Maintenance Phase


Debunking the junk science behind health fads, wellness scams and nonsensical nutrition advice.

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  • notsoemogirl
    Wish this was around when I was a teen
    I’m so grateful for this podcast and the voices that are speaking critically about all aspects of our diet and food culture. I just wish I had found it all sooner! Thank you for publishing! I’m eating them up.
  • HappiestDevil
    Lame Show
    And there is heavy censoring of these reviews! Pretty sad!
  • GilmoreGirlATX
    Fascinating and funny
    These two really know how to do a deep dive on a topic! I’ve learned so much about the background and impacts of different health trends, and I’ve literally laughed out loud every episode (and I hate to use the word “literally” because it’s so often misused, but I do mean it here!). Both Aubrey and Michael have such quick wit and are fun to listen to, while bringing intelligent commentary to the issues presented. This has become my new favorite podcast. Also: I highly recommend Aubrey’s book - What We Don’t Talk About When We Talk About Fat.
  • sk8terk8
    Love the show, wish they’d stop brushing things aside
    I love the rapport between Michael and Aubrey, Mike’s research is really impressive. Hands down, though, the best parts of each episode are when Mike & Aubrey are just completely tearing apart some stupid ad or marketing scheme for whatever product/diet they’re talking about. It’s delightful to listen to. But... both of them, particularly Aubrey, have a habit of completely downplaying aspects of what they’re talking about that DO have positive health benefits or help people lose weight. In the most recent episode, Aubrey says that you could “ask any fat person and they could tell you that putting less pasta on your plate won’t help you lose the weight.” Which... isn’t all that true! Yes, diet culture bad, we can all agree on that; but calories-in, calories-out is the only standardized, scientifically agreed upon method to losing weight. Even if you ate a deficit of only 50 calories, you’d still lose weight. To be HEALTHY, yes, you need to do other things (eat nutritious foods, get exercise), but to make a number drop, it is not a complicated process whatsoever. Even though CICO is sometimes abused within diet culture, it’s absolutely absurd to brush it aside like that. Going the CICO route is far healthier for someone than keto/paleo/etc. Sometimes people want to lose weight. Sometimes they need to. It should be treated as an equally valid & positive decision to be fat and choose to lose weight as it is to be fat and take on the role of a body positivity activist, especially when (for most people) losing weight is usually the path of least resistance. This would be my only complaint about the show — disregarding and mocking those aspects of what they discuss that do actually hold value. It really weakens Mike & Aubrey’s credibility when they do this.
  • arnoldfriend
    My New Favorite Podcast
    Important discussions that are educational, thought-provoking, and freaking hilarious.
  • Jules Smithsonian
    Awesome for ED listeners
    First time I have heard people outside of eating disorder treatment community recognize the harm and absurdity of diet culture! So refreshing!
  • Treebyleaf
    Goes down smooth
    Sorry for the dad joke but this podcast is amazing. I wish there were more episodes and that they were longer… I re-listen frequently!
  • ahbriles
    Want to like it, but…..
    I want to like this podcast because of what they’re doing, shining a light on diets and health fads, of which there is no end to the ridiculousness. But it often feels like they’ve made up their mind on topics then find articles, quotes and other evidence to support their view. I don’t get the feeling that the hosts are objectively researching topics that they discuss on the podcast. They will quote softer evidence such as mainstream articles, health industry publications or random dietitians, and criticize researchers that have researched topics much deeper than they have. And I mean deeper by a significant order of magnitude, like phd level research. So I appreciate their goal, and I find myself agreeing with them on a majority of their points I just wish they would present things more objectively.
  • Mtiberi
    Good stuff, but…
    I hate to be this person but here we go. I’ve listened to 3 episodes of this podcast and I do truly think it’s great, smart, informative, and most of all funny. I love Michaels perspective and sense of humor. Although the “eating disorder” episode was very important, it was misleading to name it “eating disorders” when it was almost entirely focused on the misdiagnosis and experience of patients living with atypical anorexia. I don’t want to detract from how important this disorder is, and I was interested in the topic, but other eating disorders, their treatment, prevalence, comorbidities, etc. were barely mentioned (honestly a few were just joked about towards the end of the episode which is unacceptable after one researcher talked about her one specific topic for almost the whole episode) and it would be more accurate to rename that episode “Atypical anorexia.” If only one persons experience and diagnosis is explored, then a whole Field of psychiatric disorders shouldn’t be lumped into that one experience. There are reasons that classic anorexia and bulimia are the most prevalent and treated disorders within this group, and to emphasize atypical anorexia within this episode as your main concern actually did a disservice in terms of sharing accurate information about all eating disorders. The main message of this episode was “fat people have eating disorders too” rather than hey, let’s debunk some junk science about ALL eating disorders.
