Sal and Chris Present: Hey Babe!


Hey Babe! is a podcast where comedians Chris Distefano and Sal Vulcano share stories and have fun. Let your hair down & come hang out with the BABES!
This episode the Babes talk Bitcoin, Chris tries to teach Sal about the elusive ways of the Bitcoin, who is Satoshi Nakamoto and how to bitcoin start?, is Satoshi Nakamoto actually Tekashi 6ix9ine, what do we feel about Elon Musk?, what’s Elon Musks mom look like?, is Bitcoin a criminal thing? It's untraceable, the babes come out and realize they are both FOMOSEXUALS, was Bitcoin started by the CIA? Why does the FBI have so many Bitcoins? There is Bitcoin ATMs now, Sal doesn't understand Bitcoin at ALL but being a true FOMOSEXUAL he does want to invest, is the future a BITCOIN FUTURE? let us know what you think in the comments BABES!
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Recent Reviews
  • ZZSprunge
    For the BABES!
    This has been bumped up to my favorite podcast!!!!
  • cccacictclcicn
    shout out tom brady
    best comedy podcast there is
  • Galactus__
    Great comedy podcast
    Gotta support the babes
  • tisseroni
    I make my family listen against their will. I binged the pod in about a week and now I can’t stop. Waiting for new episodes to come out is actually excruciating though.
  • Kdmitch7
    These two are so funny on their own but they compliment each other perfectly. I love that neither one of them dominates the other. It admittedly took me a bit to get used to how fast they both speak but I am from Texas lol. Love you hun
  • 3boyspml
    If I wanted a vocabulary lesson…
    Lately all you guys have been doing is looking up the meaning of words and talking about it. I couldn’t even finish today’s episode. It used to be a fun podcast.
  • Engprofft
    Love the podcast! Today's etymology of words was especially fun for me. However, it's driving me NUTS that you guys pronounce vs improperly. I'm an English professor, it's likely it's only me, but it's pronounced versus. You're not alone in the mispronunciation, so I'll change it one podcast at a time. 😉 Also, Native America women did have babies wherever they happened to be; often holding a short a tree branch while standing, and the other women from the tribe supported her. Love your fact finding and fun!
  • Zyclones
    Possibly my fav poddy-woddy
    Only gripe is that the ads are half the show these days. Probably only get 30-35 minutes of convo between the dates and ad reads. Wish you guys had more STAMINA
  • cohcam09
    Shout out Hey Babe!
    This pod has me hysterical. The things Sal & Chris come up with is great. The only bag thing about listening to Hey Babe is that you will need surgery after listening because your balls will be blown off with how good it is. But speaking of balls, can we mention the way Tom Brady handles that football. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Patrick Mahomes. 😂 Shout out Tampa Bay, shout out Kansas City Chiefs, shout out balls.
  • ThatGirlOksana
    No homeless Pimp
    LOVE sal and Chris! Homeless Pimp needs to not make everything so political tho
  • billrill420
    Good times
    Love these guys. Definitely one of my favorite pods. Keeps me cracking up. I actually didn’t know Sal too much before this, I followed Chrissy, but now I love Sal and I started watching Taste Buds as well as Impractical jokers. Now I’m a huge fan of all. Thanks for keeping us laughing
  • Kayla0918
    Great podcast… except for that guy with the most irritating laugh
    I love this podcast but not sure who that third guy is in the background but his laugh is the most annoying laugh I have ever heard.
  • anon2840
    not a typical podcast listener but i listen/watch religiously
    this is truly one of the best podcasts i’ve ever listened to!! chris and sal are both equally funny and their personalities blend so well together, and it’s so enjoyable to watch their friendship and see their bond. my favorite parts of the podcast are when they get off topic and just start telling a million different random stories that have nothing to do with each other. pls don’t ever stop this podcast it is the highlight of my week ily babes <3
  • Carlzz22
    So fun!
    I love this podcast the chemistry is undeniably hilarious, being able to learn more about these two is so fun and enjoyable! The weirdest stories told in the most unique ways, I just love how silly the whole show is! Could not be better!!
  • ebeyer8
    Sal & Chris get 5 stars, but I’ll honestly be shocked if homeless pimp can make it through a single episode without whining about the vaccine
  • Shammi2505
    Best Podcast Ever
    Hands down. The topics, the laughs, love it all. Always look forward to the next episode. Even the love show ones are great and I usually can’t listen to any other podcast that steam their live shows. Keep it up, Babes!
  • tommyo300000000
    I can’t be alone with my thoughts
    So I listen to this podcast and it makes me focus on something other than existential dread.
  • ohvhsjsbehaksn
    Best podcast!!
    I listen to it everyday at work. The guys never fail to make me laugh! They make me feel like im sitting with them and were all talking as friends!
