How to Be a Better Human


Join How to Be a Better Human as we take a look within and beyond ourselves.

How to Be a Better Human isn’t your average self improvement podcast. Each week join comedian Chris Duffy in conversation with guests and past speakers as they uncover sharp insights and give clear takeaways on how YOU can be a better human.

From your work to your home and your head to your heart, How to Be a Better Human looks in unexpected places for new ways to improve and show up for one another. Inspired by the popular series of the same name on TED’s Ideas blog, How to Be a Better Human will help you become a better person from the comfort of your own headphones.

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  • another avis reader
    How to spend money
    I was struck by how different this episode was from my experience. The big insight seemed to be, spend money and time on other people not yourself. What annoyed me was the chuckle chuckle attitude that while this is what the expert recommends this isn’t what he does. I believe him. Being a big shot professor at Harvard is a place you get only if you put yourself first. I say this as an academic myself. At the same time, there are many people who do put others first, who spend money on others, who may even forget what they liked or wanted because they spend so much time focused on others. Ask any parent of an ill or disabled child, or an immigrant who will never work in their chosen profession in order that their larger family can escape oppression. In other words, the social conventions professor norton projects onto the rest of us reflect his narrow privileged but uncaring class, not the American experience as a whole.
  • meowsnoopy101
    This is it
    Brain juices flowing
  • atxguy510
    Chris Duffy Human
    Chris Duffy is human. A very good human. He got that way from he’s pursuit of being a better human. Now you to can follow along and join him in becoming a better human. Let’s all be better today.
  • GLeBe13
    New favorite podcast
    This is my new favorite podcast and my only complaint is there aren’t a hundred episodes yet for me to binge. I usually send each episode to 3-5 friends who I think would appreciate it.
  • Su Glez
    Great podcast
    Love this podcast. It is fun, smart, light and has great ideas in how to be a better human. Listing motivate me to practice a “better human” new tools and skills. Thank you!!
  • 122Vern
    Four episodes in and loving it
    The host Chris makes me laugh out loud and is relatably (word?) human. The friend you have a beer with and only this friend brings a TED guest expert! And have to say I actually end up getting something out of the conversations. Fatherhood one was especially helpful.
  • Erkmtrm
    GTH conservative whiners !!
    Quit working the refs !!
  • 8899843
    Political arguments discussed by two liberals
    First in a most empathetic and respectful way I’d like to bring forward some points on this episode. First there was no conservative voice or thought leader. Your bent was framed with fairly obvious left leaning positioning statements. For example why was the older uncle the conservative and the younger niece the liberal? Are there no young conservatives that could have made your story more believable?? They are out there you know. Your painting of the moral deeper fibers of conservatives are somewhat off base as well. It might have been important to put fairness in both categories. Conservatives believe in equality and fairness. indicating this is not a moral value for conservatives is incorrect. How we achieve it is where we may disagree. Also as conservatives you should have listed Freedom. That is probably the most important conservative value. Loyalty? Maybe you should have substituted Accountability. That would have been more accurate. So while I agree that we should frame our dialogue with finding ways to agree it might be best to have stepped out of this echo chamber and hear why conservatives feel our nation is polarized as well. Of course with all due respect to your guest. Maybe you can address this in a future episode.
  • @avilabaycity
    We all need this podcast
    Found this new gem of a podcast & absolutely love it and wondering why this isn’t mandatory for the world to listen to, keep up the great work!
  • leeeeeroyjenkins
    Chris is the expert
    This filled the void I'd had in my podcast library since You're the Expert finished. Great to hear Chris break down complex research again!
  • kristi history
    Such a narcissistic way to live and see the world all about me me me. My daughter died but it’s about me. Yow no wonder the world is effed up
  • Michael R in NYC
    Excellent host & format
    I appreciate the humility with which Chris approaches each episode topic. Entertaining, actionable information. Worth a listen if you’re looking to see new perspectives & hear new ideas.
  • The Girls Hour Jen & Michele
    New to me
    Just found this podcast and am really enjoying it!!
  • Theelie
    Great show!
    Love Chris and the format - guests are amazing. A must listen.
  • Nan cella
    Love the podcast. Could you talk about addiction and some issues involved in that and codependency.
