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Join Flower Friends Nicole and Sarah on their journey to growing beautiful blooms! Interviewing experts, discussing their own successes and failures, and revealing the mysteries behind incredible cut flowers

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  • Heathertacwa
    So happy the Girls are back - love this show!!!
  • Booksandblooms4ever
    Our Flower Friends Are Back!
    Hands down the best flower gardening podcast around. It’s been a miserable spring here in NY and I’d been listening to old episodes to motivate me. Listening to the new episode this morning while doing yard work before 7am, I couldn’t stop grinning and laughing and reveling in the feeling of being reunited with old friends. Cannot wait for the rest of the season’s episodes!
  • gardenfairy86
    Come back!!
    I wish we could get more episodes!! Where you ladies at?!
  • HummingbirdFarm
    Seriously the best podcast!
    I listen to a fair number of podcasts (both farm/flower related and not) and this one is definitely my favorite! Tons of great information, funny, relatable, and delivered with British accents! What more could you ask for?
  • Army wife 05
    Love this Podcast!
    I appreciate the information and the humor!
  • jallgor
    Grand podcast
    This is the first podcast I’ve ever listened to. It’s funny, smart, informative and I want Sarah and Nicole to be my friends. I’m new to flower gardening and learned sooo much
  • BrittanyFrench
    Best Flower Podcast!
    I absolutely LOVE the Lets Grow Girls podcast! So much great information presented in a fun way. I love to conversations Nicole & Sarah have with their fabulous guests and I’ve learned so much. Definitely a must listen to for those who grow cut flowers!
  • Beginner flower farmer
    Such a great podcast!!
    There is so much great information in this podcast. Nichole and Sarah are great host’s. This podcast cast is funny, interesting and awesome!
  • Ilana.wy
    An absolute JOY to listen to!
    First, Nicole’s laugh is the best. Ever. I feel like I’m sitting down for the best chat with my flower bffs. The guests are incredible and I learn so much every episode. I’ve actually put every other podcast on hold and listen exclusively to this. It’s like the beets binge listen ever!! Ladies, thank you so much for the fabulous resource and something that makes me smile every day. Side note: I couldn’t figure out why I kept getting Shania Twain stuck in my head for weeks 🤣 realized it’s your intro/outro and that makes me super happy because I grew up listening to her. So thank you!!
  • Elmortes
    Love this podcast!
    Friendly, chatty show with lots a great information about growing flowers. I’ve been vegetable gardening for a while but just a couple years ago started growing a few flowers from seed and now am on my second cutting garden. Lots o tips and insight from the different guests and plenty of fun chats, opinions and experiences from the hosts.
  • amcdavid
    If they had a live show it'd be the only one I bought tickets for
    It's like hanging out with your two English besties and a new friend over a glass of wine, if your besties were obsessed with flowers (and the occasional veg). Great for new and experienced gardeners, flower farmers, people who enjoy British humor, and an inclusive environment. PS Nicole has lived in a few different countries so I'm sorry if she doesn't consider herself English 😅
  • Theyrealltaken357843
    Caution! Addicting
    I discovered LGG just a month ago. Have binged listened to all episodes. When you find your people, it’s so exciting. Thank you for all the tips. Super helpful. But most of all I listen for Sarah and Nicole’s sweet banter. These ladies are hilarious! Keep up the great work!
  • Bounder519
    Hands down my favorite podcast!
    So entertaining and informative!! I’ve learned tons from this podcast, and really enjoy listening!!! LETS GROW GIRLS!! 😁
  • Wannabeaflowerfarmer
    Love love love
    I love this podcast - I especially love listening to it while I walk or garden. The stories are amazing, the hosts are so funny, and the talk about flowers just brings such joy. Thank you for doing this!
  • chuckleitup
    Loving it from Long Island, NY.
    I lived in England for 3 years when I was first married and it solidified my love for flowers. I’ve been a home flower gardener for a number of years after I almost entirely gave up on vegetables.( I could not compete with the animals!) I’ve leaned so much while listening. Fun to listen to even for flowers I don’t grow. Always something to learn and have a chuckle about. Please invite @anya_the_garden_fairy to the show! She is the absolute Queen of Propagation!
  • DIanaEe
    Simply Wonderful.
    Hosted by two positive women, based in the UK. Most episodes have a professional guest with a specific topic in mind. They are positive and casual while being professional. Although based in the UK they know some of their audience is in the USA and other locations world wide, and try to discuss things with multiple climates in mind. I love this podcast.
