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Leading functional medicine expert and best-selling author Dr. Will Cole has consulted thousands of people around the world on their health journey. Now is the time for your wellness journey. A manifesto for a new breed of health seekers, The Art Of Being Well is a fresh infusion of grace and lightness into wellness. Here we will explore exciting ways for you to nurture your body, spirit, mind and relationships. From this place of using self-care as a form of self-respect, you can discover your own metamorphosis.

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  • LeaAnnKanani
    I listen to every episode and recommend it to so many people. I am constantly discussing the things I learn. I am fascinated with all topics discussed and I am so happy/excited to read Gut Feelings. Dr. Will Cole is such an intelligent and incredible human being. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your kindness! You are doing amazing things! @leaannkanani
  • Lee23124
    Love this
    I’ve learned so much thus far, such important work being done with this podcast! Ig handle: @leesalopez_
  • Olyav333
    Great podcast.
    Really appreciate this podcast and Dr. Will Cole. I like that he takes information and encourages listeners to spit out the bones in a way. He doesn’t bash other influencers or popular diets but rather explains the benefits and cons. Lots of great information.
  • SarahEHV2201
    Good Guests but DM need to broaden guests as a whole
    I really enjoy listening to Dr Will Cole, my favourite episodes are the AMA with his team. I do however hate it when Dear Media podcasts all have the same guests on, it's really unoriginal E.g , Glucose Godess. Dr Cole, please bring on unique people rather than those on book tours !
  • jen417jen
    Great podcast!!
    I started down a personal journey to improve my health, mind body & spirit, about 9 months ago. I’ve been an up/down dieter & exerciser. When I came across The Art of Being Well, it fit right into what I was looking for. A better understanding of health, how food impacts so many other aspects of our wellness. This podcast is easy to listen to. Dr. Cole & his team make it simple for the average person to understand, process, and take steps to live a more better life. I’m a big fan and love that I’m learning the functional medicine way to live!!
  • mcfowler318
    Great presentation!
    I really like the way information is presented. It’s so easy to understand & gives quality information. Keep up the good work! @m.c.fowler
  • Alison E G
    Love the content
    I have been listening to this podcast for a while! I have taken away so much useful I formation that has transformed my health! Highly recommend listening!
  • k123421
    Love this!
    Love this podcast and all the information Dr. Will Cole and his team share. I’m always learning something new and learning more how to advocate for my own health journey. Instagram handle @karissaekwall
  • Zory73
    Amazing podcast. zory73
    I just started to listening to Dr Cole podcast and I already learned so much. Dr Cole and his team are very knowledgeable. He motivated me to make an appointment for cellular health assessment. Thank you so much Zory
  • kassielm88
    New Favorite Podcast!
    After following Dr. Cole on Instagram for a while I’m so happy to discover The Art of Being Well podcast. He has a plethora of easy to digest knowledge that I’ve loved implementing into my everyday life. I can’t get enough! Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and love for health with the world!
  • colleen marie 781
    New Listener
    I’ve heard Dr. Cole interviewed on other podcasts for years, so I was happy to discover recently that he had his own. So much valuable information. I am especially loving the “Hot or Not” episodes! @colleen_hickey
  • What a show!!!
    What a show!! Wow!
    Can’t believe I’ve been missing this show all these years! Always such great topics and guests, practical and easy to digest information and I love the sponsors he has.. right up the alley of any wellness seeking person ! I especially love that he stays on track with topics and that there are links to everything if you want to reference it! Amazing show. Highly recommended!
  • gahsjjdu
    I have taking away so much from this podcast and used in my daily life. As a registered dietitian I also use it in my practice with other clients to help them find some answers to their health issues. @lisa.schu1
  • Rd crystal
    Love this podcast and this program
    I love this podcast and I am currently beginning his program. It’s only been a couple of weeks and I’m feeling so much better. I love listening to this on the way to work and I learn so much! @drcrystalh
  • bk1987777
    Love this podcast🧡
    Love listening to Dr. Will Cole. Super informative without being overwhelming. I especially loved the episode with Jason + Colleen!! @brandy_k87
  • Chillin96
    I love the podcast man I’ve been listening to you since I heard your piece on the Duncan Trussell Family Hour and have been looking into all the stuff you do it’s pretty awesome keep it up
  • Gigilica333
    Knowledge is power!
