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TV Reviews #207

The juiciest news, hottest gossip, and the real story of what it means to live in the spotlight. Fan favorites Joe Amabile, Natasha Parker, and Tia Booth are spilling the tea and dissecting the wildest and most surprising headlines of the week in Bachelor Nation and pop culture. They’re breaking down the clickbait so you don’t have to. Every week, a Bachelor Nation fan favorite or celebrity guest joins to take us inside their world as we get to the heart of the hottest news stories in entertainment and Bachelor Nation!Click Bait is available on Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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  • charthen
    Find a co-host
    The shows where Joe was away were terrible. He admitted he never listened. It was painful. His sauce is good though…. Stick with the sauce Joe or please find yourself a co-host who is entertaining !
  • jgomes007
    Great podcast
    Great podcast, love Joe and I think a great co-host recommendation would be Gabby. She is funny and I think they would complement each other well
  • MovieWatcherNYC23
    Aaron… for real?
    Not only is he multiple seasons worth of a toxic, sexist, insecure dudebro… Aaron has a totally insufferable speaking style as if he is playing an SNL character or something. Pretty big fall from the OGs, I’m out.
  • PicPicTaker
    Unfollowing After a Long-Time Subscriber
    Unfortunately I am unfollowing after being subscribed for quite some time. I really like Joe, but not sure podcast hosting is his thing. This podcast needs to be revamped with more structure, trained interviewers and people who are actually passionate about what they are talking about, even if it's about relationships or bachelor related news.
  • Sam4112
    Love Tia
    Tia was the best thing to happen to this show. She’s so great and down to earth. However Joe and Natasha are so negative and mean. They clearly use this platform to be nice to their friends and talk badly about people outside their click. Consider replacing joe and Natasha with some more positive people.
  • TM00!!
    My favorite Podcast!! I look forward to it every week!!
  • jbus1
    Good overall entertainment
    Overall there’s value in the podcast as informative on bachelor nation Id like to see Joe tighten up his interview techniques, remove the pause words to get to the next question I’d also have him work on listening to responses vs worrying about the next question These are common fixable scenarios … Good work
  • elliecrane3
    Joe’s gotta go
    Joe is good at a lot of things, but interviewing is not one of them. The flow is awkward and Joe jumps around topics very disjointedly.
  • NaomiBurton
    I understand this is your money train
    But wow! What sell outs.
  • lccc11
    Bring Tia back!
    Please bring Tia back or make Kelley Flanagan a permanent co host!
  • WI-MCM
    permanent co-host
    Serena would be a perfect permanent co-host!
  • MegK276
    Kelley for Co-host!
    Kelley would be such a good full time host. I loved this episode with her!
  • NursJo
    Talk louder!!!!
    Love the show, but get closer to the mic and speak louder, Joe!! Please!! Can’t always hear your witty charm!
  • SAM (B)
    Getting worse and worse
    Joe doesn’t know how to carry the interviews on his own. This last one with Aaron co-hosting was terrible, there’s an air of mockery and just overall incompetence. Find new hosts asap!
  • Jord8888
    Love this show! Make Aaron a host!
    Aaron is so entertaining and needs to be host. Add Tia back and Spencer Pratt and it will be perfect!
  • mertz25
    Truly awful since Natasha & Tia left. Joe just does not have the personality to lead a podcast. I have to turn it off because I can feel myself getting dumber — especially the episode with Aaron as a cohost. Kudos to the Bach / BIP producers for making the show interesting, because these ppl are beyond boring.
  • teamkristin4evr
    Aaron is brutal to listen to
    I just can’t.
  • Mollipop12
    Make Aaron a Cohost!!!!
    Aaron and Joe have great chemistry! Put Aaron on the pod and get another girl to join. Maybe Gabby? :)
  • Lolo13419
    “LIKE” - please make it stop
    Today was BRU-TAL!! Mercedes, a very nice person, has to please stop saying “LIKE”
  • AllisonWonderland22
    I could listen to Jill all day 😂
    I just love listening to Jill she’s so funny and charismatic! Joe is good off and on imo
  • Fan From Season One
    Not malicious, but also not cool.
    Hey Joe, not your greatest move talking about Sarah’s baby’s death at 24 weeks and Astrid/Kevin’s second IVF pregnancy in same breath. Maybe a public apology to Sarah?
  • Dora&Blu2
    New hosts
    I’m enjoying the revolving hosts. I think Susie and Serene are both great. I would love to see one or both be put on the show permanently. Gabby could also do great.
  • marrrrelizzzzz
    So much talking over each other
    Joes predictions aka reading everything straight from reality Steve’s column. 😂 miss Jill guest cohosting, Susie’s a little monotone for me
  • freehouse
    Susie is the BEST of the revolving co-hosts. She is a keeper and well as Gabby!👍🏻
  • keriaug
    Love Joe!!! But underwhelmed with the guest cohosts. I hope Tia is coming back.
  • Daffodils35
    Love Susie!!!!!
    Make her full-time with Joe!!!
  • kathykayt
    Latest episode
    Susie and Joe together work!
