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Jennie Blonde (Comfy Cozy Witch), talks about all things witchcraft! From House and Hearth witchery to Kitchen and Green witchery, you're sure to get your fill of witchy things to bring magick into your every day and leave you feeling comfy, cozy and witchy yourself!

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Instagram: @comfycozywitch
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Founder of @fit_witch_challenge

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Recent Reviews
  • ancameni123
    Hooked on the first episode
    I have just recently discovered this podcast as I wanted to learn more about magick and being a witch. This podcast had my hooked from the first episode and Jennie makes the podcast come alive. It is like having tea/coffee hour chat with my best friend. She talks so calmly, openly and without bias or pushing her opinion. I am looking forward to catching up with the podcast.
  • Michelle M. Anderson
    Michelle - Cozy Conversations
    Listening to this podcast is what is currently making me feel comfy cozy and witchy.
  • SJ1026
    So Excited to find
    I found this podcast a few weeks ago and have been listening from oldest to newest and it has been amazing! I have learned so much from her! The tea episode came up just after I went to the tea shop so it gave me lots of information on how to use it within my craft! Just want to say say thank you and how much I love this podcast!
  • KozmikMike
    As warm as a crackling hearth fire.
    Jennie entire approach to spirituality and personal empowerment encourages without ever being pushy. The show is humble and non judgmental and family friendly. I get such healing energy from listening and I get great insight even though I’ve been a practitioner for years. If you’re part of the Ravenwolf generation, you’ll feel particularly at home with Jennie but new witches, and even just nature lovers, couldn’t ask for a better distance-mentor. It’s the only podcast I listen to on witchcraft and it feels like a warm hug. Thank you Jennie and blessed be!
  • DanniX0
    My favorite!
    Your voice is so soothing! I’ve learned so much listening to each episode and I’m so glad I’ve come across this. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us all and giving us comfy cozy tips 🖤
  • siimonne🧚🏻‍♀️
    I am so obsessed with this podcast. I have been binge listening to this since i discovered it last week. It has encouraged me to get back into my craft after having my first child! I am sooo happy to have found this podcast!! Thank you Jennie Blonde for being so amazing and encouraging and knowledgeable!! 🧚🏻‍♀️💛🙏
  • noelleyyyx3
    Magical, witchy and authentic! Each podcast is loaded with information, easy to follow and real conversations. Definitely comfy and cozy just like the name. I have listened to several witchy podcasts and THIS ONE is the one that has resonated the most!🤍🌿
  • Kimoola
    I adore Jennie and her podcast. It’s like sipping a lovely cup of tea, getting cozy under a warm blanket and visiting with a kind friend. I love learning about different witchy stuff and she has got all the goods!
  • Juless.2711
    I love it!!
    As a beginner witch, this was the first witchy podcast I listened to and now I’m afraid I will never find one better! I love the cozy vibes of this podcast and listening to it always lifts my mood. I’ve learned a lot, both about magic and other things, and I’ve enjoyed every minute!
  • kosmamma
    Coziest podcast EVER!
    I’ve subscribed to a lot of different podcasts, especially pertaining to the witchy lifestyle, but this one is by far my favorite. It truly gives all those comfy and cozy vibes. After listening I always find my day has gotten brighter. Keep up the great work!
  • Jayna09
    So informative!
    I LOVE listening to this podcast! Jenni is so real, down to earth, & knowledgeable about all things witchy 🔮 and is also just super sweet! I had a question relating to one of her episodes and she sent me a personal message clarifying my question almost instantly! If you’re a new witch or want to learn more about your craft, definitely give this podcast a listen 😊
  • Kmk42279
    Inspiring for this solitary witch
    As a new solitary witch these episodes are informative and welcoming. Just what I needed!
  • TallulahIsAmazing
    My favorite podcast
    I love this podcast! 🧙🏻‍♀️
  • Jane BlueRaven
    Uplifting and inspiring!
