Unraveled is hosted by journalists Billy Jensen and Alexis Linkletter. Each season features a deep dive investigation into a case or issue that true crime fans will be obsessed with, culminating in a special streaming on discovery+. 
Season 4, “Unraveled: Mystery at the Mansion” tracks the riveting murder case of Bob Ward, a Florida real estate mogul accused of killing his wife. The state may be convinced of Bob’s guilt, but his family, including his two daughters and his sister-in-law, staunchly maintain his innocence. Co-hosts Alexis Linkletter and Billy Jensen break down the evidence and investigate what really happened to Diane Ward.
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  • Riiiiiisssssdaaa
    If you love harmful stigmas about mental health season 4 is for you
    Season 4 episode 6 really angered me. The way the hosts discuss & encourage the narrative about antidepressants is ridiculous! It’s completely false & enables the harmful stigmas that prevent people from getting mental health help.
  • PNW88
    Amazing podcasters, icky S4 interviews
    Alexis and Billy are talented. I love their podcasts and tv documentaries. However, blatant bias and the interviews from the family of season 4 makes me want to stop following the podcast. The youngest daughter’s interviews are hands down the worst. Audio clips of her referencing show horses and having to take first class flights instead of private jets is non relatable. I get she’s trying to paint a picture of the family’s wealth, but it doesn’t sit well with me.
  • theresaparrino
    Season 4 is awful
    I really liked Seasons 1-3, which is why I gave this 3 stars instead of 1. But season 4 is a nightmare. It’s so difficult to listen to the bias of Alexis and Billy and the unabashed privilege of Bob’s family. So much victim blaming- they make Diane seem like a horrible person, but we don’t hear any of Bob’s vices or shortcomings. I have problems with lots of podcasters who just focus on family members’ stories. Families aren’t able to be objective. They just aren’t. Some are better than others, but what I’ve heard across the board in low level True Crime podcasting is pandering to families who stay in denial and want to believe fantastical conspiracy theories instead of Occams Razor and facts. Their pain is real and I absolutely empathize. But encouraging their denial is not helpful. Podcasters are making money on their denial and giving air time to cases that don’t need it. It’s disgusting. I am just shocked that Unraveled went there too. I had a much higher opinion of them before Season 4. Two judges, two juries convicted and you give the microphone to the spoiled daughter screaming that the judge should be disbarred. For what exactly? And hearing about the trashy motel and White Castle burgers the daughter had to endure to have her father at her wedding?? First of all, that is the life of millions of Americans, so spare me. And, people in jail don’t get to go to weddings and birthdays and births of children and sometimes even funerals. He is in jail for murder. He was convicted. Why do you assume he should be allowed to travel to another state for a fancy wedding? They even “investigate” a poorly written anonymous letter sent to one of the daughters from some clear crackpot? Omg, Billy & Alexis, do better. This family is in pain and are entitled to their feelings and their anger. But the place for it is with each other and a therapist. Not an investigative podcast.
  • V Plantagenet
    Interesting story but…
    The story is interesting but the family is disgusting! Especially the daughter who keeps screeching and dropping f-bombs because the court won’t bend in her favor. Bless her heart. I can practically hear her stomping her feet when she goes into yet another self-centered tirade. And to think they want to victim-blame the mother, painting her as a suicidal drunk, just so they can get Daddy out of prison—makes me want to puke! It’s so obvious he did it. He said he did it. And the family vacillates between saying the mom was trying to kill herself and the mom was trying to shoot Bob. Well, which is it? At least get your fake story straight. And the ridiculous entitled utterances coming out of the daughters’ mouths are laughable: “Anyone can drink a bottle of wine every day and be fine!” What? I would be a mess if I did that every day. “The judge should be disbarred!” Just because she upheld a decision you didn’t like? “There is no evidence that he did it!” Oh—ha ha! This is the best! NO evidence? How about a bullet hole in the middle of your mom’s face and your dad literally saying, “I short my wife”?—not “I shot my wife on accident” or “My wife tried to shoot me, we struggled, and the gun went off” or even “I made a terrible mistake.” Nope! He said flat out, “I shot my wife” in a tone that clearly says “I did it in the heat of the moment and now I know I’m screwed.” They successfully demonstrated that there was no way someone could shoot themself dead on in the face the way the mom was shot with that particular gun. And if Bob had freed the gun from her grip, why would he then pull the trigger while pointing it right at her face? Lastly, the bias of the two reporters is just gross. When the aunt kept going on about what wonderful people the two daughters are, I wanted to scream. Let’s hear from someone other than the aunt about the daughters and the family in general! I’m sure there are plenty of people who think they aren’t that wonderful, but instead can speak to how entitled and self-serving they are. It just oozes out in everything they say. Basic attitude: “Daddy should be able to get away with it because we’re rich!” Yuck. This one has been painful to listen to!
