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Debunking the junk science behind health fads, wellness scams and nonsensical nutrition advice.

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  • Johnny Catsup
    Stop giggling
  • thisteensy
    90% of people who lose weight regain ALL OF IT. We don’t actually know how to help people lose weight and keep it off. Everything else is said with that understanding. If you cannot comprehend that, you are perpetuating the myth of personal responsibility and you are part of the problem.
  • snouzing
    notice me Aubrey
    I love this podcast SO MUCH. New episodes are the most exciting time of the week. I have an embarrassing parasocial relationship with Aubrey and I’m not ashamed. She is everything! Her spirit is indomitable and her sense of humor is beyond compare, not to mention her enormous brain and infectious laugh. I can’t say how much she has influenced me and informed my interior world and my movements through the world. She has given me so many words for the anger I have about the wellness-o-sphere. Is love too strong a word??? Micheal you are awesome too but you know that.
  • SmallQueendom
    Worth a second listen!
    Aubrey and Michael. THANK YOU. I don’t know how I found your show but wow each episode brings up so much food for thought. I appreciate the time and effort and energy it takes to dive in to the topics. I recommend the show to everyone who polls their social media for podcast ideas.
  • balsamfir
    Wonderful and important listen for everyone.
    I came here from You're Wrong About and I am so grateful I did. This podcast makes me laugh, learn, and unlearn. It encourages me to dig deep to investigate and dispel fatphobia I didn't know was in me and in all of us. It's both deepening and adding levity to my relationship with my body and food. I love both Mike and Aubrey so much and am so thankful to them for making this show for us, it's truly one of the most important (and entertaining!) podcasts I've listened to and I've binged many.
  • MikeWilliamB
    A couple of uninformed podcasters who often admit that they haven’t even read , eg , the book they are reviewing, and who laugh uproariously at their own unfunny banter. And, oddly, spend much of their time mocking their targets with no pretense of trying to understand them. They remind me of the archetypal mean “fat girls” of our collective youth.
  • CatieCapello
    Love both Mike and but am currently rooting for Aubrey and her book release the most right now.
    I have been listening to every single podcast I can get my grubby hands on that includes Aubrey regarding her new book release and cannot praise her insights more. Burnt Toast with Virginia Cols Smith was my recent favorite. Please everyone, bring some joy into your life by listening to Mike’s muttered snarking and Aubrey’s infectious laugh in this very smart and most importantly kind podcast.
  • mindykcurtis
    Thank you!
    I’m sitting in a waiting room listening to two ladies talk about weight loss and their body sizes and I’m thinking how the cult of thinness/“wellness” and fatphobia are so insidiously and deeply engrained into us. Thank you Maintenance Phase for helping me unpack and unravel this in my own thinking so I can recognize it and try my best to not pass this effed up thinking onto my daughter and son. You are doing great work and it’s making changes! It may take us years and even decades, but progress is progress, and you are both playing a huge part!
  • drjulesg
    I’m straight white woman
    With super big crush on Michael 😞
  • teacherandsleeper
    They make me feel smarter
    I love listening to this podcast!! They make me feel like I’ve got cool smart friends. Haha
  • girlnextdoor1506
    I love love this show.
    I don’t want to diminish how well-researched this show is, but my fav part is Aubrey’s deep belly laughs at Mike’s “just you wait for this foolishness” bombs. Joy is radical and cathartic.
  • Bio feedback counterpoint
    Bio Feedback
    I’ve loved this podcast for over a year and I’ve recommended it to so many of my friends. The workplace wellness episode is great, but it did concern me that the hosts dismissed biofeedback as a health treatment. I’m not saying that it’s being used in that video correctly, but biofeedback is a real method of therapy used to treat addiction and ADHD. I wish more people would study it since we’ve known about it for a long time, but it appears to work well and is non addictive… so it’s not very profitable to promote. I do wish more research had been done here before bashing it.
  • kitkatpetty
    Absolutely Wonderful!
    This is show is so well-researched, we’ll-discussed, and well-executed! And, it’s also entertaining while being incredibly educational. The hosts clearly work very hard to look thoroughly into what they discuss and they somehow make listening to this research fun, funny, and joyful. Thank you Aubrey and Michael!
