Rasslin' with Brandon F. Walker

Wrestling #92

Professional wrestling is the greatest spectacle in the world and now, Barstool Sports is back in the ring with a podcast featuring a crazed wrestling fan. For his entire life, host Brandon Walker has been two things: An idiot and a wrestling fanatic. From the Attitude Era to the heyday of Hulkmania all the way through the Undisputed Era, he's sharing his love for wrestling. This is entertainment. This is Barstool. This is Rasslin'.

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  • BirdieRooCapo
    Big Trouble Ben Bishop is a star
    Title says it all
    BTBB is an absolute rocket launcher!
    Big Trouble is the best thing to ever happen to the podcast industry!
  • Jack Crozer
    Unbiased Review
    Most handsome wrestling podcast of all time and there’s not a close second
  • Thatwhitebelt
    Run it!
    Love the show! Love the mixture of AEW & WWE! Need some merch!!!
  • JoePhilbin
    I don’t like wrestling but I like this show
    I’m so glad that this is still going on despite being shadow cancelled. Long live Rasslin!
  • Zombiezzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    One of barstools best shows
    Great content
  • pmily
    Absolutely incredible.
  • SSB0606
    Best wrestling podcast
    Best wrestling content in the game
  • Milkop
    A+ BFW hardest working man in show biz.
  • Create Nickname thing
    Awesome podcast!
    Keep ‘em coming BFW!
  • wpomfslf
    Good show
    Rasslin rules, let’s the wrestlers have a playground
  • Kpppppppppbh
    Awful podcast
  • Zer0F0x
    YouTube ruined this
    The recent move to a more YouTube based podcast has really made this hard to listen to. Before we got interesting interviews and insight. Now Brandon seems to have taken on more of a heel character and the podcast went from fun and silly at times to ridiculous and annoying.
  • matt bato
    Falling off the turnbuckle
    I used to really enjoy Rasslin and loved Brandon’s perspective on the business. But after he took a break the show’s fallen off. It seems fully dedicated to being a YouTube show, and podcasts don’t even get uploaded sometimes. And the content is really sporadic with random interruptions for a failed joke or random producer interactions nobody asked for. I also hate that the podcast doesn’t get full interviews with WWE stars. This show needs to be reigned back in.
  • gangwoohoo
    Brandon Walker, a noted racist, should not be listened to.
  • AndyTheMan-Man
    Don’t listen to this Wrestling Pod
    This so called Wrestling podcast is trash, the interviewer Brandon Walker, is horrible at his job, he has amazing guest on to interview. But takes away from the interview with stupid unnecessary comments, that just throw off the flow of the interview. If he would try and not be a character.. and do is job as a interviewer, this show maybe more tolerable.
  • jamezy mc-krazy
    Baby Brandon
    Cry baby
  • TruthBeTold44
    Not good… at all
  • Bmf1314
    I hope BFW gets V-Triggered
  • jelliottiii
    Fan to a fan
    Keep Rasslin alive brother
  • Mr.Oriole
    Thank you Mr. Walker!
  • erik1987@)
    Great show
  • _zb81
    Love some BFW
    Great pod!
  • DietrichRyan20
    A Fun Wrestling Podcast
    Been a wrestling fan for a long time and finally stumbled across this podcast. Brandon Walker is the perfect host and you can hear the passion in his voice while he’s talking. By the way, love the episodes with Robbie Fox, going to need more of those in the future.
  • LaurenOh!
    Wrestling still works!!!!
    How about I’m a guy that loves 90s-2000s wrestling and Brandon Walker does no wrong!!!
  • Mrizzo87
    Awesome podcast
    Been a listener since day one and I loved Brandon solo but when he had Chelsea Green on with him changed my mind. Those two had great chemistry and I think Barstool needs to make her a cohost
  • jacksonbk
    BFW is the man. Great listen.
  • Flightyears
    King of the skills.
  • bigneems
    never listened probably won’t ever listen but it’s Brandon F Walker so it’s always 5 stars
  • Bill Bruno
    Must listen
    As a lifelong fan, this is such a great listen. All things rasslin’ in one place.
  • FapDragon69
    The Kalisto super fan caller is reason enough to tune in every week.
  • trystakrick
    Brandon Walker has completely changed since getting to Barstool. Loved him in the beginning not anymore. Stuck up, big headed, and too good for anyone. I can’t stand it and won’t be watching or listening to anything of his. Maybe he needs to take a taste of his old life again.
  • HVAC09
    The hardest worker in media does it again. Do yourself a favor and give it a listen.
  • Ty Fritz
    This pod
    Great show, BWalk has made me love the current WWE product
  • Cornbreadniko
    Love the pod but bring back Robby. It’s only right.
  • Trgj417
    Brandon F*ckin Walker
    Let’s go BFW. Thanks for bringing back to the wrestling arena. Can’t wait for live matches again!
  • bbigdogchris
    Got me back into wrestling. BWalk is the best.
    great show every week, Arya is great, Brandon is great, guests have been great. Zero complaints, awesome listen.
  • Charnicky3041
    I love everything barstool.
  • Alex Gibsun
    BFW Is the heavyweight champ of my heart
    Love the podcast, theme is fire and I can’t wait for new episodes! Brandon Walker is barstool & barstool is rasslin’.
  • Thekid1990
    5 stars
    Brandon Walker knows his role and makes today’s era funner. And if you don’t like that you get a Stone Cold Stunner that’s Rasslin’. Yeah that’s Rasslin’.
  • Steve In Rhode Island (LUFC)
    Love it !
  • Yup8754675
    Love this
    Love the show man and will follow everything you do. Great insight from the two of you and amazing first guest you guys got. WHAT!
  • joshgeezy13
    Intro song
    Everything I was waiting for and you delivered
  • Smokeybry
    Smoky joe
    Love the pod but that new theme song is awful.
  • nickramsey13
    I thought about it more than once, But I had to give 5 stars to that putz, That’s Rasslin
  • kevinsherman13
    5 star podcast
    Really enjoy the positive view on wrestling. It’s a breath of fresh air to listen to!
  • Bottlepopperchi
    Best wrestling podcast
    Brings back nostalgia, great host, even better podcast
  • wazzy821
    Love the show
    Love everything about the show, keep it up
  • I heart sac
    Guest pick
    Twitter @hoffy8121
  • Jaytee441
    Great premise
    Fringe wrestling fan here. I sometimes listen to wrestling podcasts to pass time. All of them consist of the hosts complaining and saying how they would have booked the show. It is pathetic. Appreciate what B-Walk is doing here..some positivity.
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