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Are you sick and tired of the MAGA nonsense and the squawking of ignorant right wing trolls; spewing their lies and toxic venom? Does the voice of Donald Trump not to mention the sight of his saggy skin and piss colored hair send you in paroxysms of rage?  Are you worried that 2024 will be 2016 all over again and that we will be dragged backwards into a fascist state run by morons and fools who do nothing but hate? You've come to the right place. Don't get mad, get DEFIANT. Welcome to the official podcast of Brooklyn Dad Defiant. With an army of 1.3 million strong, we've decided ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Its time to stand atop the shoulders of history and shout "STOP!" So join us. Join the DEFIANT PODCAST twice weekly. We're giving a road map to victory, a blueprint for sanity and a way forward out of the madness. LFG!THIS IS ALSO THE HOME OF THE OFFICIAL MEA CULPA ARCHIVE. LISTEN TO HUNDREDS OF EPISODES RIGHT HERE!

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  • magarcia166
    Crackdad Defiant
    This guy refused to pay his child support. This is why he calls himself Brooklyn Dad Defiant. He also sold his kids’ toys to buy drugs. Don’t waste your time listening to this clown. His 1.3 million so called followers on X are mostly bots.
  • Dfreecity55
    Great Podcast
    I really like Stormy Daniels. The interviews are great, Stormy’s personality is warm and intelligent.Brava!!!
  • mert 08
    Who you are
    You are human being, who loves and is loved!
  • Margotjd
    Gave this podcast a chance & glad I did
    Stormy is, without a doubt, a very multitalented public figure. I really like this podcast because she interviews people from a place of experience and isn’t afraid to be honest and human. She is someone who faced challenges and turned them into successes. Underestimate this woman at your peril folks. She’s a fighter who can’t be controlled or contained.
  • Karand69
    Great Podcast
    I am very impressed with this successful woman who takes no crap from anyone! She has been a participant and an a writer/director in the porn industry and can hold her own talking politics. Absolutely amazing. I give it *****
  • Bluedillygal
    Great fresh pod
    Stormy is a trooper, a funny host and she won’t back down, nor run from a bully. Recommend!
  • Laurel Paliatina
    Brave , honest, and patriotic
    This is an excellent podcast, as we all take the journey to free ourselves, and our loved ones from corrupt cults like maga. Thank you Stormy for inspiring us to speak up and take back our autonomy. Do not doubt for a second how important this podcast is, and all of your efforts to speak truth to power. Thank you.!!!
  • Less talkie more walkie
    Podcast Movec
    Look up Mea Culpa with a blue background.
  • DSKreativ
    Started out with viv and vigor towards a movement against Trumpism. Over time Michael has showed he is best at whining and making off target predictions. Is batting average is GOOSE EGGS. Old and tired content.
  • vanessaangel87
    Podcast moved to meidastouch network!
    Hey please search Mea Culpa and one with blue background should appear it’s moved!
  • yoummooo
    not listening to old podcasts.
    Not listening to reruns
  • jeannie_waitress
    Old podcasts
    How long??
  • Pamela JBH
    Ghost Dancers
    The Trumpets are basically a cult. They remind me of the ghost dancers that thought it would protect them from bullets. Except they are the reverse, thinking what’s good for them is actually going to harm them. I think people grasp at anything when their lives are bad or not up to their expectations . They refuse to believe it’s their own doing, they have to blame someone else. I was surprised by your conversation on Nov. 30th. The West Bank and Gaza are extremely suppressed. Netanyahu is a bully. Even the Jewish community has opposed some of his Fascist policies and demonstrated against him. Any oppressed people sooner or later have no hope and rebell. Not condoning violence, but it’s just psychology 101. Pamela Herndon
  • 11dalya
    Waste of time listening to reruns
    News is happening every day. Every person interested in catching up with old interviews can choose to listen to the old broadcasts on their own. Nothing new? Don't post anything.
  • Cheeringfeather
    Insightful, great guest, best of has gone on too long
    Anyone who has been listening to your show since the beginning like I have is obviously fond of your candor and your guests. That said, you may lose listeners if you continue to put up shows we’ve already heard. I can understand a break for a week or two, but how long is it been?
  • jackcelliers
    Best ofs?!? Over and over. Hearing your commentary on Trump from years ago is not worthwhile and you’re just reposting them constantly. Unsubscribed
  • Teri SH
    Mea Culpa
    Love the podcast, but Michael, why do you have to YELL everything. It’s off putting.
  • Phillip Lee Smith
    Great podcast
    Great podcast
  • sbcweb
    Thank you shining a real light on Israel's struggle.
