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  • OGeyevan
    Only problem I have is that I run through all of them and have to wait 24 for a new episode. #greenwall
  • Coc abc
    Entertainments finest
    If you want laughter with gaming and competitive cod, you’ve come to the right place. The boys from OpTic never make me laugh more at work so I’m in a great mood to trim the 🍃! Make sure you use code Optic at any sponsored website for a great discount!
  • AndrewTB
    Light in my day
    Doesn’t matter what the set of topics/questions of each episode are I’ll instinctively click and start listening. The camaraderie of the whole team stand so true and having OG back as a brand feels incredibly symbolic and it gives me chills just thinking about the return of the org to the way it should be. Everyone has me laughing and enticed to any discussion brought up. Love this team and this podcast!
  • PuffSaddy
    Great podcast love hearing the OGs in OG talk!
  • Joey/Wannabe
    So happy the actual OG is back the game is not the same without them great show wish it was longer but an hour is still awesome.
  • Kayne R
    There is so much love between the optic guys. Wish the episodes were longer tho! #greenwallforever
  • KongGo77
    OpTic is BACK!!!
    The GreenWall is home where it belongs!
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