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Welcome to Giggly Squad. Each week, Hannah Berner and Paige DeSorbo make fun of everything, but most importantly themselves. They discuss pop culture, fashion trends, television, horoscopes, mental health, dating, and expose their personal lives. Also, they can't be managed.
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  • Eihpos@
    I could be their Mom’s!
    But boy do I love listening to them. They are so funny and true gems!! 💎💎
  • karylannestewart
    Love you guys!
    Tuesday mornings are my favorite because I start my day with this podcast.
  • Jaimee Johnston
    I look forward to this podcast every week! Love all the laughs!!
  • Elum81
    I’m in love!
    I’m binging all the back episodes! Paige and Hannah are hilarious and so relatable. It’s like you’re listening to your friends chat. So much fun!
  • Pattyac05
    I love everything about Paige and Hannah! Such a great podcast, have been listening since before the podcast existed and they were doing Instagram Lives during the pandemic. Will always recommend.
  • hailey35
    Keep Giggling Queens 👸🏼
  • zachmar
    Love this podcast!!
    We needed this podcast to help us during COVID! I loved their dynamic together. Love this podcast and saw them live in Charlotte. Absolutely loved them both! Enjoy it so much! Thank y’all so much!
  • dravey Y
    Best energy podcast
    Today’s episode was so fire 1/24/2023. I listened while i did a trader joes run. Was laughing in the store.
  • Hltnhdmama
    Here’s what I think
    I think Hannah and Dez should take Paige to the U K and let her see her options
  • Margo2640
    I just can’t get behind this kind of humor, but more so I can’t get behind mean girls.
  • zainbow
    Thank you for todays episode.
    Thank you for discussing husbands & gaslighting!!!! OMG. They always think they're always right... I can't take it. This episode made me feel not so alone in my agony & actually made me laugh about my miserable feelings today. Thank you ladies. By the way I've been married for 19 years, together for 21years.
  • alignwithelizabeth
    This is quite literally the highlight of my week, Paige and Hannah are hilarious!! Can’t wait to see you in Chicago <3
  • FritzB22
    Just like hanging out with your friends
    I spent the last few months renovating the laundry room in my house...and I listened to every single episode. This podcast was a great listen for a 30 year old (attempting to) navigate all of life’s changes. Listening is just like hanging out with your friends. Thank you Hannah and Paige!!
  • getittogetherplz
    Tell me you didn’t get into a sorority without telling me you didn’t get into a sorority
    Their comment on sororities was so tasteless and judgey. I met my lifelong friends in my sorority and so thankful we weeded out the people like y’all.
  • pamchezz
    Love this pod so much but…
    Hannah PEASE stop SCREAMING into the mic and interrupting Paige. I love both your stories but it’s a lot and makes it hard to listen.
  • RE747
    The Best
    The ONLY podcast I listen to every week religiously. I’ve never been a podcast girlie - but this pod is it. I even re-listen to old podcasts like an actual stalker.
  • LilyRoseFan
    Really great podcast, feels like I’m with my girls talking about anything and everything. Also Hannah watches all the documentaries and gives full recap so we don’t have to!
  • KimMM76
    Missed you girls!
    OMG I missed Giggly Squad so much the 2 weeks on holiday break!!!! This episode back was hilarious! I had to listen twice just for the dopamine hit🙃You are my fave podcast and keep me giggling every Tuesday! Thank God for you!!
  • podlistener2020
    Helping me get through a really hard mental health time
    You both will never know how much you’ve helped me during a really tough time battling PTSD and major depression. Listening to your pod makes me laugh and distract me and I look forward to every Tuesday. Thank you so much for the giggles, chuckles and belly laughs.
  • Kim O11
    Awesome start to 2023
    Fire 🔥 today on January 10, 2023 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • COME to OKC
    come see us in okc pls and thanks
  • poorejodes
    My FAVE podcast hands down! PLEASE come to St. Louis!!!
  • Old Cath
    So funny but….
    ….Hannah’s bathroom humor and fascination with butthole n poops isn’t funny or cute…it’s actually gross. I appreciate a candid conversation as much as anyone but candid talk about butt stuff…especially another persons butt stuff…just not interested.
  • J Vattaso
    Oddly relatable
    I hate how much I love this podcast.
  • Hoot262
    Love you guys!
    Found you through Morbid! Love your show and bingeing in the new year!
  • gigglingatwork
    Love it !
