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If you can’t handle the truth you can’t handle this podcast. Just B with Bethenny Frankel is the best of your favorite self-made mogul – shrewd career smarts, a razor sharp sense of humor and a deep insight of how business and people work. Intermingling her own stories with conversations with thought leaders and cultural all-stars, Just B with Bethenny Frankel is a must for anyone looking for one on one time with Bethenny. From unapologetic takes on food, investing, relationships, fame, parenting and beyond, tune in every week and Just B!

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  • vvvvvvvv!!!
    Just B
    By far One of your best podcast today !! 💌🤍🎤🎙️u dropped the mic!!! TY
  • lew23456
    Love you Bethany but
    A 9 minute podcast with 5 minutes of ads of 4 mins of podcast is insulting to your listeners. We get it…you do this to make money…but nobody is trying to listen or fast forward through 60 percent ads for such a minimal amount of show.
  • h24p
    Drastic surgery
    Summarized your podcast for my well know cosmetic dermatologist husband in Boston. He agrees about the abundance of misinformation out there, but says there is much more to the filler and preventive cosmetic treatment decision tree than you covered. And he says he can probably fix your upper lip line without surgery. Call his office…617-731-1600. Skincare Physicians. Well kept secret Boston physicians are better than NY doctors. Do love you tell it how it is. Girl after my own heart.
  • mrblue61
    Awesome love your rants
    Love your podcatss❤️
  • pazamp4
    You don’t have to support
    all woman but you’re nasty every chance you get toward these women. Stop talking about them and following every move they make. Enough!
  • Tebbe234
    Not tuning in to hear the opinion of a cocky 25 year old male TikTok star
    Lost me when she interviews the tik tok guy. Not tuning in to hear the opinion of a cocky 25 year old male TikTok star. Bethany’s opinions are entertaining and though I don’t always agree, interesting. But the keekeeing with this obnoxious guy gave me the ick.
  • Donder1
    I love how you…
    Talk about business with guests as it’s not the norm and it’s interesting. I’ve known of you and liked your individuality you always bring to projects. I like that you don’t talk negatively about your mom or your child’s dad. Please consider how she will think of you when you rant with so many f words. It’s in a sense talking negatively about her mom when you do it and it conveys a person who has little education, both I would not consider to describe you but lately you really have been using f word a lot and it is sounding low class and no creativity. Please consider this as constructive not criticism.
  • MissCrys808State
    Love your rants!
  • Tswift31
    Love it!
    Love all your rants especially when you talk about things with your daughter. She’s lucky to have such a beautiful down to earth mom.
  • adela212
    Airing of Grievances
    I initially loved this podcast. The format of interviewing entrepreneurs was really interesting. This has devolved into a 10 minute…. Really 4-5 minute because of the excessive commercials …… airing of a wealthy out of touch lady’s grievances on issues ranging from service workers to her own employees. Once she started ranting about her employees vacations and shared with the public her general lack of trust in her own employees, I had enough. I’m sure she’ll have a “rant” on nasty apple reviews eventually. Thankfully I’ll miss that one.
  • mamabear252329
    Going downhill
    Bethenny -you’re the truth cannon I used to love. Too many rants -not enough quality content. You’re doing exactly what you hate the housewives do. Rant about meaningless garbage. It also seems you want to flaunt your belongings on your TikTok instead of being true to yourself and not being about all the ‘stuff.’ Bring back quality folks to interview.
  • Andie0820
    Love all her podcasts!
    So funny!
  • drunkoneh2o
    Bring back guest interviews
    I love Bethenny. This was one of my favorite podcast. I really enjoyed the previous format where Bethenny interviewed entrepreneurs and other successful business leaders. Bethenny’s quick witted rants are entertaining, but should not be weekly 10 minute episodes. It’s a podcast pivot for the worse.
  • Reality suffer
    The Royals
    Bethenny you are defining yourself. You never missed an opportunity to advance yourself to the detriment of others. You rode the coattails of your upbringing for years. The drama surrounding daddy dearest became a season story line. Your currency is selling to the highest bidder. Kudos your daughter will hate you soon enough grifter like trump
  • Airbudzz
    Whiny & Out Of Touch
    Loved her as a housewife but this is not it. Poorly written “bits”; she wants to be a comic it’s too negative - there’s no nuance. Hypocritical and not relatable. Not funny, just boring. Makes me want to “go to sleep”.
