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The Ship-it Show with Tara Strong & Greg Cipes is an animation love affair! Let's talk toons, fandom, cosplay, pop-culture, and con-culture! Visit us at

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  • unicorn girl spit
    Good to listen to and have some laughs!
    Hi, I am a huge fan. I listen to all your podcast episodes. I love the people you invite. The questions and all the stories or amazing. I am looking forward to a BBRAE ship! Terra, and Greg you podcast is like.......... wow. Great job on the episodes. There was something I thought was a little funny. When you did the adventure time ship it show episode I remembered me and my BFF were cosplaying Finn and Jake!
  • nightmare king nwo
    Timmy and beast boy rule
    I’m a HUGE fan of Timmy Turner and Beast Boy this podcast is awesome!!! Greg your foot is in the bucket lol!!!!!!!!!!
  • CatwomanFan#1
    Thank you
    I would like to say this show is so great. Thank you Tara and Greg for your hilarious podcast. This has helped me get through my mom having COVID so thank you. This show is very educational and loving and so much fun. You guys rock!
  • Fiona Torrese
    Convention Nostalgia!
    With Convention Season squandered by COVID-19, The Ship-It Show delivers all the nostalgia, fun, and excitement that comes with Con Season. From the guests, fan interactions, and incooperation of fan content Tara and Greg clearly love their supporters and it shows in every episode. Incredible people, incredible show, as a cosplayer and avid con goer I 10/10 recommend.
  • WIngmanG
    All aboard
    Ship just got real!
  • Peetyeety
    Exciting and Fun!!!
    This show is truly a gem especially during a time like this where people could not meet up due to shelter-in-place orders. It discusses and dives into a hidden world of fandoms. Tara and Greg are both amazing people and I’m really excited for all the upcoming episodes!!! Keep it sailin! ;)
  • XxMcr_meets_ParamorexX
    Really different
    I was surprised to hear about a podcast like this! Got back into shipping due to quarantine and was glad to hear about this. Really looking forward to the BBRAE episode!!
  • Eight Foot Lincoln
    Nobody is Weird because Everybody is Weird
    Con-culture is definitely a thing, but, if you’ve never attended a comic, sci-fi, fantasy, or anime convention, it probably seems pretty weird to you. This show celebrates that unique culture and all of its traditions. Shipping, cosplay, and all things fandom are on full display and treated with the respect and gravitas that only a participant would bring to the subject. The hosts, Tara Strong and Greg Cipes, are veterans of con-life as longtime voice actors who have played thousands of fan-favorite characters across the multiverse of geekdom. They spotlight, not just celebrity guests, including actors, writers, and artists, but the fans who bring these characters to life through their cosplay, art, music, fanfic, and endless explorations of the latest and greatest ship. If you can’t make it to a convention, this show definitely scratches the itch.
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