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Huberman Lab discusses neuroscience: how our brain and its connections with the organs of our body control our perceptions, our behaviors, and our health. We also discuss existing and emerging tools for measuring and changing how our nervous system works. Dr. Andrew Huberman is a tenured professor of neurobiology and ophthalmology at Stanford School of Medicine. His laboratory studies neural regeneration, neuroplasticity, and brain states such as stress, focus, fear, and optimal performance. For more than 20 years, Dr. Huberman has consistently published original research findings and review articles in top-level peer-reviewed journals, including Nature, Science, Cell, Neuron, and Current Biology. He is a regular member of several National Institutes of Health review panels and a Fellow of the McKnight Foundation and the Pew Charitable Trusts. Dr. Huberman regularly consults for technology development companies, professional athletic organizations, and various units of U.S. and Canadian Special Operations.

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  • Rorojeans
    Biggest fan!
    I tell everyone about this podcast, I am hooked and love all the episodes especially Andrew’s voice! (((Blush))) my friends, who also listen, refer to you as my boyfriend. On so many levels this is my favorite podcast and thank you for being you and sharing so much info it is truly inspirational. Much gratitude!!!!
  • Calebtk21
    5 star amazing
    This is possible the best podcast I have listened to! The clear and concise information in here is wonderful and so insightful. I have not found one episode unhelpful, please keep up the amazing work on the brain/body function.
  • Vxxa
    No words, (except this review)
    Randomly stumbled across Ep #86 while online, and I have to say wow. The way the information is presented and referenced by studies and supporting evidence is top notch. Amazing presentation and the way complex things are simplified for the average listener makes this easily digestible. Would recommend to anyone trying to learn a thing or two about science and health related topics. Thank you!
  • Covet Beauty
    Super informative!!
    All podcasts are super informative and backed by science which is great!! Please stop interrupting your guests so much.
  • PRGirl47
    Fantastic show
    Wonderful topics discussed. A lot of learning after listening to a show.
  • DNaHembly
    Wealth of Knowledge
    This podcast provides great insight to our human experience. Dr. Huberman has a wide variety of guests who specialize in basically any topic his audience asks for. I appreciate how down-to-earth his questions and approach are. I’m a nurse and see this podcast as a way of continuing education post-school. I love to share the research and ideas from this podcast! I recommend this podcast to so many people.
  • grincon55
    Terrific podcast
    Very knowledgeable, easy to listen, clear, interesting. It’s truly everything i need to calm down my curiosity.
  • NenaCH
    Seems like good content
    This was my first time, it seemed extremely promising, but eventually had to give up! Mr. Andreesen , the guest, spoke sooooo very fast it was hard to follow, especially when you are simultaneously driving and listening. Can we agree that podcasts are listened all over the world, even by people whose english is not their first language and both hosts and guests should be aware of this. I am fully bilingual, extremely well versed in the language, but the guest sounded like one of those recordings of “terms and consitions” played during some cheap ads!! will try another episode to see if I can continue with some of what seems to be a very good podcast!
  • mrskwillis!
    Rick Rubin
    Excellent, interesting episode. Felt the energy between them and appreciated the Grateful Dead discussion 💀 can’t wait to read Rubin’s book!
  • little_stituos
    I agree with the attorney
    I’m not an attorney but I agree with the attorney who also gave this podcast a glowing review. And if you don’t trust me, trust the attorney.
  • heatherbrownviverito
    One of my favorite podcasts!
    I have learned so much from this podcast. I like how well he explains everything and covers topics that interest me.
  • aj demarco
    The way this dude interupts and talks over his guests makes any interviews unlistenable. I lost count of the number of “questions” that was just him stating his own hypothesis then asking the guest to confirm him Why invite guests if you think you already know everything!
  • JillAtty
    Excellent podcast
    I am an attorney and I am extremely impressed with this podcast. This podcast is one of the most educational and interesting podcasts I have heard and Andrew Huberman is excellent in how he delivers the information to make it easy for us non scientists to understand. He has covered many topics that I have a personal interest in and is so thorough on covering those subjects from beginning to end. I have recommended many of his podcasts to friends. I would have to say that there is nothing I would recommend he changes as he is doing such an excellent job. Thank you Andrew Huberman for doing these podcasts and sharing your knowledge on so many great subjects especially about the mind
  • Photohider
    I got focused on him saying right ALL the time and couldn’t listen anymore
  • boxysam
    Excellent podcast!
    I look forward to each episode of the Huberman Lab podcast! It is full of relevant, timely science supported information. Dr. Huberman is an excellent interviewer asking questions that allow the topic to be fully understood. Thank you!
  • Neludi
    Just like all the other episodes already listened to I enjoyed it entirely I learned a lot I keep learning with every sentence that is so clearly and intelligently presented by dr Huberman He could not do it better! It’s like listening to a perfectly interpreted beloved piano concerto I have no words to say the intellectual delight I live listening to Huberman Lab podcasts Thank you
  • Jasondekdebrun
    Most Useful Podcast Out There
    This is the single most useful podcast I have ever come across. It seriously has the potential to significantly improve your life, and Huberman has an excellent ability to communicate complex biology in a simple way.
