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Opinionated & informative with a sprinkle of slightly toxic: Join Bridget Kelly & Mandii B for all things pop culture, music, and media through the minds of women.
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  • haitian91
    I just LOVE this podcast
    I love when y’all have guest but I love y’all more when it’s just the two of y’all. Hopefully you guys go on tour again because THIS TIME I AINT MISSING IT! 🫶🏾
  • GoalznLipstick
    Recently I’ve given this show a break because it doesn’t feel as authentic to everyday conversations with a friend. Wishing mandii healing, growth, and reflection in all aspects. Some times it seems if past insecurities spill over in the conversations and skew the conversation in other ways. It’s also giving look at me now energy… which isn’t always bad but also coming from a place of lack of past things. Bridget is very mature and I love the levelheaded responses even when the opinion differs. Bridget gives the grown and honest
  • Paris williams, florida
    Good Show, But-
    I love the show… but, I’m about tired of hearing about Mandii’s breakup every episode for about 3 months now. And, she keeps over talking and cutting people off, so that makes it hard to hear. Also, I’m not too fond of the album breakdown episodes of brand new artists as guests. Other than that- it’s a good podcast.
  • Ooo.amanda
    Constant Conversation Interruption
    I think this podcast covers interesting topics that I want to listen to, but the constant talking over each other is too much. The first few minutes of the most recent episode, 230 - In Delu-Lu Land was difficult to keep up with, Mandii isn’t letting the guest finish a thought just 3 mins in, I had to shut it off. I can sense the excitement but I want to be able to listen to all parties.
  • Patrice Austin
    Apart of my weekly routine
    I live listing to this podcast every week and I appreciate you ladies putting me onto new music though the freshly squeezed segments! Antoinette is one of my fav guests!
  • aliyacheyanne
    I really like the show, BUT
    The communication style here is sometimes a struggle to listen to. Mandii and Bridget will literally be on the same page about a topic, but because Mandii won’t let Bridget finish her thoughts, or practice active listening, there’s often unnecessary tension just trying to move through certain topics. As a listener, it’s hard to absorb what’s being said when that happens. Both hosts deserve to be heard, and to have the space to express their thoughts without being spoken over, or any combativeness. Listening to each other is key, and it makes a HUGE difference for the audience that is listening to the pod.
  • rjal07
    Southwest Airline
    One I love this show it’s amazing. Love you ladies enjoy listening to y’all every week makes my Tuesdays and Fridays even better. So about Southwest they don’t assign you seats they assign a section and you pick your seat. So I’m guessing the seats were probably getting full in there section and she was seeing if someone would be nice enough to move so she and her daughter could sit by each other.
  • freshntooty
    Bananas and Aliens
    I don’t like the guests.
  • pinkprincessnation
    I lovee the show
    I love this show J started listening to Mandi on whoreibile and followed you here. Also fell in love with Bridget. The one thing is Mandi stays yelling over Bridget and guests like girl let them talk but other than that she’s hilarious
  • LDW401
    See the thing is…I didn’t know I needed these ladies in my life
    As an over 40 year old professional working in a space that lacks diversity, I appreciate being able to listen to sisters speak. I discovered this podcast a few month ago and have gone back to listen to all of the episodes. Mandii and Bridget, keep going. I’m not on social media to leave comments there so I hope this note of appreciation is shared with them.
  • adrianacamposx
    One of my fave podcasts!
    I loooove seeing the growth in these lovely ladies! I don’t have social media so I’m hoping Mandii reads this; I recommend “Zen and the Art of Happiness” by Chris Prentiss and “You Are Here” by Thich Naht Hanh I’m proud of you for your healing journey!!
  • @jesshandlethis
    I hope Mandii can be reflective on her communication skills and style. It’s frustrating to hear her talk all over people and the minute someone responds to her she hushes them and wants to finish her point. She should consider taking a debate course. She’s combative when she has a different of opinion and is unwilling to actually listen to people. The person she is arguing with may even agree with her. It’s like she’s arguing for the sake to argue and not listening. It’s so frustrating. IE… the kidnapping argument with the young lady and toddler. Bridget is in agreement and she still is arguing rather than listening. She doesn’t seem to carry this severity of a combative defense style on Whoreible…. She seems more relaxed there. Not sure what it is… hope she find ways to better communicate and not always feel the need to be on attack mode. The world isn’t against you. Alsooooo can we work on a little humility?? Feels like 90% of the time it’s Mandii trying to describe her lifestyle as this prestigious thing and she’s better/richer than other ppl. Humility works wonders. We don’t need to be so braggadocios about everything. It feels like it may be an insecurity that is being reflected as “look at me… I’m successful now… I have money…I don’t need men to buy me things… see I’m not poor”. We know Mandii is successful and she is so much more than just the lavish things she attempt to upstage on others. Also… I miss the less structured style SOOO much. This outline is killing the natural conversation flow that can occur. Throw the outline out the window pleaseeeee. Relax and just enjoy each others company and talk. It’s bound to be magic.