  • Deb4911
    Obesity Apologists
    This podcast can be entertaining. But neither host has the medical, scientific, or journalistic credentials to be considered credible. The woman host is absolutely an obesity apologist. She doesn’t acknowledge any research that correlates obesity with common morbidities. It’s actually a kind of dangerous podcast if someone is looking for an excuse to be unhealthy
  • hhhhhhyhu
    Not JUST for diet haters! Rabbit hole lovers rejoice!
    I came for a “the truth about health and being overweight” episode, but STAYED for the wide and varied rabbit holes, societal stats and applied psychology (esp. when applied to gurus) well beyond mere talk of “diets.” The tidbits, truth bombs and analysis are often at once fascinating, infuriating and (in context) HILARIOUS! 5 out of 5 stars. No notes.
  • Drunkitty McDrunk
    Do yourself a favor.
    Listen to the Angela Lansbury episode.
  • TherapyHub
    Life Changing!
    I recommend Maintenance Phase to all of my therapy clients. Thank you so much!
  • pqrstuv13
    You win Michael Hobbes and Audrey Gordon. I’ve subscribed.
  • jazzyphazzle
    This show had not help my disordered eating
    After listening for over a year I realized that most episodes Center around/convinced me that I had no ability to control my hunger. As a binge/complusive eater I felt like this podcast told me that my primal urges were an excuse to not set boundaries with my food consumption. I understand that many people are overweight because of things outside of their control. But for some of us, excess eating leads directly to excess fat thag is physically uncomfortable, and simple diet and exercise work. For some of us, people, like the host of this podcast, giving us an inch to believe that we can’t control our urges for food, gives us a mile to lose control.
  • LoganMason
    It’s got it’s pros and cons
    This podcast was brought to my attention by a client who started out with a negative view about her body and her food choices. That always pains me as a fitness and health coach. After training for a couple months she started telling me about this podcast, and how they agreed with me in regard to all the snake oil (Brags, juice cleanse, and most vitamin supplements). Also we are on the same page about Paleo and other fad diets. I’m tired of BMI being used to fat shame people because it doesn’t take muscle weight and hormones into account. My clients attitude improved dramatically from listening to this, and she is now really killing it as she weight trains with huge confidence in her body and control of health. The downside to the podcast is that they cherry pick lots of the studies, and actually don’t get into any of the science behind why it is important for people to care about extra weight around their midsection. Yes it’s your body, but don’t act like carrying extra weight doesn’t lead to life altering health conditions that effect 70% of Americans by the age of 60. Talk about how sugar and corn syrup is being push on us and our kids while it has adverse effects on our health! To be so dismissive of the health effects of being obese in this country where the healthcare is struggling at best is just wrong. I was totally with them till they got to their real agenda that everyone who isn’t overweight is obviously insecure and unhappy because they care about what they eat and how they take care of their bodies. I hope they use their voices for good and see that they are spreading the same misinformation that they accuse others of spreading.
  • mers-08-23
    Thank you
    I love you both. I started on my IE and HAES journey by reading Mike’s high line article in HuffPost a few years ago. It made me realize diets just don’t work and we are blaming people for their fatness with cruelty for no reason. It took a couple years to find my footing and really change to the point where I thought I could give up diet culture. I finally got there starting in 2022. But listening to your podcast has been so rewarding and makes me feel less isolated in my anti-diet lifestyle. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
  • FrancesBadgett
    The best podcast
    Michael and Aubrey are doing such incredible work unstitching our collective false information about the relationship between weight and health, and the inanity of diet culture. Essential pod.
  • kphillips1015
    Opinionated but not much data
    I like these two people and I’ve listened to a lot of these episodes. But a lot of their statements just sound like opinion without stats or data to back it up - there have been more than one instance wherein Aubrey makes a statement that is factually inaccurate. If they use data to support their arguments they never cite it. A lot of Aubrey’s discussion seems to be fueled by personal experience and sometimes she can come off as defensive when the subject matter should be more straight forward than that. They tend to toe the line of debunking vs just making disparaging comments about EVERYTHING having to do with weight loss under the guise of “everything is fat phobia.” I more enjoy the episodes about specific diet programs (like debunking Atkins or something) rather than “let’s make fun of the entire concept of calories.”
