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Hey Babe! is a podcast where comedians Chris Distefano and Sal Vulcano share stories and have fun. Let your hair down & come hang out with the BABES!
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  • Klklklllc
    Hey babe, hey babe, hey babe, hey babe I'm begging of you please don't take my man Hey babe, hey babe, hey babe, hey babe Please don't take him just because you can Your beauty is beyond compare With flaming locks of auburn hair With ivory skin and eyes of emerald green Your smile is like a breath of spring Your voice is soft like summer rain And I cannot compete with you Hey babe He talks about you in his sleep And there's nothing I can do to keep From crying when he calls your name Hey babe
  • moon dog mom
    Love love love!
    Hey babe is a fave. Fun, relatable, funny. I look forward to every Thursday with the babes
  • Kristen_35
    Hey Babe!
    Hey Babe! Love you!
  • Ben783582947
    I’m dying
    The jessica kirson episode in December. I can’t breath. Chris is insane. I’m crying.
  • briannette23
    Great podcast but idk who Andrew santino thinks he is
  • Ventura.Boss
    Awesome podcast
    Love me some pimpy!!
  • urrball
    This show was hilarious until Sal left and Chris could spew his misogyny, and now they’re making excuses for Kanye. Ew thank you next.
  • Swifter 365
    This is the only podcast I can listen to from start to finish. Nothing better than a Hey Babe Thursday
  • Kenadee ;3
    All Time Fav Pod!!!
    I look forward to this podcast every week. The first one I listen to when a new ep is available. Thank you, BABES for the laughs! P.S. Pimp’s laugh in the back is my fav. 😂😍
  • columbus. stixx
    Plz listen back to these last pods.
    Talking over each other can’t understand a word and no one’s listening sals back and no one’s letting him talk. Darosa treats it like it’s taste buds. They’re all running together. Hard to listen sry guys.
  • little banyan
    Best comedy podcast ever
    This is hands down my favorite podcast (I always look forward to Thursdays). Gotta say, the holidays this year were a bit dimmer since Sal died but since he’s been resurrected all is well again. Chrissy and Sally babe (and homeless pimp$) thank you for making the world a little bit sillier!
  • Kate11121990
    Life saver
    Best podcast ever. I laugh out loud at work when I sneak my earbud!
  • AnnaPrekeges
    Love the pod
    Longtime listener this podcast is hilarious it’s the only thing that makes me laugh out loud to myself like an insane person. Also Sal, your Apple podcast picture is so good I just wanted to say it really is a fantastic picture of you, you look 18 years old 🤩 10/10
  • kpinskeep
    10/10 babes
    My favorite podcast probably ever. Look forward to it every single week. Love ya babes
  • asiacadet
    Favorite podcast
    Chris and Sal have a hilarious dynamic. Can’t wait to tune in every week and see what the babes have to say!
  • NeverFeltLove
    Great show
    Great show, don’t feel like writing but wanna help. Better than that guy Joe DeGross-a. Jk love all of No Presh
  • Hdhdhhhdbdbf
    Love love love
    This is the show I listen to when I want to turn my brain off and do literally zero thinking. Just listen to two guys talk about nothing and everything at the same time. PEAK comedy Also has anyone ever told pimp that his laugh sounds like Vinny from jersey shore? Or am I going crazy?
  • 223534553
    Chris is a hack comedian and “homeless pimp” 🥴 is an even bigger hack. What a bunch of clowns
  • chadschick92
    Thursdays are for the babes!
    Best podcast ever!!!! listen to it every single week, always a good laugh it makes Thursday the best day of the week except for Monday which is for taste buds!!!! Love it still!
  • AmandaHarsh
    Love you guys, but…. Michael Jackson died of propofol not fentanyl!
  • Jimbo Rex
    Is the “F-word” ok now?
    The f-word was brought up at thanksgiving dinner. Moms says “you guys say it all the time!” No, ma….that’s not the “f—word.” Is it ok to use the “f-word” when socially understood? Shout out 9th street public house
  • susan_rs
    Why no option for zero stars?
    I can’t even stand listening to this anymore Not funny. The jokes about women are lame. You sound like a bunch of 13 year old ugly boys. Too bad This show used to be funny Unsubscribe Hey Chris How’s your soul cycle instructor??
  • Skyvin X
    Simply Phenomenal
    I love when topics derail 😂 Highly recommend “It’s gonna be Greaaat!”
  • 77777mommypig
    Living for Pimp’s laugh in the background every week
  • ADreamNJ
    Best duo ever
    Best podcast on the market.
