Tig and Cheryl: True Story

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Join Tig Notaro (One Mississippi, Star Trek) and Cheryl Hines (Curb Your Enthusiasm) as they discuss a new documentary every week, with plenty of hilarious diversions and memorable stories along the way!

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  • @paminophylline
    Omg… birthing news
    Love these women. They start laughing and I start laughing. I’m walking the neighborhood in denver with my iPods and I’m laughing out loud. Such a great show and host dynamic. Thanks for making me smile. I really needed this on the day Roe v Wade was reversed.
  • mendy817
    Love ❤️
    Tig and Cheryl are the best! Perfect combo of dry and silly. So fun!
  • Anthony23:D
    Hey girls hey
    I know Yellowstone isn’t a documentary, but can just please do an episode and help me understand it. Thanks, Cindy
  • MargueriteMouse
    Giggling in bed
    I love Monday!! or Tig and Cheryl day because you two always crack me up. I replay the show several times during the week when I’m driving and I laugh all over again. Stay Silly !! Loyal Snerkbol PS Thank you for helping me deal with the sad days. Heidi Marguerite
  • Bloomsburry
    I still don’t know Documentaries
    I’ve listened to enough episodes to definitively say, I can’t tell you ANYTHING about any of these documentaries, except for the three I’ve actually watched (both Fyre documentaries are comfort watches for me, I don’t know why) But even though I can’t tell you about the plots of these documentaries, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t listen to this podcast! The banter and laughter that both Tig and Cheryl bring to their work is so infectious, I find myself bursting out in heaving laughter when I’m at work and definitely not supposed to be cry-laughing. If you’re looking for something new, this is it!
  • Batesy_
    I love the banter between Cheryl and Tig! So many laugh out loud moments. Makes my daily commute enjoyable!
  • iCareSkin
    This is my new favorite podcast. It helps my long days at work!
  • funsizefuentes
    Literally laugh out loud
    I can’t believe it took me this long to find this podcast. I watched Tig’s show and standup and instantly fell in love with her type of comedy. I wasn’t too familiar with Cheryl, but I’m glad this podcast brought me to her because these girls are hilarious together. Cheryl’s slightly gaspy laugh kills me everytime. I listened to a few new episodes but now am starting from the beginning!
  • Elisemz90
    Love this pod
    Wow wow, I’ve separately loved Tig and Cheryl but had no idea they were friends. I heard about this pod from MFM, and it’s been my best new find after a bit of a podcast rut. I’ve listened to all episodes in about the span of a month. It’s light, funny, with moments of authentic reflection and a ton of goofiness. You don’t need to watch the doc to listen to an episode, frequently(always) conversation is so tangential it’s not like you are listening to a side by side compendium. Thanks for the laughs. Snrkbl for life
  • RachelS33
    Guaranteed to put you in the mood
    A GREAT mood that is! I always look forward to catching up with Tig
  • Love & Kindness
    Total Joy!
    This is the only podcast, of many I listen to, that I run to the day it comes out. Tig and Cheryl make me happy. I’ve listened to every episode and just hope they keep “doing it again.” Such a joy to behold! Thank you!
  • Boulderteacher
    So fun!
    I love to listen to this when I'm making breakfast in the morning because it brings such a smile to my face. I love their honesty, the hysterical laughter and when they just go wherever they want to go mentally. Someone expecting a true analytical look at a documentary might want to go otherwise, ha! However if you're looking for a fun time with two friends who play so well off each other this is a great podcast!
  • JoJo VCP
    Life-threateningly Hilarious
    Shortly after a stranger on the streets of New York saw me in a T-shirt for another podcast and recommended this one, I caught the mother of all spring colds. I can’t stop listening and laughing, even though the laughing leads to coughing, which actually hurts at this point. The Von Dutch episode almost did me in, but what a way to go: laugh-coughing through Cheryl’s attempt to figure out the mechanics of “scrotums” during splits. Listen! It’s worth the risk.
  • DebPDX
    “The Killers, Please Hold.”
    Dear Tig and Cheryl, I love you guys so much. I listen to every single episode. Today was driving down the road and there was a truck in front of me advertising a pest control company called The Killers. Their logo has a picture of two mafia-type people with machine guns. I burst out laughing because I was picturing working there answering the phone, “the killers, please hold.” And telling my friends “I work for the killers.” I knew you guys would love it. I took a picture but I don’t think there’s a way to attach it here! Darn it. Keep having fun. One of your loyal snerkbols, Deborah
  • Nittybelle
    I just love your podcast! Great chemistry between the two of you. Honestly, I don’t really care at all if you get to the documentary! Maybe you should do a newscast. I’ll subscribe if you do. Keep doing what you’re doing because it works! Thanks for making me laugh! Nettie from Utah.
