Add to Cart with Kulap Vilaysack & SuChin Pak


Join the hosts of Add to Cart, comedian-writer-director Kulap Vilaysack and veteran journalist SuChin Pak, in a subversive take on consumerism. Each week, they have honest, revealing (sometimes TMI) conversations about all the big and little things they’re adding to, or removing from, their carts. They decide what's worth the monetary/emotional investment, and what's not. From beauty products and health trends, to celebrities and philosophies they’re passionate about, our hosts dig into anything we buy into and what it says about who we are.

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  • redesdale
    Like the premise but the hosts tend to babble self importantly (presumably trying to be ironic and witty) a lot, and the constant giggling into the mic is so distracting and weird. Pull your mouth back bro. Sometimes podcasts that feel like listening to a private conversation are good - this one just feels like 50% wasted time.
  • eahiv
    Poor Jason
    Getting made fun of for his cubes! How dare you! Just kidding I loved episode 0 and the awesome travel tips!
  • HopefulLeigh
    The aunties we need and deserve
    A show about the things we buy and buy into. Co-hosts Kulap Vilaycek and SuChin Pak (from MTV!) talk about what they’re adding or removing from cart, along with occasional guests. But don’t fear that this will cause you to buy more things! Sometimes they recommend products but sometimes they talk about habits and mindsets. It’s a well-rounded, engaging listen that often leaves me inspired.
    Ms Char
    Absolutely fabulous show! Hosts are wonderful, inspire curiosity and action! Love the!!
  • podcastjac
    The juice of life!
    What a great show!
  • KK-Holiday
    Queens of cozy for the ears
    I just washed to share that this podcast kept me company all night when was up holding sick kids for multiple nights in a row. They provided comedic relief and the Auntie support I needed at 3am along with taking care of my Christmas shopping! I never had an easier holiday shopping experience and all the gifts were treasured. Keep it up Aunties!
  • Crazylocopuzzlelady
    Was relatable, until it wasn’t.
    I loved the premise of this show and have tried a handful of the recommended products with varying degrees of success. I liked how they used their platform to bring attention to some issues that were important to them. However, I find one of the hosts to be completely out touch when it comes to relatability. I was out when this host said they had a dress code for their baby shower.
  • kylaaaa333
    Great show, but why SO many ads?
    Love you two and your show so much but why so many ads? It’s hard to enjoy the podcast when there are so many disturbances. Putting a bunch of ads together is even better than spreading them out like this. Please listen to your episodes and feel the vibe shift. I feel like this duo out of any podcasters would respect wanting the show to be an enjoyable experience overall! Really do love the show but it’s too much :(
  • AndreT3000
    The BEST
    This is the only podcast I recommend to my wife to listen to. HIGH END CONTENT.
  • megkelly31
    I love Su and Ku!
    This is always a fun and mostly breezy listen. I enjoy these gals and their guests!
  • Derbycitygurl
    This is a great show! One of my faves. I’m always caught up!
  • Cals12334
    Game changer
    Found the podcast from do you need a ride and I’ve been hooked!! Obsessed with their banter. Always laughing and learning from the ladies!
  • Capital City Kyle
    Give me more Add to Cart
    I never thought I’d find myself listening to a show about products but these women are hilarious. I feel like we’re best friends who’ve share secrets our who life. They let us right into their lives and I’m just dying laughing. I’m adding Add to Cart to my priority playlist.
  • F. Nelson
    Ads To Cart
    The episodes are turning into just ads. There are so many ads that I’m struggling to tell the difference between their actual conversation and the ad breaks. I’m going to set this podcast down for a bit and hope it improves or goes back to being more personal.
  • CindR214
    Aunties, our faces needs you
    Love this podcast and appreciate the recs! Snaps to Ronnie Cheing for his cameo. One topic we’d touched on here and there but we’d love to hear a full episode dedicated to: face care. Creams, serums, foundation, concealer. Smooth skin, acne skin, wrinkles, elasticity, sunscreen, etc. Is the Korean 10-step routine legit (my experience says no)? And on and on.
  • Harnessie
    Sluggin’ nun
    Friends! My 84 year old mom has been slugging her face with whipped petroleum since her time as a nun in her 20s. That has been her simple skin care routine for decades and to this day she has enviable velvety olive skin. When I tell her how gorgeous her skin is, she says in her thick MN accent: “oh geez, Kate, anyones would be if they were on ice in a convent for their twenties”!
  • RobertoLuis2
    Too many ads recently
    I subscribed to the paid podcast in hopes there would be fewer ads but that’s not the case. It seems like every four minutes there’s another two minutes of ads. It’s impossible to listen to. I want to hear more about their lives and deep conversations about the things they’re buying. It seems to have become sponcon for a necessary beauty products. Please consider going back to a former iteration of this podcast.