  • llamalover08
    Fantastic podcast
    Excellent and important discussion and myth busting—hosted by two hilarious, kind, and smart individuals.
  • EmmaNo
    My favorite new podcast
    This podcast is so informative, so conversational and accessible, and wonderfully fun to listen to. (I personally enjoy the endless “F**ks” another reviewer complained about, but to each their own). I could listen to these two talk about ANYTHING.
  • sneakykikiriki
    I love this show so much. I’m recovering from lifelong disordered thinking about eating, exercise, and “wellness”. I appreciate how the the hosts draw connections between the “wellness” trends of today to the past diet fads and how media influences social constructions of what is healthy and beautiful.
  • trillpickles666
    What I’ve been looking for
    Love this podcast! It’s so interesting. Anyone can listen and learn something. I can’t stop listening.
  • chelseeautry
    Incredible hosts, well researched and beautifully delivered content. Perfect balance of vulnerability and humor.
  • Jess_LA
    This show is great. It’s very informative and entertaining. It is reminding me to question health fads, people to claim to be medical experts (or mediums) and re-examine my relationship with food. It is well researched and well executed.
  • kadie marie
    Totally obsessed with this podcast! I can identify with much of it and learn so much each episode.
  • frogstomper76
    Good Podcast Weighed Down by Endless Profanity
    I enjoyed listening for the first time with the exception of the endless “F**k’s” one of the hosts feels they need to insert into every other sentence. It distracts from the subject matter. I’m not a prude but listening to a conversation about heart disease punctuated by “F$@king chlesterol”, “F&&king diets”, etc. is just juvenile.
  • History_Teach_inSATx
    Great listening!
    Funny and insightful, looking forward to more episodes!
  • Kadence404
    Great show
    The topics are great, the research is solid and they nail the conversational format (which is not easy IMO) by replicating the tried and true format of you’re wrong about - keep it structured, stay on topic with minimal tangents, and edit so only the entertaining side bits make the final cut. So many similar format podcasts would benefit from taking this approach
  • MarylandTransplant
    I love this podcast. The content is informative, fun and so humane. Michael and Audrey are the best.
  • fizo!
    Very Good, But One Thing Irks Me...
    Love this podcast! My friend recommmended it to me, and since I already knew Michael Hobb's "You're Wrong About," I knew I would like it. However, I wish they would stop saying "Jesus" and "Christ" instead of saying a swear or having a shocked reaction. It makes me really uncomfortable, and it's so frequent that I thought I should mention it. Considering they already have a Parental Advisory, maybe just switch out "Jesus Christ" with a swear. Somehow an f-bomb feels far less unnerving to me...
  • 26&,38;3
    Fails to Establish Basic Parameters
    This podcast has a lot of interesting information and seems to be well-researched albeit mostly using popular culture articles about science, not journals and other academic publications. However, it’s difficult at times to listen to their mostly negative critique of anything they call a “diet”— which seems to be defined as “a time someone changes their eating habits to try to live more healthily”. They rarely discuss any of what may be the positives of attempting to be more healthy. I appreciate the awareness and explanation they bring to the idea of fatphobia but would hope they’d make more of a distinction between healthy and unhealthy at any size.
  • CyranoSCW
    Very interesting…I’d like to see…
    …what you think about the various types of weight loss surgeries. How they came about, what exactly they do, how/if they do any good long-term, risks etc.
  • GenXRocks
    Challenging the narrative
    I love this show! Mike and Aubrey are so smart, honest and funny. Thank you, you rock.
  • LoLo9775
    Hands down the best pod cast out there!! So meaningful. I absolutely love it. And honestly it is so helpful and authentic. I only want you to do lots more.
  • BinaRees
    Laughing so Hard at Things that Make Me Cry
    This podcast does an outstanding job of looking at things that have caused trauma, disordered eating, pain, and simply existential dread and looking at them in a historical and realistic light. I have never laughed so hard at things that caused me so much pain. Truly one of my favorite podcasts, I cannot recommend it enough to those around me.
