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When Gloria took a waitressing job at a diner outside of Phoenix, she didn't realize she was now an employee of Midnight Burger, a time-traveling, dimension-spanning diner. Every day Midnight Burger appears somewhere new in the cosmos along with it's staff: a galactic drifter, a rogue theoretical physicist, a sentient old-timey radio, and some guy named Caspar. No one knows who built Midnight Burger or how it works, but when it appears there's always someone around who could really use a cup of coffee. "When the waves of the universe crash unrelentingly, when the stars seem indifferent to your plight, suddenly there is a diner." We open at 6.

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  • Whoisisaidthefly
    Best characters, love tgen
  • egad80808
    This is the first podcast I checked out before it was big, (you may know me as the guy in the ox skull) and I hope it keeps on growing, sincerely, Midnight Burger’s greatest fan since the start! PS. I’m looking forward to the possible arcs of season 4! -Guy In The Ox Skull
  • extraterrestrialjess
    My favorite podcast
    This podcast has got me through so much- it is the best - The characters are so lovable. Needless to say I’m very attached to them. I hope this podcast never ends. My projects at home like seem to fly by because I’m just working away and listening enjoying my time. Midnight burger makes life better.
  • Mehkd
    Love the science and the humor!
  • silv3rshaft
    so good
    I’ve listened to a lot of fiction podcasts at this point, and this is one of the best. The sound design, voice acting, plot twists, everything is top-notch. But what really blew me away was the writing. The dialogue is funny, smart, interesting, and even beautiful at times…and unique in a way that I’ve never seen exhibited by any form of media! Give it a listen, you won’t regret it.
    Best yet!! 11 stars out of 5!
    I listen to these podcast all the time and I have to say this is likely one of the most enjoyable ones that I have ever heard. If they gave 10 stars this would get 11 but they only give five and that’s all I can give you guys congratulations job well done! Also, thank you for leaving all the WOKENESS out. It made it something that I could listen to from the beginning to the end the subtleties that were in there of left leaning culture we’re just that, subtle, it was enjoyable, thank you.
  • Labpc85
    Best show ever
    I have never found a audio show I loved more. I’ve laughed, cried, and felt all the emotions with all the characters. I love the story, the voices, the twists and turns. I lost myself in this show and was sad when I binged it all. I can’t wait for more. I could see this as an actual tv series. I highly recommend you go on a trip with midnight burger you won’t regret it!!!!!!!
  • Fawndoooozer
    Accidental Favorite
    I came across this show by accident and have never been more pleased. Phenomenal writing, acting and storyline. I have ignored all of my favorite weekly podcasts binging this crazy entertaining show. It’s thoughtful, intelligent, hilarious and engaging. Hurry up! They open at 6!!!!
  • Breeeeeeee3V
    Cannot stop listening
    I am a fanatic about this show. I listen to this while I work and it makes my day so much more pleasant. The voice acting and sound quality is amazing along with the story lines and connections to real life things. Makes fictional stories feel like they could be happening right alongside you
  • abbykinsssssssss
    Pretty much basically the best ever
    I listen to a lot of fiction podcasts. So far, this one is the best. Please give it a listen. The sound design is 10/10. The voice acting is 100/10. And the writing is 10000/10. They have created characters that I want to root for. They are funny and deep and remarkably human. I hope the writers and actors know how thankful we are.
  • rissyriss123456789
    First story podcast
    I’m a big podcast person but have only ever done the traditional format- nothing fiction or storytelling. I feel bad for every other fiction podcast that this was my first taste! The bar is high. So fun to listen to and I find myself laughing out loud quite a bit. Will be recommending to friends.
  • MW🎨
    Really captivating
    I had been searching for a good podcast that would help me quiet my mind and be able to have a moment of distraction and peace. This show made it possible, both funny and interesting, offers a new and exciting story. A big Thanks to the producers and a sign for other listeners to follow the show. (At least the first episodes that I have listened to rock
  • Galivan Peak Kelly
    Smart, funny, and heartwarming!