  • Michelle Pack
    Fun pod with great recs!
    Su and Ku are super fun but I also love it when they sometimes get serious and share the ups and downs of their lives. I rarely buy the items that are recommended but I ALWAYS click the link so I can see what they’re talking about!
  • Mia Minder
    Too many ads
    I love both the hosts and love their conversations but the ads make this unbearable. I feel that the description of the show presented the show to be a show that encourages thoughtful purchases and it seems the hosts mostly just add to cart.
  • SingerKS
    So fun!
    I could listen to Su and Ku for hours, hilarious, sweet and I love hearing their personal take and experiences with certain companies and products.
  • Carlately
    Too many ads
    It seems like there are more ads than content these days. Hearing casual reviews of products is a lot more fun than listening to scripted ads.
  • DurboVal20
    So funny and honest
    Few people are as naturally charming as Ku and Su and Claire. Such hot takes from such women with good taste!
  • tesskt27
    Mostly ads now
    I really enjoy both SuChin and Kulap and the premise of the podcast is fun and they have fun guests. Unfortunately in the last few months there is less and less podcast content and more and more ads. I completely understand the need for ads but the show is already an ad for the items they’re ‘adding to cart’ and now about 50% of the podcast runtime is also ads. I’m starting to feel like I’m just listening to an hour long commercial instead of the great Su and Ku
  • moseidel
    Used to be 5 Stars
    I loved this podcast so much but it now seems to be mostly actual ads versus reviews. Also, as someone who is not on social media (I know lame, but I’m happier without it) I relied on the description of the episode for the websites, etc and now that has gone way down hill too, with mostly just the ads on there. I used to always want more of this podcast, I love you Ku and Su, I just wish you would take it back to the good ole days lol
  • marshmallow_person
    I love this show, great recommendations and conversations ❤️
  • Strongesta
    Love it
    Great podcast!!!
  • sammmywich
    Not Adding to Cart
    I just didn’t like how many tangents they go on like about her mother getting scammed.
  • worldwide intl
    Fun podcast, really long ads.
    The episodes are quite short so it’s nice quick shot to listen but the ads seemingly take up half the episode. Seems a bit much
  • Hollyn
    Hit but mostly miss
    I’ve wanted to love this soooo much, and there are parts that are worthwhile and helpful but OMG this has become a show that is basically and hour of sponsored content, the first 20 that’s TWENTY minutes of the conversation in the January Challenges episode was just an ad for this weird face thing (not even a pre-recorded ad that was the next 5min). I’m all for learning About products and creators making money but to have over 30 min straight of sponsored content or ads is just absolutely trash ladies if you have to do that much you’re managing your cash flow wrong or are simply money hungry (which given your poor money habits I get, but maybe actually don’t spend reckless abd be an adult) and are just going to alienate new and formerly loyal listeners, ESPECIALLY since this pod often focus on curbing overspending as unhealthy emotional coping…very confusing folks.
  • CAM17*
    Happy listening
    One of my absolute favorite podcasts! Informative, hilarious, and heartwarming. Listening feels like I’m hanging out with cool, funny women I want to be friends with.
  • MN Celiac
    Alone In My Cart and Head No More
    This show is hilarious, I laugh out loud at least three times per episode. The ladies are perfectly relatable and ridiculous at the same time. However, this show also has true heart, they lift others up and share pain in such an authentic way you truly feel along with them. One of the best things to come out of the pandemic!
  • Fight for life.
    Happy Anniversary Ladies
    I started listening because I grew up watching Su on my tv and loving her. I stayed because both ladies are amazing and I love the cart recommendations. More importantly, this is a great space for Asians to feel safe (I’m all for inclusion and safe spaces for everyone) but as a proud black American woman I feel so included. This is literally how the world would be if women ruled! Keep up the amazing work ladies, happy first anniversary 💜
  • zz75643
    Love it!
    I love this show so much!! Look forward to it every week
  • jernicle
    Su and Ku are Like Old Friends
    Add to Cart has been a constant bright light for the last year of my life, it feels like SuChin and Kulap are my old friends (with A advice and lifestyle tips!!). They have recommended so many truly wonderful products that have made their way into my daily life. Beyond the “stuff” there is so much heart and honesty in this podcast, I have laughed and cried alongside them in the collective joy and pain we have all experienced. These two are so funny and brilliant, you will listen and wish you could be their friend, too!
  • MyNameisTickles
    My current favorite
    SuChin and Kulap are so good together. I never knew I wanted a podcast about stuff that people buy. This has been my favorite show for months and I love discovering new things to make life more fun/easy/enjoyable. I feel like I could be friends with these ladies!!