    Jennie’s positivity is infectious! You can feel her joy and love of witchcraft. As a new witch, her information is very insightful for me and I just adore how joyfully she presents each topic. I am so grateful for this podcast.
  • Nushie23
    Jennie is my favorite human
    This podcast is soooo amazing. I love how real and genuine Jennie is in her episodes. She explains witchcraft in an approachable way. I cannot get enough episodes!!!!! I love you!
  • Aaaadriaaaaan
    Favorite podcast
    A great podcast for witchy information that is easy to listen to and understand.
  • wsededtedff
    Always comfy and cozy
    I love this podcast! New to the witchy world I am learning so much, and feel so at home here. Thank you for what you do and for introducing me to fantastic other podcasters (who doesn’t love Rowan Oaken)
  • Rutebir
    A MUST Listen
    What an amazing podcast for all audiences, from those new to the craft to those who have been practicing for decades. P.S. I also love how you keep it real by not editing out when your son asks you permission for snacks/play video games 😂
  • Ncmtnmama
    Divine intervention
    Sometimes the universe just knows what you need. I stumbled across Jennie’s podcast quite by accident, and I cannot tell you how much her comfy, cozy, witchy mindset has already enriched my practice. When I listen to her, I feel like I am chatting from and old friend, and that makes me feel comfy, cozy, and witchy.
  • s.Ardell
    Absolutely love
    You’re helping so much, I’m new to my craft and I’m learning a ton! Not feeling a need to label myself, being my own kind of witch and not practicing the way someone else wants me too. Reading so much! Also my journal collection has gotten a little out of control hehe
  • ullogov
    Perfectly named podcast
    It’s very comfy, very cozy, and very witchy. Jennie Blonde sounds authentic, genuinely excited about her craft, and keeps her information refreshing and easily digestible.
  • little turkey's mama
    Perfect timing
    I found this podcast just as I needed it. I took a bit of a magic break with covid and finally now that my 5 year old is ready to learn I was quickly pulled back in. I love that so much more is available for house witches now
  • midsommarloving
    Loving it
    Just discovered this show and am loving the content and energy! Very informative.
  • mencotti
    Incredible vibes
    I came across this podcast a few days ago and I’ve been listening nonstop since. This is singlehandedly the most calm and joyful podcast I’ve ever listened to. I absolutely love the energy that she gives off. You can just tell she’s an absolutely incredible human being with so much knowledge and wisdom to share. I’ve been wanting to get educated on these spiritual topics for a while now. It’s very overwhelming to figure out where to start. This podcast has given me so many tools and starting points to branch out from. I feel so thankful already and I’m only 10 episodes in! I’m so thrilled to have found this comfy cozy podcast :)
  • Maddison Blessing
    A podcast full of love❤️
    I’m obsessed with this podcast, I feel like I’m just sitting drinking a cup of tea with a friend! I’ve already blown through 6 episodes in 2 days… can’t get enough!
  • SpookySpace
    Listening makes me feel cozy and happy
    Lately I’ve been overwhelmed with negativity and worry. This podcast makes me feel at peace and makes me want to tap into the magic the world has to offer, and the magic within myself. Your words remind me of a warm hug or a cup of hot cocoa.
  • Talk2kim
    This just gives me all the comfy cozy witchy feels!
    Just started listening and I am loving it!!! I started a journal to take notes! My favorite podcast!
  • Kat_Mat 36
    Gives me the warm and fuzzies!
    I am someone that has always been drawn to witchcraft; however, I grew up in a southern Christian household and never felt like I could openly explore my spirituality. I recognized very early in childhood on that I am not religious and do not identify with any of the main religions. As the pandemic has been quite a time for self-reflection, I have been exploring my spirituality and trying to find new self care practices to do in my home. I stumbled upon this podcast by the comfy, cozy, witch a few days ago and I have been hooked ever since! I find Jennie’s voice incredibly soothing, and I love that she is just being her authentic self. I have dogs that bark every time I’m trying to attend a virtual meeting or phone call, so it makes me smile that her dogs also bark at times too. I love how connected she is to her animals because I always felt deeply connected to animals my whole life. I love listening to everything witchy on this podcast as I am at the beginning of my journey of discovering my witchy self. Although I am only on episode 5, I have a feeling that I will fly through these episodes because I’m so intrigued by them. So please don’t stop making these episodes!!! :)
  • MamatotheMax
    Love this!!