  • Mawhcr
    Great podcast
    I love Maintenance Phase! Michael and Aubrey do their research and discuss diet trends and fads in a thoughtful, authentic, often funny way. Their rapport is comfortable, which makes listening very enjoyable. As someone who is perpetually dieting, I appreciate the light they shed on food, weight loss, body image, and more.
  • R138
    Fun and educational
    This reminds me of Sawbones but for the more modern day fads that we get swept up in! I started listening because someone recommended the keto episode on Instagram and found it highly educational and funny at the same time. They did use a lot of quotes from health magazines for that episode, which for the information they presented seemed fine, but I don’t think of popular health magazines as the best source of health information for everything. A site like would help them find the original research when needed.
  • Hayungski
    Hilariously informative and MIND BLOWN
    This show is seriously my absolute favorite right now. I love the candor, sarcasm, intellectual respect for the audience, and most of all the crazy fun rabbit holes you go down finding out all the dirty secret of these health fads!! KEEP DOIN YOU GUYS! I have a request…can you please do one on intermittent fasting as “health management” and/or weight loss?!?
  • catmousecheese
    Apple Cider Vinegar
    PLEASE DO AN EPISODE ON APPLE CIDER VINEGAR I’m sick of hearing people talking about how it cures and prevents EVERY disease under the sun and by people I mean MY MOM ON FACEBOOK please help me we need to bring down the white moms on Facebook force feeding their family raw apple cider vinegar for literally no reason!!!!!!
  • Frinkydink1
    Overall a great podcast
    This podcast is overall worth a listen, I just have two criticisms—one petty and one not. the petty: please find a synonym for the word “folks”. don’t need to hear it used 50+ times in the same episode. “people” also works the less petty: This podcast is so well researched and well informed that sometimes it feels like I am listening to someone read their thesis or research paper. Oftentimes we are just given reason after reason why x diet is ineffective and horrible while the hosts groan about all of the side effects. While I completely understand their incredulousness, I wish more was done to explore the phenomenon of American body image culture itself and the reasons that drive people to undergo extreme diets in the first place. Rather than simply criticize the diets (which can come across as a bit condescending) and act as if they are so obviously bad for you/ineffective, I would like to see the hosts talk more about the people who undergo these diets and do more to empathize with them. Otherwise a great podcast and well edited.
  • L olms
    Can’t believe I’m just hearing this one!!!
    I just how to say again how happy am that I found you, you guys are not only informative but hilarious! Thank you!
  • Icelander 02948
    I love this podcast. Also, Aubrey has the best laugh. It’s so infectious!
  • Kanalog
    The keto episode
    Michael’s “bonjour” when Aubrey mentions France - I laughed way longer and harder than I should have 😂😂😂
  • Flynn Jines
    This Show is Great
    Facts! Reason! Terrible Capitalist forces that drive terrible societal problems! Intersectionality! This podcast has it all. And I am now 15% more insufferable having learned so many esoteric facts. And I am 30% more kind - mostly to myself.
  • ggdeno
    It’s funny informative show
    Can you do David Aspery the founder of bulletproof coffee! That would be a very fun episode 😂
  • Marge1183
    Such an eye-opening podcast. Aubrey and Mike are so funny and make you feel like you are sitting in the room chatting with them. Love this podcast.
  • D I B
    Should be Required Listening
    Have always been a big fan of YWA and Michael, but I now have a deep love for Aubrey as well (and her 12/10) laugh. I relisten to the catalog of this show fairly regularly. In the anti-fat bias episode, they joke that the goal is to “radicalize the normies” and let me tell you that I have been radicalized. Since recovering for my ED, I have been skeptical of the diet industry, but this podcast has really showed me how much I was underrating the pervasiveness of anti-fatness, both in society, and in myself. I would say that I think the most meaningful episode for me was the ED episode, because although I am a thin person, and never got down to a “medically anorexic” BMI, there was a point my behaviors and mindsets around food were (and to a certain extent still are) incredibly disordered. (I would like to see them expand to potentially talk about how prevalent EDs are in sports (especially those with weight classes) as that is how mine was exacerbated and reinforced). My ONLY critique: in the ED episode, they mention that the stereotypical anorexic person is a young, thin, white girl, but “the problem is much bigger” (includes and primarily is fat people) I am very disappointed in them for not pointing out that A+ pun.