    Palestinian Hamas uses the tool of misinformation to fight the long game against Israel. We don't know the real numbers of casualties. As with Hamas' fake hospital story, I was so offended how many news outlets insisted that it was true. (How could anyone count 500 dead bodies in an hour after a parking lot bomb?) I also remember no apologies for the misinformation that they shared. Hamas has done a great job at demonizing the victims -- the Jewish people. Perhaps you could further enlighten people. 1. Hamas are actually the Palestinian people. The Palestinian Hamas govt. was initially elected by more than 50%; they shared the goal of murdering the INFIDELS, the Jews. 2. The UN Secretary general uses UN refugee camps for only PALESTINIANS! They are good recruiting areas where our tax dollars pay for the vans that transport Hamas weapons. We pay the UN, who then run schools to teach Palestinian children the positive attributes of killing the Jews and disrupting their lives (they deserve it). The two-state solution is a Western construct. Hamas, Hezbollah and the PLO would never accept Jews right to exist. IT IS NOT ABOUT THE LAND. The Jews will still be alive if they took it. Pro Hamas demonstrators may realize, or not, that they cheer on the death of all Jews. Israel bombs military targets for War. Hamas target civilians for a rush of pride. These countries are not the same.
  • Burdyblue
    cohen was wrong
    he said Trump was not going to run.
  • lindy luvs music
    Keep up the good fight!
    Still loving your podcast & the incredible guests that join you for in-depth discussions. You are brave to share your opinions & experiences. And it’s important & necessary that you do. Your passion shows in every episode. Please don’t stop fighting!
  • rorovic03
    Keep up with your honesty and you should run for Congress voted back Sep 29 with my daughter. Stay off scrip on the wkd
  • Ladylonglocks
    Time's Up
    So according to your testimony under oath you've been vehemently lying to us about your innocence all along? Unsubscribed.
  • Aresgurl
    Thank you Mr Cohen for standing up to those bullies! I was literally moved to tears watching you on YT after your testimony! So much respect for you Sir!!
  • Glacier1975
    This is worth your time
    Dear michael. I do not have media to write to you so here I say today10/24 , you face trump in court. Stand tall for America. I am proud of you. You have found your soul and your honor and I know today you will be the best of yourself. I had no expectations when I tuned in. At first I was surprised but skeptical. Now, I prefer Michael and his honest words. He does tell truth and his words have been prophetic. This is worth your time.
  • Jennifer & Tommy
    Nathan Thrall
    MICHAEL, Please open your mind for Palestinians. Go visit. Black author Alice Walker visited and said the Palestinians live in conditions worse than Black peoples in America during slavery. Please stop repeating mainstream news. I love your show but can’t handle the totally pro-Israeli views. I hate to stop following you. Eileen Sembrot Philadelphian currently living in SC to fight racism.
  • Lefty4!
    This was the worst interview you have done. You were pandering to specific portion of your audience. If the US had tried to wipe out the country of Afghanistan after 911 and kill off its population it would have been a war crime. You have lost me as a listener.
  • Andrea NYC
    Worth a listen
    Admittedly, I was not a fan of Michael Cohen years ago. But I have really come to appreciate his intelligence and his candor. He has great guests on. He is willing to have a back-and-forth and be challenged in his thinking. He does his homework and he is well-versed in articulate on the topics he discusses. He also holds his guest accountable in a very polite way that facilitates ongoing dialogue My only negative feedback would be. We are familiar with his story and he does not need to keep recounting what happened to him with a federal government and Trump.
  • JennyMdUsa
    This show is growing on me
    The more I listen to Michael Cohen, the more I appreciate his shows and effort. Great guests and questions. But please Michael, stop interrupting your guests mid-sentence or changing topic abruptly as if you are not interested in what the person is saying.
  • Debbie in AZ
    Thanks for protecting our democracy
    Good luck in court snd I love when you have Harry lLittman on.
  • Dharma25
    The podcast is great but the way you yell the introduction is so hard to listen to!!
  • IoB.
    Michael congratulates on continuing your fight for truth.
    Good luck on suing the mango Mussolini ! We are all with you.
  • Pierre Jean Paul
    Nothing better
    Cohen is fantastic . Loved his book revenge. Just discovered his podcast. Love it! I was a Trump fan… not so much after listening to Mr. Cohen
  • Mak13
    Love hearing from an insider!
    Thanks for taking the time to do this podcast Michael. The love you have for this country shows with every episode. I love all your interviews on MSNBC as well. Thanks for having the guts to stand up to the most corrupt president in US history. May god keep you safe from all the crazy Trump cult people out there.