    Wow, what a gem of a story!! The characters are relatable and funny. The creativity involved is epic. This is the kind of story that makes you feel like you are a better person from hearing it. It's about relationships, humanity, love, friendship, and the big ideas of the nature of the universe and the mystery of consciousness. All presented in a silly, and easy to listen to entertaining story. I loved it! A very surprising treat!
  • Chona, Inc
    Byron Chronicles
    Midnight Burger is an Outstanding show! Finally something on par with The Byron Chronicles
  • IdeaRanch
    Best Scripted Comedy in all of Podcastland!
    (Podcasthood? Podcastship? Podcasticism?) I listen to lots of podcasts. Mostly comedy, some improv and some scripted; some sci-fi/adventure, some drama …. I’ve been at it since my first clickwheel iPod (it had a spinning hard drive in it! Google it, kids!). IOW, I’ve heard lots. Over a long, long time. Never ever have I left a review before. (“Someone else will …”) But I love this show too much not to say it out loud. The writing … the acting … the sound design and production values … holy smokes, you guys. Midnight Burger strikes this amazing balance between laugh-out-loud moments (literally laughing out loud, attracting stares) and incredible character development. You’ll genuinely come to care about these people and their time-traveling, dimension-spanning diner. So much heart. So much talent. It’s so good you’ll feel guilty listening for free. (At least I did … that’s why I joined their Patreon.) Listen to it. Just … listen. If I could leave a six-star review, I would.
  • Movie nerd 27
    I love this show
    It is clear this is the best show available to listen and enjoy yourself with. I can’t wait to see what amazing new stories come out after season 3 keep up the good work. Cast and writers are amazing!!!!!!
  • Auntie Isha
    Totally love this show!
    I stumbled on to this show a while back, and in the time since I’ve listened to the entire podcast series at least 3 times. I’ve looked for other shows to listen to while waiting for the next season of midnight burger but none of them are as good. Hands down best fiction podcast around!
  • halitosis
    The best
    Midnight burger is hands down better than any television show or podcast that I’ve seen or heard. There are roughly 720 hours in the month and unfortunately only 2 hours of midnight burger.
  • Fitmom916
    Hilarious and Sweet
    I love everything about this show. I stumbled upon it after listening to some other, similar shows, and I’ve been binging it since. It’s weird, sweet and hilarious 10/10 recommend
  • Ynottt
    Everything about this is great
    I finally caught up after finding the show quite a while after it had started. One thing that strikes me is just how much the creators seem to care about their audience. No crazy subscriptions, countless ads, and they never seem to call in an episode. Each one is really high quality. On top of that the spin offs like Young Lief are there while we wait for the next episode. I wish more podcasts were made this well.
  • Badwolf@2426
    I listened casually the first four or five episodes and then binged all three seasons. This show is amazing !! The characters are insanely well rounded and lovable, and if found family is your thing, you will love it. Its got a lot of gentle science and philosophy that peaks your interest but isn’t overly pedantic or confusing. It handles some serious themes while remaining a cozy listen. It’s a true sci-fi in that it’s about the present but still has time travel and explosions and aliens. If you like Juno Steel you will probably like this! Give it a listen :)
  • HowAboutCarrots
    Can’t Stop Telling Everyone I Know About Midnight Burger
    As someone with serious ADHD, I have never enjoyed TV like my peers. Sitting by the TV for extended periods of time is impossible. Since discovering Midnight Burger, I have been raving about how awesome it is to “watch TV for my ears.” I can listen to Midnight Burger while I drive, do hobbies, clean, and so much more. I love the writing and the way the voice actors tell the story. It’s emotional but not depressing and makes me laugh out loud. Midnight Burger has introduced me to a genre I never knew existed and now podcast radio shows are my favorite thing. If you’ve ever worked in the food industry, Midnight Burger will hit even closer to home (don’t we all have stories about a disappearing Parmesan shaker?). I totally recommend you check this show out!!
  • lshae17
    So glad I found this
    Just an amazing high quality show. The writing is smart, engaging and creative. The acting is as good as any Hollywood production and you really care about the characters. So incredibly well done from the scripts to sound design. Love this.
