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Soccer #35

A part of the ESPN FC family, Gabriele Marcotti and Julien Laurens dive into the latest news and gossip, analyze matches with special guests, and give their unique perspective on the world of football.

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  • Peter Guillam
    Access Gabbie…
    …remains the Maggie Haberman of the Football Press Box. Access Gabbie continues to shovel for her boss, Alleged Rapist Cristiano El Punko.
  • Eric Arbo
    Great Show
    Gab, your take on Germany fans if you’re not from there was kind of a joke but you’re still a machine with great information. Jules, you’re pretty good as well. I really like when you guys come on ESPN FC. That show has been amazing for years and I really hope espn doesn’t screw the pooch because the American side of the network has gone downhill since 2020. Anyways, just know that you guys have a lot of fans and listeners who aren’t always on social media.
  • Digdadig
    Sexual Abuse
    I love the show and listen to every episode. Occasionally I disagree with Gab’s takes but nothing serious until today. Sexual abuse is sexual abuse. That applies to whether male/female, female/male, female/female or as in the situation discussed today male/male. The notion that you diminish or are bemused by the idea of male sexual assault on another man is repugnant or ignorant at best. Check yourself, please.
  • K.Ahmid
    Great podcast - bad production
    This is one of the best podcasts in terms of quality of punditry and insights into the game. Gab and Jules have great chemistry and personality! BUT there are always really irritating buzzing and beeping and whirring sounds in the background of the recording which sometimes makes it almost impossible to listen to without getting a headache. It’s a real shame !
  • Matteo L. Inter
    What’s wrong with Gab?
    Gab has become the eternal pessimist. His ironic mimicking of those who don’t share his opinion is also not what you want to see from an experienced journalist. Jules is great.
  • KushJinju
    Most biased and based commentators
    90% of the times they get it wrong. They are english media personified. Juls will get on your nerve whenever PSG is the topic. Gab is the guy who spends lifetime learning the skill hut never got the basics or nuances of it.
  • Sddoughe
    Fix the sound!
    There’s a ringing in the background. Poor audio
  • ausummerlin
    Why has Gab gotten so angry?
    This used to be a favorite show of mine. Recently though Gab seems so angry and unpleasant. Why have guests on if you are just going to talk over them and ridicule their opinions. Jules is always wonderful.
  • gaston44
    Gab is great but Jules thinks every city in France is equal to born in Paris. Also only care about psg never seen a consultant so bias.
  • Cbenj7
    The only football show I listen to
    Gab and Jules are the best!
  • RobJ2020
    One of a kind
    We don’t really need a daily soccer show, so this is perfect. Twice a week with two insiders that have great insights.
  • tommzmust1
    Gab! Stop counting other people’s money and constantly tell people to make less money. You weirdo
  • shtock
    EPL bias
    Too much EPL talk. Not interesting.
  • seno73
    The best
    Great inside views and very realistic and fair!! Love the show total opposite of ESPN FC crew
  • Visc@B@rc@1
    So Relieved
    Gab: “blackmail is a crime” Juls: “Kareem the dream!”
  • Hisashitaka
    Frequency Check
    Enjoyed the show since it’s inception. Marcotti is underrated imo. However, there’s been a noticeable high pitch frequency underlying the last couple episodes that’s miserable to listen to. Hope you guys have an engineer that can take a look.
  • Bigharry95
    Great Pod
    Most informative soccer pod out on an American platform. Both hosts are great.
  • El Duque de Barça
    Blab’n Jewels
    Marcotti’s fat-man’s voice tenor combined with his smugness and his occasional putting-on airs is just way too much to bear. There’s a long line of pompous pundits. He’s just another one.
  • I.C.E. Tre
    Gab and Jules forever. Two icons of sports journalism, so much insight.
  • Footy Jedi
    More Jules Please
  • ThrashPhil
    Just a god awful show, similar to Gab’s other Series Awesome failure. A show with two people with only one spewing nonsense. No insight and nothing worth listening too. Just another show with poor ESPN personalities.
  • bwisc
    Chill out Gab
    Love the show, but Gab, you need to recognize when your opinion might be wrong, or your co-host(s) opinion is better. You gotta start acknowledging the good points made by others on the show. You might be the smartest in the room, but that doesn’t make your opinions better than your compatriots. Stop trying to shut people down while they’re literally in the middle of speaking because you’re over hearing what they have to say. Love you man, it’s good faith criticism from a fan of the show.
  • Manusd
    Mostly opinion and muppets for ESPN.
  • mayorofcasterbridge
    Er, offsides?
    Jules is always worth listening to. Any credibility Marcotti has however goes out the window when he uses the American football term “offsides” instead of “offside”. I’m embarrassed for him.
  • Beef_Curtains
    Weekly listener
    Occasional disagreement, but mainly just 90% facts spoken. These two know their football!
  • Hassanfardoun
    A podcast for the football fan
    I love football and the Gab and Juls podcast is a great way to enjoy and receive all the latest scores, headlines, and some in depth discussions about important topics and going-ons of the soccer world. It’s not long, and gets straight to the point. One of my fav podcasts for sure
  • Jared Cisneros
    Top Journalists
    I’ve been listing to these two since the early 2010’s and from The Game podcast from The Times. Great insight and opinions. Easy to listen to. Top class!
  • Gibarrios
    Good show but…
    I love listening to this podcast twice a week but gab needs to stop interrupting guests & juls especially! Gab can be very annoying at times, he should let juls host. He’s a lot more level headed compared to gab. I normally would give this 5 star but gab is really that bad at podcasting, he does a lot better on the ESPN daily show because he debates topics very well.