    I love the knowledge that is shared, and the transparency of information that helps people improve overall health! Thank you for your great podcast!
  • glittermamaXthree
    Love, love, love!
    I am so freaking glad Jay Shetty had you on his podcast recently. Since then, I’ve listened to one of YOUR podcast episodes each day! Your podcast is seriously my absolute favorite!! I love the wisdom and insight you and your team provide along with the variety of guests and topics you cover. Thank you for what you do! ❤️
  • Zo3456
    Love this and learning so much!
    I first heard about Dr. Cole on Jay Shetty’s podcast and started listening to his podcast to learn more about wellness. I love listening to this podcast and I have been learning so much.
  • ter bear93
    Love this!!
    Was introduced to Dr. Will Cole on Jay Shettys podcast On Purpose. The two of them together was amazing! I had to go listen to Dr. Coles podcast. Was recently diagnosed with MS, learning about this was devastating. In my new search about how to handle this and learning about functional medicine, this podcast is amazing! I’m learning so much and have hopes now for my future with MS. Thank you Dr. Cole to you and your team!
  • Julie C. RN
    Highly recommended
    Fascinating, informative, inspiring, empowering and entertaining! This is how I would describe Dr Will Cole’s podcast The Art of Being Well. So much great information, scientifically based, common sense and presented in a lively, authentic format. I am a nurse coach and this is great information I can use to help educate and inform my clients. I am an avid follower since reading your new book Gut Feelings! Keep up the fabulous work. Thank you!
  • StacyWillis89
    Life Changing
    I found this show when Dr. Cole was a guest on “On Purpose”. I was trying to find solutions for my mental state- debilitating anxiety, trouble sleeping, lethargic, etc. What I found instead was knowledge about how my mental and physical health are interconnected, so much more than I thought. I then listened to many episodes of The Art of Well Being and found it was my diet and way of living that was causing my extreme anxiety- not to mention, the untreated hypothyroidism. Particularly the episode with Dr. Axe was profound. It’s made me look at everything I am consuming, food and beverage. It’s been 3 weeks since I have made a significant diet change- only “real” food, no processed or from boxes (other than pasta sometimes), lots of organic veggies, no coffee or alcohol (only tea and hot water- the tea episode was also very helpful!), more sunshine, more exercise. Oh and BONE BROTH! Seaweed added in makes it much easier to drink lol. Even just 3 weeks in I am sleeping so much better, I have only had one panic attack that was handled more quickly than others (they were happening nightly up until these changes), I haven’t had any depression episodes, I have energy all day instead of crashing- the list goes on. After just 3 weeks! I can’t wait to see the other positive changes that will happen as I continue this lifestyle. Thanks for your show. I’ve sent it to a lot of people hoping it will help them too! -Stacy @StacyLeighStudio
  • LovJo
    Love this podcast
    I have started listening to health and wellness podcasts as a part of my healing journey. But when I started listening to this health podcast, it took my journey to the next level! I have completely switched my diet over, and I’m eating more colorful food, less salt, less sugar, less dyes, and no more gluten. I have been a vegetarian for 22 years, I consider myself pretty healthy, but this podcast pushed me to be better which has made my body and mind feel so much better. I’ve heard things on this show that I didn’t know and that have been life changing. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. Johanna Instagram @johanna_stickley
  • travelingfromEurope
    Have a weekly dose with Dr. Will Cole is a must!
    I listen to many thought leader podcasts for health & wellness, and many times I unfollow them, as they just don’t tap into me, except Dr. Will Cole he is my weekly dose that I do. He not only is a great listener, and it’s not solely about him, but engaging with the superb guests-I enjoy every single podcast and finish them all. And, I usually do some research afterwards for my own health & wellness. This podcast is essential for anyone wanting to learn and grow and have greater agency for their health.
