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The Huberman Lab Podcast discusses Neuroscience: how our brain and its connections with the organs of our body controls our perceptions, our behaviors, and our health.We also discuss existing and emerging tools for measuring and changing how our nervous system works.Dr. Andrew Huberman is a tenured Professor of Neurobiology and Ophthalmology at Stanford School of Medicine. His laboratory studies neural regeneration and neuroplasticity, and brain states such as stress, focus, fear, and optimal performance.For more than 20 years, Dr. Huberman has consistently published original research findings and review articles in top-level peer-reviewed journals including Nature, Science, Cell, Neuron, and Current Biology.He is a regular member of several National Institutes of Health review panels, and a Fellow of the McKnight Foundation and the Pew Charitable Trusts.Dr. Huberman regularly consults for technology development companies, professional athletic organizations, and for various units of U.S. and Canadian Special Operations.

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  • 360personaltrainer
    Dr Huberman makes science interesting & understandable
    As a personal trainer and Epigenetic’s Coach I’m always looking to advance my knowledge. Dr Huberman explains the science in a very clear, concise manner and makes it very interesting and easy to follow even for a knuckle dragger like me. Thanks Doc ! Michael Brooks Head Coach @
  • Bucky Jojo
    Amazing show
    The most motivational and thoroughly researched self help show I’ve come across. Please do the Breathing episode soon. I want to change my breathing habits but it’s hard to remember.
  • Siyamax
    The best in content, seriously!
    Rich in information, I usually finish an episode with 3-4 pages of research material on my hands on top of everything that I’ve learned already by listening, amazing podcast, if you can call it that (it’s more of an online university about how you work inside and how to master it to your own benefit) Many thanks to Dr. Huberman ( Costello too!)
  • mushroomluke
    This podcast is profoundly helpful and well made
    In my eyes there is no podcast which goes as deep on these topics while maintaining such a comprehensible dialogue.
  • submit y
    new to the show
    Heard him on the Jason ellis show podcast. Very interesting. Like the way he thinks and problem solves.
  • Jmfnritch
    One of the best!
    I truly appreciate the detail in these podcasts.
  • Hfuydghfdfv
    Great for people who want to improve their lives, and for nerds as well
    Such great information, Andrew is phenomenal at going from the high level info to practical actionable tools. He’s also quite entertaining and fun jokes.. Costello is a great co star as well
  • randomconformity
    Brilliant and approachable neuroscience for those of us who aren’t neuro grad students but are interested in the science. Thank you, professor!
  • Derecognize
    Quickly become one of my must-listen podcasts
    I’ve shared this podcast with several people, and they’ve all thanked me for it. It’s one of the podcasts I take notes on, which Dr. Huberman makes easy by including extensive time stamps for different topics covered in an episode.
  • ItsJustRey
    Pioneering ain’t easy
    Thank sir for your amazing contributions in getting information to the public. As a non college educated human i’ve relied on information distribution like this to further my education. Thank you. Keep up the amazing work.
  • MrFrizZLE
    Excellent content but inconsistent volume
    Andrew Huberman is brilliant, but his voice varies between being too loud and being to quiet. It sounds like he is not always speaking directly into the mic. I recommend keeping a consistent speaking position or stabilize the volume in post.
  • firegirlRussell
    I listened to Dr Huberman interviewed on Rich Roll many months ago, and it left me wanting more depth on the topics he touched upon. This is the answer to that desire. I love the way he dives into These topics and circles back to the vocabulary again and again which makes understanding the science easier. Also, I agree with him that mechanism is critical to understanding; it is very empowering. Thank you! I’m a huge fan and very grateful for the effort and generosity in sharing the knowledge.
  • haylieng
    The best life changing podcast!
    My life basically get 100% better when I started listening to his podcast. I am more productive, calm, sleeping well, getting up early, managing my stress well. I cannot recommend enough his podcast!!!
  • mdl421
    Science for the non-scientifically inclined
    Professor Huberman explains his topics with remarkable clarity and thoroughness, and often in a humorously engaging way. Great podcast for people who love to learn.
  • LaArqTejeda
    Gender Mainstreaming
    Incredible podcast! I’m learning so much from Andrew.. His style of delivery is incredible and his ability to explain in fantastic. Great podcast professor!
