Death of a Rock Star

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From Kurt Cobain to Whitney Houston, Michael Hutchence and Amy Winehouse, these are their stories - powerful, poignant and raw. This series will change how you feel about them.

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  • NJRocker
    Interesting and Well Produced - Episodes Vary in Quality
    Overall I like this podcast. The podcasts are well produced, and I like the narrative nature of them, rather than just a historical discussion of the facts of each rock star’s life and death. They are also a nice compact 30 minutes each. My main quibble is with the Buddy Holly episode, the one artist in the series I know the most about, and which contains factual errors - e.g., he died in Iowa not Ohio, his last name was changed via an error on his first recording contact not his birth certificate, his sales were not in decline at the time of his death. It’s errors like these that take away from the podcasts overall high quality.
  • whynotpugs
    Their own approach to stories of rockstars
    You may think you’ve heard Jake Brennan/Disgraceland tell some of the same stories in a similar format; and yes, you probably have. But there are some truly unique gems here you won’t want to miss. There are different resources and different approaches to tell a unique side to stories. The narrators/presenters are wonderful to listen to and pull you in skillfully, so it’s easy to binge listen. Just try it; you’ll find yourself hooked!
  • Tricia Rash
    Love the voice and soothing tone !
    Love the voice and soothing tone !
  • dretaz
    Great and emotional charged
    Look the tones, writing and wit in these telling tales of lost and appreciation of the impact these people have left on our lives with their music and lives.
  • darthfleur
    I love the hosts’ voices, the sound design and the 30 min length is just perfect
  • mygirlpearl
    One of the best podcasts I’ve ever heard.
  • bam526
    Highly recommend
    Great research, scripts and charismatic narrators — very satisfying
  • jillanneUSUK
    A fascinating portrait of rock stars we all know, but after listening, realize we didn’t. Have binged all the episodes and can’t wait for the next ones!
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