Tig and Cheryl: True Story

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Join Tig Notaro (One Mississippi, Star Trek) and Cheryl Hines (Curb Your Enthusiasm) as they discuss a new documentary every week, with plenty of hilarious diversions and memorable stories along the way!

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  • Liberte Joyce
    Always makes me laugh
    This is a *perfectly* entertaining podcast. It makes me laugh and I notice that I feel less pessimistic after listening. Thanks for the laughter therapy and good vibes.
  • Nationnola
    Leave politics out of it
    Disappointed my favorite comedian Tig has to make unsavory remarks of opposing views…so much for love over hate or just simply learning the facts. I’m not a Biden supporter, but I respect my friends and their views and don’t judge. I’m here for comedy not politics. Stick to what you’re good at. Cheryl - it’s a shame people bash you or your husband…small minds and insecurities lead this country these days. Stay strong and lead with kindness as you always do.
  • Patekaris
    Snerkbol 4 Life
    I am late to the True Story party and have abandoned all of my other podcasts to binge the entire back catalog in order. Now my family has to put up with me randomly blurting out - scram clown! There’s no way to know! And I am currently trying to justify adding a snerkbol sweatshirt to my wardrobe. You both are a gosh darn delight! Let’s do it again!
  • all4peaslov5911
    Snerkbols Love You Cheryl!
    Love this podcast and hoping your hiatus is brief! I NEED this silliness and laughter in my life. The only thing I can do without are the mean and unwarranted political comments in the reviews. #ScramClowns This is a comedy podcast. True Snerkbols love Cheryl for being Cheryl!#EmpoweredWomenEmpowerWomen
  • Lyoung530
    Great Podcast
    This is probably my most favorite comedy podcast. I say probably because THERE’S NO WAY TO KNOW if it is the best comedy podcast but, it’s the best for me. I don’t even have to watch the documentaries that they discuss because sooner or later one of these gals will SPILL THE BEANS and for that I’m grateful because, honestly, I have NATIONAL HEADLINES to make so I don’t have time to watch all the documentaries that they try to discuss.
  • Happy NorCal
    Long time listener. But hey, sorry Cheryl. I know you don’t want to “get involved or take action or protest” as you mentioned in one episode, maybe because of your privilege and the fact that you are not a minority, but hey when you say you support your husbands harmful views, that weirdly mimic ultra right wing conservatives, I’m out. And to say “it will be fun”. Fun for who? It’s just too much. Our society can’t take no vaccines. It’s very harmful to so many. Bye Tig. I’ll listen to your other podcast!
    Loving the meltdowns!
    The podcast is pretty good - like Cheryl, I get frustrated with the breaks (but not really), and I enjoy a lot of the docs covered (and I’m hoping they cover “Adrienne”, the doc on Adrienne Shelly that Cheryl is briefly in), but by far the best part is watching all of the libs melt down in the commentary over RFK Jrs decision to run for President. You people are ridiculous, but entertaining!
  • Will Stop
    Cheryl is married to a conspiracy wacko
    Tig is good. Cheryl comes across as an idiot. Of course she is married to an conspiracy theorist wacko so that explains a lot.
  • velvetineduck
    No to RFK
    This podcast is a great joy to me, a break from digesting the news and other hard conversations. I certainly blur the lines with the content I consume, I do enjoy the “art” of “problematic artists” from time to time, but in this case I can’t. Conspiracy theories are really funny, but not when they’re actively gaining momentum and so much is on the line. I don’t support RFK, and don’t feel comfortable continuing to listen to this podcast as an escape from scary realities. I doubt Tig or Cheryl truly support what I believe RFK represents, but I don’t share their same bubble. Hopefully RFK and his ideas are defeated I can continue to be a giggling snerkbol for an hour each week. Fingers crossed!
  • pirogi
    Please Stop Mentioning Your Feet
    As a fan of documentaries and comedy I enjoy this podcast. The witty repartee between Tig and Cheryl had me chuckling to myself while I make dinner. Then Cheryl starts talking about her bunions and I have to throw up. Cheryl, just don’t. Five stars…….. …..Update 5/7/23 I wish the bunions were the worst of Cheryl’s problems! Learning she’s married to an outspoken anti-vaxxer is ruining this pod (for me) in a way only the internet can. In the past, Cheryl’s blissful unawareness of the world around her made for a great sounding-wall for Tig to riff off of, but its not cute when you’re supporting an anti-vaxxer who’s running for President. That is ignorance, and I can’t laugh along to that. It’s time to do some deeper thinking, Cheryl, because your husband is running for President and you will both be under the magnifying glass, and you will regret it. Sorry to go dark, but I’m not wrong! Run Cheryl! Get away from that man! Dump the husband, save the pod! ….Still, five stars.