  • Crystal_LR
    Funny, smart, and informative!
    I am burning through these episodes, and they’re all so good! The topics handled in an informative and insightful way, the chemistry of the hosts’ is excellent, and I’m treated to hearing people be funny while sincerely caring about others. I love this podcast, and I can’t recommend it enough.
  • seaemarnp
    So good.
    I love this podcast. They are well informed and funny— exactly what this fat phobic, diet culture- obsessed world needs!! I would like a show on thin privilege, please!
  • HiFromOregon
    Funny & Informative
    The hosts have great personalities. They’re so funny, and they clearly research their topics fully. I love the niche deep dives into a range of fat-related topics, from classic diet books to weight loss medication. Can’t wait to listen to Audrey’s book!
  • Hzjsuzqiue
    Hate to be pedantic but
    Shirley MacLaine wasn’t really ever known as a child actress... were you confusing her with Shirley Temple? Thanks for the show!
  • sara h2
    I love these folks, but…
    Listen, I enjoy the show and the hosts a lot. But as a gen-x folk, I sometimes feel alienated and old and less impressed with the research than younger listeners may be. Examples from the John of God episode… Shirley MacLaine is described as a “famous child actress” who “remained dope throughout her life” - she was not a child actress, and she is still working as an adult, and is Warren Beatty’s sister and was NOTORIOUS in the 80s for being one of the first celebrities who was like “let me tell you about my past lives! I believe in UFOs!” She wrote books about it. You could do a whole episode on her, really. Then…the legendary Amazing Randy is barely given his props! And Uri Geller becomes a nameless “guy who bent spoons.” Sigh. I could point out things like this in other episodes (and also in You’re Wrong About), and there’s always a part of me that feels like a sad old person whose own relevant youthful touchstones are unexamined and unresearched by folks who are all about diving into cultural history. Ultimately that’s on me to deal with in therapy, I guess. Am available as a gen-x consultant.
  • rachelizabethmo
    <3 Please Do An Ep On Nutrisystem <3
    The brownies looked so delicious —
  • FanFareThemeCatering
    Now part of the Gwyneth Paltrow Extended Universe
    One episode and Maintenance Phase leapt over every other podcast I adore to become my all-time favorite. The hosts are brilliantly hilarious and my ONLY complaint is that there aren’t already like 7 seasons to binge. Great information that couldn’t have come at a better time, and literal-LOL funny. (Pssst, Aubrey and Michael, I will pay cash money for you to do Slim Fast, the hCG Diet, and Richard Simmons someday.)
  • Frey Seagrove
    Amazing Research
    Amazing research and enjoyable story telling. Highly recommended.
  • HallieElizabeth
    Love this showwwww
    Absolutely love Aubrey and Michael. I feel like I’m listening to a convo with my friends. I have listened to all the episodes and love them all. The John of God ep is heavy at times but I also was howling laughing when they brought up the “psychological pregnancy.” Thank you for your humor, honesty, research and opinions! Keep it up!!
  • TannahZoe
    this podcast is great BUT...
    Okay I’m writing this because I know y’all read these. YOU NEED TO INTRODUCE YOUR GUESTS!!!! It’s happened too many times now that you have an episode with a guest and then say NOTHING about them being there. We only know they’re there because they start talking. Like I don’t even care if they’re on just because they’re your favorite neighbor. I still want an intro. Other than that this is one of my FAVORITE podcasts. A+ thank you for tackling this stuff. Love y’all! 😘
  • barkthecar
    Really good
    Just simply so so good. Very good.
  • Lilia F
    Life. Changing.
    As someone who is super picky on podcasts and has major adhd, I can say this is one of the best podcasts I’ve ever listened to. I was introduced to this podcast by the let’s go to court podcast and downloaded it but didn’t listen for several months. I finally started listening and listened to the WW episode first and was hooked.. have done out of order since then but omg, this podcast is seriously life changing. As someone who is overweight (considered “skinny fat”) and suffered from eating disorders throughout my life, this podcast has hit me in so many ways.. Mike and Aubrey also include just enough information about themselves and how these topics relate to them without going off on tangents that don’t really relate.. I even listened to aubreys book on audio book (my first audiobook) in less than 3 days, it was so good. Please don’t stop what you’re doing. The science, the research, the peer reviewed articles… you guys are doing so much for people than you may even realize. I love you.
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