    This is my first “witchy” podcast, and I’m so glad it is! I am a baby witch, still in the broom closet, and trying to take in as much information as I can so I can learn how I want to practice my craft. I love hearing your podcasts, dogs and meandering thoughts and all!! Keep up the great work!!
  • Amiee Reynolds
    Seasoned Witch
    I was raised in a coven. Trying to find pod casts to feel more connected to kindred spirits. Loving your pod cast! It’s quite lovely & an incredible way to reflect & gain more knowledge!!! Love & light! 🖤
  • GingersnapsXIII
    Beginner witch
    I’m a beginner witch. So, I am trying to read as much as I can and listen to a bunch of different witchy podcasts. Just trying to get as much info as I can before fully starting my practice and this podcast has been my favorite so far, I’ve gotten so much good information on here and it just makes me feel so cozy, positive and gets me ready to start my day. I would definitely recommend for anyone starting out or just anyone looking for a very fun, positive podcast with a witchy twist!
  • AgoutiBooty
    So lovely!
    Can I just tell you how much I love this podcast?! As a baby witch, this podcast has been so helpful and I love how Jennie is so relatable and down to earth. She makes me feel welcomed and at ease. She presents the information in an easy to understand way that feels super accessible. I look forward to hearing the new podcast every week :) Thanks Jennie for the awesome podcast. This is Emma from @eclectic.vvitch on Instagram!
  • wittlewitch
    Hot for Teacher
    She has been sent from someone very high in power to help me along my witchy journey. I just started my path on becoming one with the universe and find the magick from within. She is knowledgeable, her voice is soothing, she’s realistic, and makes it easier to learn all things you might possibly need on this journey. I LOVE these and am so thankful to her. 💛🖤
  • lt028
    My Saving Grace!
    I have been wanting to practice green witchcraft for quite some time but have a hard time finding digestible sources of information. I’ve been binging this show for several days, learning that magick can be part of my everyday life, and enjoying the soothing sounds of Jenny. So comfy and cozy!
  • brujatabby44
    5 Star Witchy
    As an inherited baby witch I am pleasantly pleased with this podcast! I was raised as an American Indian witch, but recently dove back into my rooted beliefs. This was a awesome soft approach back into things. Getting my baby witch feet wet again.
  • Reneep581
    I stumbled upon this podcast and am in love! This is the perfect way to be introduced to the topic or just reconnect to practice and spirituality, like me. I adore that the episodes are so casual and feel like a cozy conversation with a beloved teacher and friend. I have already learned so much and gotten so many great book recommendations from this podcast.
  • StarxShad0w
    Thank you <3
    As I’m listening to this at 3:30AM I think I needed this podcast. Thank you for reminding me to just be, and be okay with being still for a moment. I love your podcasts I’ve learned so much ❤️❤️❤️ -Heather A
  • Isabela.Espaillat
    My New FAVORITE Witchy Podcast
    I love podcasts and I listen to them daily. The Comfy Cozy Witch has quickly become my favorite. Jenny does a great job of connecting with her listeners and teaching us great, accurate information about so many aspects of witchcraft. I will recommend this to all of my friends! 10/10
  • Light sleeper 17
    Love this!
    I am just getting started in learning more about witchy things and was so excited when I found this podcast. I love the energy Jennie has and that she is so open with sharing about her practice. I’m a busy mom and writer, so I don’t have a lot of time to just sit down and read about all the witchy things that I have calling to me, so I really appreciate the podcast format so I can learn while I’m doing other tasks. I’ve binged 15 episodes so far in this week and I’m sure I’ll make my way through the entire library quickly since I’m hungry for this content.