  • Astarr13
    Good girlfriend gab
    Let me start by saying I’m an a long time listener. I’ve been listening since it was a 3 piece. Now to my 2 cents . I’ve love listening to you ladies drop your slightly toxic but honest takes of the world as you experience it. It is refreshing to get consistent opinions whether it’s mainstream or differing views. The mix of growth that both Mandi and Bridget bring is new and definitely worth listening. I love the insight that Mandi brings from a professional and personal perspective while Bridget offers a more refined explanation. I like to say Mandi is my first take and BK is after you put in more work. Both are needed and enjoyed throughout the sessions. I enjoy the flow and friendly banter between the ladies and guests. You are always a must listen throughout the week.
  • Dwilliams2
    Podcast review
    Great podcast ladies! I love that I get a little politics, music, pop culture and sex! A little feedback: please stop talking over one another..it’s hard to follow.
  • bellas9816
    6 STARS
    These ladies make waking up on Tuesdays and Fridays a little easier
  • kier.foster
    Better with age
    The pod gets better with age. I have really enjoyed the freshly squeezed episodes lately as Mandi and Bridget are really finding their rhythm with guests/interviews/etc.
  • snacksmontana
    Mandy and Anik
    I ship Mandy and Anik I feel like they complement each other … Them together would be a whole vibe … oh and love this podcast
  • ambmarz
    my favorite podcast
    This is my favorite podcast 💓 Mandii and Bridget are so knowledgeable and hilarious. I always feel like i’m in the room with them.
  • ihatenationalism
    Lately the show has seemed to be mostly about Mandi and her point of view on topics she finds interesting. While I do love Mandi and believe she’s a great host, I believe she should let Bridget lead the topics a bit more as well
  • Harlem304
    I can’t front. Listening to you all talk has added to my education on bagging women, dating, what to say, etc. That’s crazy. You’re never too old to learn.
  • Ninichauntel
    Interesting perspectives
    I think the hosts have interesting perspectives on pop culture and hot topics. I don’t always agree with their thoughts but it’s nice to hear ideas that are different from my own. Also great to hear women expressing thoughts freely and intelligently. I do feel that sometimes they don’t listen to each other and they sound like they are talking over others. They’ve gotten much better with this over time.
  • Youngster14
    Can’t hear
    The podcast goes over some good urban culture topics and situations. I love the variety of opinions given. The only thing I dont like is when they tell us to “Listen” to something they are playing and then continue to talk over it while its playing… I cant hear anything, give us a chance to hear what u want us to hear.
  • Karmen1013
    Let's be serious
    I wish Mandy was able to translate the personality she brings to WD to this podcast. It's like she has a fake persona that she puts on to try to be funny. That's what's so annoying and distracting. It's the same lame jokes and commentary over and over. Then when she has a real and true opinion she doesn't dig in really. Seems like her focus is on the wrong things. She could be much more self aware, mature and fun without trying to ham up the show. Just be authentic like you are with Weazy.
  • semi doozy
    a topic you b!+€#€s you need to not talk about is parenting. other than that, i absolutely enjoy the show, the conversations, etc. if you don’t want babies on flights, FLY PRIVATE!
  • kajannnnnne
    Bridget I need more music pls
    Bridget I have been blasting your song “RUN AFTER YOU” since I was in highschool lol im 21! I thought you were a Polynesian when I heard that song! That song gives of Polynesian music! Listen to “Flava” by Tenelle and you’ll know what I’m talking about! Anyways I know all my Pacific Islanders love you and are playing your songs at the BBQs!
  • Mskdaniels
    God, guns and family episode
    Wow wow wow!! This was an amazing episode. To have all four of my favorite people on here discussing their views (regardless of it being in sync or conflicting) was amazing! Y’all are a force to be reckoned with and absolutely love all four of the different perspectives you’ll provide. Y’all need to create a View 2.0 talk show, just saying 🫶🏽
  • D Jenny
    Khleo !!!
    I loved the banter with Khleo Thomas. He should be like a once a month guest. He has really good chemistry with you guys. Put him on when you get your shows up and running Mandy!
  • diamonique_diane7980
    2 months later
    I made a comment maybe 2 months ago then took a break but I’m here for an update after bingeing 5 episodes to say keep doing y’all I love love all the different convos on every episode!
  • LBCoolJay
    The 1, never the 2!!
    If i was able to give 10 stars i would especially after being able to catch their first live show in LA. Literally the best podcast thus far!
