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Huberman Lab discusses neuroscience: how our brain and its connections with the organs of our body control our perceptions, our behaviors, and our health. We also discuss existing and emerging tools for measuring and changing how our nervous system works. Dr. Andrew Huberman is a tenured Professor of Neurobiology and Ophthalmology at Stanford School of Medicine. His laboratory studies neural regeneration, neuroplasticity, and brain states such as stress, focus, fear, and optimal performance. For more than 20 years, Dr. Huberman has consistently published original research findings and review articles in top-level peer-reviewed journals, including Nature, Science, Cell, Neuron, and Current Biology. He is a regular member of several National Institutes of Health review panels and a Fellow of the McKnight Foundation and the Pew Charitable Trusts. Dr. Huberman regularly consults for technology development companies, professional athletic organizations, and various units of U.S. and Canadian Special Operations.

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  • Jeep Rade
    Get smarter, be fitter, live better!
    Dr H is legit. Can't help but get healthier, feel inspired, and be a better you if you take to heart the protocols and insights offered by the host and/or guests. No matter your age the discussions you can relate and take something away from each podcast.
  • wchippy
    Too many tangents
    We know you are smart, hard to follow when you keep interjecting your stories. Great guests, but you are missing a lot of follow up question.
  • Fernanle
    I have been a follower of Dr. Huberman for a while now, before the podcasts was released a friend had sent me some info here and there related to his studies and findings — later I became aware of the podcast and got hooked. The information and subjects presented are pivotal and amazing in improving your daily health, that being said the most incredible part is how well Dr. Huberman not only synthesizes the information but also how he breaks it down so that truly ANYONE is able to understand and capitalize on it. I have applied many of the practices and protocols he encourages and they have been life changing. Thank you and keep crushing it!
  • Jeno19
    One of my favorite podcasts!
    I love how informative and enlightening this podcast is!! I find myself going back and re listening to podcasts all the time as there is soo much good information that every time I listen I get something new out of it! Thank you for what you do!!
  • katekloss
    Women’s health
    I really appreciated Dr. Sara Gottfried’s episode. It’s easy to generalize with health advice, and Dr. Gottfried really broke it down for women in an actionable way. As a 41 year old woman myself, I wish I had known so much of this 20 years ago, but am glad I can be a better health advocate for and with my daughter. More episodes like this!!
  • c*dot
    Crucial Knowledge, Made Simple, At No Cost!
    This podcast, and Dr. Huberman’s work in general, has allowed me to analyze my life, and make the changes necessary to optimize every facet of my health. Having no scientific background, I may not understand every word uttered, but even when a guest is on, they are very careful to articulate the information in such a way that most can understand, if listening intently. Thank you, not only to Dr. Huberman himself, but to all involved in the creation and continuation of this podcast.
  • Miatamp
    Very clear for the layman
  • newportbells
    Just WOW
    I started following you because 2 of my 4 20 something kids recommended you. The first podcast I listened to was today with your brilliant guest Dr. Sara Gottfried. Amazing show. As a 60 year old women I am so grateful for my own doctor to not only put me on hormone replacement 10 years ago but also insist on many of the test Dr. Gottfried recommended. I have purchased both of the books she wrote that you highlighted and will pass this pod-cast on to everyone I know. Many many thanks and cant wait to keep listening!
  • ckv
    Critical Info for a Healthful journey
    Began a healthful journey about a year ago after receiving some borderline negative results from my annual physical. Most folks would’ve thought they were good, which is frightening. But I had just dealt with the loss of my Mom to poor health and institutionalized my aunt for the same. It was a wake up call. This podcast has been one of my biggest assets in this effort. I only trust scientific based evidence so quickly shrugged off a lot of what’s out there on health and nutrition. I’m now very healthy again, at age 63, I’m actually metabolically in my 40s. I’m also pursuing IIN certification because I see so much unnecessary health risk around me and it’s not that difficult to fix. Just no one knows how. Not really. Thank you for this. It means more than you know.
  • Jun buggy
    Again grateful for the insight I gain from your discussions. This is the podcast I recommend the most. Intelligent, interesting, and easy to understand by someone outside the academic world. Please keep the women’s health information coming.
  • mdickrn
    Total snooze fest! Zzzz!
    Lots and lots of words. Word salad that adds up to nothing.
  • Spa Owner and FB Page User
    Superb !!!
    Amazing content , highly organized format !!
  • aenc444
    Forever grateful
    Freakin love this podcast! There’s not too many free and accesible sources of information out there.
  • jilions
    My favorite podcast
    I love this podcast and love the format. When I started listening about a year or so ago, the duration of the episodes seemed a little long to me. However, I don’t feel that way anymore as the content is so great and I break them up across several listening sessions. The YouTube channel makes it easy to jump around or revisit certain portions with the topic markers across each episode, and the Apple Podcast includes detailed notes and time stamps. Thank you Dr. Huberman for graciously sharing such valuable information to the world in this amazing podcast.