  • Ginnad
    Makes me Lol literally!
    So fun and funny! In a world where there is so much heaviness this is a welcome departure. Tig & Cheryl are a great podcast team. Hoping you aren’t looking for any real details about the documentaries because they give few and there is no way to know anything about the docs!
  • Jinny1012
    Proud Snerkbol
    This is by far my favorite podcast ever! Tig and Cheryl are so funny and not at all informative when it comes to most documentaries. I love the show and hopefully it never ends, even if Tig seems to be getting tapped for tons of stuff these days. #makeroomformama
  • Kittybo57
    Emotionally invested Snrkbl.
    Listen, like the rest of my fellow Snrkbles, I'm always stoked when a new episode comes out. BUT...I'm getting concerned about the amount of anxiety I get at the end of the show when Tig asks "Are we going to do this again?" What if Cheryl says "no" one day? Have they ever thought about how much that freaks us out? i can't even...
  • Anaukweli
    Can you be more like Jay Shetty?
    Can you guys be more like Jay Shetty and make a video podcast?? Can you get on Youtube for God’s sake? I want to watch y’all talk to each other. Ok, love you, bye.
  • User3789
    Don’t stop!
    Thank you Elizabeth for recommending a pod cast that makes me look like a crazy person as I walk my dog (not named Dr. Becky Hines) alone and burst into laughter. My dog starts, neighbors close their windows, and strangers cross the street. Plus I love documentaries.
  • MsStardustNoir
    Love it!
    Hey, girl, hey. This podcast is hilarious! Tig and Cheryl are so funny, I LOVE the sidebar conversations.
  • True Crime all the time Kieran
    Guess I’m a nerd cause I snort/laugh through every episode!
    Such a good podcast! Admittedly there is little actual detail about the documentaries being reviewed but let’s be honest we are all listening for the interaction between Tig and Cheryl! They are hilarious! I alternate between the first episodes and the newest episodes (cause I only started listening recently). My favorite so far is the Tony Hawk one. Cheryl cracking up at the end had me in stitches! Check out the podcast! It will brighten your day!
  • Janefoolery
    Very funny!!!
    I love this podcast, I have been a fan of Tig’s for awhile so when I found this I was thrilled…I’ll keep my review as simple as possible… It’s hysterical!!!!Cheryl Hines and Tig are a great duo, their feedback is so ridiculously funny, The documentaries are just background to the silly stories and relatable nonsense. This podcast has gotten me through many hours of work from home, and I look forward to future episodes, as well as listening to the older ones. My fave was the Finders Keepers one.
  • AlliKittenQueen
    Tell Me Who I Am & Evil Genius
    You 2 crack me up. You must watch the above 2 docs. You want be disappointed. Plenty of twists and turns.
  • Neeley1123
    Love this!
    So happy I found this podcast! Tig and Cheryl make me laugh constantly. Please, please have them tackle the 1975 Maysles documentary “Grey Gardens!”
  • Barsali boy
    Rescue from boredom
    You two crack me up every time I listen. And I finally got around to watching one of the documentaries, The Rescue, and am so glad you exposed me to it, as I would never have found it otherwise. Even after the podcast I couldn’t remember the name, but I did remember the content, and eventually put the right search words together to find it. So you really ARE conveying some knowledge. Maybe there IS some way to know!?
  • EmB4256
    Tig and Cheryl are the comedic duo we didn’t know we needed, and the duo we deserve. Amazing. No notes.
  • Chris Pinho
    HeyTigAndCherylHey, I have never left a comment or review on anything in my life ever, but this podcast brings me so much joy and laughter that I felt compelled to do so. “There’s no way to know” has now become a staple in my vernacular (woah! Look at that ten cent word….BRAGADOCIOUS ALERT!). Love you both and thanks for the laughs.
  • fetch1983
    The more you listen the better it gets!
    People are giving me strange looks because I am laughing out loud while grocery shopping.
  • WonderingWendy
    The friends you always want to hang out with
    Each episode I think “they can’t keep this up”. And yet they do. I now realize they are simply being themselves. Easy. Delightful. This podcast is two humans Generously sharing from the heart of a great friendship. Thank you.
  • Klh398
    Love this podcast!
    I heard about this podcast while tig was on Conan’s podcast and it sounded right up my alley. So far it has exceeded my expectations! I’m a fellow documentary junkie. I love the contrast of Tig’s dry wit and Cheryl’s bubbly personality.
