The Deadly Dose

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A pharmacist and her longtime friend walk into a bar. What emerges is a dotty little science podcast, with a taste for toxicology. Poisons, medical mysteries, political assassinations, healing rituals, environmental disasters, pandemics & more - nothing is off the lab table here. This is the science of storytelling at its finest. 

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  • Asciguy
    I find it hard to trust even scientists who hold delusional beliefs.
    Why all the giggling?
    Stop giggling, it distracts from interesting content.
  • New Mexico True Orginal
    New Mexico True
    Super informative and fun to listen too. Stay rad ladies!
  • hermex
    Great chemistry
    I am so grateful I found this randomly - Harini and Megan are extremely smart, funny, savvy, and a great hang. They serve a perfect mix of science, history, pop culture, and banter. Entertaining and informative.
  • LUCYLOCA0519
    At first sight appeared to cover in depth topics that could be informative and educational. Instead it is just millennial ego centric lack of self awareness whining
  • Opal and Bhavya
    Genuinely the best podcast I’ve listened to
    This is just an absolutely amazing podcast and I love the enthusiasm and the information that this podcast brings.
  • anna-abbey151
    I found this podcast through tik tok and I’m so glad I did. I’m obsessed with them and tell literally everyone. The perfect combination of educational and funny. There is an episode for everyone (even my grandma)!
  • DKorentur
    Fantastic Podcast!
    I found them through TikTok and have been hooked ever since I started listening to the podcast! Very informative. Would recommend for long drives
  • Kiner1030
    Show review
    Love the show all around. You guys are hilarious and I can tell that you are doing this for the simple joy as opposed to just a mundane task. As a pure pharmacology and toxicology enthusiast I was a little disappointed that you didn’t spend so much time on those subject in the story of course that’s based on three or four episodes I’ve listened to thus far. Keep up the phenomenal work I look forward to your future episodes and I hope this show will go on for decades and centuries to come.
  • Isabelle Pinard
    It’s in the facts
    These two women bring the fact to the fictions. Explaining toxicology reports and diving into the psychological and scientific explanations behind unfathomable horrors that have haunted us for years. So if you are a true crime lover with an interest in deadly tonics, this is the show for you!
  • ScooterMcJuice
    Quirky Pod
    I really like this podcast. It’s full of fun science and history tidbits (almost feels like a murder mystery at times). Very quirky podcast that I enjoy. 5/5
  • z2ferndigi
    Unique podcast toxicology & crimes
    I really enjoy the unique aspect of adding a toxicology report and breakdown to different crimes. There are so many murder and crime podcasts out there nowadays that they can seem repetitive, but these fantastic ladies add a really interesting spin to it.
  • devildoc007
    My antidote
    This podcast is My antidote for long car rides.
  • hwidowom
    I’m nerding out
    As a forensic chemist working towards my doctorates, I’m obsessed with this podcast. It’s so cool listening to toxicology terminology from other women besides those in my program. Thank you so much for this podcast
  • Titaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    Laughin’ and Learnin’
    Love that i can go from cracking up to “hmmm that’s interesting!” In the span of 30 seconds in every episode of TSIP. Quickly becoming one of my favorite podcasts!
  • rachel nas
    10/10 podcast!!! thank you harini and megan for putting this together!!
  • Drake90001
    Saw the post on Reddit, super interesting premise and amazing podcast.
  • talpalmcgee
    Fun, interesting, and educational
    I love that this podcast is produced by two brilliant WOC who weave their expertise, backgrounds, and personalities into a highly entertaining storytime! This is a must listen!
  • poisondart_3
    Love this podcast!!
    This is such an interesting and refreshing take on the millions of overdone true crime podcasts out there. This podcast talks about stories where the poison or toxin is the suspect - super cool! The hosts have great chemistry and fun banter. As a fellow pharmacist I love the toxicology and science. Keep up the great work ladies!!
  • coolsoftgirlforevertumblr776
    literally wish I could record these episodes just to hang w u both. TWO FUN CHILL GIRLS TOXING OUT BIG LOVE KISS KISS 💓💗💞💕💘
  • swayfromtheeastcoast
    Excellent podcast!
    Love listening to Harini and Megan! Great chemistry between 2 close friends. I love the storytelling aspect of the podcast and the unique perspective on toxicology, especially from a budding pharmacist! Can’t wait to hear more!
  • bumbooty
    Love making forensic analysis more accessible
    I’m no true crime expert but this was super easy to listen to and follow. Harini and Megan are funny and engaging as they walk through the key crime details and the science behind it. Can’t wait for more!
  • drewsom
    Toxicology for Dummies with Humor
    Harini and Megan are so funny and great to listen to. I loved the story. As someone who knows nothing about toxicology, the podcast has just enough detail to keep me interested without me losing track. And I loved their funny commentary and banter. Looking forward to more!
  • DrewP2029
    Amazing new podcast, must listen!!
    This is a great new podcast, I highly recommend to anyone into true crime with a science twist. Pretty unique and creative concept for a podcast. The hosts have great chemistry and hilarious banter, it’s a great listen!!
  • Panduhhh
    Awesome vibes
    Friends just chatting about stories that interest them. You really feel like you’re in the room along for the conversation. Excellent follow up questions to clear up details too. Harini and Megan really have it down!
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