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Nature isn’t just “out there” in some pristine or far-off location. It’s all around us, including right outside our doors. Join us as we ignite our curiosity and natural wonder, explore our yards and communities, and improve our local pollinator and wildlife habitat.

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  • Hoosier Nikki
    Episode 75 is amazing
    I love episode 75 about the Mt. Cuba carex (sedges) trials. This is information all homeowners or land managers need!
  • NORG!
    A podcast that deserves to be sown widely
    For people interested in learning how to play an active, personal and meaningful role in preserving and restoring the natural environment around us, this podcast is superb.
  • Wild Quinine
    So informative!
    I’ve learned so much from this podcast. Great variety in the guests and I really appreciate that it’s evidence-based. Shannon is so enthusiastic. I’m going through the archives.
  • EvartLakeHouse
    Fantastic resource and great to listen to.
    I love the variety of topics that are relatable to my small spaces. I’ve enjoyed it so much that I’ve been going through back issues to learn even more. Highly recommend!
  • Adam Driver Hot?
    Brilliant Podcast
    This is genuinely my favorite podcast of all time. No other podcast leaves me feeling so simultaneously calmed and informed about a super interesting subject. It makes my week every time I get to listen to a a new episode on a Saturday morning. If I could give 10/5 I would. What a gift to the world!
  • gody89
    Thanks for all you doing and thanks to all your guests . Great what you are doing. Awesome 👏👏👏
  • 93ems
    Perfect Podcast for Ecologists, Citizen Scientists, or Anyone Interested in Nature!
    This is by far my favorite podcast. I’ve learned so much since I began listening. From bat houses to property management, I have already put my new knowledge to use on my own properties. As a wildlife ecologist and nature nerd, I would highly recommend to anyone!
  • farthoy
    Create Wildlife Habitats In your Yard
    You build it & they will come...small spaces, too. I love creating beautiful outdoor spaces that create a home for the wildlife in my area. It’s feeds the soul to observe the beautiful plants, birds, insects, frogs- all the life surrounding us. This podcast is interesting & educational on how to do this.
  • Kennya100
    What a nice show.
    I enjoy sitting in the evenings and listening to the pleasing conversations.
  • J B MN
    Fun, friendly and factual!
    A great podcast for native plant nerds and newbies alike! Lots of great information from knowledgeable guests and hosts and just enough chit chat to make a fun and friendly listen. I appreciate the emphasis on expanding and connecting the universe of native plant loving gardeners and conservation organizations. Keep up the great work… our planet needs more people and podcasts like this!
  • MassachusettsMaggie
    So interesting!
    Great guests who know their stuff. This is a terrific podcast for adults who are curious about their nearby wildlife and for kids to learn out supplement science classes.
  • Tom Knezick
    Awesome Podcast
    As a native plant podcast host myself, I believe there cannot be enough podcasts about native plants and nature. I started by listening to the episode with my friends from Roundstone Seed. After 11 minutes I had to sent the link to listen to many friends and colleagues since it was so full of valuable information. I’m looking forward to listening to more episodes. Keep up the great work Shannon!
  • emilysearching
    this podcast is a gift
    Shannon's work on her farm/nursery, in her blog, and in her book have offered such a wealth of information! This podcast is yet another resource offering from Shannon that is a true gift to the world. Shannon's gift as an educator really shines through in all her work as she has a way of making complex information super accessible! "Nature isn’t just “out there.” It’s all around us, including right outside our doors...We have the opportunity, as individuals and as communities, to make valuable contributions to the local ecosystems and to a better understanding of the organisms that share our yards and communities...before we can do any of that, we have to value and appreciate the nature right outside our doors." - Shannon Trimboli As a person who sometimes gets overwhelmed with the knowledge of all that is in crisis right now - Shannon's work offers a practical guide on how we can all take small simple steps right outside our back doors that will create a big impact for our whole ecosystem.
  • Andra
    Best ecology podcast
    Since I started gardening my my backyard with native plants, I have been on a quest for more information about the native ecology in my area. There are so many wonderful podcasts available out there, but this one is by far my favorite. Shannon has very interesting guests, and she has a knack for leading the interview in a way that is informative without being esoteric. I also appreciate how polished and professional the podcast is. The discussion stays on topic, and yet one feels a spirit of camaraderie between guests and host, and listener. Shannon is delightful, and her joy and enthusiasm for the natural world is infectious. Highly recommended!
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