Good Faith Effort

Judaism #6

The Hebrew Bible is every bit America’s moral founding document as the Constitution is our political founding document. Every week, Rabbi Dr. Ari Lamm, speaks with thinkers, writers, artists, and faith leaders to explore how the Bible continues to inform our lives today, from politics to psychology to pop culture, bringing Americans of different traditions and persuasions closer together as so much else threatens to pull us apart.

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  • eendkatz
    excellent interchange illuminates the bible
  • JTBis
    Food for the soul
    The latest episode on the black intellectual tradition was absolutely fascinating. Thank you!
  • Liz Langford
    One of my favorite podcasts!
    I always enjoy every episode I listen to and learn something! Loved the episode with Rick Richman. Thank you for talking about the parallels of Top Gun Maverick and Israel. I kept elbowing my husband in the theater saying, “this is a story of Israeli pilots!” Could never find anyone talking about it until this episode!!
  • MortyShnerd
    Le Chaim Jones
    Excellent podcast. Ari does a great job
  • loss follower
    If only
    If only I had a shul with this admixture of erudition and zeal. I’d love to think that I’d defend Masada to the last, but I am more of an armchair tactician than a literal Zealot. Would that they had an outpost of Jewish learning in Los Angeles where I could find a true salon like the ones Ari hosts.
  • The metro man
    Simply excellent. The John Lock episode was fascinating.
    Fascinating discussions and inspiring conversations. Always enjoy the high level of interesting topics.
  • CracklinOB
    So fun and cool
    Love the show. The rabbi is so cool, and I wish I could sit down and have lunch with him. I’m not even Jewish!
  • David1833
    This is my new favorite podcast! Deeply thoughtful, enlightening and entertaining at the same time. And not just for Jews! Highly recommended for anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of the Bible, history and American culture.
  • bskla
    Great for a anyone interested in morality and politics
    Tremendous energy, great speakers, both Jewish and non jewish scholars
  • Main1400
    Rabbi Forhman
    Thanks for this episode. Truly inspiring and in helping to understand the Bible. Ari Lamb’s monologue at the end had me in tears. I am a Christian and love learning about the Bible from a Jewish perspective.
  • Fix it now33
    Good Faith Effort
    Truly enlightening.
  • xpzlt
    Required listening
    I look forward to each and every episode, but Jennifer Frey, Robert Alter, David Price ! You have raised the bar to Olympian heights I am in awe of your grandfather (zal)and love how you manage to always reference him in the pod
  • dennis.karpf
    Dennis D. Karpf
    Rabbi Ari is a deep thinker. Support for G-dly belief in the public square of America is fundamental for a good society. No doubt secularism is corrosive. Yet halakah and mashava require Rabbi Ari to confront essential difference over the invisibility and oneness of HaShem with Pastor Anderson. Creation, revelation, redemption, G-d, Torah and Israel under Judaism do not overlap with Christianity. Inescapable differences should not be glossed over with Christians no matter how well meaning. Stick with common public policy visions under R. Soloveitchik’s caution in his essay, “Confrontation”.
  • ironman mark
    Quickly becoming my favorite podcast
    This podcast has become one of my weekly favorites. Dr. Lamb interviews. Very interesting guest and challenges my thinking. Well done Dr. Lamb.
  • WertMD
    Rabbi Dr. Ari Lamm is a great repository of a wide spectrum of knowledge. This makes him a great interviewer and podcast host.
  • lrhhrl
    Guests are too similar
    Too much Silicon Valley/Hollywood chat.
  • Schulders10
    Listened to a first GFE episode 2 weeks ago and have been binge listening since. Love it Ari Lamm is an incredible thinker, asks spot on questions and is brilliant. My fav is the jaw dropping mind blown reaction from each guest after he eloquently lays out the episodes theme and proceeds to introduce them; work of art!
  • Luna1156
    I found this podcast because it was recommended by Bari Weiss, host of Honestly, which is another awesome podcast. I am so enjoying these shows and highly recommend this podcast to anybody who wants to hear about current day issues from a different and refreshing perspective.
  • janethemanatee
    I love a funny Rabbi 🤣
    I, too, just discovered this podcast. I love the Rabbi’s humor first and foremost, and to say he seems brilliant is an understatement. I’m a Christian (Presbyterian PCA) and I love to listen to and learn from my Jewish friends and acquaintances! Thank you, Rabbi!
  • israeli in gola
    Just discovered this podcast and loving it. For anyone looking to add faith to their life through meaningful conversations
  • a.grec
    I’m a committed Christian and I am loving these conversations and insights. Enriching and uplifting - thank you!
  • Scott Pichard
    Engaging and Fascinating
    I love this podcast! As a Catholic who cares deeply about my religious tradition, I appreciate so much Rabbi Dr. Ari Lamm’s passion for his Jewish tradition and it’s perennial wisdom for all of us! Scott Pichard Grand Rapids, MI
  • New Hampshire rural Jew
    Most important podcast.
    It is very well done. One of the very best ever.
  • upatree63
    The Bible podcast you didn’t know you needed
    Balances tradition/ancient wisdom with the realities of modern life. Fascinating conversations and deep insight that illuminate my Jewish practice.