  • johnny is truant
    Wonderful podcast!
    I downloaded the first episode about a year ago and put off listening for a long time. About a month and a half ago I started listening, and I’ve now caught up on 3 seasons worth of content. It’s an incredible show that is mostly silly but handles the serious moments extraordinarily well. I cannot wait for more!
  • jessepaz
    Great podcast great story great cast thank you
    A friend recommended this to me and i have enjoyed ALL of it so far. Great story and characters! This story fills my in-between times at work, my drives to where i need to go, and keeps me awake way past my bedtime. Thank you guys very much!
  • Cruiseshiptony
    By far my favorite fiction podcast. Very clever and very funny. Solid acting throughout. Definitely worth a listen if you like comedy, especially scifi comedy.
  • BraxTheGR8
    This is just the Best!!! Hands down my favorite podcast “audioDrama” ever!
  • AngelicMadds
    Dumb fun! The best king of fun!
    I really like this for its more serious episodes but I think the ones I enjoyed the most were the dumb fun ones like fangs out. It honestly just feels like the characters having fun annoying people. The writing, sound, characters, voice actors, and world building are all just so amazing. The dinner needs to get a pet, or Leif a talking something. It also seems really subtle, but I’m pretty sure Ava and Casper are married but Ava comes from a timeline different where she choose a different career path and never meet Casper. Or, they’re going to get together but then again this show isn’t about love but about the story. Anyways I rambled on too long goodbye!
  • lemonblondie
    Best Audio Fiction
    Now I’ve listened to a lot of audio fiction stories, and this is the best one yet. Great story line, character development, acting, and imagination. I will re-listen now that season three is over!
  • ALR612
    Best piece of media I’ve consumed in recent memory
    The mark of a great series is you realize new parts of the story on a re-listen. I’ve gone through it twice already, and there are so many callbacks, story line threads, etc. that I missed the first time. The story is incredibly well planned and unfolds in an entertaining way. The episodes have gotten progressively longer, but never felt longer.
  • dissatisfied longtime user
    Is Desert Skies by the same people who made Midnight Burger
    Is Desert Skies by the same people who made Midnight Burger
  • Erica_soares
    We open at 6!!
    Pleasant surprise! Love the stories and the acting. Worth a listen if you enjoy science fiction comedy scripted podcasts
  • Whispering Falls
    An amazing sci fi experience
    It’s so well done. Truly beautiful and sarcastic, each character has such personality and growth in each season. These guys are legit the best audio experience and worth the wait every season. I can’t wait for season four. This is better than any TV show out there and if you’re looking for something better than a book, this is it. 100/10.
  • photosnipa
    A Masterclass in Storytelling
    This last season finale had me in tears! This show is spectacular. It’s incredible storytelling and the characters feel so real. To the creators, cast, and all involved in the production of Midnight Burger: thank you.
  • RatesThings
    Current fav!
    Not many podcasts out there with writing, or acting, this good! Much like the diner, I found it right when I needed it. Edit: And it gets better as you go. Season 3 finale is up there with all my favorite books, movies, or any other great writing, and same goes for the acting and directing.
  • Sloan god
    Not enough stars
    This story is too wonderful to not be known by everyone. The story of this crew has helped me and brought me joy on rough days. I love it!
  • cicadasoren
    Please listen
    I began listening because I was bored on a Sunday afternoon and now I am a changed person. the most soul wrenching exsistential masterpiece. I cannot believe the idea of a time traveling, dimension spanning dinner could make me cry so much. I have listened with my sibling, my best friend, and now my dad and they have all loved it as much as I do, I would yell recommendations of this podcast off of rooftops.
  • Sunny HB
    Thoroughly Compelling
    So wonderful, insightful, compassionate, honest. One of the best stories ever! i’m going to miss this Diner family and their adventures. I have to say, the science and psychology was all so educational! Anyway, all the episodes were pure joy. Thank you!!
  • S.J.L.B.S.
    This is the best podcast I’ve ever listened to.
