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Rugby #11

Your home to all Eagles Overseas Rugby shows, including The Eagle-Eyed Rugby Podcast and US Rugby Happy Hour LIVE.US Rugby Happy Hour LIVE, hosted by the dynamic duo of Bill Baker of Eagles Overseas Rugby and John Fitzpatrick of Rugby Morning, is a captivating blend of insightful rugby discussions, entertaining banter, and a celebration of the sport’s spirit. With their wealth of knowledge and infectious enthusiasm, Baker and Fitzpatrick create an engaging space for rugby enthusiasts to connect and revel in the game’s glory. Whether delving into the latest matches or sharing anecdotes with special guests, this live show is a must-attend for anyone passionate about rugby, offering a delightful intersection of camaraderie and sports analysis.Guests have included head coaches Gary Gold, Rob Cain and Mike Friday. USA Eagles Joe Taufete’e, Greg Peterson, Kate Zackary, Hope Rogers, Christian Dyer, and Hall of Famers, Dan Lyle and Todd Clever. Major League Rugby stars Mitch Wilson, Nick Civetta, Connor Mooneyham and MLR Commissioner, George Killebrew. Those covering the news too, including Brian Ray of Americas Rugby News and Wendy Young of YSC Rugby. Join us live Wednesdays, live-streamed on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter (show times vary), or catch the replays right here! Follow @eaglesoverseas on Twitter and Instagram for weekly guest announcements and direct link to the live shows.Bill Baker, an Emmy award winning editor and producer, has curated Eagles Overseas Rugby since 1996, providing updates and news stories about USA Eagles plying their trade around the world. http://www.eaglesoverseas.comeaglesoverseas@comcast.netJohn Fitzpatrick is the brain behind Rugby Morning, serving rugby news everyday via email newsletters to rugby fans around the world.John@rugbymorning.com

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