  • vavilicious
    The best podcast hands down
    Hey Babe was the first podcast I ever listened to (as long as you don’t count growing up listening to NPR in my moms Subaru). I discovered it around episode 15 and binged every episode immediately. Sal and Chris are so funny, and their playful relationship makes the podcast so heart warming. Sal is like the 20 year old brother of a 13 year old Chris that’s just recently learned about cursing and s3x. I love this podcast because you can watch it out of order and it’s still a blast. But let me tell you, if you’re just finding this pod NOW, you should really watch chronologically for the best experience. Sal and Chris cultivate inside jokes throughout the entire podcast. You won’t feel left out if you don’t know them, but it creates such a rich experience. I like their guest star episodes, but I LOVE when it’s just sal and Chris. Some of the people they bring on I really don’t care for. That being said, I’ve watched every single episode multiple times. The snake dude was cool tho. If you’re just getting into podcasts, I 100% recommend this one. It’s light easy and fun listening. It’s had me rolling on the floor in laughter. Of course, you should watch the pod even if you’re a seasoned podcast watcher. Love you babes
  • connorg55
    So done with the right wing/trump stuff from Chris.
    Officially unfollowed this and the Chrissy D show today.
  • TuBBer Ware
    My Fave podcast
    I’ve been listening to Hey Babe since day 1 and this show has been my segeway into the podcast world. Sal and Chris are hilarious and I tend to listen to this at gym, which sometimes makes working out hard when I start laughing mid set. Give it a try!!
  • haight7
    God Bless!
    The most hysterical podcast that ever hit the waves!! Always cheers me up and better than that- I literally laugh for an hour!
  • lexluthervandrosss
    Take it up with Bloom Cafe
    Forever look forward to the babes every week! And Pimpy just made it extra special.
  • Rbjubi
    Greatest podcast ever!
    Chris and Sal have me laughing every episode! We should have a holiday named after this podcast! Homeless pimp is a King!
  • lindsey goble
    Best and favorite podcast
    I’ve listened to every episode MIN 3 times each (some 10 times). So so so funny and lighthearted. Never stop
  • BJP Phelony
    Thank you both for laughs every week
  • geenasch
    Favorite podcast
    I struggle to listen to podcasts because my mind is always going 100 mph, but Hey Babe! I can listen to very easily. It’s always funny and gives me something to look forward to. I hope this pod never ends!
  • Brinabrinababe
    The best!
    Always great content
  • nursekatiecakes
    Love the babes
    Always a feel good listen. Much love to the babes.
  • Greg$&$&
    Used to be great
    Early on the guys would tell personal stories to one another that were laugh out loud funny but now they just read headline news and react to YouTube videos. Reacting to videos is already kind of bad podcasting/radio but lately they’ve been watching several minutes of video only to not explain what they are seeing. Two funny dudes, just don’t know how to do radio/podcast
  • sydneyrickey
    Love these guys
  • harryfritos
    I only ever read reviews, HOWEVER
    I’m possessed to say- it’s like listening to your hilarious, intelligent and interesting friends (I only have a few) banter. I love it. A must if you’re into comedy.
  • the END end end
    Sal… MI AMIGO
  • BrickeyDickey
    My favorite podcast. I listen on my work commute and they keep me from falling asleep while driving. Love these guys!
  • lovejaqui
    My favorite podcast!!!
    HILARIOUS! I binge listen to these precious babes! You guys relieve my stress and anxiety with laughs, thank you! ❤️
  • agrubins
    Makes my days better!
    Love the show. On episode 55 and loving it so far! I’ve always been a fan of impractical jokers so I tried it out and it was a great choice! I love Chrissy babes too! I have seen Sal do standup and going to see Chris in the future. I LOVE homeless pimp and his laugh. Makes the show better too! Wish there were less ads but I understand that’s how y’all find the show. I would honestly pay a subscription on here to not have ads. Anyways, great job and keep up the great work! Thank you for making me smile.
  • Sheisfrenchyyy
    Loveee the babes man!!!! Been watchin since the beginning n I JUS CANT GET ENOUGH!!!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Bride to Be 2020
    Hey Babe… love the Pod!
    This is one of my favorite podcasts! It keeps me laughing out loud and love the banter between Chrissy D & Sal. Look forward to it each week! I
  • lord_sharks
    50% ad reads, 40% the producer laughing into a microphone
    if you’re still interested just go to youtube bc the last 10% you need to see the video to know what’s going on. anti-audio
  • DT4Eva
    Diamonds Are Like People
    And these diamonds have ADHD.
  • Bigdaddy432517
    Love these guys, always find a way to make me laugh out loud and the guests they bring on are always super funny. Great stuff!
  • Fredward.Benson
    Less Homeless Pimp Laughter
    Would be awesome
  • kmag 211
    Solid podcast
    I love this podcast, I listen to it while I’m working and it makes the day go by faster. It almost feels like I’m hanging out with buddy’s having a good time. The only thing I hate is they are so good at reads that I never realize I’m listening to an add until It’s too late.
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