Add to Cart with Kulap Vilaysack & SuChin Pak


Join the hosts of Add to Cart, comedian-writer-director Kulap Vilaysack and veteran journalist SuChin Pak, in a subversive take on consumerism. Each week, they have honest, revealing (sometimes TMI) conversations about all the big and little things they’re adding to, or removing from, their carts. They decide what's worth the monetary/emotional investment, and what's not. From beauty products and health trends, to celebrities and philosophies they’re passionate about, our hosts dig into anything we buy into and what it says about who we are.

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Recent Reviews
  • CaliDreaming100
    Love this
    I love this podcast - and especially Suchin and Kulap. Their stories are hilarious!
  • esmith25
    Love Love Love
    I started listening to this show a couple of weeks ago and I have been binging it nonstop since. These women are hilarious, brilliant and an absolute joy to listen to. Thank you Kulap and Suchin for your recommendations, your perspectives, your great guests and your witty banter. I'm loving it all!
  • usahozierfan2019
    Like a warm cup of tea and cookies w besties
    These two make me laugh. The banter and the personal stories. Esp Su! 🤩
  • SiriusRavenclaw
    Feel Good Podcast
    I came for the cart but stayed for the wonderful chats. Love Kuku and Susu and their hot takes. A podcast with real Poise [pads].
  • Amanda8810
    Hilarious, Informative, Helping me to Connect with my Heritage
    Just want to say thank you to these awesome ladies (and their production team)! I found this show not long ago in my efforts to feel more connected to my culture. I’m half Singaporean and half Caucasian, and at the time of my mother immigrating to the US, and my subsequent upbringing, assimilation to western culture was just what happened. I grew up basically as an American who looked a little different than my classmates and as I’ve gotten older, that’s one of my biggest regrets. This show has been so fun to listen to and each week I find something I can relate to (I too have omega-3 salmon lids). Growing up biracial means sometimes you don’t fit in with either side, but I feel like I fit in just fine here! Su and Ku are truly the best aunties who’ll give you great advice and be hilarious while doing it!
  • HSantamaria
    Drafts-Su-I get it
    Y’all lay off my girl Su. I thought I was weird when I will tell people of my hate for drafts. Especially when I cook and my hands or fingers get wet or damp from liquid or food. Ughhhhh I have to clean and DRYYYY ASAP.
  • Jacquie Burke
    Thank you for this thoughtful and uplifting podcast!
    Absolutely love this podcast and appreciate both of your voices so much. The concept is really interesting, especially as someone who loves to constantly shop, I love to think about what we buy and buy into. As a female in my early 30s, hearing strong female voices gives me so much hope and keeps me calm! Never stop!
  • eteague
    Love my new aunties
    I’m obsessed with you both and have a running list of things I “need” to add to my cart. You’re speaking my language here!!!
  • Catamarannie
    My Pandemic Besties
    Do I like this podcast too much? Perhaps! Is it a small problem for my bank account? Ooohh maybe! Does it also bring me connection, catharsis and pure joy? Oh indeed it does! I love Kulap and SuChin so much that I sometimes find myself sharing things with them in my head throughout the day (ie: “do you two now also have the habit of wetting your finger and thumb when occasionally using *regular* toothbrushes?” 😂). My glass teeth, hair and skin thank you, and my heart is so grateful you’re in the world.
  • ctdubsj
    My favorite quarantine podcast
    This show has been a nice way to pass time and feel like you’re hanging out with friends when you’re just home alone working for hours. I’ve found a lot of good products (I too like my teeth to feel like glass) and my shower game has improved completely. A win-win!
  • holtsara
    Merci pour tout!