  • Psych Podcast Nut
    Great guests and conversations
    I enjoy the variety of guests and the serious conversations. The host is genuinely interested in his guests and this comes across as an authentic effort at coming together.
  • Jesse Moshe
    It’s fun and so refreshing and thoughtful!
    The host knows how to engage an eclectic array of impressive guests to best mine their thinking on important religous topics. The podcast is like a model for the kind of conversations you want to be enjoying at your Shabbat table. It makes for the most enjoyable commute to work (or workout) of the week!
  • Kleegrubaugh
    Found you via Twitter
    Nothing gets better than listening to this episode with Russ Roberts. My spirit soared. Thank you.
  • Simmy886
    Great podcast
    Brilliant and thought provoking. Give it a listen and see for yourself!
  • Skatemd
    Fantastic, captivating, engaging, inspiring
  • Michele listening in Pa
    New listener
    I recently discovered your podcast and have loved listening to your interviews. Looking forward to delving into the archives!
  • xuxycyxyxyxtxttx
    So good
    Hey! I found this through zena hitz website while researching for my podcast (Not A Victim), anyway, your recent episode “tradition will set you free” is the best thing I’ve heard in a long time. Thank you.
  • Granite State Conservative
    Brilliant & Inspiring!
    A fantastic podcast that distills deep ideas in a lively and entertaining format.
  • DrSandyG
    Entertaining , informative and thought provoking !
  • Shnitzel Head
    Amazing Conversations
    This podcast has such a tremendous variety of guests and I just love hearing them discuss their perspectives on such interesting topics. Please keep the powerful content coming!
  • Managing Partner/Attorney
    Defining what is right together
    This discussion was like making a spectacular lasagna; it took time to shop for the ingredients, prepare the layers and for it to cook in the oven but then it just came out with delicious ideas; better yet, as the flavours melded over the next hours and days, it has Promised to be that much more remarkable to taste, Thank you.
  • The Faith Gardener
    I’m hooked
    This is the religion and spirituality podcast I was searching for. So accessible and refreshing. A contemporary exploration of ideas that leverage diverse and intriguing guests, eager to share their own religious perspectives. Each episode leaves me thinking... and eager to hear more.
  • ljosh5871
    Great Faith Effort
    Very uplifting. Rabbi Lamm and his guests are extremely knowledgeable while remaining totally relatable. Great questions and engaging guest. Faith and sacrifice are definitely topics for our current time.
  • Bio&Literature
    Good find!
    This podcast provides fascinating new insights to passages and stories that I’ve known since grade school. Each guest brings a unique perspective and breathes life into an ancient text.
  • jombobcooter
    Engaging and Interesting
    Rabbi Dr. Lamm presents thoughtful questions and elicits and engaging conversations with his guests.
  • Deborah Raina
    good faith effort
    Kudos to Dr. Rabbi Lamm! Entertaining, insightful and so interesting! Hatzlach Rabbah with this wonderful podcast
  • Barb STL
    Weekly Inspiration.
    Week after week, Ari and his guests capture the original meaning of the text and contemporize the biblical message to provide weekly inspiration to help deal with life challenges.
  • Turknjaydee
    An amazing listen!!!
    If you want thought provoking, fun and smart discussions about a wide ranging array of topics in the Jewish world, this is a must listen! Ari Lamm delivers (as always!). I especially loved the Michael Ian Black interview!
  • Slamb78937
    Love the podcast!
    Love the podcast! Totally opened my eyes to all the ways the Bible has always had such a huge influence on our society.
  • JerseyDoc87
    New favorite
    So insightful but also really fun and accessible! A podcast that shows how the wisdom of the Bible can inform my every day life and help heal America. Definitely recommend!
  • Anigeyah
    A Good Faith Effort, indeed!
    Having grown up with the Hebrew Bible, I’ve always viewed it in a very parochial way. But with his fascinating, wide-ranging guests and insightful questions, host Ari Lamm demonstrates each week anew just how universally relevant the Bible truly is. I’m hooked.
  • yaffa9423
    Thank you, Rabbi Doctor Lamm.
  • WOV1988
    This is the Jewish podcast I’d wanted
    Thank you Rabbi Dr Ari Lamm. Your podcast is just as enjoyable, relatable and accessible, as it is informed, educational, and thought provoking. This is the Jewish podcast I’d been waiting for!
  • The Original Rocket Man
    Big Ideas for a Big Book
    To the uninitiated, the Bible is a dense book relevant to past times. But not so, Ari Lamm brings these timeless treasures to life for our time. These are not apologetics, they are contemporary and relevant insights into the genius of the Divine. Bravo! I look forward to each podcast.
  • DO530
    A thoughtful weekly discussion
    Rabbi Lamm brings on fabulous guests to connect ancient wisdom to modern problems. I appreciate the lively discussions. Gives me plenty of food for thought each week. The episode on gratitude, Leah, and Judah was a perfect way to mark Thanksgiving.
  • Hechsher
    Rabbi Dr. Lamm is finally getting his voice out there more! With insightful and eclectic discussion, this rockstar is really brightening my horizons! Must listen.
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