The GOAT: Serena

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Family-woman. Philanthropist. Beloved friend. Record-breaking tennis champion. In the second season of the series THE GOAT: Serena takes on the remarkable life of Serena Williams and her journey to becoming one of the greatest athletes of all time. THE GOAT: Serena runs 12-episodes and is hosted by tennis legends and Williams’ close friends Zina Garrison and Chanda Rubin. Garrison and Rubin, along with other prominent figures in Serena’s life, recount the triumphs and tribulations of the making of an icon.Check out Season 1 of the GOAT series where we dive into the exceptional career and life of Tom Brady, who has played in ten Super Bowls, winning seven. Acclaimed sports journalist Gary Myers shares the definitive account of arguably the most storied career in NFL history.

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  • 6Skywalker6
    What a joke.
    GOAT??? Are you kidding me? How about spoiled brat and despicable human being? Check out her performance at the 2009 US Open. Tells you all you need to know about what a terrible person she is. Not the only incidence of this behavior either. GOAT??? Give me a break. 1 star because 0 is not an option.
  • Athleticlover999
    The Goat: Serena is spectacular
    Wow! I’m absolutely blown away at the content of episodes 1 & 2. To have each episode hosted by the spectacular, elegant, and legendary Chanda Rubin & Zina Garrison was flawless. Amazing delivery in bringing us listeners into a glimpse of The Goat: Serena Williams journey into greatness.
  • Flybigd
    Why some podcasts insist on playing music constantly behind the narration is bizarre. Also, hire a narrator who doesn’t sound like he’s reading his, “what I did on my summer vacation” report.
  • alexnim92
    Rookie quality
    Good content but the execution is terrible. Hire an outside narrator and stick to books
  • breah
    Great Show & Interesting Content
    As a life long Tom Brady fan I really enjoyed this Podcast. A lot of this info I knew from reading books and watching other documentaries. But it was still a really interesting series. My only complaint would be the audio quality of some of the interviews was poor sometimes and a bit hard to hear.
  • powebdjxjkssk
    I get it. Brady is the Goat. This podcast is great if your a Boston guy and just want to hear butt kissing. You can basically hear this podcast from any bandwagon fan at every BWW in America though. A light of hindsight commentary we’ve come to expect from Boston fans. Oh you just knew Brady was going to go to every single Super Bowl ever and knew he was the goat coming out of Michigan in the 6th round? Cool.
  • Joe Lafferty
    What’s you expect from The GOAT
    Really great production value. Awesome to listen to and better than watching something to a limited vision person like me. Thanks
  • Dollsbeep
    There’s a LOT of commercials and the audio quality of the majority of the interviews is like rubbing sandpaper on your ears. Plus the host is from NY, ew.
  • crosby.buccaneers
    I love it
    It is 10/10 just the sound quality needs a bit of a upgrade
  • ftct66777🦆🦆🦆🦆
    Good game
    Good game can you get the Super Bowl
  • ABLapper
    I’m a lifelong Patriots fans and love TB. This was the most obnoxious thing I’ve ever heard.
  • Mr. Buster!
    Fascinating, but some audio needs fixing
    I’m so glad somebody is taking time to tell Brady’s story. I just wish the interviews didn’t have such terrible, terrible audio. 90+% of the episodes are great though
  • elurb5000
    Coming from a die hard TB12 fan…podcast is meh
    I don’t think the podcast introduces anything we don’t already know. Hats off to the author for taking the time to make the content as this is something I wouldn’t be able to do. That said, it feels somewhat lacking and I’m disappointed that I didn’t walk away learning anything new. Perhaps the podcast isn’t fore me. Another reviewer was spot on…”the art of stretching two short interviews into a book and a watered down podcast.”
  • lawboy33
    Terrible audio quality
    While the content of the podcast has been pretty good it has been difficult to listen to many episodes due to the extremely poor quality of many of the interviews. It sounds like they were conducted in a tin can, in a submarine, millions of miles away. The quality of often so poor I have to fast forward the podcast. You would think with all the tech out there they could do a better job on getting quality audio for these interviews.
  • Trey Fishy
    By the way you guys know Tom Brady plays for the Bucs right.
  • danilleandjeff
    Pretty good, but it’s starting to stretch
    Not always being a Tom Brady fan, but respecting his game and finding the story of his and the Patriots rise interesting, I decided to check this out. It started off really well, but over the last few episodes it’s starting to get a bit thin. These would be my chief complaints: 1. Others have mentioned it, but the audio on the earlier phone interviews was terrible. I felt like there was stuff I missed because of how unintelligible it was. 2. The episode on Peyton Manning came off like a hit piece. Gary tells the story of how he offended Peyton, then gave a fake apology to try to get in his good graces, then seemed upset that Peyton held it against him. It also seemed to cloud his judgment of the 2, rather than a presentation of the facts. He tried to downplay any stats that didn’t favor Brady, which seemed not genuine after showing his disdain for Manning. I wish this section had been a bit more unbiased as it’s a fascinating discussion. 3. How many more episodes does this have? I really thought it was winding down, especially after episodes dedicated to Spygate and Deflategate, yet here he is advertising another episode. At this point Gary should just wrap it up and put a conclusion on it.
