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  • Wizard of Noodles
    Negative reviews
    The negative reviews of this show are really entertaining.
  • Coastal Skipper
    Great Show!
    Whether they’re talking about the Ming Dynasty, Martin Luther, Lord Byron or General Custer, Tom and Dominic are always informative and entertaining. Great show, my lords!
  • ______ا
    I wholly disagree with your take on thulcarnayn in Quran. It is your presumption that it’s Alexander the Great.
  • J Clam
    It is a good day to die
    American fan here and I have to tell you, and even with a degree in history, I learned more you Brits than I ever did in school. The most I ever learned about Custer was from the movie “Little Big Man”. Custer has so much backstory. I can understand why it was 8 episodes. Sincerely thank you so much. I look at your podcast as continuing education.
  • Code man42
    Listening to the Custer episodes. The guys laugh and joke about Kansas. Well, I’m from Kansas and got a laugh myself. Great show guys!
  • Cerebralmind
    Custer’s Last Stand
    As a Legacy of the Trail of Tears, listening to you English whitesplain Native Americans is really interesting. Of course you don’t understand Sitting Bull’s words…for white people are so far removed from the spirit as to not know even themselves. Basically you should just say…Europe did not send it best or brightest. They sent killers and thieves.
  • John Taylor of Caroline
    By History Omnivores, For History Omnivores
    I don’t come here for specialized knowledge on a topic. I come here for wholesome fun. Dominic and Tom have a clear love for all of history and take on a wide variety of topics with humility and wit. They show how an adept scholars should always have something of the curious student in them. That quality is what sets them apart from similar podcasts, which too often devolve into ideological barking. I’ll be listening for years to come.
  • EducateCA
    Loved the Custer & Sitting Bull Series
    Loved the detail of their lives, relationships and personal quirks. Excellent rapport between the host with deep research wrapped in a great big storytelling now!
  • MusashiG
    Tom Holland is Brilliant!
    And Dominic too. I learn something new each episode.
  • D Riffe
    At Times, Difficult to Understand What is Being Said.
    It is nice that the hosts are enjoying the process, and each other’s company, but the Podcast would be improved for the listener with less laughing and speaking over each other. One at a time, please!
  • Noah Mulgrew
    Most Complete History Podcast
    Wonderful banter, well researched and thoughtful content. Genuinely worth the continued listen 😊
  • Mongrel82
    Civil War Episode
    Hilarious that an American Civil War “expert” has been “baffled” for 20 years as to why the federal government wouldn’t just let the South leave, when it has been so well documented how much the fed would have suffered economically without the tariff on southern exports. Lincoln is even quoted on numerous occasions saying as much. He is also shamefully ignorant of R. E. Lee with the claim that he joined the southern cause to “protect his property“. This ignores the fact that he was an abolitionist, never owned slaves himself, and was in the process of freeing all of his wife’s slaves as he was able to find them gainful employment. Love the show, but honestly I question a lot of what I’ve heard so far with such uninformed, ahistorical claims on this episode.
  • Storm Hill
    Gentlemen, I appreciate your thoughtfulness. The only thing missing is the understanding of the sovereignty of God. Would it had happened if…. Yes if that is the will of God. Also, Luther’s position as to a personal experience with the Holy Spirit is totally scriptural. It’s not Luther’s truth, it’s God’s truth. Thanks Tom Holland for neutrality.
  • CB in VA
    A delight
    I think could listen to Dominic and Tom discuss the weather and enjoy it because of their wit and chemistry, but their takes on history are just enthralling. I really enjoy how they dig deep into the real people they cover to remind us that they aren’t just characters in a story. Easily my favorite history podcast.
  • A UK fan
    Sex in the city
    My daughter recently introduced me to your podcast - it is excellent and I decided to listen to all episodes from the beginning. However, I reached this episode and have had to stop it - Hallie Reubenhold is the very worst kind of insincere American - totally boring as she spends most of her time listening to her truly awful accent and trying to correct herself and keep it on track! Her shallowness shines through - what were you thinking!