  • Spoil Alert
    Spoil Alert
    I’m not dumber for listening but I’m def not smarter for it. I love rig and cherry
  • NanaKaren71657
    So much fun!
    Such a great podcast! If you two are looking for more docs, try Don’t Stop Believing. I think you’ll like it!
  • Natalie H_
    Listen if you’re looking for a good cry laugh
    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 12/10
  • Melly017x
    Worth it
    These two are ridiculous and it’s freaking hysterical.
    I’m a few episodes behind, so I’m catching up today. For the first time ever in my 48 years, I ALMOST had a beverage exit my nose from laughing. Then, during the next episode, I almost did a spit-take all over my very pricey work computer. The bottom line is, I’m just going to allow the dehydration to overtake me because I’m pretty sure Tig & Cheryl are my best friends and that’s better than anything hydration has to offer.
  • Melsieboo
    Documenter? I don’t even know her!
    I’m a new listener and have quickly made my way back through several episodes. I’m working backwards which adds an element of fun as I have waited to discover the origins of things like Snrkbol (is that how we’re spelling that?) and Tig’s attraction to Ashton Kutcher. Now I’m just patiently awaiting the “hey, Snrkbol, hey” merch launch. I have yet to watch any of these documentaries, but as you will discover, none of that matters to you the listener, nor Tig and Cheryl. This podcast is everything I didn’t know I needed and I love you ladies for that! -Melinda
  • emilytram
    Literally can’t stop listening
    I am in physical pain from laughing so hard. I really enjoyed hearing the bad review from laughing dog. I think you should read one bad review at the end of each episode. They are delightful.
  • Eufemia Plimpton
    My hour of chill
    Brings laughter, silliness and joy to my otherwise blah Mondays!
  • California Mitchell
    Thank you, Tig and Cheryl, for bringing laughter into my life every time I listen to you two ramble on. You crack me up!
  • Ddoggy1
    The best uninformed informative podcast ever! I laugh until it hurts. I am a media professional and professor, you both are what I pray my students aspire to be. They may end up broke but what a journey! Oh, the Michael Jackson impersonation audition for the Wayans Brothers made me wet my pants! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • Lue '91
    PLEASE - do Madonnas doc Truth or Dare
    Y’all mention her all the time and it’s such a great one!!! Total time capsule too!
  • Batgirl558
    Love these two together!!!
    Tig is a favorite of mine but these two together are so natural and lovely! I laugh out loud. ❤️ love this podcast!!
  • SSattorney
    The best
    Two of my favorite funny people - the banter is top notch and I'm also finding so many documentaries to watch because of Tig & Cheryl
  • Eating smarter
    Love this show. Tig and Cheryl are so great together and their commentary and take on these docs is spot on and hilarious. Genuinely laugh out loud funny!
  • EverinDC
    Food Deserts Exist…So Does White Privilege
    I used to love Tig. But it has become apparent to me that her only perspective is from rich white perspectives. I’m also a vegan. But I don’t judge people who are not. Food deserts are a real problem in communities struggling with poverty. So yes, Tig, there are people who do not have access to healthy foods to be “whole food vegans.” They shouldn’t be the brunt of a joke. Gross. Get over yourself and if being a vegan and healthy eating are so important to you, use your platform to help communities who don’t have access instead of making fun of them and tearing them down. Punch up not down.
  • Young 'n dumb fan :)
    so silly <3
    this podcast makes me laugh aloud
  • Sarah98111111111111
    NSA (Nice Snerkbols Alliance)
    My favorite part of the Tony Hawk episode was when Cheryl thought that the NSA (National Skateboarders Association) was “dangerously” too close to NASA when there is literally another well known government entity called NSA (the National Security Agency). I, on the other hand, like to think that NSA stands for Nice Snerkbols Alliance (or maybe Naughty Snerkbols Alliance? There’s no way to know.)
  • Kitty aka a nice Karen
    I can’t stop listening!!
    Something about Tig’s deadpan delivery speaks to me. Cheryl’s perkiness is the perfect accompaniment. I love documentaries but really don’t have the patience to sit thru most of them. This podcast gives a great overview along with no nonsense opinions that we all can relate to. Please don’t ever stop!
  • Eay07
    I am unable to understand the sheer glee I experience whist listening to this podcast. The nonsense that ensues makes me hysterical with laughter (and in tears). I have only started listening after Tig was on Conan needs friend… I am now hooked! Hey there Hey!
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