  • JohnO12345
    WWHL Jeff Lewis
    Bethenny you are overthinking WWHL. I so a equal Jeff Lewis/Bethenny fan. That is Jeff Lewis, you could have switched out any bravolebrity and Jeff would have acted the same. I understand why your team/daughter/fiancé that doesn’t know Jeff would have that opinion. I do think Andy was shading you.
  • Val loves Bravo
    Short episodes
    WHY ARE YOUR EPISODES 9 minutes long!?! Way too short!!!
  • Jilly in Indy
    Did it play?
    An 11 minute “I’m right” rant with 6 minutes of advertisements. Weak. No, but thank you kindly.
  • Jyhn1
    Tried to listen but
    Too many commercials…😒
  • MTErin
    As always Bethenny brings humor, perspective and grit to the table!! Keep ‘em coming lady!!
  • solomonsebastian
    Frogs jump in water
    Divorce Episode: Can’t agree with your experiences in a court - every state is different ; I was the non working spouse w/ 4 kids . My earning X spouse I was divorcing made 7 figures . I record Penny’s in the dollar 600 a month to be exact - I was modified when I got a minimum wage job that I had to commute to 40 min away from my home . He won in court , over & over each year sometimes he would drag me into court as a neglectful parent . OMG ! Over a decade I ended up on food program for my kids lunches in school . I needed childcare & the court said I’m working PT not caring or present for kids full time bc I had a job so I had to pay 1/2 of all childcare costs. I had most of the custody & 1/2 of holidays and was paying for a mortgage on a house we both owned if I wanted to stay in it to care for all 4 tender years children . I paid the property taxes I paid the upkeep . He paid none of it and owned 50 % of the property . The court allowed this arrangement bc I benefited from living in the dwelling . Somehow , your experiences are not the real reality for most of us. I was buried in debt as the cost of living increased. I tried to get more money by modifying the support ; I had no lawyer could not afford that option. I had to present to the judge miss work and pay and I wasn’t helped by a government system that is not here on this earth in America to take care of children . I’m here to say wealthy people have a completely different experience than middle to low income Americans in Divorce - PA was the state I was referring to in this text .
  • Tdub2021
    Betheny is fire!!
    I absolutely love this podcast and how real Betheny has always been! I just wish it was longer!! An hour would be ideal 😁😁 Update: when is the podcast coming back??? Also, when will your full podcasts be back? Seems like for weeks it’s just 13-15 minutes??? What’s happening??? Update a month or so later: missing this podcast as it used to be. Don’t like the 10 min rants, miss the full hour episodes with guests!!
  • jessheadington
    No one cares about ur child
    She’s the mom that thinks her kid is the best thing in the world. She can wear a $2 shirt and everyone is obsessed. No one cares about ur kid. Take out all the kid stuff. Literally no one cares.
  • Jamie (NH/Boston)
    Can’t listen anymore
    Bethenny’s podcast used to be about practical business and life advice and it has turned into 30-60 second attempts at comedy bits about random topics that aren’t funny, excessive arrogance, and rants that feel like I (the listener) am getting yelled at. I can’t listen anymore.
  • Lemon Cove
    These interviews and discussions are refreshing. Yes, they’re controversial, maybe confidence, quick analysis and strong opinions challenge the status quo for women. In 2022, women are still expected to moderate opinions, defer to men and be people pleasers. Articulate and intelligent, this woman is unstoppable.
  • tucer48
    Wow she has really changed!
    This podcast is full of Bethenny bragging and boasting about herself . Not an episode goes by where she doesn’t share famous contacts are in her phone, that she was the first housewife on Twitter, wrote the first book, made the 1st cocktail. She even calls herself the Tom Brady of housewives and that no one will ever top her.Left housewives for Bravo not supporting other women but always tearing them down. Says they are all riding her coattails. Just said the other day Alex was going to be fired if it weren’t for B and the line she told Alex to say. What happened?!
  • mmitchell002
    What happened to the interviews?
    I’m a pretty dedicated listener to this podcast. That said I certainly have not listened to them all. Did I miss an episode explaining where the interviews were going? Are you on a break? As a fan I’m lost and very disoriented wondering why it’s all 5 minute quips now. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy your hot takes but only hot takes and no more substance makes me wanna unsubscribe and kinda turns me off to even the hot takes it’s too much. I really enjoyed prior where you did the formula of hot take + intro the guest + interview + summary and take aways. Can you bring that back? I really enjoyed getting business and life advice in a fun setting with unexpected stories from some of these greats.