  • Teon77
    Great narration
    Professional, well organized, easy to listen to, good pieces
  • LadyMaverick
    I Can’t With Season 4
    This is literally the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Bob did it. The end. 🤦🏻‍♀️
  • listeningjen
    Horrible Season 4
    The narration and editing were good, as usual. However I am so confused why this case was chosen in the first place. Bob Ward called 911 and admitted to shooting his wife. Where is the controversy?! We have to listen to the family say the victim was drinking and suicidal and would have died anyway…?! This is a bunch of unsympathetic characters grasping at straws. The daughters come off as petulant, entitled brats. For example, saying they have been so angry at their mother for so long. For what??! Being shot in the head?! This season was so hard to get through.
  • mrs cliffy
    I listened to the podcast and kept waiting to here Bob Wards version of what happened and I’m not hearing it? What is his story?
  • /:"2&' is
    Season 4
    Yikes. I can’t continue beyond the first episode. Not all wealthy people are bad, but these daughters sound like the worst kind of people. Her dad killed her mom and her biggest concern was her equestrian aspiration? That’s beyond spoiled brat. More like narcissistic sociopath. True crime podcasts seem to really be getting desperate for new “victims”. Season 1 was good, hence 3 stars.
  • Rachael Bachael
    season four does not pass the vibe check
  • MamaRoo31
    Love season 1-3
    Season 1-3 are great. Not so much into S4.
  • he did it 1
    Enjoyed the reporting on all the seasons. But man, listening to the behavior of Ward’s daughters is just so cringey. Beyond privileged & bratty, with zero self-awareness.
  • ebnhawk
    Latest season is rough
    I love this show, but the latest season is pretty rough. So far we’ve heard that two juries and two judges have all been convinced of the subject’s guilt, yet we listen to episode after episode of wild and accusatory statements like “that judge should be disbarred” or, the judge from the court of appeals “came straight from traffic court”. It’s just cringey. I have an extremely critical view of our broken justice system, but, if anything, this podcast has convinced me that Bob Ward was not a victim of it. It’s like The Staircase all over again. Except I think I actually find the “Owl Theory” more plausible than the theories presented here in season 4. Sad, because there are many wrongly convicted individuals with less compelling stories who could genuinely use the new evidence that an investigative deep dive could surface.
  • Stephani95
    Season 3!
    Wow!! Season 3 blew me away! Their look at expert witnesses and forensic science was a shock. Very eye opening.
  • MMK42
    Season 4
    This is a good podcast but I’m not loving season 4. I have zero sympathy for these daughters. They were spoiled and they’ve stayed spoiled. Their dad killed their mother and he NEVER explained himself. His wife deserves justice.
  • michellejv
    Love love love and don’t want to stop listening., can’t wait to hear your next story
  • Reading ♥️
    Well researched and an interesting listen.
    Researched thoroughly, commentary plays to the daughters/family. I was looking for practical/unbiased commentary. This wealthy man and his privileged children expect (entitlement) to do what they want and get what they want! Interesting and infuriating!
  • usedtolikeher
    Love the story, even though
    Bias in favor of Bob is obvious. I hate to break it to the girls but he did it. And what a slimeball for him not admitting it to you. That’s the worst part, do you want to know where the good comes out of his sentence? It’s JUSTICE for your mother which you don’t seem to care about. The court has to, the jury spoke. This is not about the judge.
  • GCR64
    Season 4 is shameful
    There was very little investigating done by Billy and Alexis. All u did was give the family a platform for their denial. U can and have done better!