  • Samfsycsg
    Literally my fav of all time. You guys need to do more bits where you do random things like tying the scarfs over your head differently w each shot. I was dyyyyyying
  • a1exur
    wish there was 6 stars
    so funny and gets me through my day!
  • USAFwifeTX
    This is my favorite podcast ever! I love listening to the guys on my long runs (yes I get looks while laughing hysterically running down the road)! Love it
  • Lilrahjahs
    Feels like your goofyass older brothers
    My fiancé and I love listening every week. Even when we’ve heard them all, we play them in the background around the house. You can tell Chris & Sal are genuine friends just chatting & being stupid together. Which as we all know, is when the funniest things happen. It’s comforting, hilarious, and familiar. You feel like you’ve known them your whole life. Also, the episode where you talked about really tall old people: my grandfather is 6ft1 & 80 years old. They’re out there!
  • lyssanaomi22
    Love a good pod from Sally nutbags and Chrissy D! Best part of my week!
    What Gives???
    Love the two of you I’ve noticed on maybe 2 occasions where Tom Brady or Patrick Mahomes names were not mentioned during the entire episode. I’m a little embarrassed for you guys.
  • Esal1224
    The Babes!!!
    Chris and Sal are amazing!!! I’m constantly laughing out loud, Pimps laugh in the background makes the show!
  • Mar-Mar 12345678910
    babeeeeeeee 10/10
    So funny so interesting sal and chris are a great pair !! Love them great pod
  • Fernando oink
    This is life
    Episode 10 is everything!! I don’t know how I have lived without you two in my life.
  • livvyo24
    Hey Babe Pod
    I literally can’t wait till Thursday every week. You guys are hilarious and I’m so happy I found you at ep. 4!!! #wheresthemerch
  • jkt155555555
    I would have never thought I’d laugh out loud every time they mention the Tom Brady gag I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Patrick mahomes
  • averymisunderstood
    Hey babe
    I swear the best part of it all is pimp laughing in the background
  • thetimehascomethewalrussaid
    Funniest podcast
    I have all of my friends listening/watching too. I actually crack up. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!
  • Coolbreezer4
    Sal is great
    I miss What say you podcast, but this is the next best thing.
  • chrissytriangleass
    Babes I love this show
    Shout out podcasts shout out apple shout out love
  • Shepjr24
    Who doesn’t love these two babes
    I have no words to describe the love I have for this pod.
  • Finnalllyback
    Chrissy cholesterols
    Anything tortellini tush touches turns to gold.. Chrissy chaos is taking over this world
  • Because I want to continue
    By far the best podcast
    Hey Babe is truly the best podcast I have accidentally stumbled upon. I’m glad I saw the TikTok about the tubaware. I look forward to listening each week and laugh the whole way through. If you’re reading this, and I know that you are, keep it up! ☺️
  • blackoutcall
    Yo nessiseeto tambeeyen
  • first dessert
    Homeless pimp
    Most annoying producer laugh in podcast history
  • FLMish
    Right up my alley
    I’m a New Yorker so these two resonate. They have great flow in conversation and are quick witted. I was never really a fan of Impractical Jokers but I am a full Sal fan now for sure. Chrissy D is amazing and the two of them together… bellisimo!
  • jayc8888
    You guys are fricken hilarious!
    I love you guys!!!
  • Hrhoffmann
    This is a pretty funny gender neutral podcast. My husband and I equally enjoy it which is great for road trips. He prefers Sal and I love Chris’ stories. Hilarious.
  • trentwan
    Honestly couldn’t believe they had the balls to charge for tickets to the live show and still made them listen to ads
  • nipps22
    Part time
    Worst servers on earth..great pod when it works!!
  • YungFacialHair
    I *hey babe* Love This Podcast!
    Been a fan of Impractical Jokers for a while now, and with Sal being my fave joker, this podcast just makes my day. I love the chaotic energy of 2 pals just shooting the *hey babe.* Only gets 4 stars because I never figured out the deal with Staten Island Real Estate. Perhaps, the best cliffhanger to ever exist in a podcast...
  • b.areli
    Best podcast ever.
    As an impractical jokers fan this podcast Is tied for first along with The Endless Honeymoon podcast. Sal is hilarious as ever and it even made me start liking Chrissy. Sal does a great job of balancing him out imo. He is less obnoxious than usual. Keep it up boys.
  • M2L7
    The show was better before the singing
    Why did you start singing annoying songs to start the show? It was better before. If you stop doing it I will give you 5 stars. You make my baby cry when you sing
  • TB12 tha goat
    Best Podcast
    My most favorite podcast by far!!!!
  • jonesypickle
    Hey Babe for Life
    Wish Hey Babe Thursday was every day
  • jaixwudocbneirn
    my favorite
    my favorite podcast. It’s too good
  • Kate Albon
    They are the best! I can’t tell you the last time I’ve laughed out loud while listening to a podcast, but this one makes me. We need merch though plz!
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