  • kelseyB134325765
    A year of joy, astrology and poise-ing it.
    Cheers to Su and Ku for an amazing year of Add to Cart! When I want excess and to feel fancy - Kulap is there, when I want practical and poise pads 😂SuChin to the rescue. You ladies are the best. Thank you for sharing your friendship with the masses!
  • CaliDreaming100
    Love this
    I love this podcast - and especially Suchin and Kulap. Their stories are hilarious!
  • esmith25
    Love Love Love
    I started listening to this show a couple of weeks ago and I have been binging it nonstop since. These women are hilarious, brilliant and an absolute joy to listen to. Thank you Kulap and Suchin for your recommendations, your perspectives, your great guests and your witty banter. I'm loving it all!
  • usahozierfan2019
    Like a warm cup of tea and cookies w besties
    These two make me laugh. The banter and the personal stories. Esp Su! 🤩
  • SiriusRavenclaw
    Feel Good Podcast
    I came for the cart but stayed for the wonderful chats. Love Kuku and Susu and their hot takes. A podcast with real Poise [pads].
  • Amanda8810
    Hilarious, Informative, Helping me to Connect with my Heritage
    Just want to say thank you to these awesome ladies (and their production team)! I found this show not long ago in my efforts to feel more connected to my culture. I’m half Singaporean and half Caucasian, and at the time of my mother immigrating to the US, and my subsequent upbringing, assimilation to western culture was just what happened. I grew up basically as an American who looked a little different than my classmates and as I’ve gotten older, that’s one of my biggest regrets. This show has been so fun to listen to and each week I find something I can relate to (I too have omega-3 salmon lids). Growing up biracial means sometimes you don’t fit in with either side, but I feel like I fit in just fine here! Su and Ku are truly the best aunties who’ll give you great advice and be hilarious while doing it!
  • HSantamaria
    Drafts-Su-I get it
    Y’all lay off my girl Su. I thought I was weird when I will tell people of my hate for drafts. Especially when I cook and my hands or fingers get wet or damp from liquid or food. Ughhhhh I have to clean and DRYYYY ASAP.
  • Jacquie Burke
    Thank you for this thoughtful and uplifting podcast!
    Absolutely love this podcast and appreciate both of your voices so much. The concept is really interesting, especially as someone who loves to constantly shop, I love to think about what we buy and buy into. As a female in my early 30s, hearing strong female voices gives me so much hope and keeps me calm! Never stop!
  • eteague
    Love my new aunties
    I’m obsessed with you both and have a running list of things I “need” to add to my cart. You’re speaking my language here!!!
  • Catamarannie
    My Pandemic Besties
    Do I like this podcast too much? Perhaps! Is it a small problem for my bank account? Ooohh maybe! Does it also bring me connection, catharsis and pure joy? Oh indeed it does! I love Kulap and SuChin so much that I sometimes find myself sharing things with them in my head throughout the day (ie: “do you two now also have the habit of wetting your finger and thumb when occasionally using *regular* toothbrushes?” 😂). My glass teeth, hair and skin thank you, and my heart is so grateful you’re in the world.
  • ctdubsj
    My favorite quarantine podcast
    This show has been a nice way to pass time and feel like you’re hanging out with friends when you’re just home alone working for hours. I’ve found a lot of good products (I too like my teeth to feel like glass) and my shower game has improved completely. A win-win!
  • holtsara
    Merci pour tout!
    As a half Korean (my father) half Scottish Welsh New England WASP (my mama) who grew up in rural New Hampshire, went to boarding school in Mass and went to college in Orange County, CA I LOVE THIS PODCAST SO MUCH! Thank you for sharing your multiplicities and inconsistencies and woes and joys and giggles. ~ Sara, Cambridge MA
  • IreneElektra
    I LOVE this podcast
    From two total class acts - actress/comedian/director Kulap Vilaysack and journalist/host SuChin Pak - they are 2 of the most brilliant, stylish and funny women you’d ever want to add everything to your cart with. I’m pretty sure I’ve ended up responding out loud even though no one is in the room 😂
  • listeningformore
    love suchin and kulap, but way too many ads!
    seriously love and appreciate this podcast and its fabulous hosts. my only gripe is the number and length of the ads that now inundate every episode. it disrupts the listening experience and cheapens the whole thing, it’s like watching network tv again. any way to scale back on these ads even just a little? pls!
  • Jeidbfjdjxnxmdko
    Poise it up!
    I aspire to be a Kulap, but deep down I know I’m a SuChin. All I want is to buy everything they recommend, and live in abundance.
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