  • Eryntracy
    I adore this podcast- the girls are fun and passionate and manage to bring in the most interesting guests. Thrilled to start another season!
  • Blmartin0218
    Love this Podcast
    Very small scale grower here in the USA and I love this podcast. Getting to hear from other professionals, learn about their businesses and favorite flower varieties is a dream!
  • NikCVMuzz
    An absolute win
    Absolutely adore this podcast! I don’t have any flowery friends, so it feels like I’m just chatting away with my pals! Great guests, wonderful knowledge to be shared, and an all around good time. A bright light!
  • Emms7!
    Fun and informative
    My new favorite podcast. Approachable helpful things to learn, some great interviewees. I’m about to start my 3rd year of growing cut flowers and it’s fun to be in a similar learning position to the two show hosts! This coming season will be the first I’m allowed to prioritize my flowers over our market farm’s organic veggies and strawberries and I’m putting in my homework this winter and actually reading, listening, watching for bettering my cut flowers! Fun and funny banter has been great to start my spring seeding to. As an American listener, I love the accents, especially how the lady’s say dahlia! So much more interesting than listening to fellow Americans talk. Hopping and skipping around all the past episodes, I’ve only listened to probably 1/6th so far but the interview with Santa Cruz dahlia grower KA has me very inspired to go further down the dahlia hole (so long as my gophers aren’t as horrid as last season). Especially since I used to live in that town myself and live fairly close by when it comes to talking growing climate. And likewise, the zinnia episode with Kori also really inspired me: I didn’t know they were so easy to grow via cuttings plus the seed trick she shared for selecting doubles! Seed is expensive; every queeny double I get this year , I’m planning on taking cuttings and maybe trying to save seed myself! Thanks for the fun informative show Nicole and Sarah!
  • Handymommy111
    Completely Binge-Worthy
    As a wedding photographer, I am constantly searching for the perfect binge-worthy podcast to keep my mind busy while I edit thousands of images. I have been listening to the most recent season for the last two days, and I am positively obsessed with their fabulous guests, the wisdom they impart, and the general cheeky and fun nature of the show. I now have a notebook full of notes sitting next to my computer - one part is advice for my garden, and the other is a wish list of flowers and plants that I am continually googling. If you love flowers, this is a great listen!
  • jen min
    Educational but fun💕
    Very new to the world of cut flowers, gardening etc I was hunting for a podcast I could easily listen to, to absorb information but also enjoy (not something dry, boring or a “how to”. Anyhow, I am barreling through the episodes and thoroughly enjoying the lighthearted conversations while also learning tips for my own future in the gardening world.
  • elletoobazzi
    What wonderful conversation these hosts have with their guest. Wonderfully curated guest list!!!
  • MK in Boston
    Wonderful for flower-lovers
    Great fun and information
  • Allniceonice
    Just a delight
    I am a first year flower farmer and am soaking up all the information I can from wherever I can find it. This podcast is my absolute favorite source of advice and inspiration. Their joy and humor and warmth remind me of why I want to be part of bringing beauty into the world, and why I am so drawn to the flower farming community.
  • JanRam75642468
    Great Podcast
    Such an interesting and informative podcast! I can’t wait to listen to every single episode!
  • Kellydawn85
    My favorite podcast
    This podcast quickly began my favorite. The guests are amazing. I cannot believe the girls have never met in real life. I’ve never wanted to travel across the pond to meet people so bad in my life 😂 let me know if y’all need another friend you’ve never met from the US.
  • shalynelise
    Flowery friends are a joy!
    It’s so much fun listening to this podcast! I’ve been growing flowers for about three years and I have learned so much from each episode. Sarah and Nicole obviously have a lot of fun making each episode and that translates to listeners as well. I can’t wait for each new episode!!
  • LaDenna
    Flowery advise from the experts that is a LOT OF FUN!!!
    These ladies are hilarious!!! I’ve listened to episodes over and over to get advise and growing tips when I need it and as entertainment!! Always make me laugh out loud!!
  • SadieRyn
    Enjoy the company and laughter of fellow flower lovers.
    The guests and hosts make flower farming approachable. I learn and laugh with every episode.
  • Mel1996xx
    I can’t stop listening 💐
    Such a lovely podcast. It has totally inspired me to trying to grow flowers on my apartment patio this year! I love all the guests and the hosts are so delightful! Highly recommend this podcast to anyone who has any interest in growing flowers.
  • Littlepetalfarm
    Greatest Podcast
    I listen to every episode and love it!