  • Betharita43
    Love Tig, Can’t support Charyl
    Tig is quiet hilarity. I had to unfollow because Charyl’s recent decisions are problematic for me. Tig is so amazing so I wish her all the best.
  • Wefubedcnijedc
    saying goodbye with a 5 star review. i’m a big fan of the pod and kept listening after rfk’s terrible comments on vaccines and the holocaust as cheryl disavowed them. now she’s supporting this presidential run which further platforms these ideas. there’s so little i can control with what’s going on in the US but i can control who i spend my leisure time listening to. that’s not going to be cheryl anymore as long as she is complacent with this and doesn’t speak out against him. i’ve followed tig since the professor blastoff days and was a longtime fan of cheryl on curb. but this snrkbol’s gotta hit the road. i will miss you.
  • dancinkelly_27
    The best!
    Tig & Cheryl- I can’t thank you enough for the joy and laughter you bring to my day! Losing sight of shore podcast was one of the best and I had to actually pull my car over to compose myself from the laugh fest I was having… all by myself. Tig, I hope your brother is healing from the grave incident and if you decide to say “my brother fell into a grave” before every break I will not be mad and I think fellow snerkbols will agree!! Thank you for the laughter- Kelly
  • G8rheel
    Been listening since the beginning
    I love this podcast - and do learn a little bit about the documentaries. But I doubt anyone tunes in for that info, but rather to listen to the back and forth, Tug’s dry wit, Cheryl’s struggles with names (and breaks) and just the ways they feed off each other. And y’all - what RFK Jr does is not Cheryl. Don’t blame her for what he does. That’s cruel and unwarranted. And yes, I think he’s on the wrong side of recent issues, as well but I don’t blame her.
  • E4Girl
    Faithful Snerkbol
    Long time listener to the podcast and as long as Cheryl doesn’t stump for her husband on it will continue to listen. Tig - just binged One Mississippi and left wanting more!! Love you both❤️
  • projectgirl
    permanent pause?
    Yesterday’s show was absolutely bad. The repeat of Tig’s brother falling into grave was repeated from last week’s show and Cheryl is snorting as if she has never heard it before. That popped all the magic. Cheryl is also supporting her coo coo husband’s presidential bid. I read this morning that Steve Bannon engineered this and ultimately wants RFK to run as Trump’s VP to add chaos to 2024.
  • kmfz5
    Best podcast ever
    Hey tig & Cheryl hey! I’ve been listening since the beginning and this is my #1 favorite podcast. Laugh out loud funny. I know tig & Cheryl deserve a break but I hope they keep the hiatus short! The latest episode was so funny especially as a former rower! This podcast is something to look forward to every Monday :)
  • missmeister
    Tig and Cheryl are great!
    I’m pregnant and hyperemic so I am sick as a dog for weeks on end. Tig and Cheryl have become my homies keeping me company and taking my mind off things as much as possible. Cheryl - You are brave and your husband’s choice to run for president is not your choice. Just keep being your incredible self. People are people and they will move on. Tig - Please stand by Cheryl in this.
  • Misdmnr
    Shark ATTACK!
    There’s just no way to know how I’d get through my Mondays without you guys. Hearing Tig and Cheryl talk about lady business and sharks and this terrible idea made my idea. So much fun!! Thank you #snerful4lyfe
  • chortychort
    No to rfk. Jr.
    Sorry. Love you both. But your support of RFK jr is a deal breaker. Conspiracy theories, anti vaxxer, etc. he is dangerous. I just can’t support him in an way. Even peripherally. Tig- do you want a conservative government? That is where he wants to take us.
  • Shmuael
    Tig Funny. Podcast so lame.
    As usual, Tig is a treasure of a person. She is often funny. The format of the show is so boring though. I’ve listened to nearly all and I’ve finally just given up on the show. You will not learn anything about any show they view. You likely won’t hear Tig make many jokes. You might hear Cheryl defend her husband—tho I only heard that once. As a comedy podcast it doesn’t even compare to Lovett or Leave it or Conan needs a Friend. As a big Tig fan, I’ve found this podcast to be fairly disappointing.
