Carefully Reckless

Comedy #94Stand-Up #4

Are y’all ready to REALLY talk?! Well, join the conversation! Comedian and Actress Jessica “Jess Hilarious” Moore is now taking her “no hold bar” topics to The Black Effect Network introducing “Carefully Reckless”. She will be talking all the topics nobody DARES to speak about! From politics to entertainment, a one stop shop of all the buzzing topics to her infamous “Jess With The Mess” segments. Get ready to laugh, cry, or even shout out; whatever you do be prepared to be entertained!

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  • Traceylicious
    Jess Gives The Best Advice
    Jess gives the advice I would give to my own friends! Love the way she dissects each issue and hits on all the points using compassion, humor, and truth!
  • Mahaganee P
    Fix your mess again?
    I like listening to your podcasts but can you go back to talking about other things? I like listening to your opinions about real life topics and your story times.
  • shaetaee
    Love you Jess
    Just started listening and starting from the beginning love itttt 🥰🥰
  • I swear77
    So glad I tuned in!!
    I love JESS I follow her heavy, I’m so happy she has this and the growth I love it!
  • whatusaybitch?
    If u white, this ain’t for you
    Love Jess, but quit listening. You can tell she has a deep hate for white people. Had to quit listening didn’t feel like she’d want me (white person) listening.
  • tughikbb
    Gezzz the Commercials are getting ridiculous. It’s more commercials than you “fixing mess “ if you take them away , the episodes would be 10 minutes.
  • angiebolder
    A lil longer
    Sis.....can we plz get a lil more time with u? All these, 19, 23 and 26 minute episodes ain’t cutting 🤪 We want at LEAST 30 minutes 45 wud b even better! 🤙🏾
  • Ebby216
    I’ve followed Jess for thee longest on IG, never really took the time to tune in to her podcasts…. I’m glad I did🥰!!!
  • Briamonyae❤️
    Truly funny and helpful
    I love your podcasts!
  • Knj141
    I love Jess! Some episodes I don't necessarily agree with her opinions but I absolutely appreciate her speaking on the topic and seeing other points of view. The fix my mess episodes are great, gives me future advice if I was to ever be in a similar situation and also helps me to strive to be a better person in all aspects.
  • ShayShayB88
    Yes to Jess!
    I always skipped past her podcasts and watched reckless discussions and her IG content and I am so mad I am just now listening. It is so much good stuff and I have gotten my friends and boyfriends friends on and they love it. Keep this going Jess!
  • acraig014
    Season 1 episode 6..
    😂😂😂… great content!
  • N3x's131721
    Yes to Jess!!
    I love to see this side of Jess. Still very much funny, but also mature. I love the topics and the way she handles the podcast. I can have a good little laugh and also hear some real sh** also!
  • Ms ke&cere
    If you aren’t listening what are you doing? I listen everywhere. Jess just do it for me. She keep it real
  • blk dymond
    Real one
    Jess is a real one.. I love how she speaks all facts.. the Kevin Samuels ep. Oh yeah she a real one!!!
  • Coolbrz88
    Bye Bus Driver
    I have laughed, cried and fell in the floor. Jess, that podcast was 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.
  • OaklandCAT
    Love you
    LOVE you & your pod cast and especially appreciate how your able to talk about everything
  • KavaansMom
    Love the show 💗💗
    I’m a fan love the content weekly!! But um why did u change the intro song??
  • Aj slay
    Love it
    Love it
  • Nate_from_MD
    Jess please do your research before recording
    Jess you’re entertaining when talking about social topics and I tune it to you often. Lately you’ve been talking about politics and COVID and it’s clear that you do not do your research beforehand. On your episode “Aye, Can We Get Trump Back?” you said several statements that were incorrect about Trump and COVID. First, you said that Trump would never get vaccinated. At the time of that episode Trump was fully vaccinated and boosted. Second, you said Trump caught COVID and let his own immune system fight it off. Trump took an experimental drug called remdesivir that is even less tested than the vaccine when he was diagnosed with COVID. Third, you keep mentioning how Trump was anti-vaccine and he in fact is the one who pushed for the vaccinations to skip the normal FDA approval process and sanctioned emergency use. He constantly told people to get vaccinated at rallies. I understand that you are against the COVID vaccine, but please do your research before spreading misinformation. You’re an entertainer and people may take your word as gospel without ever doing their own research. So please do your research on their behalf. Thank you.
  • KGC Money
    Love the podcast
    Jess is a Mess!🤣
  • Irie_mind
    Not good anymore