  • LPorterRN
    Andrew Huberman and his podcast define excellence and set the standard for delivering the latest scientific research to humanity. A refreshing deep dive.
  • Sunny Wunder
    Marc Andreessen
    I usually love this podcast because it’s based on science. However, I wasn’t expecting conspiracy theories. Wouldn’t Mr. Andreessen be considered an elite based on Mr. Andreessen’s definition of elites?
  • melmf123
    Andrew Huberman is life
    Finally a podcast with study and evidence based truths !
  • GorillaMits
    Feedback from a fan
    Generally speaking, I am a fan of the podcast. I’ve found much of the content useful and informative and so I’m appreciative to Andrew and co. for all their efforts. That said, I’ve struggled at times to get through some episodes because in my opinion Andrew has a habit of paraphrasing or reiterating what his guests have just stated, albeit less succinctly and without adding anything substantive. At times I feel he could do a better job with getting out of the way of the guest, or at least being more pointed in his responses and/or questions.
  • The tyyhhhhghhgghh
    The first time you have a problem problem with your
  • TayaNaumovich
    Inspiring and always insightful
    One of my favorite podcasts I listen to weekly. Learned so much about health, longevity, training and optimal body functions that helped to plant the seeds for a better today and tomorrow! Thank you Andrew!
  • Stim Tickle
    Was Ambivalent So I Let It Go
    Listened to the first year’s worth of shows, then jumped around and listened to a few more recent ones. While there can be some interesting conversations, for shows which regularly run from two to three hours long, there are few actionable takeaways. Then as a gay man, I couldn’t stand how exclusive and heterosexist so many of the shows are. The very few times Huberman has ever mentioned non-straight people has been done in a very token, patronizing manner. For shows about choosing a mate, health concerns, even when talking about anal sex, the show is pitifully exclusive. For a guy who’s obviously getting off on his own intellectual rants, you’d think he’d be a lot more worldly and embrace diversity…even a little. Alas, the podcast comes up short there. And telling a guest you watched Sean Penn in Milk doesn’t redeem you, it just makes you look like another liberal hipster, completely oblivious to the damage he’s doing. Judging from the show’s popularity, I’m sure he’ll be the next Dr. Oz. (barf emoji right here) Knowing that my community is never included, I did unsubscribe from this overrated podcast.
  • Joyce1007
    I’m riveted !totally worth the time investment
    Finally, someone who presents well, material that is thought out, scientifically, based with wonderful guests.
  • Jon-NC
    Love the show!
    Love your show! So insightful and full of great content. Please though, bring the video feed to Apple Podcasts! Keep up the great work and spreading knowledge. It really is making a difference.
  • Mucho Take it Easy.
    My wife and I listen to you almost everyday while working in the garden. I finally feel like I’ll learning what should of been taught in school. Thanks for the knowledge you share you are affecting our lives in such a positive way. Skate and destroy / Live and be well🙏🏽
  • LourdesPhae
    Love love love
    I really appreciate your insight and down to earth approach. I first caught you on another podcast speaking about the brain and neuroplasticity and you spoke in such a way that it was easy to understand and also very interesting. I loved, loved, loved your podcast episode about sexuality and health. It was such a wealth of information that again was presented in such a digestible manner it was amazing. I have been in the sexuality field for a long time and I learned a lot myself. But I have to say, as a former skate Betty who also met Tony Hawk in the early nineties while being a supportive girlfriend and driving my boyfriend and his friends to every skate demo we could get to, it was so nice to hear you speaking of those good old days. It’s cool to see the skater punk lover and the Stanford person all rolled up in one grew up to be such a very interesting person. It adds a whole other dimension to you that makes you even more genuine and likeable. Mind you punk and skating created several brilliant minds and musicians… like Milo of the Descendants. Your show was a real breath of fresh air and made me super nostalgic. Keep up the great work!
  • Interested bystander
    Some research discussed is paid by grants
    This podcast should not be behind a paywall. Great content that needs editing and preproduction work.
  • theinspiredhuman
    5 stars!!!!
    Such an insightful podcast!
  • lovessunshine001
    Achieve your goal
    I may ever think about scaring myself into achieving my goal if I’m hovering around a 2/10 on a motivation scale. Seriously, your discussion on evaluating goals and motivation will make a long term positive impact on my daily life. For example, narrow visual focus, I didn’t consciously correlate it before but I’ve intuitively experienced it before. Now, I’ll consciously implement it. Coin flip for self reward. Sunlight in the morning. I often do it. Everybody needs to listen to your dopamine episodes. Everyone. So many “protocols” and brain understanding nuggets :) Thank you.
  • Neal________________
    So many valuable insights
    This podcast contains such great insights on the functioning of the human body and mind. The 6 part series with Andy Galpin is about as good as it gets. I only wish I had known this stuff 20 years ago.
