Cricket, Et Cetera

Cricket #4

Cricket in all its glory, from the journalists of The Australian. 
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  • Shorten84
    Top of the charts
    The first pod I look for. Great insights to the game, balance in the insights and a healthy blend of humor. Also learned a few things about music, but that’s not too tough… Thank you Gideon and Peter for all you bring to cricket fans globally.
  • Kris, TX
    One of the best
    One of the best cricket podcasts out there, hosted by two of the best cricket writers. Unique perspectives with lots of history and stories from all over the world. The etcetera is the icing on the cake.
  • chemfreak1991
    A gem in the making
    Great guests. Great conversations. Great insights. I am a traditional test cricket fan myself but I thoroughly enjoyed the podcast with Shane Watson. His insights into difference in cricket cultures across the globe as an outsider was great to listen and was craving for more there. Also, Would love to hear more about t20 landscape, global standings and future of cricket.
  • vishwa89
    Finally, it’s here!
    Gave 5 star rating before listening to the podcast. Gideon and Peter, Thanks.
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