  • Binnayyyy
    A favorite
    I listen to a LOT of podcasts and this is in my top two for sure (and the only one I pay extra for more content). They are both so intelligent, funny and insightful and I’ve learned so much from this pod.
  • Twigie2
    Wish The Topics Varied More
    I love loving the first few episodes about snake oil, wellness to QAnon, Moon Juice and debunking the scammy nature of wellness. But the last few episodes have gotten to hyper focused on fatness. Even when discussing issues unrelated to fatness the hosts seem to draw conclusions back to it. I think normally Michael is a very thorough researcher but something about these episodes feels like cherry-picking research. Definitely trying to stay engaged and interested but finding myself less and less so. Bums me out because I thought what they were doing in the beginning was so needed and well done and miss the original concept!
  • forestchampion
    I’ve learned so much from Aubrey and Michael. I like that their episodes can range in seriousness. Some are historical and educational, others are more light-hearted.
  • Ganzegleez
    The world needs Maintenance Phase
    Aubrey and Michael are brilliant and hilarious. Truly, they are doing the Lord’s work with their thoughtful insight and detailed research. I tell as many people as I can about it and some of the matters covered. Can every MD please listen to the BMI episode? Grateful for this awesome show!
  • s.o.bailey
    Thought provoking deep dives
    I wish I was friends with Aubrey and Michael IRL, listening to them in my ears bring smiles and head nods with every episode. Keep up the great work please!
  • AmyEliz333
    Hilarious, Entertaining, Well-Researched
    Just discovered this podcast this week and the many episodes I’ve listened to have gotten me through the post-holiday slump. Lots of laughs and learnings. Highly recommend for those who enjoy snarky and intelligent social commentary! ☺️
  • Evelynpuff
    Thank you!!!
    I love this podcast. The hosts have introduced to me new ideas and helped me confront my own internalization of diet culture and anti-fat bias. I find their deep dives really interesting and I appreciate how they are able to present their topics in a light hearted and fun way, even when they’re a little heavy. Thank you so much for presenting an alternative perspective to the mainstream wellness/diet narrative.
  • Rebecca.riot
    Reviewers, stop tone policing hosts
    There is no such thing as anti white racism and you should perhaps do some research on why. This show does not promote victim mentality, it debunks what so much of our nutrition “science” is based on, and why diet culture is essentially fat shaming. And to the person who said obesity didn’t exist 100 years ago… what?! That’s the most ridiculous pronouncement said with the full throated assuredness of someone who don’t know sh¡t. P.S. Stop tone policing the hosts and just take the useful bits and try applying it to your practice (if you’re a doctor) and life, because we are all prejudiced against something and need to practice more humility in dealing with it.
  • Hernwill
    I wonder how much data
    I wonder how much data it would take to change the podcasters minds? They laugh over or make blanked statements against data they don’t like. The show itself is entertaining. I suppose that’s the purpose. Being fat and obese is harmful to one’s health. Look at research from Cleveland clinic and Mayo Clinic etc. One doesn’t have to look like a model but it’s not all or nothing. Being fat is unhealthy.
  • tanya1992y
    Fasting debunking
    Hey guys can you please deep dive into fasting? My husband is into fasting as a weight loss tool and I’m really concerned about it. Thank you and keep up the good work ❤️
  • kemmer13
    Essential listening for the country
    Michael and Aubrey address wellness woo and fake facts regarding health and nutrition. But most importantly, the pervasive insidiousness of anti-fat bias.
  • UnicornBaby559
    So cringe. Just a couple of people dunking on diet culture, but not very much actual info. Eat whatever you want and don’t move and tell yourself you’re healthy and everyone else is fatphobic. Imagine your denial being so strong you have to start a podcast to support it.
  • vokalized
    I love y’all
    I could listen for hours. This is so healing. My brand of humor and intellect and all the things I needed to hear after years and years of diet culture thrown at me.
  • jsedlock
    What is a “rich text”?
    I keep hearing Michael and Aubrey use the term “rich text” to describe a piece of published material such as an essay, magazine article, etc. A cursory search both on 2 dictionary apps and Google only return references to word processor text—it’s a tech term. I think I can intuit that they’re saying that something is a “rich text” if it has a lot to say both literally and figuratively, that it also has subtext. Okay, please, someone fill me in. Is it something Michael and Aubrey made up? Is it writer-speak? What?
