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Comedians Sarah Colonna and Mary Radzinski laugh their way through trending topics, pop culture, and entertainment — peppering in personal stories along the way. And yes, they're obsessed with Married at First Sight.

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  • marsleo1
    My favorite
    I feel like I’m listening to my two best friends. You’re both hilarious and so fun to listen to. Love you both! 🤍
  • sad to see it end
    Worst recap ever!
    Love these two!!
    One of my favorite podcasts!! I didn’t even watch this season of MAFS but continued to listen and laugh along w Sarah and Mary. Thanks ladies!!
  • MThomasR
    Ultimate Couple Show
    I watched the Ultimate couple show, nice job! Mary - your make up & hair color are absolute perfection! The show was a bit long, 90 minutes might be better? I enjoyed seeing some of the previous couples. You both make this show more playful than it used to be.
  • PoshWithTara
    Great insight
    They have great insight on MAFS, and pick up so much I don’t when watching. Love their humor and take on the show. Absolutely recommend!
  • O.N.Mama
    Light hearted humor.
    I enjoy the light hearted humor of Sarah and Mary. They aren’t competing with each other, rather enhancing each other’s comments. It’s so nice to listen to and laugh along with them.
  • Jamie4822
    Is this my podcast?
    It is my podcast! Love Sarah and Mary
  • Kriska20
    Christian Bale
    The reason I AM subscribing is your Christian Bale discussion. So funny!
  • julskyl
    The best!
    You all are hilarious. Love this podcast!
  • KayteeNY
    Please get a new intro
    That intro to the show is so annoying and makes 0 sense! I love listening with that one exception!
  • Kim1169
    Thank you ladies!!!!
    You always hit it in the head. I honestly have to credit Lauren for maintaining composure, I would have maybe been charged with assault having to deal with Orion. He is a certifiable gaslighter!!!! Quite frankly he has ZERO to offer Lauren IMO. This was a sad season and MAFS needs to do better going forward, LIB is outweighing successes with their experiment. Don’t mean to compare but cannot help myself. Thank you again!
  • joyreh
    Love you guys!
    I love you guys almost as much as I love MAFS! You bring up stuff that I missed when watching, and I agree with probably 95% of your take on things and your predictions for the couples!! A huge plus is that you’re really funny! I love your take on pecker-head Orion! 🤣
  • Blessed Beyond.....
    Love Sarah & Mary!!
    By far my favorite MAFS podcast, possibly my favorite podcast in general. Listening to Sarah & Mary is like a conversation with friends, so relatable & funny. Their Patreon is great! Listening to Sarah on Jeff Lewis live is such a bonus, their chemistry is great. Sarah is a gem!!
  • Technology Val
    Love you❤️
    Would love to hear you in person come on down to Florida!
  • Not your typical Karen
    Two of the funniest women ever!
    Please come to Atlanta! I woukd love to bring a group of friends You all make me laugh out loud and when I listen in the car I get some strange looks!!
  • Caito_J
    I love this so much
    I am so very late to the party on this one but I only very very recently discovered this podcast and wow— what a treat! These beautiful angel babies are hilarious, I literally laugh out loud while I listen. I’m truly lost for words at why it took me years to find this because I didn’t think anyone was as obsessed with lifetime movies or married at first sight as I was until I found this. So funny, so fun, my new favorite podcast! The hostesses are truly perfect and hysterical 😂😂
  • Aroel2
    This is so wrong
    I love your podcast. You are both wonderful people. Thank you for all the time you put into the free feed. Can someone please tell me where all the experts are? They are useless! Im tired of all the men except Michael. Why do they keep referring to his feminine side. He is eccentric! I love his style and demeanor. Pastor Cal wasn’t very kind to Michael. My heart goes out to the women. Such emotional pain they must be feeling! I look forward to hearing your thoughts tomorrow. Take care and be safe. You’re the best and do make me laugh.
  • sisterwivesfan
    Great podcast!
    Love listening to you ladies! MAFS is one of the only shows I watch “live” because I want to listen to your recaps first thing Thursday morning. You never disappoint! With other podcasts I’m typically not into voice impersonations but your take and impression of Orion’s whispering/soft voice had me laughing out loud. Just hilarious and spot on. :)
  • ChrissyLB89
    5 stars!
    Love these ladies! They’re the only ones that can get me to laugh out loud. Actually stopped watching the show weeks ago, but still love listening to their podcast first thing Thur morning. Love Sarah & Mary’s rapport; so sweet and supportive of one another.
  • Cool Black Chick
    Are you my favorite podcast?
    Yes! 😉I want to have a MAFS watch party with these two. It would turn out to be the best Wednesday night of my life!
  • Come on
    Are you guys beefing? I feel like the last couple episodes Sarah just seems so annoyed with Mary’s commentary. Still love the show, just something I noticed.
  • Zerilli like music
    MAFS Laughs!
    If you love Married At First Sight and laughing you will love this podcast. I love the commentary in the songs - because I always notice the music and the lyrics - and these ladies appreciate it with the tongue and cheek attitude that I love. This podcast just makes me laugh and happy so thank you!
  • speakstheteuth12345
    Great podcast!
    Love this podcast, you ladies make me laugh! Sometimes Sara seems to trump Mary’s opinions, not to be negative, just noticed.
  • OxyBaby21
    Hilarious and Interesting!
    Mary and Sarah never cease to bring the joy, delivering laughter and sobering realism every time. Even when I disagree with their takes, I find them wildly entertaining and insightful. Keep up the great work, ladies!!!
  • Thekerskeyboys
    We look forward to listening every Thursday. Sarah and Mary are so relatable and funny! Atta girls!
