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When Gloria took a waitressing job at a diner outside of Phoenix, she didn't realize she was now an employee of Midnight Burger, a time-traveling, dimension-spanning diner. Every day Midnight Burger appears somewhere new in the cosmos along with it's staff: a galactic drifter, a rogue theoretical physicist, a sentient old-timey radio, and some guy named Caspar. No one knows who built Midnight Burger or how it works, but when it appears there's always someone around who could really use a cup of coffee. "When the waves of the universe crash unrelentingly, when the stars seem indifferent to your plight, suddenly there is a diner." We open at 6.

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  • Ronoz890
    Unbelievably good.
    Wow, so impressed - I love this story. It is the only fiction podcast out there that can make me laugh and cry. . . Sometimes both at the same time. Incredibly amazing!
  • dissatisfied longtime user
    Came back really strong after a lull
    Truly well done. This show has really hit its stride. I just finished Ep.25 and it was great. I love the length of the episode. I confess the TED plot line was a little long in the tooth. And I don’t really understand the dark period after. Shell was a wonderful addition and I always kind of thought Clementine might be Shell. You have really hit your stride several episodes back and are really doing it!
  • She'llbeyourhero
    Just gets better and better
    Love it all - the sci-fi, the philosophy, complex characters, wonderfully wild settings and situations, the feminism, the humanism, the Christianity that corresponds with all of that. Deals with the beautiful and the horrible, mundane and surreal - usually in the span of a single episode.
  • iPad Chris
    Broad Story, Deep Character Development
    This is the podcast that got me interested in listening to podcast fiction. It is a great story with surprises revealed and many still developing. But its best aspect is the cast, their interactions, and the deep motivations that drive their behaviors. Thank you!
  • Shammy Jay Hawbbzziiee
    More please ?
    Is more coming?
  • Proud rice
    More cursing please
    Can’t get enough of it!
  • Deirdredallas
    Entertaining with too much profanity.
    Very entertaining however the too much unnecessary cursing. It adds nothing to the storyline. No one I encounter daily curses this much. Not appropriate to listen to around most people or in public.
  • Chef_Ninja
    I was avoiding this one..
    …for the longest time. It’s not something I would usually listen to. It kept coming up in my “you might also like” and never clicked on it. So so so so happy that I finally folded and listened to it. I absolutely love this podcast.
  • freakazoid4807
    Best comedy podcast
    Love the show but please clean up and organize the feed a bit. It’s all unorganized and cluttered with (subscription only) content breaking everything up.
  • pinkacer
    Absolutely love
    Start from the beginning and bing! Hits hot topics in a equal measure kind of way. Characters well rounded and the Universe is well built.
  • SylviaEmerson
    Amazing and fresh
    This show is my audio drama of all time (equal with The Amelia Project) it’s laugh out loud funny all the time, the characters have so much relatable depth and every episode is a masterpiece of it’s own! Midnight burger makes a me crave a diner and the next episode immediately !! 🕛🍔
  • EfromMinne
    Face show
    I’ve listened to each episode 10x + I just play it over & over & over. It’s almost like comforting to me now 😂 that’s how great the show is ! I wish it was coming to Netflix lol 10/10 highly recommend. I love AVA & Casper so much. Ok that is all. My only complaint is that I want new episodes everyday but that’s impossible 😭😭
  • Claracaye
    The best part of my day.
    I’ve been listening to this on my daily commute to work and it leaves me with smiles the entire drive.
  • Evilmaria667
    A breath of fresh air
    I love this podcast. This is nothing like I would normally listen to and it’s a lot of fun. I’m glad I randomly stumbled upon it looking for a different podcast. It was mean to be. It’s intelligent and fun.
  • TXplayerA
    Love Midnight Burger!
    This is such a fun escape for my mind. Midnight Burger is intellectual enough that you have to focus, and so fun that I frequently find myself giggling!
  • Beanbag20
    Great podcast
    Fun podcast, gets a bit confusing sometimes, some Christian stuff but its still non aggressive about it.
  • Andetomas
    This production is profoundly beautiful. It really is something special. The general narrative addresses fundamental issues of existence with no pretension. Can legit say “I laughed, I cried”. One of the finest fiction podcasts, ever!