  • tragus
    Excellent podcast but none of my friends can get past the swearing
    I love this and support via Patreon. However, none of my friends or family will listen because they get turned off by the constant unnecessary profanity. Michael and Aubrey, for two people who are so conscious about word choice and phrasing, you are diluting your message by cussing.
  • StinaMasFina
    Emotional eating
    For me was taught to millions of people by Oprah! She spent 10 years saying “eating my feelings” on what seemed like every show every day! I bought it. But what else do I do with my feelings? Thanks for not telling me anything I could do to change that or how to deal with emotions in a healthy way, etc. Please don’t overlook her on this topic. She was watched by so many people every day. Oprah talked about being sexually abused as a child as well. I didn’t have that so I just became convinced I couldn’t do anything about it so Oh well. I guess I’m just fat. I think if I hadn’t given up on ever losing any weight, I may have stopped the downward spiral of defeat and almost working at gaining weight. Love you guys so much! Thanks for everything. Ordering the book now.
  • crandallrf
    What I learned
    In their Work Wellness episode, I learned that if you think you are fat, everyone presumably hates you. When you try to lose weight, you become a fat person hater. The host’s insistence on validating the perception of some silent aggressions works the narrative to maintain the status quo of the media industry—that you will only earn love if you don’t have hips. You remain a victim because you feel like a victim. The email you chose to read describes a woman who chooses to sit alone to eat. She feels shamed by eating because of people like you who over-validate the mere perception—a perception wholly based on how a group of coworkers chose to come together to challenge themselves to change. We all have to take accountability for ourselves and our decisions. The author could assert herself or choose to eat alone—but that reflects her choices, not that of her colleagues.
  • LAtotheRA
    6 stars out of 5
    Life altering social commentary that is challenging yet relatable, well-researched, amazingly well analyzed and explained. Incredibly eye-opening and also supportive in helping me (I can only speak for myself…) see and deal with my own biases toward myself and others. I’m so grateful for these two humans and their brilliant podcast.
  • elerman314
    Thank you.
    I am a fat girl who’s been fat all her life and my self esteem has greatly suffered because of it. I decided that in 2023 I’m finally going to love myself. this podcast has definitely helped that goal a lot and I appreciate it so much.
  • Judesapalooza
    A must-listen for EVERYONE
    Started listening because yrfatfriend opened my eyes to my own fatphobia and has changed how I think about fatness and health. Maintenance Phase is not only informative and incredibly well researched, but Michael and Aubrey are freaking delightful. I wish I could have Aubrey’s laugh as my ringtone. Bonus points, if you listen while you sleep, you’ll dream of confronting Dr Oz on his unethical practices (true story! Very cathartic dream).
  • Miss Mary Elizabeth
    Very informative
    Contains a lot of info I didn’t even know I didn’t know. Very informative.
  • SarahLyn712
    Great listen during “resolution season”
    I’m a long time listener/Patreon supporter and LOVE the way the hosts tackle diet culture in a thoughtful, well-researched and incredibly entertaining way. I’m especially grateful during this holiday season, when I felt myself falling victim to the endless inflow of diet/weight loss information, and questioning whether I should be participating in it all. The Grifties episode brought me right back down to Earth and I’m so thankful for Mike and Aubrey’s humorous take on this dialogue that is so normal yet incredibly harmful. Thank you thank you!
  • Squillium YumYum
    Challenge your own fat bias
    This show has taught me so much. I’m always looking for ways to learn more and open my mind. I never knew how much anti fat bias I had living inside me from growing up in American culture. Michael and Aubrey are a fantastic combination that never fails to deliver funny and insightful content. HIGHLY recommend this to anyone.
  • pachreik
    Not based in science
    Not based in science, this podcast encourages unhealthy eating habits.
  • TMFO2009
    Best Podcast Ever
  • MonicaLameece
    a BaLaNcEd BrEaKfAsT
    of humor and gravity, broad scope and topicality, whimsy and urgency, this podcast is a necessary and nutritious element in my podcast roster food pyramid. I’d love to see a movie club bonus episode about Bridget Jones’ Diary, where relentless focus on weight is both a structuring element and a joke runner alike!
  • S_Heylmun
    So glad I found this
    Got here through Michael’s other podcast, and the bounty of content before me is so exciting.
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