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Sexuality #78

My name is Sebastian and this is sex education for men. If you always wanted to know how to have sex, how to last longer in bed, how to make a woman squirt, how to cure premature ejaculation, and how to increase your testosterone, you will love this podcast. I provide you with sex tips for men that allow you to please and to satisfy your wife or your girlfriend and to overcome your sexual performance anxiety. Are you interested in working with me as your sex coach or do you have a question? Contact me at sebastian@

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  • Vera Paz Annabell Garcia
    Highly recommended
    Really informative podcast, I have already put to practice some of the advice within the episodes with great results, keep up the great work!
  • peny_29
    Very informative!
    Awesome information and great tips for men!
  • DVesu
    Love it
    This one and Your Mileage May Vary are my go to sex podcasts for men. Love the content and the host.
  • Tinman61203
    Mainly up selling!!!!
    About 25-30% of the information s good information. But unfortunately he does a lot of open ended talking and leaves out a lot of information so he can up sell himself , while attempting to get you to purchase his programs!! Very disappointed!!
  • j.max03
    Great education
    Great education. Every man should listen and learn. Take this education and apply it in the bed room and see for yourself how your woman enjoy the experience.
  • AndrewRom
    Best podcast for mens sex health!
    Thank you Sebastian for so much important information that for some reason seems impossible to find elsewhere.
  • gabby2savvy
    Sexual positivity
    I STILL don’t get tired of hearing his German access!! If your like me; grew up feeling shame towards sexual behavior, Sebastian is literally the most open minded, honest, sex positive male I have ever seen. I trust this man when it comes to anything sexual/life/relationship related. He values honesty and tells you the things you don’t wanna hear but need to hear, he pushes you to get out of your comfort zone and be the BEST lover you can be!…I can keep going and going but this isn’t really an article, it a review. If you aspire to be an amazing lover, listen to this podcast, Sebastian will guide you down a path (which I’m still on) that will encourage lifestyle changes, personal growth and venerability. I give it 6 stars!
  • dannyalane
    Mostly just trying to sell
    He has some good advice with some things, but most of it is repetitive and he’s mostly trying to get you to buy the videos he’s always talking about. He doesn’t go into a lot of detail really on pleasing women.
  • ToonheaD808
    Great show
    Extremely informative
  • TylerRobitaille
    HIGHLY recommend!
    What would i do without Sebastians help! Really helped me figure out my problem and face them with a much different approach then what i was doing in the beginning.
  • K1ACE
    Sex Education
    Sebastian Harris is an expert. I look forward to hearing his daily podcasts. They have helped me immensely. I have listened to every one of his podcasts both here and his other Global Seducer quickie podcast.
  • Mackastic A Dazzle
    This podcast is Legit!
    Anything Sebastian says is tried and true. His book ‘Rise of the Phoenix’ and coaching transcended my life from feeling incomplete and anxious to one of a more centered existence and comfort in my own skin. I have yet to achieve my complete potential but I’m certain with Sebastian’s help, I will.
  • Jesus-Christ .
    Awesome Podcast!!
    Such great content for any man looking to take his social, spiritual and dating life to the next level. Sebastian’s “Global Seducer Quickie” podcast is already influential and inspiring enough. But this is just as good if not better. Easy to digest episodes are an added bonus. Every man wishes we had this type of sex education. Now we must use our newly found powers for good!
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