  • applesontdeleterthisrating
    So Glad
    that I ran into this podcast. Huberman is a good teacher, I’m more into neuroscience than ever. Very clear info to follow, Huberman makes it very easy to digest even for me with no biology background.
  • Katerinrin
    Truly Top Quality Information!
    Thorough top quality research at your fingertips for free? There’s gotta be a catch, but no sir. It’s just that Dr Huberman cares for the community and is a selfless and highly intelligent human being, who can convey complex concepts in simplified, easy to understand terms. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  • NorCal Jon
    Very informative
    Great information I only wish the host would talk less about his personal life and let the guests talk more.
  • Dr. Natalie Marr
    Expand your wisdom in evidenced based science!
    This is one of THE BEST podcasts I have found for educating ourselves on the science that is backing how we can live our best lives. There is a ton of information jam packed in each of these episodes. I find it so hopeful when scientists like Dr. Huberman and his guests enter into the easily accessible world of podcasting to benefit us with their spectacular level of knowledge and curiosity. All of us can benefit from what they are sharing. And we are not likely to read their publications in scientific journals, so being able to access their wisdom here is an amazing resource.
  • Thuylinh321
    Awesome in the most genuine way!
    I learn immense useful knowledge from this podcast. My life is better with it.
  • Mijgar
    Wonderful podcast
    Love the podcast Huberman. Can you bring the subject of physical balance and neurological connection ( especially in elderly) dr Fuzhong li could be a good guest..
  • PhilipRyan
    Hack medicine
    Invites guests on who still maintain ignorance to the bio-pharma state’s intentional harm to humankind.
  • Ellen R C
    Dr Linden
    Thank for that beautiful, informative, inspiring and heartwarming episode with Dr Linden. I felt I was in the presence of Grace listening to it.
  • Tahoe Danny
    Kudos to you, you made me want to learn more! Each episodes leads to another name, another topic another idea, and off I go!
  • el labong
    Neuroscience Made Simple
    Save for the few times that you guys nerd out on scientific terminology, I am always better informed and confident enough to implement changes.
    Great topics… talkative host
    Topics are timely and guests are superb Huberman tends to ask a long winded question, answer it, provide layers of data, and then offer the guest a few moments to share. Perhaps a show editor could help clean this up.
  • AKavaj
    Finally listened.. and regret not doing so sooner
    Super informative, educational and enjoyable. Love the deep dives into these topics. While I won’t say it’s “easy” to listen to, it’s digestible for a lay(wo)man like myself.
  • Piolawachin
    Very well simplification of hard concept
    I have been in working in physiology and training for over 10 years and Huberman served as a great way to keep updated with research and current practices on fitness. It’s also perfectly simplifies complex concepts into key and practical ways to put them into practice. Probably the most useful tool I had since I’ve finished college. Eternally grateful for this podcast
  • Ogl2000
    So informative!
    I searched for the infamous Huberman podcast about alcohol after reading an article about Athletic Brewing (big fan), and then saw the latest podcast featured a well known urologist, Dr. Rena Malik. This episode should go viral too! Sooo informative about all things that people don’t openly discuss. Thank you, Doctors Huberman and Malik! I will be tuning in for more episodes!
  • PktSnipher
    Amazing Podcast!
    Dr. Huberman has an amazing podcast with a wide range of topics and hosts subject matter experts that all have a way of explaining things so that everyone can understand. Through his podcasts and being able to search for topics that are specific to what I am diving into I have been able to start to regulate my hormones, lose body fat without a lot of effort. Lower my bad cholesterol and triglycerides…. Still working on raising that good cholesterol. And was able to get off of my Statan that is known to raise liver enzymes and lower testosterone. I look forward to my continued education about helping my self with all of the coming episodes!
  • Jason Presagio
    SO much inaccurate info
    once you hear him speak about something you actually know a bit about, you wonder if the rest of what he says is also just oversimplified nonsense (it is, unfortunately)
  • Baseball101,
    Amazing podcast!
    Dr. Huberman does an excellent job of breaking down neuroscience topics into simple and easy to understand terms and providing recaps of more difficult topics.
  • Vanessaevers
    Greta content; Andrew should interrupt less and make the episodes more concise (60-90 minutes)
    I really loved the episodes on sleep, grieving, and stress management. Unfortunately, I felt Andrew did a really subpar job interviewing MD Rena Malik. He interrupted her every two minutes, kept adding in irrelevant personal details (“I don’t enjoy biking”), and would not let her share her wealth of knowledge. It was painful to listen to her trying to continue her thought! Generally speaking, I think none of the episodes should be longer than 60-90 minutes, and I think that could’ve been easily accomplished here if he had actually interviewed her instead of incessantly interrupting and adding in unnecessary information (ie “let me explain to you what I think this arousal response pathway is and then you tell me what’s accurate and inaccurate”! Just ask her to explain it herself! She’s the expert). Love the content, but really need to work on tightening up the interviews and the commentary.
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