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BiggerPockets Daily takes the real estate investing wisdom contained in tens of thousands of BiggerPockets Blog articles and converts it into a convenient daily audio experience... because you can't have your face in a screen while you're out there living your busy life. Rental properties, house flipping, wholesaling... it's all here. And unlike other daily podcasts, the information is timeless – so you can learn on your timeline. Skip episodes, take a break, then binge and catch up. Or just make us a part of your daily routine!

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  • francoisjerro
    I love bigger pockets
    Bigger pockets is literally what I stay on all day everyday people are literally sleeping on how powerful and useful bigger pockets make on my real estate journey keep it up guys !!!
  • newbieREchamp
    Morning Routine
    Like many I have a morning routine. I may not make every step the same but as soon as I get in the car for my drive to work, Bigger Pockets Daily starts. One of the few podcasts I listen to every day. Very insightful.
  • Akin O
    Bigger pockets daily
    Excellent !! Love the note size real estate pearls
  • 11302000
    Love the podcast. Fast and to the point.
  • Besnick k
    Knowledge knowledge knowledge
    My God this podcast is soooo good. I’ve been listening to it ever since it launched. Everytime I get in my car this podcast plays. It’s short with great content and very enthusiastic. I learn a ton. Thank you BP.
  • Our Captain
    Treat people like dirt
    “How do I find enough idiots to fill up this place” not my kind of land lord. “We are getting new appliance and granite countertops rental rates without having to put them in” again, not my kind of landlord. Treating people like dirt in the short run will not pay off in the long run.
  • spenbrad
    Great for on-the-go learning
    I love this! Makes it super easy to keep filling your mind with new ideas on how to be a better investor.
  • Jay2wil
    Best podcast for every day use
    I listen to this podcast every single day at 10am. It gives me little nuggets each day. Some I use, some I take in just to become more knowledgeable about real estate. I’m still a rookie but I’m getting there daily!
  • Katerrific
    BP Daily
    I love the enthusiasm and friendly up beat tone for presenting these investment tips! It’s a great way to wake up every morning.
  • plandoparty
    Great content!
    Thanks for the short snippets of great content. Always a good listen with actionable take always.
  • itsjudbfrick
    Best education on the go
    I love listening to BiggerPockets daily while getting ready or taking the kids to school. There is a lot of valuable information and it’s very entertaining!!!
  • Hickity
    Great Quick Bites
    Loving the format of quick daily bites of amazing BP knowledge.
  • JRw16
    Great podcasts
    Love the change of pace in the short podcasts. Feels like I’m getting a lot of value in a short amount of time.
  • BrandonF11
    Great way to start your day
    No extra time learning at its finest! Great way to engage your mind at the beginning of the day.
  • Gymnast04279
    Short snippets of Valuable real estate investing info. Love this podcast !
  • Mr Metalhead
    BiggerPockets Gets It!
    Amazing free content that leaves you mashing that “Play Next” button. In this high-paced world, time is money. When my hands are busy with the thousands of other tasks throughout the day, I can maximize my educational wealth building through listening to this outstanding podcast. We’ve already increased our revenue 30% on our rental property this year just from the tips and tricks within these articles!
  • raynegro
    Thank you for going above and beyond
    This podcast is life. To be able to receive great and awesome tips without you having to read a full blog is amazing.....thank you for putting this together.
  • Anj Pat
    Relevant, concise, and great topics!
    Very good podcast in short form! I enjoy the quick and relevant topics.
  • DavidePote
    I just want to say that for someone who likes real state and is trying to get into this world has to listen to this podcast ! Is so awesome and awesome tips. Thanks!
  • Ryanjk007
    Great way to keep learning
    I mainly learn through audiobooks and podcasts so this is a great way for me to learn about the bp blogs. I love how short, concise, and relevant the topics are. Great narration. I also love that it is everyday to truly immerse myself in real estate. Great job BiggerPockets!!
  • -JoshuaR
    Shorts On The Go
    This was a great idea. Short article clips from The narrator has the perfect podcast voice to animate each article to life.
  • kealii01
    Great idea
    Thank you for this podcast. I have a hard time retaining information. Having podcasts helps me because I can find the topic and listen again. GOOD JOB BIGGER POCKETS ! 🤙🏽🤙🏽
  • Mr_Tunco
    Hell Yeah!
    Now I can get my daily dose of BiggerPockets on the go.
  • calebrwilliams
    Fantastic idea. I’m not a big fan of reading on the computer/phone so love having this audio available packed with such great content. The narrator sounds like Jerry from Rick and Morty so I just picture him talking which enhances the entertainment value.
  • Cindyinsavh
    The next best thing!
    I absolutely love this new podcast! I drive so much as a real estate agent so being able to listen to content I wouldn’t have had time to access is great! I’ve listened to almost all of the other podcasts Bigger Pockets has so this is a welcome addition!
  • AndrewPrescott13
    Short and to the point!
    I listened to all of these in the day and like the short and to the point subjects. Podcast #11 had me thinking I blogged in my sleep because it’s exactly the way I ended my 20 year career and got into real estate. 9 months later getting my first check.
    My Daily Fix
    I’m so excited for this new show! I drive a LOT and really don’t have time to read these article so this allows me to absorb wonderful knowledge on the go!! 6 Stars!
  • JenKendall915
    Incredible content
    These are perfect bite-sized episodes, straight from my favorite BP contributors! I can’t wait to continue listening every day.
  • Selina3636
    I can’t wait!!
    I can’t get enough of Bigger Pockets & I’m looking forward to this newest podcast!!!
  • Coinage317
    First Review 😬
    Hasn’t aired yet, but I’m sure it’ll be great 😉
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