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From the Center for Effective Philanthropy (CEP), Giving Done Right is the show with everything you need to know to make an impact with your charitable giving. Whether you’re donating a few hundred dollars a year, a few thousand, or a few million, you might find yourself wondering: Where should I give? How do I know which nonprofits are effective? How do I know if I’m really making a difference with my donation? Join hosts Phil Buchanan and Grace Nicolette as they welcome leaders and experts from throughout the nonprofit sector to answer philanthropy’s burning questions and bust some myths that have long plagued donors and nonprofits alike. In a time when effective giving is especially crucial, Giving Done Right cuts through the noise and focuses on what you need to know to put your money to work.

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  • currier202020202020
    Love this podcast!
    Really insightful conversations and fantastic guests. If you’re interested in philanthropy and the ways that donors and funders can be more effective in their work, this is a must listen.
  • 爸爸 (Baba)
    Inspiring and informative
    The Giving Done Right podcast has really hit the spot with my current questions of where to direct my giving and how to think about that. I especially enjoyed S2E4, “Finding Your Lane“ with Jeremy Lin and S2E10, “Giving Cash to Those in Need“ which addressed long-standing questions I’ve had about directly giving cash to the poor. Thanks, Grace and Phil, for the inspiring addition to my podcast feed!
  • ListeningWhileDoing
    Thoughtful giving
    The hosts of this podcast, Grace Nicolette and Phil Buchanan, are experts in the field of philanthropy and they bring in a cast of incredible guests to tell inspiring stories of generosity and life transformation. They ask insightful questions and I like that they help shift paradigms regarding how we should give and how we should evaluate effectiveness, as well as offer practical tips and advice. This is a wonderful podcast for anyone who wants to learn more about thoughtful giving.
  • DontStopLearning
    Couldn't be more timely
    If, like me, you want to give well but find it more difficult than expected, here's practical help along with empathy and inspiration. Especially enjoyed the season's final episode, with Melissa Tuan's insights into giving in a time of COVID.
  • The Hoffys
    Informative and inspiring podcast
    I have binge listened to the first three episodes and have loved the podcast so far. Thanks for putting out insightful, interesting and informative episodes. I am excited to keep listening!
  • LowellWeiss
    Warm, insightful podcast
    So glad Phil and Grace (wait, that’s a familiar-sounding tandem) started this podcast. I just listened to episode 5, with the wonderful Chitra Hanstad. Loved all the questions and the humanity and candor in Chitra’s answers. I’m a huge fan of CEP’s work. This podcast is a great way of adding life and urgency to their analyses.
  • Platypus 😁
    Thoughtful, nuanced podcast
    Over the years I’ve really struggled with how to give well. I appreciate how Phil and Grace are diving into the this question. Instead of trying to offer overly simplistic answers, they are offering thoughtful, nuanced sessions with a broad range of guests. Thank you!
  • TomAlwaysLearning
    Phil and Grace have a relaxing interview style that makes one feel like they are just sitting in on a coffeehouse conversation. As a personal donor, I found the conversation with Jason Hackman to be very enriching.
  • RWlistens
    Amazing new show
    I’m excited for this show. If you are a charitable giver or wish to do something meaningful with your money, give this a listen! Great insights and advice.
  • CJThomas6
    Making a difference
    This show will help you make a difference. Definitely a must listen!
  • LK_Jensen
    Great Philanthropy Podcast!
    A fresh new perspective on philanthropy, and the hosts are clearly top experts in this arena, which is also refreshing. Listen to this podcast to expand your perspective on philanthropy!
  • tommye w-c
    Great advice from great people!
  • Jeff Bradach
    Well done
    Traverses big ideas in philanthropy — head and heart, proximity and scale, charity and strategy — with insight and pragmatism. Grace and Phil ask the questions that spark fresh thinking and new paths forward. Recommend.
  • chairs+
    Great expert advice
    Great advice - from real experts. A must for anyone thinking about charitable giving!
  • RustyStahl
    Top notch
    Phil and Grace run one of the best, independent philanthropy intermediaries in the country - the Center for Effective Philanthropy. Their research and resources are beneficial to both funders and nonprofits. I've always found their messages and approach to be grounded in solid values, productive practices (like enabling funders to get real, anonymous feedback from grantees), and a love of the field combined with a passion for making it even better. I'm sure their new podcast will feature some of the best funders, important questions, and useful ideas and advise around about giving.
  • Emily Neubig
    Recommended listen for change makers!
    I’m really excited for this new podcast from the Center for Effective Philanthropy. Great facilitators and first guest, and they show a clear interest in bringing diverse voices to answer big questions from donors and change makers today. Looking forward to enjoying more of this series!
  • the anonymous donor
    Relevant, timely advice
    In a time where it feels like there are never-ending problems to address, this show has been so helpful to me in figuring out how exactly I can make my dollar go the furthest in my charitable giving.
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