  • No thank you 🥰🥰🥰🥰
    I watched the first few episodes. It was excruciating. Now I don’t have to watch any more, thanks to you
  • L_F_0317
    Best MAFS recap podcast!
    No, I was not incentivized for my honest review. These ladies are so entertaining and funny. I’ve been binge-listening to their older episodes because I can’t get enough of them.
  • Bkrielly
    Love it
    I don’t even watch MAFS but I love to listen to you guys talk about it
  • JMR_214
    Highlight of my week
    I’m a therapist who specializes in grief and loss, and 95% of the podcasts I listen to (at regular speed, so don’t be too impressed) are about death, so your show provides much needed levity and brings so many laughs. Every episode is gold, and my Patreon subscription with extra content makes up seven of the best dollars I spend each month. Love, one very grateful MAFShole.
  • retard_alert
    patreon lacking
    they should rly ad the main feed episodes to patreon ad free. They do a ton of ads and segway them into the conversation so you don’t even know when they are starting or ending.
  • farm_kittie
    Can be funny but not when they are bullying and trashing someone they hate on a reality show
    I thought they were funny reviewing Lifetime movies because if they attack a character who does it hurt? The characters are fictitious so no one. But these two ladies behaving like 13 year olds trashing Clare endlessly because they know it will be popular Let’s hope you two never have to experience bullying and cancellation. They believe Cameron 100% A little nuance would help.
  • SoCal Food Fan
    Thursday has become my FAVORITE DAY! Love your podcast - so much fun!!
  • Maria on the move
    Best part of MAFS is THIS PODCAST!!!
    I love these 2 so much!!! I literally am calling my friends and telling them they HAVE to start watching MAFS just so they can listen to this PODCAST!! It is exactly how my friends and I would talk to each other and you are tapping into everything we are feeling!! It is the best part of my work week when I have a lunch date with you both every Thursday! You both always brighten my day so much!! Thank you for spreading so much joy in this super fun podcast!! I think you should start recapping “Love is Blind” and some other reality shows so we can hear more!! Bravo!! 👏👏👏
  • pattrishya
    Mean spirited and not funny
    I used to like this podcast but lately it just seems hateful and like the whole point to tear people down. Marie19
  • Marie34444921
    Feel good laughs always!
    Loo these two so much!!
  • Russell the kid
    “I would have snapped his neck.” Oh, so insightful AND very, very funny!!
  • Sssssssjjjjjjj71
    They say what we’re all thinking!
    Love the podcast! Mary and Sarah say what we’re all thinking. And they do a good job of calling people out without just saying mean things. Look forward to it every week!
  • 5kwife
    Hysterical ladies
    Y’all crack me up! I love listening to their take it’s spot on and an easy/fun listen while I’m driving, cleaning, cooking. No one else I know watches the show so I feel like these two would be me and a friend hashing out our own thoughts! Keep it up Mary and Sara 💜
  • Kelkel888
    So glad I found this!
    Heard Sarah’s plug for this podcast on Jeff Lewis and am so glad I did. I can’t wait to hear what Sarah and Mary have to say about each episode and I’m so in agreement with everything. Mary’s “morning news show” rant was the best.
  • Geosmith18
    Atta girls
    W00t W00t !
  • sealllly
    New fan!
    Just found your podcast today after watching Sarah on JJL. I already know It’s going to be my number 1!
  • snooza15
    Best podcast ever!
    I feel like I’ve know you 2 for years! We have the same humor for sure. Keep it up!! Love you lots!! Really look forward to hearing from you.
  • drw from virginia
    Trade Marking a popular phrase
    Enjoy your podcast for the most part…but Becca cannot go and trade mark a very popular phrase that is said throughout the bettering yourself community…so no she didn’t coin the phrase “you do not light someone else’s candle by diminishing your own…thank you and read a book sometime…
  • Sophomoric
    Love these 2!!
    They are so funny! Love their stories and love their take on MAFS! Thank you both!
  • jlee8685
    Came over from Juicy Scoop!
    Yay, Sarah! I always love when you’re on Juicy Scoop so I had to look up your podcast and I’m so glad to see all the positive reviews! I’ve never watched MAFS but started bc of you- excited to hear more!
  • Mark from Rhinebeck
    Genuinely hilarious!
    I came late to this game after a relative got me hooked on MAFS, season 12. I was so stunned that I had to find common ground and stumbled on Sarah and Mary’s impressive podcast. They have a remarkable, innate, comedic rapport, and I literally laugh out loud in “spit take” fashion at least twice per episode as I binge my way through. Sarah and Mary oversee the funniest podcast I’ve come across, and I’ve listened (or tried to listen to) hundreds. I’ve been laughing about their idea for a “no carb” merch option for days. (Worth diving in to find that gem.) Definitely give this a go!
  • Loyalfan2012
    Favorite part of life
    I caught on to these two during a difficult period of life with medical things and surgery across the country. I also work a very stressful job. I cannot describe how much it means to literally laugh out loud! Sarah and Mary are hysterical, witty, and extremely talented. I look forward to each and every podcast. They are like my built in best friends. I cannot say enough good things about these women and how they and the other RUMP-ers have positively impacted my life. Strong work, ladies! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
  • lindsaycn
    Stick to MAFS
    Please ditch the topics and just start with the recap since we only get an hour without having to pay! That’s what we’re here for!
  • margs7
    I look forward to listening to these fantastic ladies every week! I’m a huge mafs fan, but I could listen to them chat about anything. One of the few podcasts that actually makes me laugh out loud while also offering lots of wise insight. Atta girl!😂 Keep the goodness coming and please come do shows in Chicago!💗
  • Lissa12387
    Atta girls
    So funny, look forward to this every week!
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