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Do you ever feel that preparing for your weekly Come, Follow Me lesson falls short? Join hosts Hank Smith and John Bytheway as they interview experts to make your study for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ Come, Follow Me course not only enjoyable but original and educational. If you are looking for resources to make your LDS study fresh, faithful, and fun--no matter your age--then join us every Wednesday morning. Show notes: YouTube: Instagram: Facebook: followHIM Podcast is not affiliated with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The opinions expressed on episodes represent the views of the guest and podcasters alone.

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  • rlb7415893
    What a spiritual feast
    I love listening to this podcast every week. Having these experts in ancient scripture explain the context and the alternate translations of words in the scriptures has been so helpful. Many of the Old Testament episodes blew my mind (especially the first ones in Genesis). Lots of good content. I’m always eager to come back for more.
  • 4kidsandcollege
    An Oasis throughout my week
    I’m so thrilled to listen each week to Follow Him. I am busy with work, family, church and so many other things that at the end of the day I rarely have energy or the desire to study the gospel. I started listening to The Follow Him Podcast about a year ago and it has changed the way I think about studying. As I go through my day, I listen in my truck while traveling to and from work and appointments. By doing this, it allows me to think of the Gospel throughout my day, instead of just at the close of the day or early in the morning. It also allows me to recap what I have learned with my family, and that has brought the most joy! I’m so grateful for the inspiration and the insight I receive from this, that I otherwise never would. Thank you for bringing this gift to me! Spencer Gordon, North Bend Oregon
  • Swimforfungirl
    They manage to hit a home run every week. We get to learn from Hank and John with their wonderful sense of humor and ability to reduce key elements in an understandable way plus we get to hear some of the most highly knowledgeable guests in the universe. Thank you!
  • Carriedaway77
    What a gift!
    Thank you, Shannon and the late Steve Sorenson, all the behind-the-scenes people, our wonderful hosts and to all the amazing guests that have brought us this podcast! We are so blessed to essentially be enrolled in the best virtual college religion class available, taught by the best of the best teachers, experts in their field, all for free! My knowledge has grown exponentially in the last few years, so much so, that I feel up to the task of teaching Gospel Doctrine, which would have seemed like a nightmare before. Thank you, thank you!!!
  • Kenziepetes
    One of my favorite podcasts!
    This podcast helps me dive deeper into my scripture study! I love reading the scriptures on my own, writing down my questions and thoughts, and then listening to their podcast. My questions are usually answered and my thoughts are expounded upon pretty much every time!
  • Vidaboa Hein
    Read the scripture block first!
    I am grateful for the insights from this podcast. John or Hank could be the guest each week but they have studied and ask questions and let the guests to show/share what they have prepared. Thank you Sorenson family for making this possible!
  • crmbl forever
    Follow Him
    Wonderful, inspiring podcast! Thanks to all who help make this podcast available and bring me closer to the Savior.
  • Speedy-McSpeedster
    Thank you!!!!
    The etymology and historical references are a marvelous companion to scripture study.
  • cwood131
    I love this podcast!
    I listen to it for every “Come Follow Him” lesson as a additional resource. It’s informative, enlightening and the with their guest scholars it sincerely helps me gain knowledge. Oh! They also make it entertaining and fun. A sincere “Thank you” to everyone who makes this Podcast possible!
  • marszdotes
    Deepest understanding comes from these moments
    To add this insight into my scripture time, is a blessing to my “alone-ment”…..I feel a connection invited into my home, with every guest, handpicked, to help me learn more deeply & grow in the gospel of Jesus Christ; never alone! Every week, I am richly blessed in finding the peace the gospel brings… to my appreciative heart, as I love them all.
  • rwamz
    Testimony Strengthening
    I look forward to these podcasts every week. My testimony has been strengthened and my understanding of the scriptures deepened in ways I could not have imagined. I have to say I love every single guest but S. Michael Wilcox is my favorite. I can’t wait to listen to this week’s episode again 🙂
  • chicka13917
    I love this podcast!
    I always learn something profound from each episode. Thank you to John, Hank and the many guests on the show for sharing their testimonies and knowledge about the beautiful gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • margaritaville21
    Intelligent. Emotional. Transformational.
    April 26, 2023 with Michael S. Wilcox is a transformational episode. Hank and Jon are spell-bound by a man who speaks with the love of Jesus. Thank you for this episode. Accessible. Balanced. Contextual. As a convert, who was raised by a scholar of the Old and New Testaments, this deep dive into a familiar world is an intelectual and spiritual dream. Thank you.
  • MC performance horses
    This week was a wonderful Podcast!! I felt the forgiveness as the Protocol Son, the LOVE of a forgiving father and the understanding love as the older brother and one of the 99! The poem de Wilcox read this week touched me. I view into death is always interesting and a focus on the Resurrection is very important! The podcast always leaves me feeling closer to my savior, but especially this week!! Thank you to all involved!