  • anakynrue
    Stop after Season 3
    Have enjoyed this podcast until the 4th season. The daughters sound beyond entitled, very self-centered and make it hard to believe they cared for their mother at all. They project a very blasé attitude towards the death of their mother and act as if the courts should bend to their every whim when we all know that is not how the criminal justice system functions in the US. In the end im unsure of Bob’s guilt but am sure his daughters are in my humble opinion total brats.
  • Niksad
    Alexis and Billy are wonderful investigators and reporters. I have enjoyed every podcast you produce. But this family?! I dislike this Malory chick so much I am yelling at at the stereo in my car. They come off like spoiled brats and it’s hard to sympathize for them
  • ekl1454
    Love all but S4
    Love this podcast overall, but S4 doesn’t resonate with the theme of Unraveled. I’m not seeing or hearing how this specific case tells us anything about the broader criminal justice system or anything else for that matter..it’s literally just a story about this one case, this one rich entitled family, and it’s just not even that interesting of a case.
  • AlwaysInAwe
    What house did you visit in season 4?
    Wasn’t Bob ward’s house demolished in like 2012?
  • Zoogerdee
    So good!
    Amazing investigative skills & reporting on tragic, yet fascinating, cases. RIP to the innocent victims and profound sadness for their families. Thank you for being their voices! ❤️
  • madtrum26
    Incredibly Biased/Victim Blaming
    The most recent season on Bill Ward is honestly the most insanely one sided investigative reporting I have ever seen. Just listened to episode 6 and the amount of victim blaming is absolutely disgusting. Irresponsible and sloppy. What a shame. Only listen if you want to throw your phone against the wall out of sheer frustration at reporting.
  • Crime Junkie 19
    So detailed and very very interesting
    I am a crime junkie following many a podcast but this one is extremely different. Conducted by PROS it is thorough and very different. Love Billy from Murder Squad and him and Alexis from First Degree. So many people think they can conduct a crime podcast these days. If you want to be intrigued and we’ll informed LISTEN to this podcast. Bravo Billy and Alexis. VERY WELL DONE would be an understatement. Love Love Love. GREAT JOB.
  • CEO Choice
    After the first season I was hooked…listening to the 3rd season now about expert witnesses and WOW!!!! I hate the American justice system…everything in this country is influenced/corrupted by money
  • Rockstarhilary
    Great podcast
    I’ve liked every season of Unraveled so far, but I think this one is the best yet. I wish it was more than one episode a week!
  • kyann07
    Season 4 is literal trash
    Season 4 is infuriating to listen to. Several times the daughters allude to basically acknowledging their dad shot their mom and they don’t care. Bob is clearly guilty but they don’t even investigate everything that points to his guilt.
  • Mae1513
    Biased much?
    Season 4 is a no! Leave your bias out of it and just give the facts. And of course he’s guilty.
  • GRE study
    Not great season 4
    Season 4 did not present an “unraveling” of a case….it was more “What about Bob”…sorry kids, he did it.
  • teleTalie
    SO SO good!
    Incredibly well done! Totally binge worthy. It’s hard to wait for the next episode, because of how suspenseful and intriguing it is. Journalistically, it’s professionally researched and tactful. I highly recommend this podcast!!
  • MissLadie2006
    One of the best true crime podcasts!!
    I just binged all 4 seasons in 3 days, it was so good!! The season about forensic experts was completely eye opening to me! I’ll never look at an episode of Forensic Files the same again! I have really enjoyed the season about Bob Ward as well! I think potential jurors need to be educated on what “beyond a reasonable doubt” really means! There is definitely enough of that in his case for him to have been acquitted. Can’t wait for the next episode!!
  • Erinbangify
    What is happening?
    Why are y’all trying to defend a white rich Murderer?? Victim blaming much? This is creepy and weird and I can’t t finish this season. Why on earth would you choose this story?? Unsubscribed.
  • courtneyaaa432
    Sorry, girls. You’re in denial. Dad did it.
  • SophieSSH
    Score is very distracting
    Seems like the whole podcast has a score (music). So annoying. I could only listen to a couple minutes before I deleted the podcast.
  • GreenPrell
    A lot of suggestions, innuendoes, borderline slanders, people running their mouths (sometimes anonymously), and people who aren’t experts talking as if they are. Not a lot of (or no) new evidence. Audio ‘boooooom’s are used liberally to make things seem important, which is manipulative. They also leave out many important details and didn’t even discuss suspects until episode seven.