  • maggiemacbeth
    Hilarious podcast
    I hope RFK, Jr. doesn’t ruin it.
  • AhjZjenjin
    I really loved this for a while but…
    I can’t deal with the hypocrisy of Cheryl presenting as a kind, reasonable person while shilling for her shockingly problematic husband’s campaign. It’s too much cognitive dissonance for me to deal with while trying to listen to what was once a fun podcast.
  • MGH's Mom
    Politics ruins another good thing
    I was a big fan, until I saw the news that Cheryl is all in with her cuckoo husband’s presidential bid. Anyone close to her should probably distance themselves.
  • hate to shade
    Love podcast. Can’t stand behind host
    Cheryl Hines. Your husband is killing people.
  • SaraH S in DC
    Tig cast as Peppermint Patty in 4th grade. This makes more sense than anything I have heard all week.
  • Laura Dot
    Snerk perk
    This podcast proves true the old proverb ‘there is no greater comedy than your friend accidentally saying a word a little bit wrong’. Tig and Cheryl have you cackling along with every mispronunciation like the third best friend they didn’t know they had, and will make you proud to be a snerkbol.
  • jennifer in berkeley
    Love the pod but…
    Absolutely love the pod. Love tig. Love Cheryl. But I have to be honest that if Cheryl is out there campaigning with her husband in his silly campaign for presidency it’s gonna be tough. Would rather support Cheryl for president in a heartbeat. She has more common sense, intelligence and isn’t prone to project her insecurities on the world through misguided political shenanigans. Oh the good ol days when Bobby was working to save rivers.
  • 💕brener
    Snerkbol here
    Listen every week. How about doing American Movie (1999)? Sweet doc about a guy with a passion to make a horror movie. ❤️
  • hellomikeamico
    Your New Best Friends
    A comedy podcast where Tig and Cheryl use a documentary each week as inspiration to tell stories from their personal lives. Couldn’t love it more!
  • Kuggin
    Thank you for making me laugh on a weekly basis. You are the best.
  • Monica_FL
    Airplane secrets
    I’ve flown numerous times since watching the mh370 documentary and listening to the podcast (hey, tig and Cheryl, hey!), and I am constantly looking at the random carpet hatch area on the plane for someone nefarious sticking their head out while at the same time trying to change our flight path. It’s the stuff of nightmares. Just know I’m doing my best to keep the air safe so tig can continue her weekly flights. If I ever get so lucky as to see you guys on a flight, I’m tagging you both in for the “see something, say something” weird secret carpet look out post. Love you both so much! Please keep doing this podcast. It makes my heart so happy!
  • Justang41
    New favorite!
    As a lover of documentaries and comedy, I’m so grateful to have found this podcast. The chemistry between Tig and Cheryl makes the podcast feel like chatting and laughing with good friends. They are both so relatable. I love that Cheryl often mispronounces names (like me) and that Tig continues to let her, without judgement. I’m hooked!
  • Hobbitses4hire
    RFK jr
    Steve Bannon spent months recruiting anti-vaxxer RFK jr (Cheryl’s husband) to run against Joe Biden as a “chaos agent”… Dump your grifting, conman of a husband, Cheryl. You look crazy… My enthusiasm has been curbed…
  • molls1983
    Mr. Thomas is so smart.
  • dafyfields
    Binged 40 episodes and still going!
    I discovered your podcast about a week ago. The first day I was sitting in bed listening while working on something, and my wife kept asking what I was laughing at. I have been telling everyone to listen! Thank you for keeping me laughing while vacuuming, cooking, washing dishes, folding laundry, jogging, grocery shopping, and whatever! THEN… I finished The Inventor THIS MORNING, and I got in the car this afternoon and heard an update on Elizabeth Holmes on NPR!
  • rvakids
    Always snurkling
    There is no way to ever know how funny this show is. Keeps my lonely work days interesting and full of giggles.
  • Tycooncrew
    Constantly belly laughing
    Their laughter is SO contagious. I listened to all the eps where I saw the doc already then went to the beginning and listened to every other ep and re-listened to the ones I played before - so I can very safely say it’s okay if you haven’t seen the docs they talk about - and OMG I love this podcast but I was compelled to write this review because of the Elizabeth Holmes ep abt the doc called “The Inventor”(one I had not seen before) and I mean the laughter is not only contagious but I was laughing SO HARD at their conversations; they are both so great, and crack me up, and work so freakin well together. So if for some reason you don’t listen to anything else they put out at least listen to that episode, but my point is to: please listen to this podcast 💃🏻
  • MaicaGDavila
    Found the snerkbol episode!
