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Tune in for the rest of the story—with exclusive interviews with pilots who have shared their emergencies, crises, and mistakes over 950-plus installments of Flying's iconic series, "I Learned About Flying From That." Host Rob Reider relates the tale as told by the author, then catches up with that pilot to ask the questions we know have been on your mind.

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  • MIflyer
    Top notch!
    Great learning from others’ experiences!
  • Acerodney
    Informative, but grating to listen to
    I do like this podcast, and wholeheartedly believe in its mission to share real-world lessons that all pilots can benefit from. Far from being read-to by the host as in another “it happened to me” podcast I can think of, ILAFFT (groan) offers the bonus of hearing added commentary from some of the actual pilots who contributed their original printed accounts over the years in Flying Magazine. Cool! My constructively-meant criticism is with host, Rob Reider’s, robotic, “Mr. Rogersy” interview style. Combined with his irritating habit of constantly interrupting his guests with questions, comments, or quips, each episode is an exercise in hair-pulling and eye-rolling. These interruptions often come at a moment when the guest is just starting to get into the grit of their story, or as they’re sharing some epiphany they had. I get that Reider is perhaps trying to fill what he perceives as gaps in understanding a listener might have, but if he’d just allow the guest to finish their thought (or sentence), a listener could readily absorb the context of the account. Reider could THEN ask clarifying questions or make observations where he felt a need to in the guest’s account. Lastly, I’d beg Rob to stop referring to the series as “ILAFFT” (“I laughed”). Each time he says it, he makes it sound like it’s the first time he realized the cleverness of the acronym, never mind that it hardly complements the somber lessons conveyed in the podcast, and nobody I’ve known in my flying circles has ever called the section that. Overall, solid and relative content, albeit presented in a mushy and unrelatable way.
  • Brent Boxall
    One of the BEST aviation podcasts you can listen to!
    "I Learned About Flying From That" is exceptional content for anyone interested in aviation, especially if you participate as a pilot or crew member. In short, why make mistakes yourself when you can learn from others' mistakes and how they flew out of them. Rob Reider does a phenominal job of setting up the story of each pilot's recount of what happened and the lessons they learned. What you hear on this podcast could save your life and those of your passengers.
  • tommyo300000000
    I’m not a pilot
    I’ll never be a pilot, yet I really enjoy this podcast. I have a great respect for aviation technology and aviators. I like to hear how pilots get out of jams without panicking and losing control as I would do. Thanks for the great podcast.
  • Han__solo__
    Great Podcast
    Very informative for all pilots whether your a student pilot or an airline pilot. As a CFI, I still learn a lot from every episode.
  • kishvideo
    Best aviation podcast period.
    As a student pilot hearing stories like this basically never happens. This podcast is a great blend of entertainment and education. Huge fan of sporty’s as well, Rob Reider is the best host they could have chosen for this podcast.
  • cl65skip
    Essential and entertaining!
    This podcast is wonderful, entertaining and so important for anyone that has an interest in aviation. Download, listen, and learn from the experience of these participants to help continue to keep aviation safe and fun.
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