  • KJCMomof7
    Best learning companion to CFM
    I have taught Seminary, I have taught Institute; I’ve had many opportunities to share and teach the gospel through serving in virtually every lay calling available to women. But I learn more from this podcast than I ever have in my own study. Thank you for being the best learning companion I have found!
  • LittleBirdyInTheSky
    This one is my favorite!
    I follow 4 Come Follow Me podcasts. It’s a lot to do each week. This is the one I will never miss!
  • DaldalSmith
    Gospel Learning
    Great complement to prepare for Seminary. Always new insights from educated gospel scholars!
  • E078577
    Humbling and Inspiring!
    I realize how much there is to learn about the gospel of Jesus Christ but what an captivating journey. Thank you for bringing in the experts but making it real and relatable to us walking our lives today.
  • minsotal
    It helps me understand the scriptures more. Thanks so much!
  • rollingute
    Helpful for gospel learning on the go
    I find many of these episodes so interesting and enlightening. My main critique is that the intro is soooo annoying and cheesy when they force a word from the reading to describe Bro. Bytheway. I dislike it so much that my rating looses a star. But maybe it’s just me
  • bericjohnson
    The Best!
    The Best podcast ever…thanks so much!!!
  • JKB76:-)
    Faithful teachers
    Testimony building and inspiring, a true gift!
  • Annaswenny
    Changed my scripture study in the best way.
    I’m so grateful for the inspired people who created this podcast and for Hank Smith and John Bytheway and all their visitors who so willingly and freely give of their time to help all of us understand the scriptures better each week. I discovered this podcast at the end of my Doctrine of Covenants Study. I learned to LOVE the Old Testament all last year and now the New Testament even more because of the insights I’m learning from this podcast. Thank you doesn’t seem like enough, but I can’t not say it. ❤️
  • Jhooo567
    Best Come Follow Me Accompaniment
    I really love listening to this podcast, I listen every week and think it’s the best supplement to my Come Follow Me study in the manual! Thank you so much guys are doing what you do.
  • Tboltmom
    Touched by Dr. Sweat and Easter testimony
    I have no words to express how the the episode about the Resurrection has helped me. I was working in my kitchen and had to sit down and start taking notes as I listened to Dr. Sweat bear testimony of our Savior and the effects of His Resurrection. I have struggled this last few years with my own testimony of the church but have always had a testimony of Jesus. I realized again today that nothing else matters. Thank you so very much. God bless you in all of your efforts to share the hope, love, light and glorious message of our Savior’s love for all of God’s children. This is a great work.
  • Hermano J
    Insightful, uplifting and informative. Thank you for all you add to my study of the scriptures.
  • Julie L Brock
    A must listen
    This podcast is amazing, the spirit is always present and I learn so much from the hosts and the wonderful guests they have
  • GVLater
    This is so interesting and easy to listen to. The guest scholars are so knowledgeable. Mysteries become clear.
  • jbsblack
    Great scripture podcast!
    This podcast is such a gift. All the great guests offer such valuable insights into the scriptures and offer new ways to interpret the word of God.
  • Nonna Nena
    Weekly Study
    Follow him is a part of my regular study to learn of and FOLLOW HIM. Hank & John make it fun & the guests add so much. Thank you!
  • Western Chuck
    The best gospel podcast ever!
    I love this podcast, the hosts make it very easy to understand some hard doctrines found in ancient scripture and give very good insight on culture and religion found in these books.
  • LLizsand
    My favorite podcast!
    Is it weird that I’m super disappointed when this podcast is over? I love the clean humor, the gospel insights and scholarship and, most importantly, how it applies to my life and helps me stay faithful in a skeptical, angry world. Thank you to all that make it possible!
  • PaulineBarton
    Could the calming of the sea and lack of faith that Jesus accuses them of be about the fact that the disciples waited till the very last minute and then accused Jesus of not caring about them when they never asked Him for help when it first started to get bad. Would that apply to us a little better if not asking for help in our daily prayers but then when things become too much to overcome become angry with the Lord in that he must not care about us.
  • Sumsion Family
    Best Come Follow Me Resource
    I have loved this podcast from its inception. Hank and John are amazing on their own, but add in the incredible guests, and there is just nothing like it!! I listen every week at least once and often read the show notes. I have taught Gospel Doctrine for years, and feel like I am just beginning to understand the material thanks to this exceptional podcast!! Well done! Please don’t ever stop!!!
  • Luv2readallthetime
    So insightful
    I love this podcast! It has given me so many more insights into the scriptures and to Come Follow Me that I feel more prepared as I read the scriptures individually and with my family.
