Sal and Chris Present: Hey Babe!


Hey Babe! is a weekly podcast with comedian's Chris Distefano and Sal Vulcano. Let your hair down and come hang out with the BABES!

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Recent Reviews
  • Chrisdoesit_23
    Great pod babes
    Just started listening to this podcast and I love it. Thanks for the laughs babes
  • Heath Marie 88
    Wish when I found this podcast last month I didn’t binge because now I have to wait for Thursday’s to listen to get through work! Best podcast to listen to !
  • Ash819819
    Hilarious Babes
    Quite possibly the best podcast I listen to, I crack up the whole time! Such good banter, a must watch on YouTube too. *chef’s kiss
  • Noodlestar1567
    Hilarious and entertaining
    You never know what they are going to get into, but one thing is for sure it will be hilarious! Chris has the weirdest family stories I have ever heard and Sal is just comedy gold. Love them both!
  • RC9901
    Best podcast in the game
    A true 10/10, makes me cry laughing every time!
  • Jenna Dietze!
    To funny and amazing babes!❤️
    ✨I have listed to a lot of podcasts and this one is my all time favorite babes love you guys :) keep it up Sal and Chris you make me laugh so hard when I am not in a good mood ✨ ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💕🛐☦️
  • aunt nony
    Stupid and funny
    Great to listen to while multitasking because they’re not saying anything that important, but sometimes so funny I laugh out loud alone.
  • ledballoon
    Love every second
    Thanks for the laughs babes
  • sneakyalpaca
    Seeing Chrissy doing his best to be PC for sal is awesome..
  • katiebelle8
    Hey babe > every other pod
    This podcast makes me laugh. It’s funny and easy to listen to. It’s my favorite pod right now, besides Taste Buds. Shoutout homeless pimp in the background... love the info and laughs. Thanks babe
  • lcase8
    My new favorite podcast
    Wasn’t sure what to expect when I came across this podcast...still not sure what to expect every week. What I do know is Hey Babe is hilarious. The only thing I don’t like is having to wait a week to get more!! Could listen to this every day! Give the people what they what...maybe two a week? Three? Four? Everyday? Who knows
  • Jackie Idk dude
    Outrageously Hilarious!
    I am not one to review anything, much less a podcast, but this podcast is GOLDEN! I look forward to it every single week and have started calling more people Babe because of it!😂 Constantly laugh throughout it and appreciate every bit of it!❤️❤️
  • ben vally
    Love it!!!!!!
    Great pod
  • snailparty
    shoutout hey babe
    i can’t stop listening
  • Drewjpete
    Hits different
    This podcast just hits different.🤌🏻🏆
  • Benny2172
    Chris is awesome him and sal are too funny together
  • Rushbo918
    Great content
    I really enjoyed listening to the dead pets episode. Larry the dog story had me busting up laughing. Keep up the great work guys.
  • gluck9000
    I have never not laughed out loud
    Every episode I find myself laugh your loud. The stories they tell are amazing!
  • withcheese_please
    Stomach hurts
    This podcast is hilarious and REAL! just 2 babes chatting it up and it’s so funny
  • swaggermomma
    I love this podcast, I found it because of Sal but man is Chris just hilarious!! 5 stars across the board for them!
  • Impracticalpokers
    Best podcast I’ve heard it’s perfect, witty, hilarious. Love to hear their stories. Please don’t stop this podcast.
  • My name is Brittney
    Hi (I love this podcast, almost cured my depression 🥲😂) I work in a hotel and just wanted to say that a dead bolt lock on a door can still be opened with an emergency key from the front desk. So ya know, the more ya know 😂😂
  • E3 <3333
    This podcast is everything
    Absolutely in love with this podcast. Makes work from home bearable. Please talk about your experiences at action park. Sal mentioned it in the last podcast. Have you guys seen the HBO documentary on action park?! Please tell me you have. I think my fav episode was the 10 commandments one idk why but I couldn’t stop laughing. Thanks for making me smile babes. I love you. Note I love you vs love you vs love ya very important
  • Lovertbag
    You babes are artistic af
  • lissyyXoxo
    Greatest podcast ever !!!
    I love sal and chris !! Super funny super entertaining!