  • EmKn8410
    One of my favorites
    I’m not a flower farmer by any means and am just really getting obsessed by seed starting but I’m always up for a fun flower chat and the conversations are always enjoyable. 100% recommend, plus us Americans get some helpful insights ;)
  • KristinS777
    Love this show!
    I listen to this podcast while I garden or when I want to bore my children in the car. My seven year old daughter is picking up an accent and loves to bug her teenage brothers with it (we are American). My favorite podcast ever! It’s like gardening with friends. I have learned so much from just playing it. I listen to some episodes over and over because I always pick out something new (and let’s face it I get interrupted a lot with four kids). Thank you, ladies, and all of your guests for all the information you provide for us!
  • Maile Kahana
    Love this show!
    Two best friends chatting about my favorite topic with guests from both sides of the pond.
  • Hines1221
    Smile, laugh, and learn! Every episode is a joyful experience!
  • Red1231234
    Love it! They saved my bearded Iris
    They saved my Bearded Iris collection! I’ve been rescuing breaded Iris from abandoned properties all over Pittsburgh for years & sticking them on my hill side. & I finally saved up enough to mulch the hole hill. Then I lissoned to the bearded Iris episode & learned your can’t mulch them without risking root rot. So I literally put on all my snow gear headed out in the middle of winter. Unburied them from the snow to remove every piece of mulch from around my rhizomes. It took a couple hours but I saved at least 200+ plants. Some varieties are so old I’ve never seen anything like them in a plant catalog. Thank you Let’s Grow Girls!!!
  • Lauren Alchemy
    Love my UK garden girlfriends!
    Listening to Sarah and Nicole is like having two spectacular friends across the pond who love to chat about all things flowers and seem to know *all* the right people. Whether they’re my companions while weeding in the field, seeding spring babies or just company on the go, Let’s Grow Girls is hands-down my favorite podcast and the one I recommend to everyone who loves flowers!
  • Sarahannnnnnnnn
    Love it!
    I love listening to this podcasts on my daily walks. I love how versatile this podcast is between planting and growing tips, growing wedding flowers, and all the flower recommendations! They keep it fun and interesting!!
  • Oklindaloo
    Please do something about the sound quality
    Good content (I think), but I can barely hear it, even with max volume.
  • crystaldapystal
    Can’t get enough
    I started listening to this podcast a week ago and haven’t stopped since. I’ve been re-listening at this point to take more detailed notes. Didn’t realize this was the the thing this exhausted healthcare worker needed as a pivot point. Freelance floral garden here I come!
  • munnygrower
    I love this podcast
    I’m a cut flower grower and I just love listening to these two ladies. The guests and information they provide each episode is just wonderful. Thank you Sarah and Nicole for this wonderful podcast!!
  • Kurt in NWCT
    Terrific Content, Tremendous Hosts!
    I listen to Nicole and Sarah every single week! (When they are not taking a deserved break.) They are humble, relaxed and completely bonkers for flowers like I am. They are my people and I feel seen. 🥳 Thank you from a peripatetic American (Connecticut in summer, Texas in winter) for so much great information and so many laughs.
  • f2435
    So good!
    One of the best podcasts- like chatting with friends, but with loads of helpful flower information as the mainstay of the conversation.
  • Cher the Bear
    Love these two ladies and their humorous banter. Learn many new things each episode from them and their guests. I’m starting my own little flower farm this year and they are so inspiring! 💛 Yay for flower friends!
  • Mz CT
    Love it!
    These ladies make me smile and feed my flower obsession. Such great information and so comforting to listen to... like talking to an old friend. Always look forward to new episodes to listen to while working in the garden or dreaming of new flowers. Flower friend for life!
  • Clb101
    Favorite Flower Podcast!
    Love listening, love the English accents lol! Good interviews with helpful gardening information. They make me laugh and help encourage my dahlia and sweet pea obsession. I feel like the girls are my garden friends.
  • unhappy camper101
    Friends I haven’t met yet
    If you’re into flowers, this is like listening to a conversation you would have between you and your bestie- if all you talked about was flowers. I find myself talking back to them, laughing along, and taking notes. You guys should go on tour and visit some of the farm people you’ve interviewed! Can’t get enough! Let’s grow girls!!
  • Syd Flower Obssessed
    I have so enjoyed binge listening to this podcast as I’m prepping for this coming spring season! I have learned so many new tips I am excited to try this coming spring! And constantly adding to a list of plants I want to try.
  • Little Workshop Floral
    So educational!
    These two ladies not only teach but they entertain! I just love listening to them! Highly recommend and one of the best flower podcasts out there.Two thumbs up from Michigan! Laura at Little Workshop Floral
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