    I am a new listener having missed it before (not sure why as I am a huge Tig’s and Cheryl’s fan). I am listening the new episodes and started the ones from 2020 in order. I have enjoyed discovering why you guys say “hey girl hey” and when the ads started. I was listening to the LulaRich episode and finally found why we, fans of this amazing podcast, are named snerkbols! It has been like finding the solution for a mystery! You guys are the best and thank you for sharing your friendship and laughs with all of us!!
  • Shahlametmuseum
    Irreverent and Sensitive
    Love this very comedic and sensitive commentary and discussion - you two make great podcast partners. Very intelligent, incisive straight-shooters. Wishing you more success. ALSO, does Cheryl know she has a doppelgänger in Joyce Bulifant? I was channeling surfing and came across an episode of Perry Mason (1960s, S7E16) and saw this actress who resembled Cheryl, her voice is similar as well. Love you podcast!
  • Mlesterdo
    The Staircase
    This commentary made me laugh till I cried. Best podcast ever.
  • IleneWe
    Please!!!! I’m trying to drive!!!
    I’m also practicing my clown horn impersonation…. Or is it impression? Whatever… I’m trying to make a clown horn sound like Tig. I stumbled across this pod, just a couple weeks ago, (while listening to Dont ask Tig), and I’m binging from the beginning. Just today I was listening to the inventor: out for blood in Silicon Valley. I was sitting at a red light, and I was laughing so hard I was hoping nobody was watching me. I could say that their thoughtful reviews about these documentaries is stimulating and informative, but that would be a lie. They are just hysterical observations, and I’ve been smiling for the past two weeks catching up on these podcasts. I am an avid listener to audiobooks, but I just can’t go back to the books until I catch up. Well done Cheryl and Tig!
  • deedelum
    Tig and Cheryl: true story
    I’ve been listening to Tig and Cheryl for awhile now, I love their rapport and the silliness that can only be caught between good friends. The episode I just listened to, with their guest David Harbour, was hilarious and sweet. You could tell Harbour was delighted to be included, and his chuckles at what we “snurfbuls” are used to hearing made even the regular patter seem brand new, and reminds me again of the many reasons I love listening to these two ladies. I’m caught up on the backstories, and now eagerly await each new episode. A delight, pure and simple.
  • carynjohn
    Love this!
    Tig and Cheryl! I do enjoy this podcast- you make my walk go by so fast! Next time Cheryl when Tig says , We have to take a break and you become very irate,I want you to take your wig off and throw it at her!!😊in pure Jolene fashion! Love you both!!!
  • Rainbowsandrevenge
    Cleanest floors in Texas
  • Klemyd
    Podcast helpage
    Hey reviewers Hey- I was visiting with a dear old friend who lives nearby to Mr Rodrigues (the Sugarman) in the city of Detroit. She said “you probably don’t know of him but there was a documentary about him being popular in South Africa.” While-yes- my knowledge was limited from this podcast, I was able to follow along and nod along to the story because of the podcast’s rendition of the story. This was, of course, thrilling. Just wanted to share. Can’t wait for merch with the latest phrases.
  • ezzesue
    I was so excited to hear that Cheryl hates wind chimes. I have felt so alone in my hatred for so many years because I too despise them. Thanks to you I don’t feel alone anymore.
  • Heyyyyy it's mimmikinz
    Relatable Podcast
    I appreciate their honest approach to topical subjects. ⭐️☮️
  • ShariAnnaW
    Lone podcast
    This is actually the only podcast I listen to. Otherwise I’m busy looking at documentaries or watching One Mississippi reruns on Hulu, which is where my reclusive self found Tig. And when might that show or another similar to it return? That show was great! And short lived. I’ve seen Cheryl Hines in lots of stuff. Never dreamed this duo would make such a great team. As another reviewer remarked, they don’t know me, but we are great buds with much in common.
  • Sara the Snerkbol
    T & C True Story makes life better
    This morning I was writing a text and my phone autocorrected tin to Tig. Pretty sure it’s because I’m constantly recommending Tig and Cheryl: True Story. I wont even consider watching a documentary unless I’ve heard Tig and Cheryl’s take on it. That way it won’t matter if the doc is good or bad… I’ll still enjoy it because it will remind me of how Tig and Cheryl made me laugh when they talked about it. Being a Snerkbol makes life more enjoyable! Sincerely, Sara M.
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