  • silverbirch5
    The Alcohol Episode
    I have always wanted to find more scientific information on what alcohol does to the body. This the most information on it I have ever come across! It’s the only drug out there I feel I have to justify why I don’t use it. Thank you so much!
  • marieffffff
    Too many disclaimers
    I could no longer listen to this podcast . Every 5 minutes he starts with the long list of disclaimers as if his listeners are all stupid.
  • eduardorivera16
    4 stars
    Informative but very long episodes.
  • maverick137
    Best Podcast
    Interesting content presented concisely.
  • jjacgas
    Needs an editor
    Interesting podcast but he says so much superfluous and repetitive phrases in nearly every sentence it’s like listening to someone trying to make their 2 page essay into a 5 page essay without actually adding any new information.
  • Gtag VortexeD FaCe
    Eye opening and incredibly educational 🤯
    My friend shared this podcast with me and I was so intrigued to learn more about neuroscience. After listening to his podcasts pertaining to my vices I completely went cold Turkey to recreational marijuana and have implemented many of his biology based solutions to overcoming the stresses and mental ailments that are produced from commonly used substances. Incredibly grateful to have found such a great resource to enhance my daily life. Thank you!!
  • CoachMattM
    I love how every episode has practical information that is backed by science and not emotion. In a world where emotions seem to rule over knowledge, Huberman is a refreshing beacon of knowledge! Keep it up, I am listening and learning!
  • cleesi
    Thank you
    Not sure if you know this, Andrew, but you’re very popular on the Reframe app to help us get sober. Everyone in the chat forum is crediting your alc episode. A lot of us have it on repeat. It literally plays every time I start my car, put my earbuds in, etc. thank you thank you
  • He who shall remain nameless
    7 minutes of commercials to start
    Why? Seriously though. Who is this format working for?
  • bre tripson
    Insanely informative
    I am addicted to learning from the Huberman Lab. Each episode gives me so much information to dissect, but at the same time leaves me wanting to learn more about a different topic.
  • Chiken
    Rick Rubin
    I listen to this Podcast OFTEN but can say that sometimes I don’t have the time to listen all the way through in one sitting (and some I don’t come back to); being a busy homeschooling Mom of 3. Rick Rubin, I listened ALL the way through!! I have always admired Rick from childhood (born in 85) for his ability to produce some of the most influential music in my life. Watching behind the scenes interviews with him, he ALWAYS piqued my interests to the point, I would get excited to see him. I was always interested in his creative perspective. I cried listening to this Podcast as he spoke so much to my own inner artist child who wasn’t nourished. It was also helpful while trying to guide my own kids on their creative journeys. I am so grateful for this interview, Rick’s gifts to us, and his book (that I will be purchasing).
  • cheedoh
    I just discovered this podcast and I love it. Incredibly educational. I’m learning so much and excited to learn more. Also excited to try out some of the tips to improve my health.
  • Ajmal @theyouhaveitallshow
    Came across this podcast while typing an existential crisis question into my search bar. As someone who overthinks but is unsure about the scientific perspective of my thoughts, this content is spectactular 😮‍💨 barely 1 hour into a 3 hour episode and I’m obsessed. Never been so excited to get into a podcast channel 🤭
  • Mfitzpa
    Changed my life
    I’m not exaggerating when I say this podcast has changed my life. After listening to the episode on alcohol, I got rid of my wine habit and started listening to more of episodes. Dr Huberman has inspired me to change and improve most of my cornerstone health behaviors. I am so grateful.
  • tootsiee2222
    Thank you!
  • Smperfi71
    Single best podcast I’ve found
    Knowledgeable, inspires trust
  • Miles Gere
    Solid Podcast
    I enjoy listening to Dr. Huberman weekly. The topics are always interesting and relevant and I find Dr. Huberman to be an entertaining and engaging personality. I hold a PhD in broscience with extensive postdoctorate work in gainz. As such, I occasionally disagree with some of his statements. For instance, missing one's post-training anabolic window regarding protein intake has been definitively shown to nullify any training effect produced by the preceding workout (Cutler, 1998). Additionally, the science is settled regarding cardiovascular training and muscle hypertrophy. Simply put, cardiovascular training at any duration and intensity prevents all muscle hypertrophy (Shavershian, 2011). Other than these small bits of misinformation, this podcast is truly outstanding.
  • Rebabecca
    Top 3 Podcast
    1. I love Huberman’s voice. He has the perfect voice, vocabulary, and cadence for this type of podcast. I love listening to this podcast because it is not only informative, it is relaxing!! 2. He has the best guests and covers the topics and burning questions that we are all asking! 3. This podcast is not only informative, it is highly actionable. He always leaves the listeners with nuggets for how to apply the information discussed in the podcast. I’ve been a podcast geek for the past several years and this is definitely one of my top 3 of all time, one I come back to week after week.
