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The only tennis podcast with a focus on doubles. We believe doubles should be more popular and get more coverage than it does, so we’re fixing that. Our goal is to help you become a better player with pro doubles tips and expert strategy. We interview ATP & WTA tour doubles players and top tennis coaches to help you improve your game.

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  • glamsquid
    ❤️ Doubles!
    I wish everyone who plays doubles would listen to this podcast! The game becomes so much more fun when teams can plan winning strategies and problem-solve defenses. Shot selection and positioning are everything in doubles and this podcast covers it all so clearly. One quibble—it’s height not ‘heighth.’
  • reviewernamedjo
    Excellent strategy
    Will is the most thoughtful strategist I’ve come across among the podcasters and YouTubers. His advice is effective and understandable. I love that women’s tennis doesn’t take a back seat in his content.
  • KristenSC!
    Great Podcast!
    This a great podcast for anyone looking to improve their doubles game! As a singles player, I was looking for ways to improve my doubles game and this podcast has been super helpful! Highly recommend!
  • jenniferlp92
    Excellent Podcast
    Watch more doubles! I always learn something new listening to this podcast. I especially love the most recent one on Indian Wells. Also, really love the interview with Rajeev Ram.
  • benevida
    Never Knew I Needed This
    I’ve played a lot of tennis. Thought I didn’t need to hear about it. Until I heard this podcast. Hearing about the sport and the community makes it more fun to play the game.
  • jayala7887
    Love All
    I absolutely enjoy listening to these podcasts! Every time I listen to one I am anxious to hit the tennis court and try some of the strategies Will talks about. The interviews are also excellent. I’ve played doubles with Will for a while and he definitely has helped me improve my game on court as well!
  • Bunny Vidal
    Excellent thoughtful interviews
    Will has a rare talent. He knows how to interview people well. He know how to pace the conversation & ask the right questions at the right time. He’s calm & thorough. The results are super interesting and sometimes fascinating insights into doubles tennis. The interview with Christo Van Rensburg was one of the best I’ve heard. Highly recommended.
  • Dont H8
    Noob @ 42 and loving the info
    I love the podcast format so this info is priceless for me now. Gaining little (and sometimes BIG)wins in my game every week is so fun! Thanks for sharing the wealth!
  • Shannon2377
    Doubles strategy - for the win!
    Clear doubles strategy and tips that just make sense! After listening, I’m motivated to go practice what I’ve learned. Take a shot and listen to an episode, you won’t regret it.
  • Kyle9777
    Great for tennis mindset!
    Listened to this podcast on the way to my league match, and I played the best tennis I’ve played all year! Something about listening to an interview with an ATP champion (versus my usual political podcasts) got me ready, focused, and in the right mind to play. Definitely going to listen before my next league match as well.
  • LaurenG8912
    Great Tennis Podcast for Doubles Players!
    It’s great to finally have a podcast all about doubles! As an adult tennis player, doubles is all I play, yet you never get to hear from the doubles pros. This podcast provides great strategy and insight into the world of doubles.
  • gotornadoes
    All Doubles All the Time
    So happy to have a podcast dedicated to just doubles! I recently started playing doubles a few years ago and love all the strategy involved in this type of play. Thanks Will:)
  • BobFromVenice
    Great advice for serious doubles player
    Solid discussion about the subtleties of doubles tennis play....shares priorities and tactics to make us better and more effective players.
  • Hanlon Walsh
    Filling a Much-Needed Void in Tennis Podcasts
    The tennis podcast space is exploding - but no one is focusing on doubles. It’s great to finally have a tennis podcast featuring doubles exclusively. This is great for any tennis fans/players looking to hear from professional players, coaches and experts in our sport offering their insight on doubles. Highly recommend.
  • Ann Regenold
    Clear, accessible tennis podcast
    Extremely clear, accessible, and instructive. Really engaging in painting a comprehensive picture to improve my tennis game!!! Love that off court practice.
  • Cory Ames
    Finally-Let’s Talk Doubles!
    Of all the tennis podcasts out there I’ve yet to find one focused completely on doubles. Great first few episodes. Can’t wait to listen to more and improve my game!
  • chriscage
    Finally, a good tennis podcast
    Finally, a well produced tennis podcast. Enjoy the insights and guests. Keep it coming please.
  • TaylorPearson
    Essential Listening for Doublers Players!
    Many (if not most) recreational tennis players play doubles yet most of the podcasts and reading on the internet focuses on Singles. The Doubles Only podcast fixes this to help Doubles Players start winning more matches, fast.
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