13 Days of Halloween

All Genres #30Fiction #2

Season Two: The Sea. When a mysterious stranger awakens on the rocky shore of the eerie New England village of Direbrook, the residents pitch in to restore her past. But not everything in town is what it seems.

Starring Kathy Najimy (Hocus Pocus, Sister Act) and Bethany Anne Lind (Ozark, Lore). A production of Grim & Mild, Blumhouse Television and iHeart3DAudio.

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Recent Reviews
  • Jimzeppelin71
    Great for Repeat Listen
    I love this podcast! Great story telling, great audio effects, love the acting! The stories are pretty creepy and they may even send a shiver down your spine. The audio techniques used are great at creating the immersive experience that allows you to feel you are part of the story.
  • bsbdhdbd vdvdgevev
    Awesome Podcast!
    Awesome podcast for halloween season!!
  • Mile Monster
    Quality at it finest!!!
    Takes me back in time, when life was simpler and less stressful!!!
  • Mas11068
    Listen with good noise canceling headphones! This series is a rebirth of old school radio but takes advantage of modern audio technology. I have listened to 13 Days several times. I hope a second season is on the way.
  • Kohlerhuset
    So good and creepy!!!!!!
    Each episode outdoes the next. I literally just screamed out loud in my car with episode 5. SO GOOD!!!
  • courtneymoore95
    My mornings run just got even scarier!
    Absolutely amazing! The terror created by the paranormal stories and suspense made this podcast one of my new favorites. I hope there is a season two on the way but if not, don’t worry! I’m going to listen to this season over and over again. 💀
  • Lauren817
    The best show yet. I love podcast and the host but boy when I tell you I binged this in like 24 hours. I was obsessed. Please make more!!!
  • lovebug2015
    Listening to this was so much fun and you definitely have to wear headphones. It’s almost October looking forward to a season 2 🤞🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾
  • Jvwonder
    I loved it
    I loved everything about it, and also hope another version similar comes out for 2021. So fun
  • CrackerCrumb
    Well Done!
    Keegan was fantastic as the Caretaker and I thoroughly enjoyed all the creative creepiness. I really hope it returns for Halloween 2021!
  • CassidyP2littles
    Love it!
    I can’t wait for this to come back! I absolutely loved it. The sound, stories, and characters are great
  • nicoleat11
    We need more!!!
  • mommaswann71
    I loved this story! All of the characters were so interesting. I can’t wait for another season!
  • podmch
    This was so great I hope it comes back!
  • megbundynobody
    I feel like I need more episodes to listen to and I really love Keegan’s voice . Great to wake up and listen to when stuck in bed due to southern heat .
  • Stave???????
    Fun distraction
    Wish this was a reoccurring podcast. Hope it comes back again.
  • adam hackel
    So we’ll done and KMK Was spot on!
  • drums4life24
    Keegan is fantastic, some good stories, few baaaad ones.
    Keegan does such a great job! Love it! But I cannot explain how unnecessary the sound of vomit is in episode 7. The whole episode sounds like it was recorded on VHS and is just... But everything else is great!! Gave me spooky bumps this morning!
  • dragonworrior123
    Aww man, YES 👏
    This is awesome! Hope there are more episodes next Halloween 🎃! It’s so scary 😧, LUV ITTTT!!!
  • Pzlgk
    13 Days
    Every episode a shiver a pause a caution Hoping this happens again
  • BLQP83
    I want more new ones next Halloween 🎃 please! I listen to the hole thing in just one morning. Beka HI 👋
  • jos_bird
    Ready for another season
    That was an excellent program. I hope there will be more stories in the future!
  • Dancing Rachel
    Absolutely loved
    This is a wonderful podcast. I looked forward for a new episode each week.
  • LoBo36
    Love it
    Started out slow, but later episodes were quite good
  • Preview92
    This is truly beautiful radio drama.
  • NewAgain1990
    Cool audio...but kind of boring.
    Some episodes are interesting, others are a little silly and obvious. Not scary though.
  • twinmama3
    Love it!
    Please please make more!!! These were so perfectly creepy!
  • Spookygal27
    I can’t wait for more of this series!
    I enjoyed it and loved it! Keegan-Michael Key did an excellent job as The Caretaker and that twist ending, not gonna lie. I got some goosebumps from it. Every actor on this podcast did an amazing job and the sound production crew as well! I can’t wait for more! 😁
