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Come get your weekly fix of all that is anime and weeb culture. From anime news, games, debates, pop culture and so much more.
New Episode every Saturday at 12 pm

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  • Macquereau951
    Love this podcast
    I was looking for something to listen to because I caught up on my other podcasts and this hit just right. I could see myself getting a beer with all three of the hosts. They seem super down to earth. Give it a try you won’t be disappointed
  • Kilonji
    More please : )
    As a dirty old weeb (legit gen x) I’ve really enjoyed listening to you kids. Keep it up. And just so you know, Golden Kamuy is FIRE.
  • i love robotek
    Love this podcast!!
    Thanks for shouting out us 2022 graduates on the June 3 episode. Love yall podcast. Keep it up!!!!
  • ShicanaGirl
    Love this podcast
    Just started listening to this podcast and love it. Am on episode 4 and I gots to know what anime/WEBTOON you all were talking about. I wanna read it now.
  • GeeRylee
    Great show!
    This is my new favorite podcast! I’m only five episodes in and I have a massive list of anime to watch that is recommended. The commentary is 🤌
  • ToeVito
    Good stuff
  • Zelc-z
    I love the energy!
    This podcast makes me laugh 100%%%%%%%%%%%%
  • Delifresh Xd
    I feel like we’re friends
    Your voices and interactions make it easy to follow. Felt like I was listening to friends. Subscribed after listing to the anime nostalgia episode. Starting from the beginning now 👌🏾
  • ikingleo
    best anime podcast out there!
    i love this anime podcast! it’s very informative and entertaining regarding all things anime. all three of the host personalities are great and mesh well together. i’ve listened to almost every episode and they’ve put me on so many different animes. i recommend this to anyone who watches anime because this podcast will have something for you! the hosts are also blerds and fans of aot so they definitely will always have my support🙏🏾
  • tobi-chan4
    Another great episode!
    I love this podcast, especially the Yasuke review! I enjoy hearing other blerds talking about anime ❤️
  • thegreatestswordsman
    love what y’all are doing!
    You guys are really dope! The way you guys bounce of each other’s energy is awesome and i enjoy listening to your episodes throughout the day at work 👍🏼👍🏼
  • ToyWiz
    Love the Podcast!
    Listening to podcasts about POC is great. Love from @imtoying and @religiously nerdy.
  • Basedgod Trice
    We Need To Collab!
    i tried looking for y’all on Twitter , i couldn’t find y’all , but for one .. i always support Black Podcasts ... then y’all are dope 🙏🏾🙏🏾 so just hit the podcast episode up if y’all are down to link ! @MobCastMafia on IG or Twitter
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