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Welcome to Giggly Squad. Each week, Hannah Berner and Paige DeSorbo make fun of everything, but most importantly themselves. They discuss pop culture, fashion trends, television, horoscopes, mental health, dating, and expose their personal lives. Also, they can't be managed.

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Recent Reviews
  • Andrea*Rose
    Laugh out loud
    Soo funny!! and relatable. I never laugh out loud to podcasts and this one always makes me cry laugh. Anyone who thinks otherwise is just not on the level.
  • BubbleLetters101
    Love these two and their honesty and fun takes on things
    I look forward to listening to them every week.
  • Acey1220
    The Future of Summer House
    Off setting the haters
  • Bob92827391
    I love everything about this podcast! Definitely became one of my favorites.
  • Lover_boy13
    Sorry Paige
    Came for Paige. Left because it seems to be another place Hannah can use to throw excuses for her actions and not take accountability. I love Paige and if she did a podcast by herself I would listen 10000%. Also, true friends speak truth to each-other and tell them their faults to help fix it🤷🏻‍♀️
  • Sunny234a
    My ears are bleeding
  • betsyknapp999
    watch and love every episode!!
  • cmacc8273626
    Funny and relatable
    Great podcast
  • SAlmjeld
    Love these two!!
    I’m a little bit surprised by some of the negative reviews. I love both of these two, and their chemistry is perfectly hilarious! Highly recommend!!
  • lovepink04
    The Best!!!!
    I absolutely love your podcast!!! You girls are hilarious You guys are the highlight of my Monday! Can you guys please do it more than once a week ? I literally laugh for an hour !
  • ughhh pls
    Love Hannah and Paige! Have the best time giggling along with the Giggly Squad!
  • anon 12.27
    What’s with all these reviews with love for Paige and hate for Hannah. Paige is equally as cringe and trying to be funny... both are just immature and probably couldn’t stand to be in a room with either of them in real life. You “hiked up your skirt to pass your drivers test”? Doesn’t make you sound cool lol. Pass.
  • jbff
    Love this friendship
    Hey guys, if you don’t like Hannah and Paige TOGETHER on this pod, why don’t you um... listen to something else? Lol... this is one of my favorite podcasts, feels like I’m hanging out with two friends. Thanks for the giggles!
  • Esmé.B
    Love this duo!
    Love Hannah and Paige so much. They’re so real and hilarious, and this pod always makes me laugh. Thanks you two!
  • holst7113
    Love this podcast so much! Always keeps me laughing! Paige and Hannah’s friendship is so genuine and easy to listen to!! I feel like I’d actually hang with them in real life lol, they just seem super relatable and normal!
  • TAB1203
    Hannah has got to go
    She is not funny and just a cruel person. Paige should go solo as many have said. Paige is fabulous.
  • Sheer-ah
    This duet is not to be missed! They are both so funny and they have such opposites views that it’s actually amazing and makes you feel like you might have a double personality disorder.
  • loryn2424
    Always a Easy fun listen! these comments are awful. every one is saying Hannah is the worst! You are all crazy... is she the worst or are you? Just don't listen no need to drag people down! Get it together people!
  • j173637
    LOVE but please stop
    Love you both but PLEASE stop swallowing and smacking your lips/tongue every time you talk. (More for Paige than Hannah) PLEASE
  • thxyounwxt
    Hannah needs to make a statement
    Why hasn’t Hannah addressed her apology on the pod cast? She’s had no issue going on all these interviews spewing hate but can’t make a public vocal apology? Do better.
  • jodiknowswhatsup
    Love this podcast!
    I’m a 49 yo woman and I listen to this podcast because i have an 18 yo daughter and it helps me keep up on all the cool trends. See you in court middle age!
  • rkmight98
    Love it!
    One of the best podcasts out there! I look forward to giggling with them every week!
  • alrb&;!3&3'flfmrr rnr f
    Hannah is horrible
    Please either cancel this podcast or remove Hannah. She does not need another platform to spew her toxicity
  • Lauriegmac
    Giggle Queens! Great chat with lots of laughs.