    I used to listen to this religiously every Wednesday. Not so much anymore. She started to get on more serious topics and doesn’t know what the heck she is talking about, spreading false information. If you want to do serious topics, cool. Make sure you fact check the fact check before you open your mouth. So disappointing.
  • Stemsandseeds
    loud boring mess
    want to put a bullet in your brain? Listen to this
  • jay 1237
    Love it
    It was so good I love it 10/10 sooooooo good
  • namealreaytaken
    Safe travels
    I love your Realness!! You have an heart of gold. Amazing
  • crazyyella
    Reckless at it’s best
    Very entertaining,funny and real! Keep it going ❤️ from ciara FT.worth tx
  • Mrsashbake
    Ummmm research helps
    I have nothing against Jess… but she doesn’t sound like she’s prepared herself for the discussions she has. For example she was talking about the show Euphoria and referring to the kids in that show as Millennials. Ummmm no Millennials are 10-20 years removed from highschool lol. That’s Gen Z…. Maybe dhe should have a regular co host to play off of and for possible corrections. Not a hating on another black woman but do better and be better.
  • Soleiljane
    Yes I’m glad I found the show!!!!
  • Nique Nkwogu
    Every Wednesday????
    Listen lady 👂🏾👂🏾👂🏾You said EVERY Wednesday not every other Wednesday… either way, I’m proud of you 👏🏾 Congratulations 🎊🍾
  • ____Glamour
    Super funny 😂😂😂
    I love the idea of Jess Hilarious having a podcast she’s so refreshing!! ❤️
  • Letasha 🔷
    Top 10 podcast of 2021
    Just yesssss Jess just YEESSSSSSSSS Keep this up, we’re listening
  • ariomariaa
    The Best Podcasts!!!
    I absolutely love how relatable and interesting her topics are !
  • Fabi Costella
    Anti-vaccine propaganda
    Interviewing a personal trainer like she has a medical degree. Bye.
  • JessieMarie424
    False information is disgusting
    I really enjoyed listening to this podcast until the most recent episode about the vaccine. Pushing propaganda is dangerous. If you’re going to push information to your own community, at least have correct information or certified people joining you. It’s perfectly fine to have an opinion, but you’re both speaking as If you’re speaking facts knowing goodness well people listen to you. Good day to you and good luck in your future endeavors. I’m really disappointed.
  • ChynaBlaq419
    Just be funny! 😆
    Jess is so funny and witty! She absolutely DOESN’T need to try to be political or philosophical, though. The 11/17/2021 episode on the Covid vaccine was FILLED with misinformation and dangerous rhetoric. She should also choose her guests wisely; her “trainer” made me this 🤌🏽 close to unsubscribing with that Trump BS…
  • Yardley VaShon
    Can’t Get Enough
    The Realness, Rawness, Relatability, Hilarity, Best Topics, Audience Engagement, Great Real Life Advice… I can go on and on!!!! I just love it!!! Keep it coming!
  • anyxeedee
    The best podcast
    I love this podcast! I wish it was longer, I just can’t get enough! I find myself waiting anxiously for more episodes and relistening to old ones. My favorite one right now is about Pride being our downfall! I love you Jess! Keep doing your thing!
  • Pjish
    Love this station
    Being from dmv I must admit she like the realest still out there u know how they switch over when they famous but slim has not changed at all stay you Jess u got a 4evafan
  • Ariii_S
    I love how honest, realistic and down to earth she is. I look forward to hearing her podcast everyday. Keep going hard Jess!
  • NotYourBDrome
    The best
    Hey Jess you are the best in the world god bless you and I wish you many more! I’m bike
  • C. Benee'
    Love it
    I be so sick that I can only get a half hour once a week. I love your show sis!
  • a heart like bella
    How to be on the show
    Hello Jess I have a story to tell how can I be apart of your podacast
  • dee bee 123
    I like when you do your show by yourself. That’s why I gave three stars.
  • Vive✨
    These are some funny friends😂
    I enjoyed listening to their conversation on this episode. Chemistry was on point.
  • Tneriece
    Oh man
    Last episode reveals a lot bout Jess
  • couch B
    Jess is the best
    I Don’t even write reviews but I had to do one for my girl Jess... she’s literally Hilarious ... she been should’ve started this long long times agos🖤🖤
  • Donnaduckett
    I like her podcast!
    She is so funny to listen to. She talks about topics that everyone can relate to. I can’t wait til she comes to Memphis! 😊
  • Love Laia
    I honestly have always been a big fan of Jess!! I absolutely love her topics and she’s always so real and honest! Hoping for much more success for her❤️
  • Quanna3869
    My new fav podcast!
    New listener and shame in me for being late to the party! Love, love this podcast! I I love hearing Jess talk lol!!
  • PhizzleFaces 18BBA9BCD8
    Love the podcast; want more Jess
    Love the show; don’t mind you having your friends on, but it’s been the last three episodes. I really love it when it’s just you rather than listening to you talk to your friends.
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