    As a half Korean (my father) half Scottish Welsh New England WASP (my mama) who grew up in rural New Hampshire, went to boarding school in Mass and went to college in Orange County, CA I LOVE THIS PODCAST SO MUCH! Thank you for sharing your multiplicities and inconsistencies and woes and joys and giggles. ~ Sara, Cambridge MA
  • IreneElektra
    I LOVE this podcast
    From two total class acts - actress/comedian/director Kulap Vilaysack and journalist/host SuChin Pak - they are 2 of the most brilliant, stylish and funny women you’d ever want to add everything to your cart with. I’m pretty sure I’ve ended up responding out loud even though no one is in the room 😂
  • listeningformore
    love suchin and kulap, but way too many ads!
    seriously love and appreciate this podcast and its fabulous hosts. my only gripe is the number and length of the ads that now inundate every episode. it disrupts the listening experience and cheapens the whole thing, it’s like watching network tv again. any way to scale back on these ads even just a little? pls!
  • Jeidbfjdjxnxmdko
    Poise it up!
    I aspire to be a Kulap, but deep down I know I’m a SuChin. All I want is to buy everything they recommend, and live in abundance.
  • Jennasaurus_rex
    Add to Cart Now
    This podcast might be my favorite. SuChin and Kulap are the eonnies I’ve always wanted in my life. I have laughed so hard with each podcast, and I have never been led astray with any of the add to cart items I’ve actually bought. What more could one want?
  • bnicq
    Love some Kulap! Great pod!
  • Olive&&&
    I’m always looking for Kulap content. SuChin is so cool I’m embarrassed I didn’t know about her before this podcast. The show has fun guests.
  • monkeygirl910
    So funny!
    These 2 are hilarious! Such great topics and conversations 🌟 - Elle Madsen, Creator & Host of Lady Empire
  • Alioopert
    What a treat!
    This podcast is such a gift! So many laughs, so many relatable conversations, and so many things I must add to cart!
  • Burgh girl
    Weirdest Aunties
    This SHOW. I listen, I buy the things, I feel the feels, I laugh, I take notes, I cry, rinse and repeat (with freezing cold water if you’re Kulap). It’s a treasure.
  • GongShowGrl
    I bought Poise Pads because of this.
    Count me in for the S. Korea Beauty Safari! These ladies are fun, hilarious, and not afraid to get into the nitty gritty (just like ajima’s at the K-spa). My middle aged Asian auntie self relates to it all. Get “poised” and ready to pee in your pants.
  • Jharrison1982
    Love Love Love!
    This is such a fun podcast! I adore SuChin and Kulap, and they’ve introduced me to some pretty cool products. Plus, they often have awesome guests (June Diane Raphael, Jessica St. Clair, etc.). I always look forward to the new releases every week!
  • FaithK
    A duo for the ages
    I lol and lol
  • Bfddgg
    Wanted to like it, but SO Boring
    Wanted or like it because of Suchin but SO mind numbing boring & basically just felt like I was listening to ONE LONG AD. Except it was like ad, after ad, after ad and with random talking in between. Not for me, sorry ladies.
  • RobertoLuis2
    SuChin please look into pelvic floor therapy for the dribble Drabble. It can help for dribble due to pregnancy (even many years later)
  • tavelchick
    I am crying!!!!!
    Tears of laughter....These ladies are hilarious. It was a breath of fresh air. LOL So great to listen to this in the middle of my day.
    Eh, not for me…
    I really want to like this podcast! I enjoyed the first several episodes, but now I am not so sure. I’m a fan of similar podcasts like Forever35, but the bouncy transition music in this show is inserted at strange moments, and the girls seem more and more shallow, unless, of course, they are talking about social justice issues. I really like hearing about their lives. But…I haven’t heard a lot of solid and legit shopping suggestions lately. Overall, I am finding this pod exhausting to listen to. It is a last-resort show for me when I have already listened to my favorite shows.
  • Jacobshahin
    Two elitist women complain about social ills while bragging that they can afford more expensive items than you. Dystopian.
  • Salvia&MarleAreWithHer
    Add this one to your podcast cart
    This is my new favorite podcast. I didn’t realize how much I missed female friendships during this pandy hellscape until I started listening to K and S. These two make me laugh, make me cry, make me wish I had more disposable income to spend on toothbrushes. Love love them.