  • Getmerater
    this podcast is literally one of my favorites ever. i listen to it when i work and when i drive long distance and it genuinely keeps me entertained for so long. chris and sal are two of the funniest people i’ve ever seen and the chemistry between them is just flawless. they work together so well, and it pays off!! also shout out homeless pimp because he is also hilarious. keep it up guys!
  • modmonster
    absolutely hysterical!!
    sal and chris are 2 of the funniest men in earth. so grateful this pod exists and it always brightens my mood!!
  • Esal1224
    Hilarious Podcast
    Chris and Sal are amazing!!! Their stories keep you on your toes and constantly laughing.
  • AMace711
    This podcast has me dying laughing at 5am at work. Nothing else has to be said.
  • Grabmans
    You’re in my head
    Hey Babe’s, First off, love the pod. The thing is, now I call everybody BABE. Thanks, Babe
  • julesyto
    charming and genuinely funny
    I love this podcast. Sal & Chris are so funny & have a great rapport + they’re great storytellers. :)
  • baiiilo
    Best podcast ever. Makes me laugh out loud the whole time. Love it so much Greatest podcast of all time.
  • jnnfrstvz
    So funny
    Makes me laugh out loud several times during! So glad I found this one.
  • everyone has taken my name
    Favorite Podcast
    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PODCAST! Always makes me laugh but also somewhat informative. From the beginning of the hey babe song to the end. This is the best podcast I have ever listened to. I always tell my family and friends to listen to it. Now I get excited for Thursday’s just because of the new episodes. Love y’all!
  • taryninatree
    Best podcast
    Hands down the funniest podcast I’ve ever listened to. They are gonna be the foundation for comedy podcasts from now on
  • prettybritty2727
    These guys are the funniest duo in comedy right now. Well done.
  • Handhold7373930
    Hilarious 😂
    Literally the funniest podcast ever! Their personality together is fire 🔥 a LOL podcast to listen to
  • MattyLen
    I don’t know what is better. The ridiculous storytelling of Chrissy Chronicles or Sal’s reactions trying to process the absurd information that he somehow never knew. Genius.
  • tayyyyyy94
    hey babe is the best podcast, ever. There, I said it. It is entertaining, meme-worthy, and overall hilarious.
  • KyleKnott
    Literally perfect
    The vibes between Sal and Chris could not be any better. This show is a can’t miss.
  • teerlina1
    The best
    Truly the best and most refreshing podcast I’ve listened to in a while. Find myself laughing out loud multiple times at work. So funny and off the cuff. Love! Please dont ever stop!
  • NGebler
    Our go to Podcast
    We absolutely love Hey babe! Incredibly funny and fun listen! Who does’t love Chris and Sal?! ❤️❤️❤️
  • ShanesAnalCavity
    Don’t run away from your feelings
  • Eaberens
    I want to love it....
    I was so excited for this podcast. I think Sal and Chris are both hilarious and great story tellers. I loved What Say You with Sal and Q so I figured this would be similar... and it is but I cannot deal with the disjointed storytelling. They are literally all over the place and it is very frustrating. They’ll start a story that sounds great and then go off on a tangent about something else and never circle back. It’s hard for me to listen to. I know they said they just fly off the cuff but it would be so much better if they could focus a little more. If it continues I don’t know that I can keep listening.
  • __shelly_b__
    Hilarious and heart warming to listen to the love they have for each other. ❤️
  • Kstreet31
    I just live for this podcast. They are so funny and have brought me so much happiness and laughter during a tough time in my life. ❤️
  • Cmac1001
    I’m addicted
    By far the best and funniest podcast. The connection and chemistry they have is amazing and hysterical. I always look forward to the new episodes every Thursday!
  • Sndisnekdjsb
    Hey Babe
    My all time favorite podcast. I wish they had a new episode every day. I could listen to Sal talk all day.
  • @Charliemassie
    The best
    Found sal and Chrissy's podcast maybe 5 episodes in and had to, had to, had to go back and watch all of them. Best podcast out there. Check out 'Taste buds' too! Sal is the best.
  • ImhungryyBP
    I started watching this podcast because I’m a huge Sal fan and I’m glad I did because Chris is now one of my favorite people along with Sal. Honestly the best podcast I have listened to/watched. It keeps me laughing throughout the episodes... even the ads. Congrats to Tom Brady for winning the super bowl.
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