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Leisure #8

The guys who kept America laughing for 11 seasons while cranking out duck calls are back in the heart of Duck Commander to share hilarious stories, tall tales, hunting adventures, pop culture commentary, and all the antics and escapades you know and love. Join Si Robertson, Justin Martin, John-David Owen, John Godwin, Jay Stone, and Phillip McMillan where it all began — in the Duck Call Room.

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  • Acm1130
    You Boys are the Best
    Love this show
  • Mac smith 1234
    From Mac Smith Greer SC
    Y’all are awesome and I love your podcast.
  • 🔥PhoenyxRising🔥
    Silas, JD, Martin, etc. are 🔥 for the Lord!
    Guys. No matter how much Si exaggerates. No matter how many times JD laughs too loud. These men are ON FIRE for the LORD! This podcast truly is riddled with the word of the Lord and is truly a lamp in this sinful world. If you don’t like Si’s exaggeration, wake up and realize he’s an old man just trying to guide us youngsters.
  • JaCk DaViS 1221!!!
    Coolest podcast ever!!!!
    Hey guys I love the podcast it’s THE BEST I LOVE IT. I’m twelve and watched Duck Dynasty since I was little. Si I think Black Panthers are real. Thank for the laughs and Martin good luck with the twin boys I have three brothers they are crazy.
  • Crazy Mail Lady AHA
    Marriage advice is Awesome!
    So just wanted to say how awesome y’all are! I really enjoy all the shows. I have a question, could y’all do a podcast with the wives & give marriage advice? I love to hear how Godwin talks about Mrs Paula (they sound like they’re still in love). Happy Birthday to Godwin, also. I would love for Martin & Brittany to do a pre-babies podcast & an afterwards on marriage advice. BTW JD you’ve still got to bring Mrs Alison. Marriage advice? We will celebrate 26 years next week. So very thankful for when God became the main thing in our marriage, it took a while. Thanks Amy Anderson
  • jofjek
    love this show its the best i listen to every episode and keep pushing
  • NPchristionrapper
    Thank you guys!!!
    I love this show it’s funny, it helps me get through the day sometimes even. My name is noah I’m 16 and I was wondering if you guys had any advice about dealing with parents and relationships? I pray that God continues to show favor to you guys and your family’s 👊🏻👊🏻
  • Aubrey,I am a girl
    Duck dynasty
    I love this podcast I listen to it when I go to bed I also saw all of the duck dynasty episodes and I am watching duck family treasures I am going into middle school I am 11 and my name is Aubrey do you have any advice . Also god bless you guys I have duck calls to I also shoot guns at are farm and one day I want to shoot a deer,duck,or a squirrel also you guys should start reading are texts also whats y’all’s phone number. Love y’all! Also one more thing thank you Si for your service and I really want to meet you guys sometime that’s my dream! Love you guys :) also one more thing great job si and Godwin and jase love you jase also are farm is in Louisiana and we live in Fort Worth Texas and it’s in the the 150s and stuff here it’s so hot. You guys are I also live in Texas and looooovvvve Buckeess one time at buckees the beaver we met the boomer Sooners softball players and we kept yelling in the store boomer and they said sooner I love there slurpees beef jerky and there pecans I have a stuffed animal buckee and U have a buckees blanket and P-Gs I am from St.Louis Missouri
  • Moose street
    Si exaggerates greatly
    Si said he had a 1968 Plymouth with a 5 speed transmission, 5 speeds weren’t even in existence then. Basically everything he says is not true or extremely exaggerated.
  • RealJesusFreak
    Y’all are awesome!
    Love Duck Dynasty and I am so happy y’all are doing a podcast! Y’all are so amazing at just being who God made y’all! ❤️God bless!
  • dki56
    It gets too loud. Please stop talking over each other! I’ll rate you later, after you all figure it out!! Please turn down or off Johnny D’S mic. Love the podcast but JD is too loud and it’s hard to listen Love the other guys! I only listen when JD is not on the show!
  • tim burnette
    Si there’s no way you remember WWII If you’re 73 years old you was born in 1949 and the war was over in 1945 so you know absolutely nothing about it. You talk like you was actually there and you wasn’t. Stop all the lying
  • Bazmd
    Great show! Keep sharing the Gospel.
  • CodyRG2
    Great show!
    Love keeping up with the Duck Call Room crew by listening to this show. Always a great story to share!
  • Fun1894
    You guys are rich yet you can’t do an hour without ads.
  • foreverredneck
    Love you guys
    I grew up with my family watching Duck Dynasty. Si was the key highlight of the night. He reminds me kind of Barney Fife from Andy Griffith thinking his stories are greater than they actually are. But I love how you put in humor along with Christianity. As a girl who hangs out with hicks or rednecks you help me understand that neck of the woods better. Thank you guys!😁
  • Brad-4-Him
    Best podcast ever
    This is my favorite podcast of all time and the only one I follow religiously. I can’t wait for each new episode to drop. The content is clean, hilarious, and full of nuggets of truth. Definitely a must-hear.
