Sal and Chris Present: Hey Babe!


Hey Babe! is a weekly podcast with comedian's Chris Distefano and Sal Vulcano. Let your hair down and come hang out with the BABES!

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  • slg$&
    Love the podcasts buuuuut
    Please do promote the company better help. I started with them bc you all mentioned to use them. And their unprofessional therapists, customer service and process has made me depression worse. Your show is more therapy then they offered me. So please don’t suggest people use them. It’s a scam.
  • Kaitlin612
    never a bad episode!! S/O Kane Tanaka S/O Tom Brady S/O Chrissy Chaos!
  • Great app.zzzz
    my favorite guys !
    This podcast has gotten me through my hardest days thank you so much for the laughs and all the hard work !💗
  • Joe874529164
    Love the Pod, but too many ad’s
    You guys are great and this has become one of my favorite podcast. But for only doing a hour you guys do a ridiculous amount of ads. What is there 3 or 4 ad breaks with 2 or 3 ads in each one? Some podcast don’t even do that in a 3 hour period. I don’t mind the ads themselves but I would say give us a longer podcast so there’s a little more content between ads. Just constructive criticism from a big fan.
  • Kyleebrianne
    Love you guys so much!
    My absolute favorite podcast! I came for Sal but stayed for Chris & now I’m also a listener of Chrissy Chaos! Also, I love it when homeless pimp uncontrollably laughs in the background! Makes me laugh harder! Keep it up guys!
  • Tiff0314
    Highly recommend & Highly hilarious
    This is honestly my favorite podcast of all time. If I’m having a bad day I’ll listen to an episode and it really makes my day better!! I can for sure count on having a good laugh (or a million laughs) while listening. Can’t wait for more episodes 😁
  • Your old high school teacher
    Embarrassing to listen to in public cause you laugh so hard…
    This is the best thing to happen to podcasting since podcasting was invented!
  • beer420
    Love Sal and Chris. The ad reads seem to kinda drag on. Also I could do w/o the constant cliffhangers at the end. If one of them starts telling a story with less than 5 minutes left in the episode, just move on to your next podcast cuz you won’t get to hear the end of the story. It was funny the first couple times but they’ve kinda worn it out now.
  • BaileyisThaBombDiggs
    Hey babe = hard drugs?
    Absolutely love this podcast. I work from home and listen to this in between phone calls. Hilarious and easy listening. Feels like you are hanging out with your two neighbors who are always on their stoops goofin around. 11/10 pod. Sometimes I sit in my car for an extra 20 min in my driveway just to finish the episode. Hey babe to me is what I imagine a hard drug addiction to feel like.
  • JackieW-Giambona
    So entertaining but Pimp please SHHH!!
    These guys are so funny but homeless pimp in the background has almost made me want to shut it off.
  • Treyman04
    Good comedy.
    If you are down to laugh multiple times within an hour, this is the podcast for you.
  • Inuyasha_rin
    My first podcasts ever
    HeyBabe is the first podcasts I ever listened to due to starting a new job that allows headphones. I WISH there were an unlimited number of episodes, because I need more!!! They are SO hilarious, and the best set of people to listen to, to get a good laugh.
  • snake eyes32
    Awesome pod
    This pod is great highly recommend it, merchandise idea: episode 5 title in all caps
  • Galactus__
    Great comedy podcast
    Love a good martini with this podcast also pretzels are better than chips.
  • rmluc@s
    I would die for Chris and Sal
  • Billyg79
    Shout out to these two.
    Best part of Thursday. I have to listen immediately in the morning, and AGAIN later in the day for anything I may have missed. How quickly 1hr goes by listening to Chris and Sal. Bravo gentlemen, please keep it up!
  • Sunshine3234
    These two together are great. So funny! Look forward to this show every week!
    A fun, lighthearted podcast. Sal and Chris are hilarious.
  • larsaweeee
    The funniest ever
    This is my favorite podcast of all time. I love that there is no format and they just rant hilariously. I wish this was longer and on every day. I even enjoy listening to the ads because they deliver them hysterically. Love it!!!
  • Sexualpony
    God Bless
    Sal, you are still not my favorite joker but you have moved up the list. #TeamJoe
  • LeDander
    These guys are great.
    While I’m constantly surprised by how little they know about anything, they make up for it in storytelling.
  • Ezwinn.11
    This podcast makes me sad that I myself don’t have a body like Sal or Chrissy D in my life because they are bananas and wonderful people. So honest and fun in the way they both are just open books sharing a daily glimpse into their life.
  • somthingwitty
    I have no balls
    I literally have no balls this podcast to funny I mean blew my balls off
  • Uh-hah!
    Friggen hilarious. Shout out to the Tampa bay Bucs
    So friggen funny. Not too many podcasts are just casually hilarious. It’s just my kind of humor and I feel like I’d fit right in with the banter. Also the fact that they keep shouting out the Tampa bay bucks for the super bowl is so funny to me. Really hoping they keep it up till next SB. Great show!
