Duck Call Room

Leisure #5

The guys who kept America laughing for 11 seasons while cranking out duck calls are back in the heart of Duck Commander to share hilarious stories, tall tales, hunting adventures, pop culture commentary, and all the antics and escapades you know and love. Join Si Robertson, Justin Martin, John-David Owen, John Godwin, Jay Stone, and Phillip McMillan where it all began — in the Duck Call Room.

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Recent Reviews
  • poppo1967
    The Best
    The absolute best show out there. I wait each week for these shows to entertain me. I believe Martin is the best MC of any show I Have listened to. He and Godwin are a perfect team.
  • Moose street
    Undeserved “fame”
    Martin and Johnny d are both fairly annoying.
  • Sgtpopeye
    Sorry guys
    I’m finding myself annoyed with JD Owens. No offense
  • Crazy Mail Lady AHA
    If Uncle Si was a dog…
    If Uncle Si was a dog he would have to be a St. Bernard, because they carry a barrel under their neck that’s where he would have to store his tea. I really enjoy your podcast. Thanks for making me laugh while at work. One day maybe you can explain more about teals…???? I’m not a duck hunter, but I’m so confused.
  • grown man41
    Great guys
    I love these guys . Uncle si is the best . Great stories great conversations
  • hogdaddy12
  • Bailey Doiron
    This podcast is awesome!
    This is my favorite podcast alongside the unashamed podcast. It is funny, interesting, and it is very good use of time.
  • j2xtrm
    Crazy foods
    Try skittles at the same time as mission white corn tortillas chips yummy it’s like a funnel cake ….. love the kiddie show it’s a lot more entertaining than the old man show Hee!!! Hee!!! Have a Blessed Day 🙏🏼😇🕊🌝 J.R. P.S. I’ve listened to all the episodes while working on my Cactus garden god bless y’all
  • MLBisout
    Fun and entertaining!
  • FarmBoyKS
    We need the laughs
    This is one of my “have to listen” podcasts. The boys make me laugh and I really do need that.
  • Sharpshooter411
    Duck call room.
    I absolutely love this podcast!!! The devil gets in my mind all the time and having something to listen to really helps me especially at work. Thank you guys for this show you’ll never know how much I look forward to each new podcast!!
  • finding execs giving
    Love this so much
    I work long shifts and this podcast helps me get through it I just wish I could find more podcasts like this one. I also would love if you guys could do more podcasts a week.
  • Allyson Young
    This podcast makes my day
    Hey there from Mississippi!!!! I just wanted to say thank you for this podcast. This world is so negative and with podcast I get to have a good laugh twice a week. You guys keep up the good work and God bless!!!
  • Klew409
    5 Stars
    Love the show fellas.
  • TrevNasty_00
    Thank y’all
    From the time duck dynasty came out, I have been compared to uncle Si. I’ve always been weird and a little off. It bothered me at first, to be honest. But then I really watched him. I have a mental illness, and I’ve never “fit in.” But people also have always loved me and thought I was funny. I need y’all in my life. I listen to every episode more than once. Justin, Godwin, JD and stone have helped me. Even mcVillan. I love y’all. This is by far my favorite podcast. I want uncle Si to pray for me every day. He and I both love The Almighty. Keep this podcast going for the rest of my life. That’s an order, folks.
  • karasunshine
    Underwear and belts
    Hey Jack I keep looking on Tommy Johns website /duck! to see if Si is a model yet. Nothing yet. But I’ll keep listening to the podcast! Love u guys.
  • Loretta / Greeneville TN
    Absolutely love the podcast!
    My husband and I never miss an episode! Even when we were on vacation we tuned in. We LOVE the podcast and love how they always end with a Bible verse and also how they all are so inspirational! 👍
  • WhiteTigersRule!
    I’m fixing to rate this podcast 5 stars
    Do you guys think you could upload a video podcast to apple podcasts? I would love to watch you guys but I don’t do youtube. This podcast is amazing! Light-hearted and soothing to listen to after a long hard day at work. 5/5, keep the show rolling my friends.
  • Anna Schrock
    No No Hey!
    Si IS the reason to hang in there Johnny D Martin and Godwin keep ruffling Si's feathers!!!!
  • fjfuffu
    Aslan from Covington, GA
    I listen to y’all while I’m fishing and it gives me peace and makes me laugh