  • Lyle Riggs
    Great Combination of Testimony and Scholarship
    The hosts, Hank Smith and John Bytheway, offer their testimonies combined with well-developed scholarship regarding gospel principles found in the New Testament. Their weekly guests also offer the same. This combination of testimonies and scholarship opens the scriptures to deep understanding. I enjoy the weekly podcasts. My spirit is fed along with my intellect. I feel a renewed determination to follow Him after each podcast. Thanks for your dedication in organizing and presenting these podcasts.
  • It’s good 54678
    Love it!
    I love this podcast and the insights these scholars bring about the scriptures and Christ! I definitely feel like I learn and understand more as I read the scriptures and listen to this podcast! I look forward to it each week! I especially loved the episode by sister Anderson a few weeks ago! Wow, I went back and read the transcript! It was so great! Everyone should be required to listen to it! Bro Baron you had on last year was my religion professor at byui and I loved hearing from him! Keep up the excellent work!
  • Sweetditz7
    Love this before church each week!
    Great way to do come follow me! Love all the different views! Great listen!
  • anjrogers0804
    Uplifting and Edifying
    I absolutely love this podcast. The hosts and the guests are all so wonderful and I have learned so much. But more importantly, I have felt the love of our Savior and our Father in Heaven through these episodes in many profound ways. They have lifted me in some of my darkest moments and have helped strengthen my faith and my testimony. You are doing incredible work. Thank you thank you thank you.
  • Zlalliss
    My favorite resource
    This podcast is a perfect companion to the Come, Follow Me program. It sparks great discussion within my family and we enjoy the informed perspectives of experts that are only possible after a lifetime of study! I’m glad others are willing to share the work they put in so many more people can benefit from their knowledge.
  • Very nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Constantly learning
    I’m just very impressed with his podcast and how I’m always learning something new each week and I’m always feeling inspired in my study of the New Testament. I can’t express enough how much I enjoy this podcast and look forward to it each week.
  • RainyDayPursuits
    My favorite way to study the gospel
    Listening to the gospel discussion between Hank, John and their guess is the best way to study the scriptures I have ever found. I never miss an episode. It’s like sitting in the nest Sunday School ever, every week. THANK YOU!!
  • $&@Jules@&$
    A powerful tool
    From day one of this podcast, I have listened with complete love and appreciation for these faithful scholars who share their knowledge. I have learned so much. My only advice to the other listeners, maybe to you young listeners, is to learn from my own mistake. At first, I mistakenly use this podcast as a substitute for my own scripture study. I thought if I listened to this, then I would receive a testimony and greater knowledge via osmosis. Basically minimal effort with maximum results. It wasn’t until this year of my Come Follow Me journey that I would first read through all of the scriptures chapters, study them, make my own notes, and then listen to this podcast afterwards. Please be better than me. Do not mistake this informative and faith building podcast as a substitute to your own scripture scholarship. To quote Preseident Nelson, “The Lord loves effort!”
  • BilbaoG
    Helps me each week
    I love to listen to this podcast! It helps me understand the application of the scriptures in my life!
  • Methodclothe
    I love listening every week. One of my favorite come follow me podcasts. It’s a perfect addition to your weekly study.
  • firephly
    Grateful 🙏
    Listening every week fills the gaps I felt after no longer attending institute. Thank you for your time, devotion, and testimony!
  • Credibility specialist
    Credibility specialist
    I took some time today to listen to your show!! Follow him: a come follow me podcast, is a fantastic podcast with great info, advice, and perspectives. You won't regret listening to and learning from the podcast.
  • Cardinet K
    Best of the best
    Wow, just wow. The number of CFM podcasts available is never ending. I feel like I’ve listened to them all but never felt “full” after listening to any of them. This podcast encapsulates everything I was looking for in a weekly study help. Other podcasts I listen to seem like they’re just trying to be funny or relatable, telling story after story, joke after joke… I’m left asking “When are you going to give me some facts?! Give me some knowledge! Break it down for me!” I feel like I get the best of both worlds here. I laugh, I cry, I enjoy some story telling, but it’s full of knowledge and scriptural insights that help me feel nourished and full of Gods word. Thank you thank you for your efforts in creating this resource. I look forward to it every week and have learned to always have my scriptures opened while listening as opposed to passively listening to it because I’m afraid I’ll miss something that I’d like to mark forever in my scriptures.
  • FayFaynoE
    So instructive and inspiring!
    We wait with baited breath for the next episode to drop We listen to them twice sometimes. Especially if it’s Sister Lili DeHoyos Andersen as your guest! We’d be lost in the New Testament without you. Please never stop doing these teaching, inspiring podcast gems!
  • JMOckey
    A delight to listen every week
    I cannot tell you enough how grateful I am for this podcast. I enjoy listening every week & sharing it with others. It not only enhances my knowledge of the scriptures, but more importantly, it increases my faith and testimony in Jesus Christ and his gospel. Thank you for your hard work and sharing your talents.
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