  • Drewjpete
    The ads are now outta control
    This podcast just hits different.🤌🏻🏆
  • melendei
    Makes dog yawn
    This show is soooooo bad, it probably got leaked from a lab in China.
  • mackdaddy3000
    Grade-A podcast!!
    This has become my favorite podcast, and I listen to a lot of podcasts. I also NEVER leave reviews; so me leaving this review really shows how much I love this podcast. It is HILARIOUS! Have always loved Sal on Impractical Jokers, but had only seen/heard of Chris a couple of times. I am now a big fan of Chris. I listen to Hey Babe while working out, cleaning, driving, and pretty much doing anything else. Sal, Chris, if you’re reading this: job well done.
  • jessssiebessieboo
    Pork chop chumps
    I have no words. Hey babe provides the funniest content with what seems like zero pre written segments or commercial comedy effort. The fact that they don’t require an episode layout shows how Insanely talented Chris and sal are truly are. They are the true definition of comedy and I cannot get enough of the dynamic between the two. They are both so fascinating and I could literally hear them talk all day. I cannot wait to see them live. I was already a fan but after hey babe I am now the biggest fan and cannot wait to see you LIVE
  • kylie curtis
    shout out tom brady
    if you’re reading this...and i know you are..i love y’all.
  • SRS1072
    Y’all are amazing together so funny, one of my all time favorite podcasts!
  • joe... moma
    If you reading
    If you reading this sal and Chris which you are of course love you
  • Janelle I.D.
    Love it!
    I started listening after the tupperware clip went viral on tik tok lol. love it, the guys are so funny, entertaining, and easy to listen to!
  • Bella V White
    Patreon content is some of the most amazing stuff you will ever want to hear. It will make you cry…. of laughter! This podcast just works. Two friends talking to each other letting us dive into their stories. From Sal’s letter proposal. To Chris’s first kiss story. These guys keep you entertained.
  • MaloneJillian
    Babes. Inside and out.
  • MrsArielMoore
    My Favorite Podcast
    I didn’t listen to Podcasts before Hey Babe. The Tubberwear clip got me here and here I’ve stayed. Who knew my little 30 yr old Indiana mom heart is secretly a 40 yr old New York man? It is love, babe! My only complaint is that there’s no proper break to ads. So I get super confused when a story is interrupted so significantly and ten min later they resume their sentence or thought and I’m lost. However their ads are hilarious and the banter is just as funny so I listen to them every time !
  • Just me in Michigan 77
    Desperately awaiting the Patreon
    Please. I need more. Shout out to impatience.
  • BJAY03
    Love it
    Check out my podcast - check check podcast or go to my website
  • Ryan0930
    Shoutout Chris and Sal
    Hey guys! I absolutely love your show. It’s so great to put on your show, forget about the world, and laugh for an hour. Please don’t ever stop doing it! #heybabe #aliens #tuckyourcorners
  • JohnnyKay24
    Hottest podcast in the game
    Hottest podcast in the game babe.
  • JakeC181920
    2 mins in and there’s already a self plug??
  • BrendenU85
    Shout out to hey babe
    This has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts. They’re just so fun to listen to and they have such an obvious chemistry.
  • JakeWojtusik
    Words cannot describe
    how funny this show is. Start at the beginning, you will not regret it.
  • Little pimps and socks
    Shout out reviews
    Congratulations to the Tom Brady but you have to give love to the chiefs. And Patrick Mahomes
  • Pinacoladaxoxoxo
    Best comedy podcast
    I listen to a lot of comedy podcasts and this is BY FAR the best!!!
  • dobbieTheEllFf
    Shout out
    Shout out to all shout outs
  • Jacki30
    I feel like I’m hanging with loved ones!
    You two are fu—I mean, *hey babe* hilarious. My family sounds like you two and I feel like I’m just hanging out with people I’m close to. Also, I will GLADLY host “SheNANNYgins”! Thanks for all the laughs.
  • BobPine
    Who is this Chris guy?
    I love Sal, but I have no idea who this other guy is and why he’s doing a podcast with him!
  • medicalASLinterpreter
    SO many funny stories speckled with super interesting facts. Love all the chuckles, and especially the laughter in the background.
  • Kslice319
    Love love love
    The energy and organic comedy is fantastic!
  • Engprofft
    My happiest day...
    Is the day this podcast is released. LOVE you both so much! I love your senses of humor, your anecdotes, your bizarre knowledge, intelligence and Sal .... your incredible ability to share the best music ever made. Leon Bridges? What?! This young college professor teaches her writing classes using your podcasts. ✌🏼Would love to see a show someday. Come to the Midwest! Waiting for the Patreon! 😎
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