  • Kwkr
    Have written reviews before. All 5 star. This one is specifically for Sunday Oct 1 2023. Sorry Norm, Michael is right. Trump WILL take over every aspect of our Gov. He learned from his past. He’ll install nothing but the extremists. To think he hasn’t figured out how to do this for the past 6 yrs is naive. There will be those knocks at the door. Convictions won’t stop him. Ppl on the fence will vote BECAUSE they think he was wronged. This is what every “empire” has thought before falling. “It can’t happen here”.
  • 55Buzzard55
    Loved the podcast, but what about…
    Just listened to Oct. 2nd pod with Norm Eisen. Michael, I think Norm finally got your point about how much Trump will change the administration, if elected, to more closely resemble modern day Hungary or Stalinist Russia. It kills me to hear Mr. Eisen and other expert researchers assume that there will be another election in 2028 if Trump is elected in 2024. I don’t think there will be. I agree with you that J6 and all that surrounded and led up to it was a dry run for the next time. With that in mind, didn’t Trump load up the Pentagon with appointees in between his November 2020 election loss and January 20 of 2021? What has happened to these embedded loyalists that are now working in our military headquarters? Are there others, perhaps in the DOJ? Have they been promoted to influential posts in the interim between then and now? You know pretty much everybody, so can Mr. Eisen or someone else you know with access find that out? If true, it needs to be exposed and brought into the light of public scrutiny.
  • Kish333
    Thank you for giving us the truth. I look forward to this podcast to hear your thoughts on Trump’s various legal woes. I wish you luck in the upcoming case!
  • Marcella Berardi
    Big Fan
    Thank you Michael for all that you are doing to save our democracy!!
  • pdw1961
    Another great pod!
    I hope you go for Nadlers seat!
  • Hoaxter23
    Whiny Self Pity
    Cohen only gets two stars for inviting good guests. But he constantly talks over his guests, doesn’t let them finish their thoughts or even their sentences. And usually he interrupts just to talk about how badly he’s been treated.Exactly like his first book (the only one I could stand to read). Whine whine whine. Frank Figliuzi had some great things to say but Cohen just steamrolled him again and again to pity himself. Disgusting.
  • Derek 95
    Decent Show
    I enjoy the show but the host is trying to hard to rewrite his personal history to make himself blameless and a victim. He talking about running for office but he proven he is a liar so why would anyone vote for him.
  • Neplusultra123
    The weird yelling style is just too much.
    I believed in redemption, and I apologize if he can’t help the way he speaks. However, it sounds like an SNL skit. There may be good information there somewhere, but the delivery makes this almost impossible to listen to. I listened to more of the show. He doesn’t speak the same way when he’s interviewing a guest. It seems to be a choice…a bad one.
  • JazzBass13
    My new favorite podcast!!💖 💖 💖
    As a recovering alcoholic (33 years), I'm all about redemption and (hopefully) forgiveness. Mr Cohen has certainly been through the wringer, peeled the proverbial scales from his eyes, admitted his wrong doing, and gotten on with life. It's so great to hear him "unfiltered" and really passionate, I love his MSNBC et al appearances and analysis, but I've always felt he seemed 'restrained' in his presentations. I also imagine this is much more his everyday speech and why he was known as the Orange Idiot's "bulldog and fixer" - now he's using his talents in a better way. Bravo Mr Cohen, bravo!!!💖 💖 💖 ☕️ ☕️ ☕️ ☕️ ☕️ ☕️ ☕️
  • LFinMaine
    Always lively and interesting
    I started listening a few months ago out of curiosity and am now a regular listener as the persons being interviewed are usually very informative. One problem is whomever determines when the ads will run often drops them in right in the middle of sentance while someone is speaking. It is annoying and rude to the guests, at least wait until they complete the sentence.
  • mrs mc gonagall's sister
    Enough w/the
    Swearing old man. It’s getting lazy thinking
  • Jrkalom
    Killin’ me!!
    You crack me up with your F-bombs but honestly your vein-bulging passion is my inside voice. You are so interesting for your thoughts but your insider view of the great orange one is none-other. Keep it coming!! Loved that you got Michael Steele speaking is truth with his own vulgarities. 😉 You and Norm have the greatest discussions. You are a legend.
  • Blue Huron
    Robert Kennedy
    Fascinating interview. An open hard interview to listen to and be open to what Mr Kennedy has to say…whether we want to or not.
  • Sarah G from SJ
    Fantastic interview with General Hertling
    Thanks for a great episode. So important to keep the focus on Ukraine, despite the temptation to obsess about TFG.
  • drjeffsup
    Consistently amazing pod.
    This man is as much a patriot as anyone. His voice and interviews expose Yambro for the piece of sh:t he is. Def listen to this.
  • Tsurf1
    Best Show!
    This is one of the best podcasts if you hate illegal Agent Orange! Michael Cohen’s speaking style and choice of words is informative, entertaining, and at times hilarous! Highly recommend.
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