  • jrosey24
    Gab is clueless
    Gab’s takes are literally laughable. Guy is clueless. Not sure he’s ever kicked a football before
  • FC Gregramento
    Great rapport, expertise, and flow
    Listening to these two super-knowledgeable, engaging, and thoughtful guys is the best way to keep up on global soccer. They have great rapport and rhythm and build off each other well - I hardly ever notice that an hour has gone by when I’m listening to these two gab (pun intended). What really sets them apart for me is that they somehow keep top of the goings-on in all the big leagues - and not just in Europe. I’m amazed at the breadth of knowledge they have on the history, culture, and even finances of so many countries. Such a great listen!
  • WM Rine
    Best football podcast
    This biweekly podcast is the best football pod out there, period. Gab Marcotti and Julien Laurens are fun, funny, and know an amazing amount of both history, the big European leagues and their differences, players seemingly from everywhere, and the details of the game. Refreshing because it’s not Premier-League centric, even though they’re based in the UK, and it’s always fun. Even though mostly focused on Europe, they do cover the Americas when a big story happens (such as the ugly revelations of abuse among NWSL coaches). Every Monday and Thursday, when Gab gives a weather update for West London and Juls says, “Let’s go, Gab!” my day kicks into a happy gear.
  • Brundiddy
    Great soccer football pod
    As an avid soccer fan in the USA. And a part time volunteer coach for my K/1 grade kids in a recreational league. This is my go to podcast to listen to. Great insight. They talk about all the right games.
  • Alladinsane77
    Gab and Jules are the soccer podcast goats
    Easily one of the best soccer podcasts and probably one of the most accessible for new fans because the hosts are so knowledgeable and clear in their discussion
  • i break bread, ribs...
    Superior football podcast
    Great chemistry with these two and they are the best dressed football podcasters. Well done steak at its best.
  • Noah Boughdy 2
    Great, but sometimes too SJW
    Gab is incredibly knowledgeable and pairs very well with Jules. Fun, easy to listen to show that gets you caught up with important stories across Europe. My only gripe is that the show can drag when it gets political, and they’re quick to spout the corporate, SJW party line. Gab is often sometimes hesitant (Juls is not), but there’s a lack of understanding of what “those people” who disagree actually think.
  • Person with head
    One of the best futty podcasts out there great knowledge and analysis great connections to the clubs for great reporting. Both Ga. and Jules are so in sinc and ahow great personality.
  • Yoberk
    Great Podcast
    Very insightful podcast!
  • Casperwoods
    To be fair
    Really appreciate these two’s perspectives. Great inside knowledge and incite. Could do with Juls using the phrase “to be fair” less. Does he even know what it means?
  • yakru
    Good, but need more balance in terms of air time
    Overall, I’ve enjoyed the show. I havesome feedback on the “how” and not the “what”. (The “what”, ie content, is great). Two small things that could be improved: 1) Gab to give others a chance to speak a bit more than he has. I wish Jules and the guest got a bit more air time without Gab dominating the air waves. 2) Gab also tends to ask leading questions to his co-host and guests to confirm his bias/conclusions. It would be better to allow others to share their own perspectives. One e.g.: In the UCL final review episode, he was convinced that because City didn’t play tough games leading up to the final, they were maybe not sharp and that may have contributed to them not showing up. Fair argument, but he presented it a way that made it awkward for his co-hosts to share what they thought and whether or not they agreed or disagreed. Anyway, love Gab and Jules. I think this show is good, and can only get better esp with lots of football coming up this summer. I’m looking forward to their insights and opinions.
  • Miffed in Norcal
    Happy with the Gab and Jules Partnership
    Gab is the best. Loved his partnership with Natalie Sawyer on the Game. Cannot say the same for him and Mina on Serie Awesome. He and Jules are are great team. Gab knows Serie A and Bundesliga while Jules is the best for Ligue 1 and is strong on La Liga. Great vibe between the two of them.
  • WorldWideWinder
    Just like everything else
    Really got to hand it to man city. What an underdog story.
  • Grumpy C@t
    Top US Soccer Podcast
    Intelligent, thoughtful, solid analysis and discussion. Best podcast with reputable and experienced hosts.
  • Jc-q1__\|
    Simply the best
    If you are looking for intelligent and entertaining weekly football analysis, you’ve come to the best place for it.
  • Anonomys76545
    A bit boring sometimes, but fun and informative.
  • fcaxel218
    My Favorite Soccer Podcast
    Gab and Jules have it all! Truly a great podcast
  • Dan Bloom, your boy
    This is the best soccer podcast
    Need to show some love for Gab & Jules, my go-to podcast for hardcore European football. Personalities, tactics, management, they have it all covered for the continent. Thanks for doing such a great job, guys.
  • googlechef
    My favorite football podcast
    I love this podcast. I really enjoy how they can debate an issue but also keep the flow of the podcast going. I also like how they give all of the major leagues equal time, rather than just focusing on the EPL.
  • delahaile
    Great Insight
  • Surf 0n
    Best American Corporate Backed Pod
    ESPN FC isn’t good, but Gab and Jules are great. Informative, entertaining, and slightly funny. Definitely the best American-based pod I’ve heard.
  • mattwilllll
    No one should ever listen to ESPNFC for football advice, but these two are the only exception. Very nice pod.
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