  • MantisTobogganMD96
    Not only does Andrew Huberman make complex topic easy to understand. He is able to explain them in a way that makes them so interesting and easy to pay attention to.
  • coolchillcasual
    Came in with a blunt object left with an array of tools all different shapes and angles.
  • juggling all the balls
    Amazing podcast
    So informative, practical and delivered in such a pleasant manner. I cannot recommend highly enough.
  • Podcast D
    Human Nature
    I’m simply grateful for this man and his intelligence. Having an understanding for the mind and everything in it is extremely valuable. I’m pleased to share that this podcast is far beyond amazing and this review is a message to anyone reading it. To listen. Thank you.
  • sknaht
    Love it!
    I listened and re-listen and share and discuss with so many! These podcasts as well as the Instagram videos/stories have been so informative and really validating! Understanding the science behind what you believe is validating and life affirming! Being able to share with my adult children Has helped us relate to each other in a way like never before! Thank you so much for sharing all of this free of charge!
  • JLK$$
    Accessible for the masses
    Came for how sexy this guy is, stayed for how smart he is.
  • Elaine benis1234
    Thank you
    Dr. Huberman is helping me be a more effective mental health therapist. This information is such a game changer to help people improve their ability to manage themselves and their lives. Many thanks for all of your work, Andrew!
  • VickiMarie44
    Outstanding. Highlight of my week.
    Huberman is an enthusiastic educator and national treasure. Every episode unpacks how cutting-edge, neuroscience studies, explain real-life experiences. His translation of academic literature is priceless. Recommend for everyone with a human body - but especially PARENTS. To know the neuro-system, is to know and grow a healthier child to adulthood.
  • bahare5001
    I love the info. Thank you for it. It would be helpful for me if you B could do a 60 second recap at the end in which you dumb down or simplify and turn into a list of advice. For example in episode two try to get outside in the morning and get sunlight into your eyes, try to make sure your overhead lights are turned off late at night, try to create a good sleep environment including the mattress you sleep on and the pillow you use, etc.
  • Mrs. Prickles
    I am blown away by what we know today, and am grateful that I have the opportunity to learn from a Stanford professor about how our Brain works. This podcast has brought a new passion to my life. Bravo!
  • Ryan Franklin Wood
    Crucial Knowledge
    It's really beautiful what Andrew Huberman is doing with this podcast. This isn't some "neat science facts" podcast. It's an eloquent and practical introduction to neurobiology. It's obvious how he wants to share his knowledge for the public's benefit and so impressive how concisely he can convey this information in such a natural and listenable structure. Re-listening to episodes and doing further studying, I'm getting an equivalent college education.
  • Loristrings
    I don’t use the adjective ‘masterful’ lightly - it is rare and only used for the exceptional. Andrew Huberman is not only exceptional but a game changer. With the aim of keeping this review as concise as I can, I would like to thank him for his relaxed and congenial style of podcast that is packed with info that you can use for maximum benefit as I do and/or, when time permits, explore further using his references and recommended sites for more in-depth info on other related topics. My sleep has improved although it comes off a very low base and so has my approach to life in general. I am 60 and am now learning 3 languages and learning to play the piano from scratch. This would not have happened had I not stumbled across this wonderful man and his podcast. I am forever grateful.
  • AngiRenoJAX
    Holistic Self-Care
    For anyone interested in a holistic program of self care, this is “must listen” material. The analytical, direct approach is a refreshing change from the ‘solve everything in a sound byte’ approach so common amongst ‘news and information’ platforms. I’m a listener for life (literally).
  • Dodgerblue50
    Truly informative and interesting podcast
    Andrew has a gift for this! Thank you and please keep it up!
  • zairawolff
    Amazing Podcast
    He is so knowledgeable on neuroscience and the brain function. I love to learn that some of my beliefs are supported by science.
  • Eddy Anzueto
    Dr. Huberman is Great. Thank God for him.
    I thank God for his time and knowledge! He is very eloquent and makes me enjoy being in the STEM field.
  • anonimous 😀
    This podcast was recommended to me to help me understand what’s going on with my body/brain and I love it. I listen to it when I’m doing things to make those things a little more enjoyable. :)
  • Aaron J Parker
    If you want to get smarter just listen to Dr. Huberman! He is doing exactly what he was meant to do. I knocked out a couple episodes on my drive today.