  • Avias10
    Must listen
    I’m a Patriots fan and Brady fan. Regardless of knowing most of the items I enjoy listening and being re-live some and exposed to new stories.
  • Anthony NorCal
    5 Star Podcast!!
    I’m not a Brady fan or even a Pats fan but this podcast is great!!! Must listen!! Anthony Nor Cali
  • dcvfdfcyhhffd
    The art of stretching two short interviews into a book and a watered down podcast.
  • JohnLGMD
    Audio Quality
    Excellent podcast, but numerous interviews with incredibly important people (Lloyd Carr, Tony Dungy, Peyton) and the audio is unintelligible. For such a groundbreaking podcast, should have maximized audio quality.
  • Iphone4s6969
    Gary does a great job narrating. Awesome podcast about an awesome guy! Love that it’s unfiltered talk and you get an in-depth look at the people through what they say!
  • Z40Rnm233#
    Not bad. The background episodes were cool, but around the middle it turned into a very well-informed rant on the greatness of Tom Brady from a pats fan. I get it, but it’s turned boring
  • Stu denim
    Horrible Propaganda
    They don’t even mention the cheating that Tom Brady and Bill Belichek used to beat the rams!!!
  • joanng24
    Bad Sound Quality
    Podcast is well done with one glaring flaw. The quality of the phone interviews is terrible. The speakers’ words are unintelligible. I feel like I missed some interesting stories because I couldn’t understand make out what the speakers were saying.
  • bagelsmax
    Great podcast
    Interesting info on Tom Brady! I loved wTching him in New England and really enjoy the behind the scene stuff.
  • Lyfe hacks
    A genuine opinion from a Tom Brady “hater”
    I had low expectations of a short-series podcast with minimal reviews on it, however it exceeded my expectations and then some! Gary Myers did a great job finding audio clips and excerpts from the 90’s during Brady’s college days and did a thorough job painting the picture, without dragging on and on about the micro details. Job well done, my only critique is that I wish my made more episodes and cut out the unrelated ads. P.S. I hope you make additional seasons of this podcast on some of the other great QB’s upbringings and rise to stardom, I’d happily subscribe to that podcast narrated by Gary any day! (Audio clips aren’t the best quality, but it’s important to note that these clips are from the 90’s, it’s not Gary or the podcast production teams fault, audio technology just wasn’t as developed as it is now. I think it adds authenticity)
  • Michellehaley
    A must listen!
    An absolute amazing podcast and a must listen- football fan or not!
  • jban260
    Great listen
    Wasn’t really a fan of Tom Brady but I always had respect for him, the things he had to endure and overcome really is a great sports story and this podcast does a great job of telling it with tons of stuff as a sports fan didn’t know, so all around good stuff
  • BBN Eddie
    Great listen
    I am really enjoying the podcast. Great insight and learning things I never knew about the goat. Not a New England fan or even a Brady fan really. Just respect and love the game and have enjoyed witnessing the best NFL QB playing on Sundays.
  • hg evs dhskdv
    Mewwwww two
  • Jeff1269
    Must Listen For Any Brady / Patriots Fan
    I’ve been a New England Patriots fan for 46 years and have listened to every press conference, podcast, TV show you could possibility imagine. I’ve followed every second of Tom Brady’s career. Still, I’ve learned things that I never knew about Tom and his rise to greatness. This podcast is mesmerizing; interviews with Brady’s coaches at Michigan, Bill Parcells, Tom Sr., Robert Kraft, and Tom himself. Lots and lots of nuggets here; never before heard. Stellar reporting by Gary Myers as always. Not only is it fascinating from a historical football perspective, it’s a great motivational parable about what it takes to overcome insurmountable odds to become the GOAT.
  • Gary Umpire
    Loved it!
    Incredibly entertaining and insightful. Looking forward to future episodes!
  • SU for U
    Gary’s the Goat
    Love the podcast. A terrific journalist has turned the corner and translated very well from print to social media. This is an excellent podcast and should be listen to by all. It’s an in-depth analysis with incredible interviews for the average football fan to the diehard one. I can’t wait for the rest of the episodes
  • Finnnnnallllyyyyyy
    Thought I knew a lot about TB12, but this podcast really opened my eyes to the GOAT. 10/10 recommend.
  • ballzylover
    Great stuff
    I thought I knew everything there is to know about TB. Live and learn. Great stuff
  • Sethro_Yerhat
    I hope this content finds people who actually want to hear about this right now
  • The inmasnsnsns
    Excited for this one
    I love Brady. Just listened to the trailer, and I am really excited for this podcast.
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