  • PencilEater
    My all-time favorite podcast
    It’s great. I could listen to it 1,000 times and never get bored.
  • GuyWearingPants
    The Journey Of the Story
    This show is a fantastic journey through universe. The ties between every nook and cranny are very well rounded. The plot is on point and the audio is perfect. Even without really knowing back stories in season one the show was great but as season two and three went… that character development?! Way on point. If I ever ran into midnight burger, I’d definitely live out that fantasy. 5 stars
  • fish grower
    Great show great writing
    Really fantastic audio design and script writing takes you on a fantastic journey. wish I had enough disposable income to support this fantastic project. Really great job. I’m a devout atheist and really enjoyed it so don’t worry it’s not preachy but I think the use of religion as a plot point is really effective. Keep up the good work y’all.
  • Lib3rty_Prim3
    what a surpise!
    Its freaking good! Action! Comedy! Real Science! Its just great! I love it! Every episode is special! Well done!
  • dw-asheville
    Hard to describe, but oh so good!
    It’s a funny sci-fi soap opera. Or something like that. Anyway, it is great! The story is so unique yet so engrossing. The writing is great and the acting is wonderful. I can’t say enough how much I love it! And each episode draws you in more. You really start to care about the characters.
  • sdub666
    I can’t give this show enough stars.
  • meesterRoss
    It’s heart beats for you
    If you love a great story If you love tacos If you’re looking for something that shows you there is something still good in human brings, in humanity. Listen to Midnight Burger, the shift starts at 6.
  • Nbrupp
    Tricks you into Christian propaganda
    Starts off fun and silly but then steadily becomes a clearly Christian podcast with scripture readings and lessons. Could have been good.
  • EstimatedProphet1
    Super fun
    It’s great
  • Memetic
    If you are not a bible-thumper this is not for you. Couldn't stand the constant 'Christian' homilies. Not my cup of tea. I'm a Native American/Buddhist.
  • Tante143
    Craziest Premise with Hilarious Characters!
    This is so fun and funny. I love each and every Character! You couldn’t leave one of them out…they all play off of each other so well. Each episode has its own story based on where they *SPOILER* …you’ll have to listen to find out what that is! 5 Stars ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️🎉🤣
  • L154MMAB
    A must listen to podcast - don’t miss out
    I’m fairly new to podcasts and happened upon Midnight Burger…best per chance watch ever…great characters, great storyline, and amazing actors. Couldn’t even try to pick a favorite…whatever you are watching now, stop and watch! I can’t wait for season 3!
  • Anne Onimous II
    Great surreal exploration of time and space
    Great surreal exploration of time and space
  • ptown178
    Such a great listen
    This is a really fun podcast. Good voice acting, interesting stories, really cool concept. I enjoyed this as much as I’ve enjoyed any audio drama podcast.
  • yourbirdcantsing
    Like a good burger.
    This is the kind of show that gets better and better the deeper in to the story you get. After finishing Mockery Manor, I felt I had a podcast void, Midnight Burger filled that void. Now I need an update from both podcasts!
  • Kobra4now
    4.8 seriously?
    This show should hands down break the star chart period. Even has me writing out the period, you know for emphasis. I’ve listened to a lot of podcasts. Maybe all of them.. not sure? F@ this is a great show! Thank you
  • Julonred
    Have listened to nothing else for the last two weeks. So damned good.
  • born in St. Louis
    Simply the best
    A must listen. Hope there is more to come
  • Draged0
    Cheeky and Fun
    At first I was cautious of the story line. I soon fell in love with the voice acting, plot, storyline…. This was a lot of fun and I can’t thank them enough for putting this out there.
  • damjeen01
    Midnight Magic
    Midnight Burger is an amazingly deep, witty, and exciting podcast and it’s probably my favorite show ever. The writing is fabulous and it’s made up of those conversations that we have when we are up late at night looking into the vastness with a friend, when suddenly you strike up a conversation of wonder that makes you think past our existence. The show makes you want to believe. There are some words and lines that speak within me, the kind of words that resonante with your spirit and make you feel a slight tremble that causes your hair to rise. Excellent.
  • kgappraiser
    We open at 6!