  • Johnna King
    Best out there!
    I’m a Mama of 9 little ones. This is my favorite podcast. Mental health is physical health has to be talked about and you guys are killing it! Thank you!! @parentingthekingsway
  • brichmond213
    Love this podcast!
    Dr. Will Cole was on a podcast I listen to with Jay Shetty and that was the first time I heard of him. I’ve listened ever since and absolutely love his podcasts. I love the variety of topics he dives dee into and how educational they are! I share his podcasts with my coworkers!
  • emmaroj
    Educational and fun!
    I love this podcast. It is both education and fun!! Dr. Will always explains everything in simple terms and how it can it be applied to improve our daily lives. He covers so many topics and can be such a good way to increase our knowledge in relation to health and medicine. I really love the functional medicine approach and seeing the body as a complex body of various systems. Would recommend to ANYONE who is curious to learn more about the body and health!! (@emma.r.s)
  • mharvey12
    Tremendously helpful
    I’m not exaggerating when I say this is the first health podcast to make me feel seen and heard regarding my health. For years I’ve been trying to figure what’s wrong with me and constantly being gaslit by conventional doctors saying I just need to cut back on eating versus figuring out what’s really the culprit of me struggling to lose weight. I say all this to say by listening to a handful of episodes and becoming more informed, I am becoming more confident in learning how to rehab my gut and mental health. (Ig mharv12)
  • hiwaaaa
    reliable & solid
    This show is a must-listen if you care about optimizing your well being. I recently discovered this pod & im obsessed. It’s one of the very few health & wellness podcasts I can listen to. I like that Dr. Cole is open to eastern/alternative modalities, while also being a credentialed medical professional. The science is sound, while having a holistic approach. I also love the team that shows up on the pod, they have great chemistry & are fun to listen to. My IG is @hiwaaaaaaaa (8 a’s)
  • Giovanna126
    Can’t stop listening!
    I just discovered this podcast this week because of Jay Shetty and every episode I have an “aha” moment. I feel like I found the missing piece to healing my gut issues.
  • Jeff tt 33
    Functional medicine in layman’s terms!
    Extremely educational for any person whether you are new to functional medicine or have been in the field for a long time. All of the guests and Dr. Will Cole speak in layman’s terms for anyone to understand.
  • salcido 678
    Love Dr. Will Cole and his team! He is an expert in his field and has so many amazing interviews with other experts! I love the raw questions and real humor in each episode! Even the question and answer episodes. You all are so wonderful!
  • Bcbdmdkdlclfslslalals26484838
    Thank you for being a person in this crazy world that actually cares about the well being and heath of individuals. this podcast is SO INFORMATIONAL and soooo helpful for those trying to kick start a wellness journey! It makes me emotional. Thank you again
  • MinishaPatel
    Love the podcast
    Started following Dr. Cole after hearing him on a podcast with Jay Shetty! All of the podcasts have been great so far! Love that the focus has been between the mind and gut and focusing on foods that love us back! @minishapatel
  • Acd456
    New discovery, and I can’t stop listening!
    I am very new to functional medicine, but I feel like I’ve been looking for it my whole life. I first heard Dr Will on MindPump, and immediately found The Art of Being Well. I am loving it. The women’s health and hormone episodes are exactly what I need right now. Thank you Dr Will. @oregon_angee
  • hannah95367
    Amazing Podcast
    Listened to my first episode today and I can’t wait to dive into more!! I will definitely be recommending this to all my fam and friends!! (Insta is @hannahchoff98)
  • tferrin
    The world needs more of this!!
    I came across Dr.Cole through another podcast and I’m so glad I did. I knew right away he was someone that I needed to look into more. His approach to health is in alignment with me. I’ve had cancer and other things and now POTS. I knew I could get better through functional medicine. I’m working on that. I truly believe we can heal our bodies through food and exercise. I believe the mind body connection is real. I love that he has research to back functional medicine approach and shares that. This world needs more of him! Fast too many people are hopeless and think they will never get better.