  • Justice Ayza
    Episode 182
    I’ve been listening to this pod for about a month now and I’ve really enjoyed the topics and different point of views all ladies have and the way you ladies flow comes off so naturally. I felt moved to leave a positive comment because it’s deserved. No one should be shamed or bullied because of their experiences. Mandii B, if you read this, I don’t know you personally, but you have so much charm and you’re genuinely authentic. Not everyone will agree with your words or POV, but I appreciate you for being so raw and honest in who you are and sharing your experiences. It takes courage to share our pain and even more courage to admit who me are and our actions. You are always going to receive hate from people that don’t like to look in the mirror. You will always receive negativity from people that you make uncomfortable in their own skin. That is POWER. You are growing and learning just like anyone else. Keep thriving and making a shift in this taboo culture. I respect every woman on this podcast and continue to find pieces of myself in each conversation and experience shared. Thank you ladies 🫶🏻 - Justice Ayza
  • Whatwouldnishado
    First off, no Mandii slander will be tolerated. I truly enjoy listening to both Bridget and Mandii. The grown portion is so needed! The real topics that you two talk about. Please keep going!
  • JRashoun
    Change Clothes!
    Change Clothes was on the Black Album Antoinette and Bridgette! Mandi said Blueprint and y’all co-signed lol. Love you ladies!
  • Vlad Amir
    What a ride!
    I mean this is just great, more than a bit of everything, and such unique perspective shaped by not only what y’all have experienced individually, but how they are challenged and supported by each other! Plus y’all have me cracking up cuz y’all just some silly gooses sometimes.
  • ChrissyJay12
    I LOVEEEE this podcast. I love the variety of topics they discuss and the music they play. If I could make one suggestion… Mandii please please please STOP cutting Bridgett off while she is speaking. Most of us enjoy hearing Bridgett’s smooth voice & her intelligent opinions on topics. Love you both!
  • Wouzy
    Birthday songs
    Y’all, don’t sleep on Usher’s birthday song he made too. It’s a nice bop.
  • Desae89
    Ad Libs
    Wild that you all can talk about Ad Libs and not mention Gospel where ad libs were generated. Lol. Disappointed in that … know y’all Black History y’all!
  • CheekieReynolds
    Freshly Squeezed
    I love this show! I’ve been hooked since the first episode. I wish I could go see them on tour, but I’m not able to. Congratulations ladies, and please keep up the good work!
  • Jenni Nicole Morris
    Y’all definitely have colorism issues
    Listening to these two is a gift and a curse. Some good points will be made, but they do not care for dark skin bw.
  • Rudeone83
    One of the best podcasts
    I love listening to this podcast every Tuesday and Friday. These ladies keep me on my toes with their thoughts on current trends and topics on pop culture and politics. I enjoy the unique perspectives of both Mandii and Bridget along with the friends with benefits. I love it so much I even signed up for Patreon. Keep up the great work ladies. 🫶🏾🫶🏾
  • lyd.lit
    Still wrong
    Mandi that Skip comparisons was not even comparable, you still was wrong. Great episode tho.
  • Methwitch420
    What is this?
    Hot Cheetos girls 💀
  • Andreia13
    Whew this last episode : the goal post keeps moving !
    Great episode , the couple seriously needs therapy but I love how mandi and Bridget give them awesome feedback! Love it
  • aksxid
    One thing!
    Love the outline of the show and the commentary however, Mandi talks over everyone especially if they’re giving a different opinion. I know you all are big on audio quality, so as a viewer it’s very distracting. She was ridiculous on this most recent episode, with the music recap episode. Im glad that guy went off, only listening for B. Kelly at this point .
  • K. Morr
    Fave podcast
    Consistency is key; and they are consistent. Thank you Bridgett and Mandi for being your authentic selves. s.n. give Sza’s album another try?
  • MFarook83
    Love the dynamic and the versatile topics. The ladies are well researched and knowledgeable. Also like that Mandii and Bridgette are so different, which offers great perspectives. -Monique
  • Diva TT
    Hard no.
    Mandy is insufferable. Hard pass, I only listen to the Rory N Mal pod, tried this one and it’s just not for me.
  • Julius- Toxic Tangents
    Why Yall Hatin?
    I love how Bridget is an artist herself so it makes their takes on music that much more credible to me, and I'm tuning in to any podcast Mandii is on! - Julius from the Toxic Tangents Podcast
  • ontoothenext
    See the thing is….
    I love it hereeee lol
  • TheEnds XYZ
    Bruh - stop the lip smacking
    Cool podcast but the microphone etiquette is terrible. Smacking of lips being used as a “comma” in your conversation is MAD irritating. Especially trying to listen to this podcast with headphones on. Please blow y’all nose and drink some water. Y’all sniffle your mucus and smack your lips like 100 times a podcast, get a engineer to cut the plosives if y’all gonna make bad podcasting a habit.
  • Bfoster
    I love this Podcast. As a mixed woman, I love the topics and it’s amazing hearing about other womens mixed experiences. I listen and I feel like Mandi and Bridget are my friends. THANK YOU for creating this podcast and this space for women. I love y’all! I’ll be here listening every Tuesday/Friday. ❤️
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