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Leisure #3

The guys who kept America laughing for 11 seasons while cranking out duck calls are back in the heart of Duck Commander to share hilarious stories, tall tales, hunting adventures, pop culture commentary, and all the antics and escapades you know and love. Join Si Robertson, Justin Martin, John-David Owen, John Godwin, Jay Stone, and Phillip McMillan where it all began — in the Duck Call Room.

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  • Tillfro
    Ruckers Show!
    Brian Rucker should either be on more or have his own podcast. Good stuff folks! Good job Rucker!
  • Redguyser
    Best of the best guys
    The new episodes always seem to get funnier and I love them. There the best
  • ViktorGee
    Not so great Great Show
    Don’t know where hearing the fight history fits in to your daily discussion. Maybe this was a mistake before it went to production. Will see what makes it to the next one before deciding on canceling. 🤔
  • Hey_its_izzy
    Best Ever
    I listen and watch on YouTube. Never disappointed always laughing and happy. Happy from Oregon
  • dukemeiser
    Stop the “You might also like”
    The show is great, but they must have recently entered into an advertising promotion where their podcast feed is flooded with other podcasts under the title “You Might Also Like” I DO NOT ALSO LIKE. STOP.
  • ALTRaleigh
    Uncle Si Wonders if There’s Another Earth Out There Somewhere
    Great episode! Duck Call Room is hilarious!! It really makes my day better! Best podcast next to unashamed and Sadie’s podcast.
  • edg FDA wr
    Si is the Guy!👍
    Keep up the good work. God bless!
  • wdrd63
    That’s a fact,Jack!
    I enjoy the show boys. Keep telling the world about Jesus! It’s called ball- hootin Justin Martin. Referring to your problem with your trailer swaying.
  • Baconlover0414
    Amazing and funny 😆
    This show is amazing. They’re all hilarious and I love the special guests. SI is the best of them all he’s funny without trying love him. If I could do 10 stars, I would. They’re also Christians, which means they’re completely clean, I am a fellow Christian and I love listening to the podcast. <>< 💯✝️
  • Ghostspeed100
    You guys are so funny and awesome and tell si how he’s been
  • Tamara L81
    You guys make a sad rainy day bright and sunny ☀️ appreciate each and everyone of you, love you Si
  • Drchevy66
    Love love love this show!
    When life is rough and stressful, I listen to y’all. Makes my week better. Keep it up.
  • holthunter03
    Inspired me to be a better man
    This show has inspired me to walk with faith more than ever. I love hearing the spiritual testimony while adding in funny hunting storys in with it.
  • JC01*
    Just found you guys
    My wife found your podcast a few weeks ago. Since then I listen to y’all 3 to 6 hours out of the day. Thank you guys Glenn
  • hsuen ns
    Best podcast
    One of the funniest and best podcasts ever! I absolutely love listing to these Christian rednecks talk about anything they want to and just having a good ole time with eachother! They actually do read al the emails and they’ve even read both of mine that I’ve sent in! They are so funny and fun to listen to during my work day! Love you guys! Wish I could meet uncle Si some day. (Do less ads! The ads are soooooooooo long!!! Gosh I skipped like 3 minutes of Jonny D talking about AG1 🥱)
  • dirkert
    Y’all get me through my day with a smile!
    Now give me one of those honey hole hats, JD!!! But seriously, I love what y’all bring to the table and you help me get through my bug killing and wildlife wrangling days….because I’m a pest control technician! Heyoh!!!!
  • Betz832
    Must Listen!!
    Absolutely LOVE this show. I work a stressful job in Healthcare and look forward to my car drive to and from work because I get to listen to these guys. I also love the fact that if my kids happen to be in the car I don’t have to worry about them hearing things they shouldn’t. There’s also always an amazing Bible verse and advice to close out the show, highly recommend.
  • Tony1111111112
    my new favorite podcast
    the show is a riot. there’s just as much intelligent advice and conversation as there is silliness. it’s a perfect balance of learning and laughing. keep up the good work guys!
  • Winnifred165
    Grandma is from Naples. It’s sauce.
  • tonya_2005_gill
    I love this show
    Makes me laugh every time please listen you won’t regret it
  • Nanadeaanna
    Best podcast
    Always my favorite!
  • Cmartin02
    5 stars
    I love it. Helps me laugh every time I listen.
  • trev-doggo
    I 🥰🥰🥰
    I love ❤️ this podcast and I love Duck Dynasty. Me and my family have watched Duck Dynasty for years and we have loved loved loved the show and now that they stopped making Duck Dynasty we can listen to this podcast.
  • Mary Wade!!!
    I love this podcast
    Hi! I’m Mary! This podcast makes me die laughing and it gives me joy and reminds me to always trust in Jesus! Thankful for y’all!!! Love ya Si
  • Its F1 not McGlovin
    Love this podcast!! Please don’t ever stop this pod!