  • mmmmmbell
    I truly look forward to hearing this podcast every week!! This podcast goes into a discussion around different topics including wellness, mental/physical health, hormones, and so much more! Dr. Cole does an amazing job with explaining the topics in a digestible way for all viewers. Highly recommend for anyone!! (Also, I don’t have Insta😭)
  • Farrah426
    Love this Podcast
    I started listening to the podcast after Gwyneth debacle to see what the hype was about. It was great to listen with context and realized Dr. Cole has a lot of great advice and really knowledgeable guest. I’m hooked.
  • Allie_Beeeeee
    True Gem
    I came across this podcast from a post on social media and my own research on Gut Health. All I can say is wow! I have struggled with gut health issues going on 5 years now with no real answers. Just the few episodes I’ve listened to have been so helpful! For once I feel like I’ve found real information that has true value. I cant wait to get the book and learn more about healing my gut.
  • Tow Anda
    More info, please.
    I would give this a five star review, but the banter that happens between the host and the other people that sit on the show with him, is super annoying. I just want info, not debate between these people. In a world that talks too much, this show definitely does that!!! I’d just like to hear from the doctor. Listening to the banter makes me feel like I’m eve's dropping.
  • CareShev
    Go-to podcast for Functional Nutrition professionals!
    This podcast is an amazing resource for up to date learnings and information on functional medicine and nutrition! Dr. Will Cole provides a broad spectrum of information that will benefit professionals and their clients while addressing different cases and hot topics in the industry. A favorite that I return to again and again! @car3sh3a
  • Titaguali
    Good Health you can apply to life
    I’m obsessed this podcast is so great. Dr. Cole is able to tie small habits to better life choices. He does not get overly scientific which most podcasts that are good health based do. His approach is simple and therefore makes it something you can apply To your life.
  • GutPersonal
    The title says it all. There truly is an art and grit to ‘being well’. It takes hard work, research, and a little bit of self-love along the way. Dr. Will Cole really hits the nail on the head with this podcast! It’s a home run on education and inspiration.
  • megs317
    New to health journey
    I’m new to a personal health journey, starting to explore new habits, traditions, techniques that resonate with me. Dr. Will Cole has been an amazing step along the way. I’m so impressed with his knowledge, genuine care, and ability to connect. Have listened to a new episode EVERYDAY!
  • jamiejokcmo
    Great info, LOTS of ads
    I enjoy this podcast and learning from all the guests Dr. Cole brings on. My only complaint is that there are TONS of ads. I feel like I spend half of the show fast-forwarding through ads.
  • RedFlowerjlh
    Such a great resource!
    This show is incredibly beautiful. I’m a dietitian and work in both clinical and private practice. I find the interviews to be enriching, informative, and nourishing to my soul. I’ve been inspired to seek out, read or listen to published works from several guests and love the “Ask Me Anytjing” installments. Thank you, thank you! IG @sweetsweetjenni
  • E Hilligoss
    Grateful to find this show!
    I have been making my way through each episode, and Wow! I thoroughly enjoy the variety of guests, topics, and viewpoints that are welcomed into this podcast. I feel that every episode gives tangible takeaways, and that is always an added bonus to the knowledge gained. Looking forward to more and more episodes!!
  • Bane n Mac
    I’ve found the answer!
    I found this podcast thru Dr Cole’s interview with Jay Shetty. Hearing a Dr talk about the very thing I’m going thru but I have never found an answer to my daily struggle gave me hope. I knew a conventional dr couldn’t help but I think I found the one who can. I made my consultation appointment today and I’am so excited! Thank you Shawna @shawna_shehulkfit
  • PaBuyer2
    Increase your understanding on how to live better!!!!
    I was first introduced to Dr. Will Cole as a speaker in the Health Coaching program I was taking. I loved his videos and have found this podcast. He explains in a way anyone can understand. And once you know how to live better how can you ever go back? Give him a chance you will be hooked and WANT to live a better life!
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