  • FahionJess
    I didn’t find the stories scary or creepy, in fact, I found most of them to be anticlimactic. I’m a wimp; I can watch 30 mins of a horror film and the result is I won’t be able to sleep for a week. I slept just fine after listening to these stories. I think the real draw here was Key. I really kept listening to each episode to see where his storyline was going. I enjoyed hearing him endcap each story. I also kept listening because I really enjoyed the immersive sound and dynamic effects. It made the listening experience more fun, even if the stories were not. I would suggest that, if brought back next year, that the show-runners include short stories that feel complete; most of these stories felt like a poem rather than a tale with a beginning middle, and end.
  • Skylins Mommy
    Best Podcast EVER
  • Birchleaf2001
    Great podcast
    Is this it? ☹️😔🤔
  • Chenchanlo
    Oh how I wish this was a regular Podcast
    Loved every episode, wasn’t kiddy..just the right amount of creepy. Love the caretaker, Keegan Michael Key is so talented.Didn’t want it to be over.😔
  • Chichib124644
    Use your earphones
    Great stories and so good with AirPods on. Wish there was more episodes.
  • Chesstiger139
    This program was excellent from start to finish. Maybe next year it will be 31 days of Halloween. I know it would be a lot of work; it would be well worth it for the fans of this show.
  • LuckieLynn
    This leaves you wanting more, more, more!!!
  • Hawesme
    I loved these spooky tales! Wish there was more...
  • Penny Marsh
    Hi Radio Theater Fans
    This is by far (at least for me) the best modern radio theater I came across in years! Worth curling up in a blanket with a cup in hand and have a listen! The only other modern radio theater that is as good and is still releasing new episodes is Campfire Radio Theater. Otherwise, a couple that are as good has stopped production. Worth a listen folks.
  • Butercupk
    Great job ! Very gripping stories, I enjoyed it. Thanks 😊
  • KimmieG99
    You guys....
    Some of these are so sad!!!! But still excellent. Thanks for adding to the spooky season!!
  • DustMePink
    I loved it
    Sitting hear reading all these other reviews and I’m sorry I just disagree with most of them. I didn’t think it needed to be super scary or none of that I liked each story. They were all creepy in their own ways. Even KMK made it funny to me. I thought it was great. And have been sharing it and send it to friends to listen to as well. I’ll definitely be listening to more by this production thank you for your time and hard work to make quarantine a little more interesting for me 😁😁
  • Bad memory23
    I thought the host was very annoying and unnecessary. I would have enjoyed this much more without the host and just had the stories.
  • ClaudiaEnriquezBecerra
    Blumhouse and Grim&Mild Aaron Mahnke once again hit it out of the park. Stereo sound had me looking over my shoulder I was so into it. Keep them coming. Bravo
  • austinsrider
    Great to listen to while working.. Make more 3D type productions. I loved it
  • Maissaa
    Great show
    It left me on edge and looking over my shoulder 😃lots of fun and a nicely wrapped in up ending.
  • R13Avenger
    Grim & Mild is Better at Non-Fiction
    As an avid fan of other Grim & Mild productions, I listened to every episode, but didn’t love it. The production was fantastic. The story, especially the conclusion, was not strong enough for my liking.
  • Emperor Severian
    Very well done aural spook show
    This is a very well done horror anthology with an old spooky house and a unctious, eerie caretaker as a host serving as a framing device. The caretaker takes you to different locations in the house where someone there relates a first-person perspective tale of horror The stories are quite good, and very nicely executed. Ther perfomers and sound design are excellent. The short length of each tale (20 minutes or so) is just right. Recommended for horror fans.
  • JLMiraldi
    Such good stories, but that last one! 👍🏼
  • Cor07
    Great stories
    Really enjoyed this!
  • Food Animal Guy
    Amazing production, sound quality & performances but...
    I found the technical and production aspects of this podcast exceptional but the stories are lukewarm to average. Unfortunately, I found only 2 stories out of the 13 to be good. The high rating of 4 star rests mostly on the production aspects of the podcast. Disappointed...
  • sinicalgrl
    Each inhabitant of The Architect’s unique manor has quite the story to tell. Savor. And do not listen alone in the dark
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