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Leisure #3

The guys who kept America laughing for 11 seasons while cranking out duck calls are back in the heart of Duck Commander to share hilarious stories, tall tales, hunting adventures, pop culture commentary, and all the antics and escapades you know and love. Join Si Robertson, Justin Martin, John-David Owen, John Godwin, Jay Stone, and Phillip McMillan where it all began — in the Duck Call Room.

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  • Djh3319
    Thank you!
    Listening to you guys has not only made me laugh non stop but it has also brought me closer to the lord.
  • DLGfinisher
    How to help humans
    KINDNESS. All human just need to be treated with kindness. Showing 1 person kindness or helping them in a kind way can change their outlook on life. Praise God
  • Moose street
    Replace Martin and Johnny D
    The little bit of fame these two guys got from their bit parts in Duck Dynasty is totally undeserved.
  • Josanchezhola
    More podcasts please
    I look forward to listening to every episode! You need to do four a week! Would love to hear you guys in person.
  • SneakySquidE
    Tuesday and Thursday are my favorite
    I look forward to every episode. I have probably listened to each previous episode at least 2 times over. Thank y’all for being yourselves.
  • ChitWizzle
    Keep up the great work
    Great show. I feel like it’s what me and my buddies talk about when we are together.
  • alexabder vladiff
    Y’all are the the best thx in so glad y’all are doing this it great
  • Boss Man R-Dub
    5 Stars You’re Welcome
    Why did the rooster go to KFC? To watch a chicken strip.
  • MonteMars
    Love these guys
    I love starting my day listening to these guys. It feels like I’m a kid again listening to my uncles tell stories.
  • Dan C. From Texas
    Love the show
    Listen to it weekly, sometimes listen to the podcast then watch on YouTube. Love the way y’all end the podcast, reading scripture.
  • mandykayr
    My fav podcast!
    I can’t wait for each new podcast to drop!! From Si saying “No, hey!” JD’s outrageous laugh, Godwin’s dad jokes and Martin’s random science facts, it’s a fun listen with humorous stories and good conversation!!!
  • karasunshine
    Red Pandas
    Red pandas are adorable. It’s ok Hunter, don’t let these boys get in your head!
  • PowdyDoody
    Family Friendly Fun!
    In a world of perverse humor it is great to have a podcast to listen to that doesn't follow that!
  • Crocsrule287
    I love you guys
    I listens to you guys every day, you guys are so funny and entertaining. Also keep Martin
  • awrw95
    Always been a fan of the crew since the Duck Dynasty days. I’ve yet to miss a podcast and every morning going to 0630 PT, the podcast is the first thing I listen to and even on the way home after I get off work, it’s the last thing I listen to. The positivity and laughter sure do make these hot Texas work days worth it in the end. Thank y’all for everything!
  • HarryS53
    Adore the show
    Hey you guys love the show!!❤️❤️❤️ I needed some guidance in life right now and listening to the podcast and watching the show lifted my spirits. Keep being awesome. Also Martin should stay -Harris from Texas
  • The DD Boys
    All Around Best
    Great guys that cut up, and touch more serious basics; All with love and clean family friendly content. Love to just hear these guys talk.
  • Cuzkimo
    Positive feedback
    Choose a topic, you’re rambling. Do commercials not mini series and I don’t care to hear about a15 minute write in (for you guys to offer advice) really!
  • Brandolsp
    Past the time with funny and intelligent conversation
    One of my favorite podcast!!! Love to listen to the banter. I woke 10hours a day and sometimes I get tired of music all the time and I will switch over to podcasts for a couple of week. I listen to Unashamed and Duck call room mostly. I’m for certain that Duck call room will get nominated for A K-Love award next year. Keep up the great work guys!!!
  • Spikester32
    What a Show
    This is such a great show thanks guys. I’ve been watching for about 8 months and have listened to you almost every day of it. Y’all always make me laugh. God Bless You.
  • Jbsarge27
    Great and clean
    Amazing podcast with clean content. God bless!
  • TW992
    Very good
  • iphoneX help
    Love the show
    What is the email address
  • Misfortune59
    Are you ready to laugh?
    One of the funnies podcasts available. Every episode is a roller coaster with laughs and advice of all types. Love these guys!
  • norman tow
    Norman tow man
    Awesome podcast can’t wait to see movie God bless America
  • KobeB333
    Love this show!!
    I love this show. Thank you guys for making light of our interesting times in the good ol USA! God bless brothers!
  • Smwsmwsmw!!!
    Loved the show with Maggie! I have been following her for years. She is a breath of fresh air.
  • JermayT86
    Love listening to you guys and believe you have a perfect mix of biblical truths and comedy. I am Pastor and appreciate your bit on counseling. It’s not and either or but both! Keep up The Lord’s work!
  • Stephanie Earlisa M.
    Duck Call Room
    This is by far the greatest podcast ever! Martin, Si, JD, Godwin, Phillip, Stone are hilarious!! I always end up in a good mood after I listen!!
  • hogfan10
    Great podcast.