    It is so well done and funny and pure perfection. It’s a cross between Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Doctor Who, and maybe X factor? I relished over and over. 10/10.
  • DogBeachPeople
    Oh my darling Clementine
    And Gloria and Lief and Eva and Caspar and the Mucklewains and the Teds and, well, every single character. The show is voiced and acted superbly. Flawless production. This podcast is highly inventive, witty, oddly genuine. It’s also weirdly plausible. I mean, a time-traveling -diner-? This is one of those rare podcast where when you see an episode dropped, you say Yes!! You’ll sit in the parking lot listening and go into work late. It’s that good.
  • Loftrax
    Patiently waiting for season 4
    I started listening to this podcast senior year of college during midterms and found myself hooked! I’ve shared my love of the podcast with the people I love and now they love it too. I’m now in midterm season as a grad student and this podcast is still bringing me so much joy. Amazing season, amazing writing, production and voice acting. I can’t wait for the next season!
  • Paddy_from_Philly
    Fun, Hilarious and sentimental in all the right ways!
    This podcast is such a great listen everyone! Seriously, the cast of characters is so unique and each one is performed wonderfully by the voice actors. The writing is top notch. Every week and season is a totally wild adventure!
  • TJinLOCA
    Wild, witty, and wonderful
    A crazy journey through space and time with some bizarre characters and also a few completely normal folks that are just handling things as best as they can. It’s delightful.
  • AlisenB
    Why does Joe sound like…
    Sorry, but this makes listening to this podcast hella hard. Why does Joe sound like host Ira Glass from This American life podcast?! I swear they are identical sounding, it’s crazy!!! I hope someday they get together and talk. Crazy!!
  • NightvaleResident242
    A Review
    Do you like podcasts that have a fabulous narrative which makes you reflect on your own life and decisions? If so, this is the show for you! It is a great comfort to listen to this show where characters tackle complex external and internal issues that with the help of their friends. You can tell that the characters care deeply about each other, even when everyone is arguing. This show is hilarious and heart warming, and one day it will leave me sobbing in a corner. Highly recommend
  • king_beedorah
    NOT a Christian podcast
    I’m on S3 and still waiting for it to “get all Christian,” as many of the negative reviews say. Anyway, those people are losers who don’t understand mere themes and undertones, of which there are plenty that involve religion in an enormous variety of media. This podcast is unbelievably written and acted, and I can’t recommend it enough. My only gripe is sometimes episodes “glitch out” and skip parts or end early. Not sure if this is a product of the Apple app, but it occurs often enough to be a nuisance. Also, LOVE the guest appearance from Mark Healy, on whose show I heard about MB!
  • wunnstar
    Wow, should I buy a stream service? No
    Because you can always try I to fine a good, entertaining, and intelligent story driven drama that doesn’t involving explosions and pretty women or men, if you are into that, but likable characters who are actually “characters” and not fan projection of what they think is a character…about time.
  • IShootWithMyMind
    Don’t judge this one based on the voices on the radio…
    One of the main things I’ve seen in a lot of negative reviews is irritation around the Christian characters. But! I promise you, as a raging atheist myself, the two characters who consistently quote from the Bible are not what the seem based on quick judgements. Their dialogue only adds to the overall story itself, and is consistently met with resistance from the other characters. While the Bible is quoted often by these two, the way they are portrayed as televangelists makes their characters an amusing addition to a very diverse cast. There are quite a lot of Doctor Who-y vibes but with a feeling all on it’s own. I have not had a podcast make me genuinely laugh out loud in ages, but this one has already soared to one of my favorites of all time. I can’t recommend this one enough!
  • C&A-E
    Season 3 has some of the best uses of SciFi
    Season 3 takes big risks and experiments with their approach to storytelling and it pays off. "Big Rock" and "Your Mom" are fantastic stories that show what makes sci-fi such a compelling medium; they tell stories that could not happen in the "real world" to highlight core themes in the human experience. I really can't explain it without spoilers, but the mechanics of the sci-fi mumbo jumbo elevate the true heart and soul of the story. Midnight Burger may be a comedy, but it knows how to do good drama.
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