    I truly look forward every week to this podcast and hope the boys don’t have any plans of stopping anytime soon!! I would work at Duck Commander for free just to be around this crew, nothing beats the real authentic humble aspect they all bring and it’s a big part of what makes this pod so awesome!! Just want to say THANK YOU to all the guys for providing us with this wholesome content, wether it’s old DD behind the scenes stories, current events in their everyday life, or just them rambling bout fav snacks, it’s all just great authentic talk that puts a big smile on my face every single episode!! No matter how bad my current life situation is I can always count on having some good laughs every time i listen or watch on YouTube!!! I really really hope you boys keep this podcast going for a long time!!! Longtime Fan from the Decoy Capital of the World!!
  • Professional trash poker
    So is scared for life
    We have them earwigs everywhere in Michigan, they are nasty little buggers. But their like our ants , but we got them to.
  • the4thmonth
    Great job
    Love these boys!!!!
  • The funny duck guys
    Uplifting and funny!
    I have always loved the Duck Dynasty show and the podcast is just as entertaining!
  • Always Apostolic
    Come back
    Really miss seeing you guys on tv wish you could come back ……
  • Cold War and
    I’m going to like this one
    I’m so happy for y’all that you do on the show
  • Random guy called Car Warden
    Great podcast
    I really like Duck Dynasty really like to be able to listen to this good podcast
  • cmajw
    Marvelous Role Models
    These guys do a God honoring great work as they continually demonstrate what Christian manly love looks like. It is truly a privilege and great teaching to get to listen as they tangle through a plethora of subjects (that word is especially for you Martin)
  • Birddog Ken
    Like hangin with friends
    Great show with a wonderful group of hosts. Listening is like hanging with your buddies around the hunting camp or lake. Always entertaining and the Bible verse at the end is the perfect ending to get you thinking. Thanks guys for the entertainment.
  • mstarnite
    I look forward to hearing more Bible verses
    My favorite part of this podcast is that it always ends with a Bible verse. The last one ended with a prayer for the young lady with cancer. I also prayed for her.
  • Brandolsp
    Past the time with funny and intelligent conversation
    One of my favorite podcast!!! Love to listen to the banter. I work 10hours a day and sometimes I get tired of music all the time and I will switch over to podcasts for a couple of week. I listen to Unashamed and Duck call room mostly. I’m for certain that Duck call room will get nominated for A K-Love award next year. Keep up the great work guys!!! Love the addition of Hunter. It brings so much more random conversation!!!
  • Jstudley
    Love listening
    You guys are always great to listen to! Each one of you are hilarious and play an important roll in this masterpiece of podcasting. I can’t wait to see The Blind and God willing will make a trip to West Monroe just to see what all the hype is about. I normally never leave reviews but I want to make sure you guys stay on for as long as possible. Thank you for the countless hours of entertainment and look for to countless more. God bless, Your friend Jeff
  • Brown491
    I enjoy this podcast but have been unable to listen for the last few weeks apple says it’s unavailable and it just never plays on Spotify.
  • Shemersya
    Best podcast!
    Best podcast hands down! Love the light-hearted discussion. I find my self laughing out loud in the car and this show is family friendly! Thank you duck boys for this pod!
  • katlinmoose25
    Best way to start my mornings
    I always listen on the way to work and it puts me in a good mood to get my work done! At this point y’all feel like family! Thanks guys! Keep it up!
  • lcsoeec
    Love you, my brothers in Christ! I know y’all probably have had enough of the tv business, but I sure miss good tv shows. I think Duck Dynasty was one of the best! <><
  • C Vaughn25
    Love y’all
    I love listening to yall and yall make me laugh helping me get through the hard times
  • BigERoosterMan
    Keep it up!!
    As a man struggling to find his faith I feel very welcomed listening and learning every week. Keep up the great work
  • $$&$$$$&$$$$$$$!!!!??!!?
    Great Faith building podcast
    I am Hunter an I listen to it every night before bed and it helps me build faith while getting a good laugh I appreciate you guys thank you so much!!👍😀
  • jjack1122
    Listening to a fun time
    I found this podcast after following the Unashamed podcast. And this is like sitting around listening to a fun time that’s happening on the other side of the speaker. I recommend this and Unashamed for both funny and encouraging content.
  • pixel man 437
    Thank God
    It took me forever to find out about this podcast. I loved Duck Dynasty and am so glad to see that they are doing a podcast even after the show ended. Plus Si is probably the funniest person on Earth.
  • bighunter08
    Xmas CD
    Absolutely love the pod!! If ur sellin Xmas CD’s I’ll def take one! Shipping is no problem
  • FanciH
    Wonderful podcast
    Thank you for sharing your experiences. I enjoyed listening today & will continue to listen. Because of the The Blind I found this podcast.
  • Peytonp12
    Thank you !!!
    I literally look forward to listening to the podcast when a new episode comes out. Philip is my favorite on the podcast. Thank you for starting this podcast it’s been my saving grace for the past couple of weeks. I’ve been struggling with my mental health and the podcast just helps lift my spirits.
  • lucky reader 777
    Duck Commander Rocks
    You guys are great, I look forward to Tuesdays and Thursdays. Thanks for the laughs. God is Great✝️
  • Moose street
    Truth stretchers
    They talk about how much of a mountain of a man “burly” is. According to he was 6’2, 206lbs as a freshman. He must have had one heck of a growth spurt if he’s really as big as they make him out to be.
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