    Just came across this a few weeks ago and now I’m trying to catch up. It’s gold. Like the treasure hunting show as well. What gun would you start a young duck hunter with?
  • 999biggins9
    Great Podcast
    It’s great for all ages. It has some religious talk, everyday life talk, hunting talk and just entertaining rambling like you are shooting the bull with a group. Very entertaining and upbeat.
  • Kiser1124
    Best podcast out there
    One of the best podcast I have listened to in a while you boys are super cool.
  • shNe b
    No such as medium plus!
    Love the show fellas! When I’m having a bad day, I press play, and worries go away! Thank you guys for what you do! P.S. sent an email from Central Police Department… Jonny D, read my email and message me back! I’ll send you the best pork skins you’ve ever had if you do!!!
  • ragland4
    Great guys
    Even though these fellas have horrible taste in sports being Astros, LSU, and Aints fans they have good taste in comedy and Jesus! Chop on, War Eagle, and Rise Up Falcons!
  • W. Witch O. T. West
    I love listening to the podcast. These guys remind me of the days I would sit around in my Grandma’s kitchen, drinking coffee and listen to my uncles and cousins swapping stories. There is just a lot less swearing and clouds of cigarette smoke!
  • Amygae
    The morning commute
    I just happen to stumble across one of your podcast and I was laughing so much that now I have to hear it in the mornings. On my way to work. It actually puts me in a better mood. There has not been one yet that I’ve listen to since then, that does not at least have some thing that reminds me of my childhood the three wheelers is what got my attention from the first one I listened to. I love it that it is uncut down to earth good people. Keep putting a smile on our face Uncle Si.
  • Eli Bivins
    The best podcast on apple podcast
    I have an hour drive from home to work everyday, i listen to atleast two episodes a day, sometimes three, i love this podcast so much, i laugh out loud in the truck by myself & sometimes i even have to use my imaginations whenever si is telling a story! I am an avid duck hunter myself, we go friday saturday sunday most every week during duck season, so i love hearing stories about the blind! love this podcast, please never stop!
  • Jaden Radel
    This podcast is the best!!🤣
    I’ve been a big fan of duck dynasty ever since I was a kid and now I’m so glad you guys are continuing to entertain in these last few years thru every day conversations amongst yourselves. Y’all are so funny!! I always look forward to listening to the podcast every week when I’m at work. My co workers will look at me funny when I laugh out loud all of the sudden 😂 I hope you keep putting out great episodes; I’m loving them!
  • NickR_16
    A taste of home
    Love listening to you guys. Work in the city these days and your conversations take me back home. Thank you guys for putting this content out. Simple, fun conversations gives me a laugh and sense of calm. Keep it up boys!
  • ffhdtdrh CT v for h
    Great podcast
    This podcast h
  • okie gma
    Why the bad language? I used to love listening but not now. I chose this podcast because it was funny and I thought safe. If I wanted bad language I’d just turn on the tv.
  • Elijah K. Reese
    Love y’all guy PLEASE SHOUTOUT The church at lake forest
    Love God Luke 10:27 and y’all guys thank you so much I’ve been watching y’all since I was 3 also shoutout to lake cormorants Mississippi’s middle school band -Elijah Reese
  • Baaapayutjdd
    Clean, funny, witty
    I have been listening to Unashamed for a few years and decided to check out the DCR. You guys are straight up funny and entertaining. I live in Washington State and love your accents and humor. I especially love your food comments. I am currently listening to Willy and Si yell at each other about medium plus steaks. Most of all I love your guys love of Jesus. Keep up the good work. You have my vote for K love for next year. If you ever have a contest for someone to win Stones cooking I would LOVE to be a recipient. Andi
  • JD from South Carolina
    Just good ole boys
    Y’all are just good ole boys living life, loving Jesus. Nothing better!
  • nadiswg
    Duck call room.
    You guys are great I look forward to the new episodes every week. Keep up the good work and god bless you all.
  • dki56
    It gets too loud. Please stop talking over each other! I’ll rate you later, after you all figure it out!! Please turn down or off Johnny D’S mic. Love the podcast but JD is too loud and it’s hard to listen Love the other guys! I only listen when JD is not on the show! No JD, great show today!!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I’ve asked for a medium plus for years. I’ve ordered it that way! I ask for it to be a little more than medium. Uncle Si is correct!!
  • Hey_its_izzy
    Best Ever
    I listen and watch on YouTube. Never disappointed always laughing and happy. Happy from Oregon
  • Coldspringcueball
    I’m like…
    Great show except Justin Martin acts like he’s the smartest guy in the room and uses the word “like” to excess to the detriment of all who listen. Listeners counted Uncle Si’s use of “no, Jack and hey” in an episode. Would be curious to know how many times the word “liiiike” is used. Justin, you’re not that interesting. Get over yourself
  • Emily McFadden
    LoL this is hilarious, very good entertainment!!! Good job guys!!!
  • mslobe2021
    Favorite podcast
    This is definitely my favorite podcast to listen to. These guys make me laugh so hard. I have even found my self laughing out loud with my headphones in in public I couldn’t contain my laughter. Definitely recommend
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