  • Gutty rhythm
    Informative and interesting
    Great pod thanks guys! Hard to find a history pod with both qualities
  • Fairnhonest
    Line this podcast because I learn a lot a laugh a lot.
  • Boomer McOldfart
    Excellence in podcasting
    Always worth listening to; great rapport between the hosts.
  • L C J 2000
    The best
    I appreciate how they bring up the huge problem of gender relations in history.
  • Marlewoo
    Loads of controversial things happen
    Is Dominic an actual psycho? Dude, check in.
  • OneRogue
    Great show
    Can y’all do a series on Lewis and Clark?? I grew up in L&C country and think your show would be an amazing platform for the story.
  • LainDH
    The First Emperor
    His much better reputation in the modern era is (1) because people recognize his guilt lies in the past, but the benefits last for millennia, which is far more important (2) significantly attributed to archaeological discoveries, not just the terracotta army, but Qin bamboo slips unearthed in the past decades, which are primary sources and more reliable. There are things documented differently from the records found in historical texts, suggesting either unintentional misinformation or deliberate vilification. Btw, Qin did not invent the Great Wall. Its history dates back to the Spring and Autumn period. And the origin of the woman in the Great Wall folktale can be traced back to 300 years before the birth of the First Emperor. The story was made up by people in later dynasties to criticize their own authorities rather than the Qin government; it was set in Qin because this way they can avoid getting themselves into trouble.
  • KatrinaAJW
    First Emperor of China
    I love this show, but the latest episode on the first Emperor of China seemed rushed and was a great disappointment. I just know there was so much more that could be said, considering the Kennedys—a story we've heard 1000 times—was granted several episodes.
  • JosieZl
    Qin Shi Huang
    Hello, I just heard the episode about China’s first emperor and really enjoyed it. I would like to recommend the hosts to check out another movie, The Emperor and The Assassin, which is so much better than Hero. The fish episode is written in the Record of History, Shi Ji, which is considered to have high credibility. As for the thousands of boys and girls who sailed to find the immortal island, one legend has it that they sailed to the islands of Japan and became the ancestors of the Japanese. Maybe your show can look into that story and let us know if that theory has any validity. Thank you!
  • Alden0310
    Great banter
  • Anonymous_rembrandt
    Your new favorite podcast
    If you haven’t listened yet, do. As an American, this show makes me wish we never left. How I wish Dominic and Tom could be my sovereigns
  • publiusjones
    excellent pod
    love this podcast. also, houston st in nyc is pronounced how-ston.
  • generally very good
    Pleasure to listen. Learning so much.
  • jjlane
    Some say 5 parts are too much? Would love to expand this conversation to start of Christianity-and other orthodoxy splits centuries before. Also so many factions following 16th century Luther. Bring it.
  • XYZ2468
    Ada Lovelace
    I would have expected better from you guys. “The great ‘pin up girl’ of female scientific engagement.” C’mon really? You couldn’t think of anything more interesting to say about the first person to write a computer algorithm? Disappointing.
  • JJRMorales32
    An accident
    Found this podcast looking for Japanese history and this podcast pops up and this podcast officially has a new follower and fan
  • mybella08
    Love ya
    I am a new listener, and I truly love this show.
  • amy z-east hampton
    Lord Byron
    Dominic’s periodic outbursts of moral indignation over Byron’s “mad, bad “ behavior are hilarious. I loved every episode. In fact, I love all your episodes regardless of subject. Sheer delight. Keep’em coming.