  • 69301649
    loved it
  • mom&more
    must listen
    i love the idea behind this podcast, you ask the best questions & i’m so excited to follow along
  • sudewinders74
    Seems like they only attack this from one do we convince republicans they are wrong....maybe that should be the name of the podcast
  • ._mmm
    Look Further!!
    If you are looking for a new podcast to love, KEEP LOOKING! This podcast is awful! Don’t waste any more of your time/
  • a good girlll
    Two liberals discussing how to argue with conservatives — yawn.
  • Gjhoosier
    This is great for mindfulness. Teaching you to frame yourself with the world around you in mind.
  • CJ Dubah
    If you’re sheep and love socialist propaganda
  • JTK Awesome
    Intellectuals and misleading titles
    Each episode is pop psychology fluff that has almost nothing to do with the episode title.
    What humanity needs...
    What humanity needs: humility, honesty and genuine kindness. This podcast should be how we all start the week. I know I am looking forward to the next episode, then the next, and then the next.
  • miatrotman
    Great so far!!
    I love this so far. Especially because I’m a part of gen z and most of us are depressed so this really gave me a better outlook on life. Especially when they talked about loneliness. Cant wait to see what they have coming! 🤠
  • Linda99999
    How to be a better human
    From a therapist, this was really good. Informative and entertaining! A FAN
  • to do ddr was w de
    DSW’s and the day I do to do to
    We feed Red det redrawwddw go wow w
  • AK Ajijic
    Very professional, valuable talks. Thank you.
  • Mattchew Hughes
    Questions for today’s world
    Really digging this new podcast! The questions asked in these interviews are very relevant to our world of COVID today, but also seem like they’ll find a way to stand the test of time. Can’t wait for more episodes!
  • ImaDadtoo
    A Better Human
    The right podcast for the times! Every episode has a few practical take a ways that reduce stress and help me built resilience. Chris is a genuinely interesting and engaging host that draws out the guests in an easy free flowing conversation,
  • 530 we
    Great interviews!
    Chris Duffy does an amazing job interviewing experts. Very informative and uplifting! Looking forward to listening to more episodes!
  • Ima listener
    A Must Listen to Show!
    Chris is an awme host who brings on some incredible guests! I highly recommend the listen!
  • Mason Robbins
    This is just what I need!
    Lately I’ve been feeling pretty lonely and down on myself because I always wonder if my friends are fake and take advantage of me. I just need this podcast badly because it’s good to know I’m not the only one going through it. 😌❤️
  • tayelovesme
    This is a great podcast so far! I’m looking forward to tuning in to hear more.
  • Common333
    Chris is the perfect host and this is such an optimistic show.
  • Divine Evolution Poscast
    An Important Podcast for the Human
    We love this podcast here at #DivineEvolution podcast! There is so much important information to be gleaned from listening to this show and especially with the way Chris Duffy presents it. Every reasonable and growing human mind should be a listener! We followed and subscribed on several platforms! So should you!
  • T-Braids
    The best!
    Chris Duffy is the best!
  • TavishGrade
    Make Dandelion Wine
    Came here to hear words about my gma Shirley and stayed for the rest. Lovely opener, great podcast!
  • CT9200
    Tiny brained
    Pseudo-socialist propaganda. How ignorant can you sheep get?
  • 크루픽스
    Amazing Podcast
    Great content, something that we need to know in this time period.
  • Micah Sherman
    Yes, yes…
    A thousand times, yes!
  • NPRFan23
    Informative and actionable
    Kudos to TED and the host for making this podcast so easy to listen to and full of practical tips. It’s a great addition to the TED line up. Keep them coming!
  • Adi26532
    10/10 would recommend
    This is a great up beat and emotionally intact podcast I think they should do one on how to have a conversation because I want to talk to my friends and family ask them questions instead of dominating the conversation but a lot of times when I try to ask questions it’s just a 1-3 word answer and I run out of questions to ask them very quickly and Chris Duffy if you are reading this I hope you have time to do it and if not then I still think it is a great podcast and still give it 5 stars If you are still reading this then I guess you respect what I have to say thank you ☺️ and have an amazing day, week month, year and even decade and just remember that it is always possible to find light in the darkness
  • Anto veré
    Thoughtful and fun!
    Chris Duffy is so delightful and fun. I'm so happy he's the host of this show!
  • Emily Christman
    Chris Duffy is an amazing host
    What a great show!!!
  • imok_youreok
    Delightful, insightful host
    Chris Duffy is a delightful and quick-witted host who synthesizes big topics into relatable human stories with actual take-aways for everyday life. Highly recommend!
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