  • ztofit
    Kudos to Serene
    Wow! Serene really brought a lot of class and professionalism to this podcast! She was real and sincere. Her questions were on target. I really enjoyed listening to this podcast today. I’m glad those guests lifted up Zach and I hope all of Bachelor Nation podcasts can avoid the bullying they gave to Clayton! These men are real people with hearts! Please show your respect!
  • jnjsmile
    Low IQ
    This has to be the lowest IQ bachelor nation podcast out there, and that’s saying a lot. News flash: nowhere in the US is or was interracial marriage illegal. How you boot lick those Communists in the WH is sickening. They do nothing but raise taxes, inflation, crime, illegal immigration, and they love war. They’re destroying this country, especially that corrupt bowl of mashed potatoes playing commander in chief. Maybe get your butts out of liberal cesspools like CA and NY and you’ll think more clearly. Joe is an awful host.
  • jackienina
    Love to listen!
    So, first I want to say that I really enjoyed Tia and Natasha as cohosts with Joe. They took awhile to find their groove but by the end I enjoyed them. I know Natasha is leaving and maybe I’m a couple episodes behind, but it was unclear whether or not Tia was coming back after having her baby. That being said, I really enjoyed the episode with Susie and Joe. I listened to her as a guest on some other podcasts and think she has such a melodious voice. Also still a big Joe fan. Sometimes he struggles but feel that’s why he’s so likeable- he’s normal and not overly polished! Ready to listen throughout 2023!
  • Deboscarnick
    Joe is by far my favorite click bait host, but he is overdue for some new cohosts. I thought Susie and Joe were a great team and I loved Susie’s energy!!
  • Jj jelled
    Joe, please stop drinking while on the mic. It’s very annoying!
  • grammycandy
    Love listening ❤️
    Please bring back Tia! I love Joe too…
  • NoHateJustWantImprovements
    Really really bad
    Really bad. Get GOR on your pod.
  • Jawear
    Read these reviews yall
    Joe you need to change up your greeting and not sound so monotone for real. You sound like you don’t know what’s going on most of the time. Get to the point!
  • Kealae
    Get rid of grocery or get Game of roses on
    How low of rating does it take a podcast to get before they change host? 3.2…. Pretty bad… maybe start listening to reviews and get rid of joe and Natasha ….😳
  • gayle26
    Love this podcast so much but I have misophonia
    So I love their humor and all interviews and they are so fun but I can only listen on speaker and when I’m not tired because they seem to be eating and drinking and lip smacking a lot. With my misophonia I cannot tolerate any chewing or smacking noises close to my ears especially when tired. Wanted to leave 5 stars and would change it if they somehow learn to fix this issue
  • drolley
    Lip Smacking
    I’m a huge fan of Bachelor Nation and watch all there is to watch but I too can’t seem to focus on anything else but her lip smacking. It got so bad that I was skipping her talking parts. Might be only listening to the Viall Files…sorry guys 😬
  • lexdee21
    I love love love listening to the hosts!!! They’re literally my all time favs!! Tia, Joe, and Natasha are the stars of Bachelor world! I love how they run the podcast and I tell everyone to listen to this podcast!!
  • shelb harv
    The lip smacking is disgusting
    Who produced this? Stop eating and drinking. You literally ruined the podcast.
  • srry2say
    The lip smacking- I can’t deal
    I want to listen because I really like the interviews and I enjoy the hosts. But I can’t get past the lip smacking and chewing noises in my ear, makes it really hard to listen & I had to stop during the intro because it was just too much. Bummer because I do enjoy the show but the chewing and lip smacking makes it really unbearable.
  • dhayden1022
    Can’t listen anymore!
    I used to enjoy this podcast but I can’t listen to the eating and drinking on every episode. Please listen back and take the previous feedback about this. Thanks
  • carolinehhall
    Who let them eat on the mic
    Seriously who produced this and said “yeah that’s fine they can all eat cupcakes DIRECTLY into the mic”
  • chiari777
    The chewing is gross
    Guys come on. Just started listening to the last episode and the chewing noises are so disgusting I had to stop it! Don’t think I’ll be listening again ugh gross
  • Jake?$
    Literally the WORST
    I never leave reviews but this is seriously the worst podcast I have ever listened to. They are the most boring people to listen to and the eating and drinking is disgusting!
  • AAN203
    I had to stop listening because of Joes heavy breathing and chewing. Tia is nine months pregnant with very little lung capacity and even she isn’t breathing into the mic like that.
  • makaylanicole99
    I NEVER leave reviews BUT… The sound quality and background sound on this podcast is unbearable. The heavy breathing, lip smacking, eating and sounds in the background makes this podcast truly difficult to listen to. You can tell the hosts truly do not CARE and it is simply a paycheck for them. Yikes.
  • BachListener in MN
    The spit/mouth smacking
    Are we serious with the eating and spit and lip smacking?!?!?! I feel like you’re trolling us now…
  • amber-95
    Stop the slurping and eating on the mic
    Love the chemistry and content but the eating, drinking and heavy breathing sounds are so cringe and annoying and just makes the podcast sound so unprofessional.
  • 99WildFlower
    Worst podcast
    Just came back to see if it changed but it’s only gotten worse. Let’s watch Joe drink and Tia just pigging out. try being professionals… What am I saying
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