  • zainbow
    Fantastic, entertaining, inspiring and hysterical. ♥️
    Thank you for the Stop Feeding The Beast Episode. Bravo!!! Please speak more against unfollowing!!!
  • M.A.S,
    Bethany rocks!
    Intelligence is hard to come by online, but Bethany brings it!
  • debbyetast
    So funny
    Just when I don’t think you can get any better about a rant ..👏👏👏👏🦋😘
  • kamjdlm
    College advice
    Please stay away from advising about college. Incurring huge debt is bad. Fine. Saying college is a waste because YOU did not learn anything is irresponsible. Parents and young people listen to you. I am a fan. Have been for a long time. You are funny and smart and you often get it right. Not this time.
  • workingmomwith2boys
    Beware of tik tok
    Tik Tok is a Chinese app and they can access all your info. Be careful. There are tons of warnings about this.
  • LtnBird
    Loving your podcast! 💕
  • Murry95
    The Queen of Podcasting!
    One of the best podcasts ever!
  • JQJen
    Good show and great points…
    But… Bethenny! Sometimes you shoot your mouth too soon. With that angry narcissist you are no longer commenting on. Thank you- he showed signs LONG AGO of his deplorable ways but you kept saying what a genius he was. Do your homework first. With Harry’s book Spare - a term for someone in his position is a Spare. As in an HEIR and a SPARE. While YOU may not like the title, it’s apt. Move on.
  • Lisa penny
    Shows are on average 10 minutes and 5 minutes of that is commercials. No thank you. Her pod cast is an after thought.
  • Aaliyah2001.com
    Howard Stern Jr
    Bethenney rocks. Period. End of discussion.
  • KateBry7
    Honest & real
    Just started listening in the morning when I walk. I LOVE it and I look forward to listening everyday. Episode 85 about the pepper grinder needs to be a Seinfeld episode! Not a reboot… an unseen episode from like season 4!
  • MrsKemmerer
    Love those rants
    I’ve been a fan since RHONY and a hard core Skinnygirl Margarita drinker for years, too. This podcast is a perfect way to get my Bethenny “fix” and definitely promises a laugh every time. Thanks for being so transparent and sharing your opinions with us!!!
  • alyssa_ny
    Why do you have to scream? I respect you but I literally can’t listen without it bothering my ears
  • Another No-Nick
    Enough with the short short rants & musings
    Tired of the 10 minute or less rants & observations. Really miss the one on one interviews. Hope you make an adjustment in the show format.
  • ALC9898
    Disappointing changes...
    Used to really enjoy her podcast - had some great interviews. Now she comments on how people share their texts with the world while not forgetting to brag about the famous and powerful contacts she has in her phone. Honestly, just the way she speaks about herself has really turned me off. Her sneakiness and general comedic nature can't even make up for the fact of how self absorbed she's become. Sad to see this turn being taken. Hopefully this isn't the forever Bethenny.
  • Savageta
    Obsessed with your honesty, girl boss attitude, humor and goodness!!! We need more Bethany’s in this world.
  • AM329
    Finger off the pulse
    Love Bethenny usually, but this podcast is not it. The sound quality is terrible, and what is with the length of episodes! 8 mins does not a podcast make, sorry. It’s erratic and all over the place. Very disappointing.
  • Wg👳
    Is the best way to be successful. She doesn’t try to please anyone. She’s just honest.
  • Regina Wheetie Baker
    Know what you’re getting
    I’ve been a true fan for years. Rooted and admired this lady and eventually this podcast. The last few podcasts and her behavior has proven she’s a bully. I don’t like bullies. Can’t listen to fake “concern” anymore. Don’t waste your time.
  • CMariaInc9
    Thank you for mentioning it!
    YAAAAASSSS!!! We DO need better role models. Make the whole Kar-trick-sians GO AWAY. I hope they all get booed everywhere they go - sorry for their kids, but it’s actually the kids that may be the ONLY ones that can reach this emotionally vacuous group of individuals. It’s NOT hate. It’s TRUTH. Since when did calling a thing “a THING” become punishable? Truth is not something that is known; it must be TOLD. What’s truly hateful is any forces that would silence it.
  • Michella0430
    Love your rants, lol my favorite podcast! 😊
  • back to '81
    Inspiring and Honest
    I love your honesty, and you have fun and interesting guests. Minus a star because of all the F bombs which makes it impossible to listen to at work. Keep up the good work, but watch the potty mouth 😉
  • Barbieboots
    Entertaining and often funny Rants
    I love when you go on a tear. They are your opinions and sometimes I couldn’t agree more.
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