  • Winnifred165
    Love this podcast
    Thinking of you all as you prep for Ida❤️
  • fishingwithrob
    Rob from Alexandria La
    You guys are great listing to while fishing but watching the podcast is better than catching a big ole bass!!
  • StevenLeeWilliams
    True Review
    This is the go to podcast. I listen to it everyday and it never fails to entertain me. Great guys and wholesome entertainment!!
  • womanofgod17
    Duck call room
    Love them great godly men
  • ✨✨✨💗
    Good for the soul. From Duck Dynasty, to Unashamed and now the Duck call room, the Robertson’s are entertaining America and sharing the gospel. Exactly what the world needs right now.
  • Stella90687
    Love your show ❤️
    I love listening to your show!! I love it when Ms Kay is on. You make me sit and laugh when listening to your show!!!
  • Amici18
    I love the variety of topics they talk about. I laugh at least once every episode. 😁
  • six inches of snow
    Great podcast
    It’s great because of the family feel of it.
  • joe bib bill
    Thank Y’all for everything
    Y’all have helped me get through some very tough times ,and I would like y’all to know I’m saved with help of you and Christ my savior Jesus. Thank you
  • JJUAN99
    Best Podcast Ever
    Really funny. My favorite topic y’all talked about were bidets
  • CatchnJul
    Let’s talk the Smack of the Lord
    Goodness, the smacks we all experience. Thank you for this episode.
  • Dan (Bedford Texas
  • jrogjr
    Great show
    I never miss an episode
  • chief mondo
    Love this
    Love this podcast!! Listen to it all the time
  • Chaseone3
    It’s working for YOU!
    This is some of the best wholesome content available today. Great job!
  • Spencer Gilliland
    Amazing podcast
    Someone tell Si to make sure he talks into mic lol, keep up the good work men
  • The Donutman
    Duck call room
    Pretty funny! It’s good and clean too!
  • KJLovesJesus
    Good, clean entertainment
    Good, clean entertainment can be hard to find these days. I love listening to and watching this show, it’s always good for a lot of good laughs from everyone. I also love the scripture you share at the end of each episode. Thank you for what you do and I look forward to more laughs!
  • lcsoeec
    Love you, my brothers in Christ! <><
  • joeylagoeyyoureabitch
    Better than Miss Kay’s Frog Legs!
    Listened to every episode so far, and I’m definitely not disappointed!! I too love Little Debbies Christmas tree cakes, ham sammiches and peanut butter M&Ms! These guys are hilarious 😂 thank you Godwin for bringing in your trumpet! Also, there are no pictures on Jase’s Wikipedia page any more 😪 oh well, at least I believe in black panthers!
  • josh8416
    Please fix the sound
    I love this podcast but it’s very hard to hear sometimes when driving cause one of them gets really loud then backs away from mic and then you can hardly hear them.
  • joey5507
    I love podcast. I been listening for a while 👍🏻👍🏻
  • maya dongsbig
    Great Podcast!
    Love listening to this in the truck and taking a deuce. Really makes the time fly bye. Love you guys!
  • SherBear34652
    Loving it!!!!
    Thank you to Uncle Si for always being my source of joy and laughter at times that I need a good laugh. He has helped me get through my husband having cancer at 32 years old and now healing from losing my mother in law to covid in February 2021. My mother in law adored Si as well as my husband who is still bless the lord still with me and cancer free now. Loving the podcast. Glad I can get my Si fix of laughter.
  • Lori from crappy NYS!
    Love listening!
    I love listening to the podcast! You are all hilarious and I look forward to the Bible verse at the end of every show!
  • ahdbfivi
    Great group of guys
    Love the podcast. I listen every time I get on the tractor when I go to the farm. Listening to the stories really makes the day fly by. Think I got four episodes in today. Thanks for all you guys do. Art. West Monroe Iowa. Just kidding. It’s just Monroe
  • CourtneynDakota
    Best one out there!
    Y’all have me laughing so much. I feel like I’m sitting in the room with y’all. I’m a stay at home wife and as I go about my day this is definitely great entertainment.
  • Reel_Determined
    Great podcast, really enjoy listening!
  • Kgbaseball25
    Amazing and hilarious!!!
    The best podcast out there! You won’t be disappointed!
  • Adam_c62
    Best Podcast out!
    Love it
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