  • Alyfair
    #13 and most are listened repeatedly - notes taken and practicing . Please delve into depression- why Intellectually am really grateful . Very confusing and unpleasant . Thank You for These Incredible gifts .
  • A life learner
    Andrew is a national treasure!
    I started with Joe Rogan and thru him found Jordan Peterson who introduced me Lex Fridman followed by Sean Carroll and now thru Lex have discovers Andrew Huberman.As good as all the other Podcasters are and they are life changing fabulous, Andrew is a cut above. His content, his delivery and the end result of learning something valuable to enhance life is undeniable. Treat your yourself, have a listen and expand your horizons. He may be the best thing out there. Keep it going Andrew, and thank you.
  • Ztm135
    Highly recommend
    This podcast is amazing! I learn so much with each episode and I have learned practical tools that I will use for the rest of my life.
  • Stewphadewpha
    I sleep better and have a better understanding of myself and loved ones from topics explained in this podcast. I listen to several podcasts and this one by far is the most informative and life impacting. Thank you, Dr. Huberman and team for your generosity.
  • Yogaski
    Helpful Information
    The podcast is full of helpful information to improve your life. Dr. Huberman is willing to share his knowledge and understanding of the human brain weigh that is both entertaining and informative. We need more podcasts like this in the world.
  • yuliiakitty
    I have heard about this podcast from Lex Fridman show and I personally in love! What a beautifully explained information! Everything is perfect!
  • trabadero
    This is not a podcast
    These are series of lectures, masterfully delivered, translating latest scientific achievement in neurobiology and behavioral sciences into useable tools and information to useable knowledge. It is very dense and I listen to each several times but enjoy it every time because there is no fluff like in most podcasts. Thank you!
  • I'm confused by BTWB
    Great, easy to absorb information. Andrew is a natural at hosting podcasts.
  • Belfugaz
    Thank you!
    I love geeking out to his lectures! Thank you for all the amazing work you provide us with!
  • Evaluna24
    “Know thyself”
    Are there several tools you wish you had in your back pocket to help propel you to reach your goals? Do you wonder how to build resilience and trust in yourself? Dr. Andrew Huberman’s podcast has you covered. He has special techniques to help you stay on course. Another favorite part about his podcast is his effort to bring zero cost to consumer public education about science and science related tools. Hit subscribe and checkout his creative list of names on his patreon account. :)
  • Jason B_72712
    Incredibly Informative and Useful
    Neuroscience is complex and mysterious. Dr. Huberman is masterful at explaining how out nervous system operates in a way that is easy to understand and engaging. Even better are the tools he gives that enable change to improve various aspects of life. The only thing Dr. Huberman should know is this: when you say “I don’t recommend you try this (insert bio hack here, like inhale hormones to feel like you’re in love for the first time). That’s exactly what I’m probably going to try!
  • CJ0N3S
    Amazing Podcast
    So informative! I love how Andrew breaks things down into simple terms so I can listen to this while I do my work. Shared with my aunt as well!
  • ipadguy25
    We appreciate all you do, Andrew.
  • Diegs12
    I am obsessed with the human experience and how I can optimize it for myself and those around me. This is by far the best podcast that I have listened to for that purpose. I would 10/10 recommend. I love the format and the information is so easy to digest!
  • Eclipseband7
    Amazing podcast
    Every one could be a chapter in a book. Worth listening to several times. This is real, actionable info.
  • lightriser
    Information in notes
    I get a lot out of his lecture but usually am listening without taking notes. I like that all the points are listed with each podcast.
  • Lacy Hines
    the best user manual for anyone curious about the mind, behavior & change.
    Bravo! Dr. Huberman has the uncanny ability to demystify complex neuroscience terms & articulates in a way that keeps the listener engaged and curious. What a beautiful service he is doing for so many humans. He balances his lessons with stories and examples that help paint a clear picture of some rather seemingly complicated subjects. I also find that he is very honest and seems to be unafraid to speak out when he finds information that doesn’t have the data or research to back it up. His integrity to science is clearly evident & it is refreshing to listen to his expertise at a time when brain optimization & neurochemistry seems to be having its’ time in the sun;) His fondness for croissants & his dog Costello enrich the podcast by adding a bit of humor & character.... it almost feels like your cool brother teaching you lessons. Thank you to this man for sharing decades of research, experience, & studies with us. It’s an excellent listen. I highly encourage you to follow and listen.
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