  • TreyBradford 24
    This is awesome
    It is so awesome when I have to go to work in the hot sun all day and I get to listen to these guys when they tell their stories and jokes. Also I love the positivity and the Bible verse at the end.
  • Quinn111111111111111111111112
    Love it!!!BEST PODCAST EVER!!!!!!! Thanks for all you do. God is good!!!!!!!!!
  • Winnifred165
    Thank you for being so open and honest, Si. Love you for it❤️
  • Minimarty2020
    Great podcast
    Amazing podcast. So fun to listen to their views and beliefs that truly are correct
  • Bornanew94
    Best Podcast
    I love this podcast. They are so funny & genuine. I always learn something. Godwin’s jokes are hilarious. Si is crazy! They are real folks who love Jesus first. They love their families & they love each other.
  • Papa Ken 254
    Great podcast.
  • kd ;p
    You guys are hilarious!
  • duckmanwr
    Number 1
    Best content on the internet
  • duke fan 12
    I like to listen si he is funny
  • Marisa_1993
    Uncle Si is hilarious
    I’ve been binge watching duck dynasty episodes and decided I needed some more of that wondered family in my life. I’m happy to find that they make podcasts. You guys are wondering !
  • Illiterate hobo
    Uncle Si is the man.
  • the_tru_devin
    One of my favorites!!
    I was never one for podcasts, but this is one of the 2 that I listen to. But since I’ve started listening I turn it on anytime I’m traveling. Hardly even listen to music while on road trips anymore. Keep up the great work‼️
  • DeadlyMama4
    Random, But FUN
    Although this podcast seems extremely random, it is fun to listen to. I love how Si is funny, yet offers so much genuine wisdom that only comes from God. Thanks for sharing!!!
  • mrhunterfisher
    Hey im 13 and y’all are the best I go to bed every night listening to one of your pods plz keep it coming and don’t listen to those haters 👿🥊
  • Gmbigdog
    John David
    Turn DOWN HIS MIKE CANT HARDLY HEAR SI AND Godwin but John David will blow your speakers out Please turn him down we DONT LESSON TO HERE HIM . Thank you
  • meplay42
    Great down to earth podcast
    So much better than the tv show. Unscripted and fresh. And always with a little bit of Jesus tossed in the mix!
  • Treeshine Brother
    Keep up the good work!
    Really enjoy listening to this podcast. Thanks!
  • Seroper
    Yes we are all like that in Clarksville TN! Don’t worry Mom! My boys are the same! Bless his Lil heart! he represented Middle TN well!!
  • jefreyesptien
    Deep fry cheese curds.
  • vigucvjg
    So great this is so funny I really like this podcast I lion all the time
  • konner for trump
    Amazing podcast guys
    This is a great podcast and love listening to it
  • hhkigujg
    Hey Jack
    Amazing people!
  • Mammoth Cave Guy
    Awesome podcast
    First of all let me just say this is the first podcast that I can sit down and listen to. I recently had a really bad accident that could have killed me but with the good lord looking over me I was spared yet once again. With the recovering therapy it was recommended I find a podcast to listen to, to make it easier on my eyes for less screen time. So I tried and couldn’t find anything that interested me until if found yours. I love listening to the stories you tell and for what you stand for. So carry on and I’ll be listening. May god continue to bless each of you. Rob.
  • Revekah Cantrell
    This blesses me each time. It’s some of the only moments that I actually laugh out loud. Love these guys!
  • floridaboy0008
    Love the show
    This show should only be si godwin and stone!!!!! Martin and Johnny d never stop talking and martins annoying!!!!
  • catching deers
    What do you call a fish with no eyes A fsh
  • keep up the good workGUYS
    Best podcast ever
    Best podcast in the world I am a Fuge fan of duck dynasty. I love si, Martin, Jay stone, and Godwin. I love the story’s you tell. I love to fish and hunt. I shot a huuugggee buck!!! This October it was my first deer. I’ve caught a monster fish.
  • #hdsheckly
    Great show
    I love the podcast and am a big fan of duck dynasty and duck commander too
  • IAmIkeaMan
    Black Panther on A Bidet
    Best podcast! Absolutely love it, boys, I guarantee ya! Thank you so much for doin this!
  • grown man41
    Great guys
    I love these guys . Uncle si is the best . Great stories great conversations only with knows . Came to know the lord from listening to these guys and learn so much about hunting by listening. They legit. Please do more shows one a week isn’t enough
  • Anna Schrock
    Keeping it real…
    This IS America At its best!
  • Ellanor77
    Miss Kay
    My 5 Star review is for when Miss Kay is on. She’s such a delight. I would love to see her on more often.
  • FiremanAR
    Amazing podcast!
    In the past I wasn’t a huge podcast fan until I found the Duck Call Room. The men on this show will have you laughing at all times all while sharing and teaching tid bits of the gospel throughout the whole podcast! I look forward to every new episode because I can always rely on this podcast to provide a good laugh!
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