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It’s been nearly three years since a failed attempt to overturn Georgia’s presidential results. Now, a grand jury in Atlanta will soon decide if former President Donald Trump and his allies will face criminal charges for their actions. In this special season of Battleground: Ballot Box, Georgia Public Broadcasting political reporter Stephen Fowler continues to track the fight for who we vote for and how those votes are counted with an in-depth look at historic investigation into election interference, from incitement to indictments.

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  • ks88keys
    Excellent Journalism
    This is a thorough and well-researched report. Thank you, Georgia Public Broadcasting, for getting the facts out for interested American voters like me.
  • MeOnEharmony
    Informative and great format!
    Step by step presentation of what is known without much added opinion
  • informed and entertainec
    With Important information and cogent analysis, the B:BB paints a detailed picture of the Georgia election field in a mere 15 minutes. Although I live in Florida, I watch Georgia elections because Georgia is a battleground state that’s in the midst of auspicious change. I’m envious. Thank you GPB and Skip Fowler for a great podcast.
  • JRS-3
    Good, critical, historic journalism
    Thank you Stephen Fowler and GPB for this incredibly important and intriguing reporting. My new favorite, must listen podcast!!
  • Educate!Me
    Thanks for explaining the RLA on Ep 15. Now I understand.
  • emily_rj
    Can you cover inaccessibility in elections?
    As a disabled person who experienced physical inaccessibility of voting buildings and systems in 2018, I also saw other disabled voters struggle. We don’t have paper ballots anymore, and the Dominion machines make voting inaccessible to many people with disabilities (not just visual, movement disorder disabilities). When I gave the DeKalb County Voting Commission board NCIL accessible voting guideline handouts, it declined them. Chairman Tillman accused me of faking an inability to stand and walk after a period of time, tried to deny my desire to file accessibility complaints on behalf of myself and another disabled voter, and told me to “stand up and go find the real disabled voters” who may have complaints. The outside of the building, without seating, Dir. Hamilton said was the responsibility of the federal government and therefore seating was not their responsibility. There were two wheelchairs, one front and one back, that were manual, despite our needs for our own mobility aids, which make us reliant on staff. And of course the booth aisles were so narrow that no other voters could be voting while we were. The AJC covered my 2018 experience. I have heard so many disabled voter complaints from over the years, before and since. I can only imagine the dangers and inaccessibility Covid adds. Please press harder, or nothing we’ve worked for will ever be achieved.
  • knally13
    Interesting and informative
    It’s informative and interesting about the voting process. While it is Georgia focused, there are similar events and concerns around the country. If you’re interested in learning more about how voting works behind the scenes, this is the podcast for you!
  • John Henson
    Great pod
    Well done Stephen. Very informative.
  • dmanpod
    Love this!
    Stephen Fowler has been covering all things Georgia politics the last 2 years. This is the perfect culmination of his reporting as we head toward November.
  • Nick sully
    A must listen
    If you haven’t already, go follow Stephen Fowler on every social media platform, read all his articles, listen to all his news segments, watch all his interviews, he is that good
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