  • Marin Ozawa
    The best!
    Thank you to my new Aunties who keep me laughing, crying, and my cart full.
  • amanitarita
    You’ve got to try it
    These ladies have life changing product recommendations!!
  • Electric_Dawn84
    Highlight of my week!
    So many great product recommendations! Also, their chemistry and witty personalities are infectious! Addicted.
  • Librarian Lindsay
    Love these 2
    The best!
  • Nat899
    Love My Asian Aunties
    I have been a fan of SuChin every since I was a kid watching MTV, she was always my fav. Her and KuKu have such good chemistry, this podcast is just a delight. Not to mention great guests and great recommendations. Thanks ladies, because of you I’m a member of the #glassteethgang.
  • Lbaird
    I want to be friends!
    I need to be friends in really life with these two! So much fun!
  • Chocolateandpb
    Getting annoying
    I feel like I really enjoyed this podcast at first, but the past couple of months I wonder why I’m listening. As the name implies they discuss material items they’ve bought and are enjoying or disliking for whatever reason. It was comforting at first but now just seems shallow and annoying (maybe because I can’t afford most of the things they talk about). Kulap seems like a nice person but she isn’t funny and her voice register disrupts my sleep. SuChin is hilarious & soothing to listen to.
  • Mr.Freeze88
    Great podcast!
    I love listening to this podcast!! I also love to hear Kulap’s Minnesota accent when it makes a brief appearance. 😂
  • 2ridick2quit
    Congrats on the award Kulap and Suchin! Thank you for your humor, insight, and great taste!
  • alikn731
    Just what I needed
    I kept meaning to listen, but life got in the way. But once I finally started, I binged the every episode in three days! SuChin and Kulap tackle the trivial and heavy, from serums to systemic racism, with wit, laughter, and insight. Come for the deranged shower routine, stay for the real advice on living a better life.
  • XianChanse
    Wonderful show!
    I love how much y’all love vaginas.
  • chicagomountain
    SuChin & Kulap are great
    Hilarious heroes
  • shaglow
    Love Suchin & Kulap
    These two have such chemistry and are such pros! They always leave me laughing and I enjoy most of their guests too. They should get commission on everything I add to cart.
  • JoeyG1216
    I love this podcast so much! But not the sound effects.
    5 stars! I look forward to this show every week, but I’ve got to say I am NOT a fan of the new, dramatic sound effects. 🥴 Still 5 stars though!
  • Jqjqjqjqjxnisi
    SoThankful for the full belly laughs this episode gave me! During times that are filled with important but sometimes hard to listen to podcasts, it was so great to hear women laughing and joking with each other as only women can do, about everything including granny panties!
  • dusappointed346788654566
    Time to change the title of this podcast
    Why are you even retaining this title? I looked to listen to get a light-hearted podcast about shopping and fun products. Yes, a whole lot of terrible stuff is going on in the world, but I don’t want to hear about it on this platform. Not listening anymore. Sorry.
  • Katejuice007
    My hair is shinier and my skin is clearer - thanks to this show
    Not even an exaggeration, this show has taught me about how to care for my body in new ways and the results are evident daily. These women are role-models of female joy in the modern era. Thank you so much SuChin Kulap
  • Jasmin_100
    Feels like hanging out with friends
    Love this podcast so much! I haven’t laughed out loud like this for a long time. It feels like the deep good laughter that comes with real inside jokes with friends.
  • wwasteofpaintt
    Cringe woke
    What’s with the push of pc/woke culture? Seems these two want to live in a world that’s polished and perfect free from challenging views or opinions. Apologizing for a role in The Office (that highlighted a real life situation) is just pathetic. Came for the cart recommendations, leaving because of snowflake cringe
  • JHole12321
    I never miss an episode !
    So good!
  • cmc_bk
    Like hanging out with my girlfriends
    Suchin and Kulap are fun cool and honest! Love how they make fun of each other.
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