    When I tell you this podcast was the best thing that happened in my life. I started a new job and sometimes during the day I just need to kill time while I’m doing work I listen to you guys and an hour goes by soo fast I love it. Obsessed
  • ALR816
    Top Tier Podcast
    Honestly, my favorite anytime podcast. Sometimes I scroll through my podcasts that have new episodes and I still decide to relisten to an older Giggly Squad. The theme song gives me life. ❤️
  • asiaa1x
    Giggler 4 Life
    Listening to Giggly Squad is my favorite time of the week. You all asked for favorite memories & Ciara joining was a HILARIOUS episode but Ciara & Hannah going back & forth about Hannah’s mom cleaning her apartment was top tier content. Love you guys❤️
  • BrezeyB03
    2022 best of
    If you have sex with socks on….
  • Kelsrod1
    Still giggling
    I’ve lost count of the best of moments bc so many but off the top of my head- Des in the restaurant, Jail guy, Craig hall monitor/ bread, Olivia Wilde, hannah talking about how Adam Levines tattoos look like a chipotle bag 😂
  • giggles for life🤍
    Fav moment
    When Hannah became BFF with Hailey Bieber via TikTok DM by starting the message with “my love”
  • MamaKellycakes
    Original, loyal, giggler here. Happened upon your daily Instagram Lives back in March 2020 and never left you. My life is full of men; husband, all sons and all brothers so listening to some girl talk was refreshing. I used to watch hidden in my bedroom, laughing out loud. Now, I patiently wait for Tuesday to listen during my daily walk. Yes, ladies, I am old enough to be your mother and I am so proud of both of you. Keep doing what you’re doing never losing sight that Family is the one thing that will keep you grounded and strong.
  • jessbee913
    Elder Millennial Giggler
    Cracking up during this weeks episode & literally binging from day one in between episodes - obsessed is an understatement!!! Thanks for making me giggle!
  • Swag Swag Swag Police Bobby
    favorite moments
    -Craig eating Italian for the first time -Polo eating every time he comes back in -glove gate -jail guy -only eat bread in Europe -hall monitor -feast of seven fishes -Hannah looking for a person named Chanel instead of an earring -“my love” -des having a “heart attack” in the restaurant -all of the bachelorette but especially becca moments (bring her on the pod) -Hannah getting roasted by the little six year old at fashion week -Hannah’s hotel room situation with that male comedian -if you have sex with your socks on...
  • Amanda💜💜
    Best of…
    All the curses posed on each other.
  • Shell433334
    Maybe stop the edibles.. Will help your constant anxiety! Ugh
  • Kainenisaloser
    Best Ofs
    One of the best moments for me is when Paige was explaining Craig’s first time eating Italian food with her family 😂😂😂
  • kimklogue
    Alabama Giggler
    I am an Alabama giggler !! Wait every week for y’all’s podcast !!! Love to you both ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Raising Helene
    Paige and Hannah have great chemistry. Paige is naturally hilarious and I actually love her. BUT. Please, please, please stop the lip smacking and the mouth noises in the microphone. Please. We can handle the sniffing, but the mouth noise has got to go. Pretty please. Will revert to 5 stars if you can deliver on this.
    Please reconsider the title “giggling about… Jonbenét Ramsey” I don’t think in need to explain why it’s inappropriate. Also… with the platform you have: why would you not condemn Balenciaga?
  • Carolineejohnson
    Home away from home
    Currently living overseas for my husbands job in Germany but listening to this podcast has helped me through a lot of lonely times! I feel like I’m at home gossiping with my best friend❤️ thanks ladies.
  • Katerrrr05
    5 min ads in the beginning is absurd
  • Jhutchloverr
    My new besties!! love from az <3
  • taylordaniellea
    My fave podcast. It’s like hanging with my 2 best friends and just laughing nonstop.
  • sara mellyyyy
    My favorite podcast.
    So relateable, i wish i could carry them in my pocket. Thanks for normalizing things and being so authentic!
  • julepasta
    I can’t believe they defended balenciaga. And yes, not condemning is defending
  • becca34189
    Not the 5 minutes of ads in the beginning 😭😭
  • A_newt
    Giggler 4 Lyfe
    Absolutely love Giggly Squad. Hated the episode of astrology chart reading.
  • blondegirl1011
    randomly started an episode and am now on a binge lol. i didn’t even watch summer house, just fell in love with these girlies from the pod. proud new giggler!
  • 1202kb
    My favorite pod
    I feel like I’m sitting with you guys and giggling every time I listen to it! Also you guys should do a live show in Oklahoma!!!
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