  • Crimson Runt
    Learned and Cheeky
    Love the content, the tone, the interaction between the two hosts… cover so much ground in depth without ever being a grind. Since my retirement 3 yrs ago, I listen to about 15-20 history podcasts, but more from these guys than any other (agree w/review that says this podcast and Dan Carlin’s work are most consistently best). As a lifelong history enthusiast (and former college history major), I always thought I’d go back and take classes when I retired, but these podcasts have allowed me to cover so much more ground more efficiently than school classes ever could, and I can sit/walk on my beach without driving anywhere or getting out of my t-shirts and gym shorts! Have sent RIH series on British view of Amer Rev to many friends who also loved it and several now have begun listening ongoing. Can’t wait to hear what comes next!
  • Chicago Francophile
    Am loving Byron
    I live on Byron Street and our poet’s narcissus are in bloom so the timing is perfect. I’ve an avid listener for several years. Keep up the good work!
  • TundraJim
    Favorite History Podcast
    Informative, funny, and the breadth of topics is amazing.
  • jimt83
    Tortured poet
    I am so happy that you guys coordinated your Lord Byron series to drop at the same time as Taylor Swift’s “The Tortured Poets Department.”
  • Harpo the Marx
    Disco, RIP
    Great podcast, always entertaining and I never fail to learn something! You missed the ball on why disco faded though: it had nothing to do with homophobia (until you said it, I didn’t know the connection between disco and sexual orientation, and I’m not convinced there is a connection). It died away because it was seen as awful music and couldn’t compete with the 80s styles that followed.
  • Colin bringo
    I listen to an embarrassing amount of Podcasts
    This is one of the absolute best! Amazing podcast. These guys and Dan Carlin are the most engrossing story tellers out there. Love it, keep up the good work and the impressive pace!
  • Jellyneck Runner
    Racism or ignorance?
    I always find it curious when English speakers can pronounce French words with the fluidity of a native speaker, but when it comes to Spanish, they can’t be bothered. Is it just ignorance of the language, or is it some form of racism? I’ll leave it to everybody else to decide. But even if it’s neither, It still took me forever to figure out they were talking about Don Juan. I would expect more from a podcast dedicated to history.
  • Nora Benji
    Best podcast ever
    I love this podcast
  • 💕brener
    I listen every day
    Honestly. This is how I fall asleep. Not that I’m not interested. PNW American who is very soothed by an English accent plus I love history. Eventually I listen to the whole thing. ❤️❤️❤️
  • Eldae
    Luther, Kennedy and Titanic
    Truly the best podcast series I’ve ever listened too. I joined “The Rest is History” club after Titanic. You guys do a fantastic job of explaining everything and making a really exciting and informative adventure out of history. I wish I would have had teachers like you for history in school when I was growing up. Los Angeles, California
  • ChandraDickson
    Disco: Sex and Race in the 70’s
    I really enjoy this podcast but was taken by surprise when it was said that (paraphrasing here) that if you’re in Wichita, KS you would not this of 1969 as the year of the Stonewall Riots. As someone who is from Wichita, KS and grew up surrounded by gay culture (my godfather was the 3rd man to be diagnosed with AIDS in Kansas) many of us do actually know about these events and understand the deep impact they’ve had in contemporary history. We honor that history as much as those who lived through it. Please stop making us out of uneducated and unknowing people.
  • Frank from Montana
    Your series on the reformation was so well done. I learned so much with the depth and sharpness of your presentation. Simply Stellar Thank you both
  • Geoplanter
    The Moonwalkers
    The worst JFK imitation in the history of podcasting!!
  • Al Giles 2247
    Tom Hanks
    Wonderful show, I am a massive fan….but who knew that Tom Hanks would make it so dull? He didn’t answer the questions asked of him nor was he remotely as charming as Tom or Dominic. No more Hollywood actors!
  • Gena Re
    Amazing! Thank you, Tom Hanks! And you guys too, of course!
  • Pudelmom
    It's the best series you have presented by far. I learned so much from Luther’s place and how he affected history. That is what I’m looking for in a history podcast. Well done!!!!
  • Robbiepolitico
    Faves this year: JFK, Martin Luther
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