and Talia Lavin show how relevant Trek remains almost six decades after the first pitch meeting. And Tawny Newsome and Paul F. Tompkins have better chemistry than Alice and the Rabbit, better improv skills than Finnegan, and, ably assisted by a crack production staff, a depth of Trek knowledge that Q himself would envy.
  • Captain Friendship
    Great casual Trek podcast
    Star Trek is my favorite franchise. Tawny Newsome and Paul F. Tompkins are two of my favorite comedians. Imagine my surprise when I learned they had all come together for this great podcast. As someone who loves Trek, but feels a little intimidated by the vast knowledge some fans seem to have about the franchise, it is refreshing to hear two people who love the shows goof around and make it feel okay to not have every alien race and planet memorized. It makes the fandom seem a lot more accessible for fans like myself. Great show.
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