  • katelamb
    OG Giggler.
    I’ve watched from the beginning. Hannah has always been problematic, not funny and just plain immature. I loved Paige but over time she is losing likability due to the company she keeps. #cancelthem
  • Adopt your pets
    What a duo!
    Leave Hannah alone. Like just stop already. The ladies are hilarious & together make this show. Btw-Why doesn’t anyone talk about Lyndsey’s psychotic verbal & physical attacks every relationship every summer? Blonde, white girl privilege. The 1 summer Hannah’s head got twisted for a second because some sociopathic wanna be lumberjack lookin lucky to be tall enough to model or no one would ever look twice toolbag managed to get over on her. You go Paige! You saw thru that crap from jump. Props Hannah for recognizing & getting out of it sooner than later. Not to mention the bond with Ciara. Love it!
  • ldbrnz
    Here for Hannah
    5 stars for Hannah
  • MissyInTX
    Hannah is a joke
    Unsubscribing because of Hannah. I cannot stand her voice and her ugly personality. She is so cringe.
  • Kirasmom74
    Hannah is the sociopath
    Hannah calling models sociopaths is hilarious. Projecting much? Just can’t stop obsessing over Luke. How embarrassing.
  • Fowlerse
    Where is the wit?
    This is just plain not funny.
  • Despondent Chucklehead
    These are even more obnoxious than they were on Summer House! Hannah’s brining Paige way down!
  • MLS0703
    Immature and Not Funny (Kinda)
    I want to like this podcast and Paige is funny but Hannah, I struggle with. She’s not funny at all and rude. Some of the topics aren’t funny and are immature.
  • Sergfcb
    Here for Paige
    5 stars for Paige!!!!
  • Elala007
    H & P
    Love Hannah and Paige! Love listening to Giggly Squad. Also hope they stay friends forever <3
  • NoThanksToCake
    All the Giggles
    Love the friendship between these two and that they share it with us weekly. See you in court! 😎❤️
  • Melis1019
    Sorry ; will not support someone who has disregard to mental health ; autism ; and accuses someone for drug use . Hannah your bringing down Paige with you and it is sad.
  • TDaly123
    Please read
    Honestly I love Paige. She is wonderful and funny. Hannah I find offensive, rude, and straight up awful. Won’t listen anymore but supportive of Paige.
  • kemcgove
    So funny!!
  • sar j.
    Hope they don’t come back to summer house. Worst podcast and girls.
  • madisonmadidon
    Paige is queen
    I want more of Paige!!
  • tyeofyourlife
    It’s become another outlet to defend...
    Used to love watching their lives on Instagram. Now it’s too hard to listen to them preach without holding themselves accountable. Hannah needs to eat some humble pie. Paige herself said she doesn’t want to confront Hannah bc she does not want to get in a fight. I’d rather people who can be real and not pander.
  • Lynn Zucker
    Loved Instagram lives but..
    The podcast has reached its tipping point, it’s moo..
  • deyonce_04
    It’s a nope for me.
  • Barrnam
    Negative 100
    Hannah is the absolute worst
  • antihannah
    Burn dog
    Racist, delusional and insensitive Hannah needs to not have a platform. She is bring Paige down who is a star.
    I just love the relationship they have! They bounce so well off of each other!🤍🤍
  • Judith Rocks
    Paige is the absolute best! Love this
  • podlistener319
    Wish I could give more stars to Just Paige
    I used to be an avid listener, and now I can’t get through an episode anymore. Hannah constantly over talks and makes it all about her. Honestly wish Paige had her own podcast, which I would 100% listen to! She’s the only bright spot anymore on here
  • Justabi
    Ugh, just yuck.
    Went into this with an open mind, didn’t make it to the end.
  • Lindaelora
    Going downhill
    Paige is still hilarious and I could listen to her all day. Hannah has been going downhill and the amount of times she interrupts Paige, along with the times where she sounds clueless and it takes her a while to understand what Paige is saying, is killing this podcast... I hope you guys can figure out how to get better because I’d love for it to succeed.
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