  • MKS145
    Informative, Fun, Inspiring, Spiritual, and Cozy!
    I love this podcast. I’m a baby witch, not really out of the broom closet, and I found witchery totally by accident when purchasing a cookbook on Amazon, which suggested I consider The Hearth Witch’s Compendium. This of course led to much googling and realizing that I’ve been a kitchen witch...forever. Always liking to research and explore, I thought I’d turn to podcasts while working the overnight about 2 months ago at my second job, and the rest is history! I felt like I was provided a big, warm, witchy blanket and chair each time I tuned in or ventured to any of Jennie’s social media presences. I’m so grateful and inspired! Even today I was having a stressful day at my full time job, so I turned on the podcast and was instantly calmed, focused, and inspired. Thank you thank you! Blessed be.
  • ✨cArrie✨
    Adore 🥰
    The Comfy Cozy Witch is not just any other Podcast, because Jennie is not just any other Witch! Her intellect and her charm, along with her beautiful voice will magically brighten your day! Jennie has a warmth and kindness to her that is very rare in people and even if you’re not into Witchy things you will still want to listen to her Comfy and Cozy Podcast! Believe me, you will adore her!
  • cormia1021
    Love it!!
    Absolutely adore this podcast, very informative and always makes me feel comfy and cozy no matter what I’m doing.
  • Tery&
    Great podcast ♥️
    I just love this podcast 💗 Is like having a conversation with a friend. Is warm a the information is practical and I love the card pulling at the end. Looking forward to more💗
  • TheCraftingCrane
    Comfy, cozy and witchy!
    I am brand new to witchcraft so I appreciate how easy to understand Jennie makes it. I was in such a funk yesterday and needed something, well comfy and cozy, to listen to and this was perfect! I’ve been binging all the episodes. Love love love it!
  • Ja9NP
    Comfy, cozy, and witchy.
    I just LOVE this podcast. It’s like wrapping your brain in a soft, cozy, witchy blanket in front of a roaring fire. She has a lovely voice and friendly conversational style of speaking. You really feel like you’re sitting in her house having a warm cup of tea together. This has become my favorite way to start the day with positivity and puts me in a great mood. I only wish I had found this podcast sooner.
  • Laniediva13
    So cozy!
    I really enjoy these conversations. As a solitary it’s nice to hear a knowledgeable and friendly voice. I started in the late 80’s and I find myself nodding along with a lot you say in understanding! Please continue with these fun chats!
  • ash.nesbitt31
    Absolutely wonderful!
    I just happened upon the comfy cozy witch Instagram page and decided to try out the podcast! I am so glad I did I have been binging the episodes and now it is up there with some other fav witchy podcasts. My favorite episode so far has been the daily ritual such great information! 🤩
  • miller**64
    Not a witch, but she might convert me!
    I’m not a practicing witch, I’m actually a former Christian who left religion and I’ve been branching out and exploring/researching means of spirituality that I once considered wicked and sinful. Jennie is so down to earth and I love how matter of factly she talks about her practices. I appreciate anyone who shows up unapologetically on such a public platform to help dispel unhealthy stereotypes and I think that’s exactly what this podcast is doing for witchcraft. It’s been fascinating for me to listen to and I’m excited to learn more. Keep it up, Jennie!
  • ChooseJoy
    Excellent Podcast!
    This podcast is exactly what I need! So informative and practical, especially for a witch just tapping into her power.
  • MelissaJordanAZ
    Wonderful Podcast
    This podcast is wonderful. Comfy Cozy Witch not only is relatable and down to earth but her ability to educate without making beginners feel overwhelmed or intimidated is a true gift. She not only provides information but resources for you to further educate yourself. The opening of her podcast of what she is finding comfy cozy and witchy that week is a great reminder to take a step back and to find gratitude in your own life. I would highly recommend taking a listen!
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