    Incredibly fun and entertaining! Effie and Zebulon are the best- just a great show.
  • OPJelloQueen
    Fun and Chaotic
    So this is actually a really lovely and funny podcast. It kind of took the surrealism of The Far Meridian and the comedy of Wooden Overcoats and turned that mix into a great sci-fi series. And it definitely has the production value of those two podcasts as well. Looking forward to the next episodes! Update: So sometimes when podcasts start to have more a plot than “crazy things happen sometime” it gets less touching and calming. That’s not what happens here. The writers, the actors, and sound designers put so much love and car that it keeps getting better. It keeps getting deeper. I absolutely relisten to the more isolated early episodes, but I enjoy the more plot driven episodes just as much. Looking forward to more of the adventure!
  • Smithocity
    Was Once A Great Podcast… Fell Victim to a Common Mistake
    This show began beautifully. It was creative, well written, well produced, wildly entertaining, etc. with time it fell victim to success and began feeling the need to do what so many other programs of all sorts did. They “break up” the main cast and add new and unnecessary characters. This prevents actually story from moving forward and kills the show. Another problem is that one of the new characters was performed by a mouth actor rather than a voice actor.
  • regularolpodcastlistener
    Good writing, good voice acting, and an easy to follow story… what more could you ask for?? 10/10
  • LindaJeanBW
    Season 2 Finale
    Season Two Finale was well worth the wait!! Cannot wait for Season 3 to begin! I am obsessed with this podcast!! 🥰 I’ve re-listened to every episode multiple times - it’s so well done!
  • pvnts
    Love the podcast, not the subscription
    Paid for the subscription, can’t even listen to the newest episode even though it’s downloaded and shows I’m a subscriber and playing all older episodes. Love the show overall, but… not a fan of paying money to not even get the benefits
  • threefurrykids
    This podcast is so much fun!! I randomly stumbled across it and glad I did!!
  • Bzxk
    My absolute favorite of all podcasts
    Interesting, unusual, beautifully acted with a wide range of expression, engagingly written and with a distinctive sense of humor—as I said, Midnight Burger is my absolute favorite podcast of all time
  • kmk1029878
    Just so good
    The combination of humor, mystery, old timey music, and science is just so unexpected and delightful. I have struggled with some humorous podcasts but this is so well done I often laugh like an idiot in my car while listening. The voice acting is great and the production quality is top notch!
  • Lymely Mama
    Midnight Burger makes life better
    This show has been a light in the dark. After becoming disabled by a recently diagnosed chronic illness, and a mysterious one for which it is hard to receive treatment, I found it difficult to do much at all for a time. I lay there sick, with the thoughts that come to a person when they body is under attack. When it became difficult to hold a book, I started listening to podcasts. This podcast has enriched my daily life. I have something to look forward to and sometimes a scientific factoid to ponder between episodes. I can become totally carried away with the hilarious & intelligent script and characters. It makes me so happy. It makes me forget the pain for a time. Thank you to all involved in making this show for continuing to write this series. Your hard work is not just appreciated, but treasured. (I only wish I had financial means to support this project as well.)
  • RhodesyB
    The most recent, “Interlude: Vela”…
    brought me to literal tears. If the creator/writer happens to read reviews, you should know, that, this is a beautiful show. Thank you for making it!
  • ck do ufk
    I just love how different this show is
  • Dwangmanii
    Love the show, but …
    Love the show, but I’m not going to write a review for the show - that’s what everyone else is doing. Instead, I’m going to write a review for “Science News” the extra episode just before E19. It was beautiful and brought me to tears. I am a science teacher who discovered a while ago that Carl Sagan’s golden record was actually a message for Earthlings. I introduce the gr to my students and have them create their own “This is us” golden records. They think it’s an assignment about Earth science, but what it turns out to be is their own record of what they love about our home and why they want to be part of taking care of it. It’s a beautiful thing. We left the planet and discovered ourselves. (I know an astronaut said something like that - it’s true.) I have never come across anyone else who also sees the golden records in this way until today while listening to “Science News”. More please. Your intergalactic perspectives are entertaining, yes, but also enlightening and even, in a round about sort of way, hopeful. Ms. Love
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