  • Babs2239
    So biased
    Wonder what Alexis and Billy’s connection is to this case (Season 4)? - they are so clearly biased and in support of Bob Ward and his daughters - even though he admitted his guilt. Hard to listen to it.
  • KrisMillerJD
    Slow paced
    There needs to be way more content per episode. Either make the episodes longer or move the story forward at a faster pace. I feel like I essentially learn 1 new fact each week. The earlier seasons were much more content-filled.
  • MaverickAbundance
    If a fathers daughters has his back, THEY KNOW! They actually KNOW! My heart breaks for this situation! I believe the daughters are right! They know! Dianne’s sister knows! This is devastation at the highest level! Us kids know our parents! Im so sorry for this family.
  • Benny&theJess
    Season 4 is riddled with bias. Do you hear your own reporting?
    I could pick apart each and every episode of season 4 to point out multiple words, sentences, points made, and vocal inflections to illustrate how very biased Billy and Alexis “report” season 4. Do you hear yourselves? You must not. I am really in disbelief at this season. I agree with earlier reviews regarding the victim blaming in this story. It’s disappointing and disgusting. Is anyone on Diane’s side or did anyone ever try looking at this from her point of view? May Diane Rest In Peace. According to this series…no. Also, find a better case!!! This rich, privileged white guy. What a bore. If this case wasn’t about a rich dude then no one would give it any notice. There are far more cases of injustice or miscarriages of justice that would benefit from additional investigation and publicity! Do better next time. Better cases and check your overwhelming bias at the door. I can deal with a little bias, but this season in smothered in it.
  • Coffeeld75
    The first three seasons were good
    The REAL Mystery at the Mansion is the baffling mystery of how this family and these podcasters are trying to defend a clear cut murderer by pretending it might be the victim’s fault…infuriating to listen to at times. There's no mystery here, a rich guy killed his wife and because he was a rich guy people are falling all over themselves to make excuses for him.
  • Livvy J.
    So disappointed with Season 4
    Wow. Season 4 is so obviously & distastefuly biased. Yikes, Billy & Alexis!! Just, yikes. 🤦‍♀️I really enjoyed the podcast, until now. I can not get over how pro-Bob Ward it is. It’s disgusting as well as disappointing.
  • listeningok
    Am I missing something…
    I’ve listened to every episode of this latest season and I still don’t understand how all of these people are so convinced of Bob Ward’s innocence when he admitted to shooting his wife. I keep listening to the next episode expecting for them to explain what he says actually happened. He wasn’t convicted of first-degree! Isn’t second degree appropriate? I’m so confused! Are y’all ever going to share what he says happened?!?!
  • papi ganoosh
    Everything but season 4
    Love them and love their work. Season 4 is worth skipping. Entertains the delusions of the Ward family. The daughters and aunt know where the money was coming from to fuel their lifestyles so they blame the mother for her own death. She tried to kill herself with drugs but there’s a hole in her head with his gun? How was a full grown man not able to pull a gun away from this “alcoholic” woman?
  • The life of tacos
    I love anything these folks do. They show such great care and respect for the victims in all the cases they research. I will listen to anything they put out because I know 100% that the content is going to be fantastic.
  • jvr24298
    Inconsistent series
    The series goes from decent on a couple seasons to terrible on others. Be prepared to skip some
  • Lotu1211
    One of the NEST investigative journalism podcasts. I’ve loved every season!
  • Agamemamin
    Why did these women continue to show their presence on the sites that they knew they could be seen by him? Why not just stop telling your life story on line for all to see? Wouldn’t that be common sense? When you get burnt maybe looking at what you’re doing could be the answer. Many of the women said they continued to add information on blogs etc.
  • Big BHP
    Was Good Before Season 4
    This used to be a solid podcast. The first 3 seasons were all good in different ways. This new season however is bizarre and extremely biased. He obviously committed the crime and all they seem to do is interview his supporters/family but don’t even discus thrower evidence. It’s not even and interesting case! I really wonder why the podcast took such a sharp turn, I won’t be listening to any future episodes.
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