  • bdsh.14
    The best one ever !!
    This is the best resource to learn and embody healthy mind and a healthy life. It’s amazing how much Dr Huberman brings to the audience. I love that the information is not anecdotal. It’s based on researches and studies which are available online. Unlike other podcasts hosts that start with “studies show … “, the speakers refer to authentic information. Really appreciate it ! Thanks so much.
  • AMLB69
    From time to time I would listen to different scientific type of podcasts, but wasn’t until I bumped into one of the Huberman Lab podcasts that I instantly became addicted to it! My brain enjoys it so much and it is mostly due to the fact that each subject is explained with such a clarity and detail manner. Profesor Huberman is undoubtedly a great teacher. I wish podcasts were available back in the 70’s or 80’s with this type of outstanding level of education. Once I discovered this podcast, I immediately shared it with my adult children (medical doctors and engineers) and they immediately replied to me with a huge thumbs up commenting on how much they’ve been enjoying it! I also shared it with my personal trainer and friends and when we get together we get to talk about the different neuroscience topics discussed in this platform. At my early 50’s I am happy that I have this information available which I look forward to listen to. It’s my mission to catch-up with all the episodes now. I am so grateful for making this available at no cost! Such a gem.
  • lcart210
    I’ve been a creator for over four decades. The Rubin interview, and his book, is some of the very best counsel I’ve ever come across for creatives.
  • MadPharm101
    This podcast engages my brain in such a positive way
    I have listened to the episode with Rhonda Patrick at least 3 times because it is so engaging and interesting. I love this podcast because of how informative it is. Can’t wait for more! Thanks for sharing all your knowledge and your information transparency.
  • Blueknight06
    Dense and useful
    I have listened to a few of these episodes and learned so much. Highly recommend!
  • Ilovecoffeeandbooks
    I just discovered this podcast today. After years of research (for my own health), I listened to episode 39 and learned things about Dopamine I’d never heard before. This is amazing, and I feel like will be life-changing. I can’t wait to listen to all of them. I feel thankful to have found this today and plan to recommend this podcast to others.
  • Jennfk
    EVERY episode is worth listening to.
    Each episode contains tons of foundational and useful knowledge on various, beneficial topics. You’ll come away a smarter human, without a doubt. I love learning and I’m SO grateful for the opportunity to grow my knowledge base and the ability to implement the many things being revealed via Andrew Huberman + his guests. Thank you for reigniting my passion for Science and sharing your gift with the world.
  • heatherplong
    Invaluable information!
    This podcast is incredible! I have a son who struggles with OCD and a sister, who died from bipolar, so this kind of information that’s real, and the latest breaking science is so important for me to listen to! It really is invaluable and helping to save lives, and for family members to be more informed that what they can do to help them! I can’t thank you enough for this podcast! not to mention, it’s so enjoyable to listen to it! I have a really good fictional book that I have been leading, but I can’t get back to it ever since I discovered your podcast! Ha ha
  • Luisk01
    The best show right now
    Dr. Huberman is great simplifying & explain the concepts. The questions are great. 10/10
  • conner702
    In my mid 20’s I began having anxiety or panic attacks. I have since adopted many different health practices that I got from his podcast that have made a noticeable difference in helping with that anxiety. I can truly say that the research he does and the topics he covers have drastically changed my life and helped me to physiologically understand myself better than ever before. You deserve every good rating you get! Thank you for you for sharing your wealth of knowledge!
  • Alaskan Hiker
    Alaskan Hiker
    another great episode. I look forward to each and every episode and listen while training.
  • ^Reviewer^
    This is Incredible…
    I don’t listen to podcasts. This is the one of the only podcasts in which EVERY episode is worth listening to from start to finish. The information provided is immense, backed in science, and will change your life. Everyone should listen if they want to live a healthy and successful life. Health is everything. Without it, you can’t function, you can’t be happy, you can’t think. The fact that this information is FREE is the best part. This info is usually locked away behind a paywall, endless google searches, or laborious researching. The hard part was already done for you, all you have to do is listen. I can’t thank Andrew enough. You are helping millions, if not billions, of people and future generations.
  • cole179
    I started listening after Huberman was a guest on 2 Bears 1 Cave, and wish I would’ve known about this podcast sooner. Keep up the great work!
  • Oopsawally
    tsk tsk
    Ep 103 Banksy is a she...
  • elizagren1
    I am loving this podcast, such great, meaningful, and educational conversations, especially enjoyed Sam Harris and Rick Rubin. Andrew you are doing a real service with these talks. Thank you.
  • SD92152
    Puts me to sleep.
    Best sleeper podcast in my sleep rack.
  • Realtor 001
    Changed My Life Again
    This information that Dr HUBERMAN shares has changed my life again and again for the better and I can’t say enough about the major positive effects it has had and continues to have on my life and lifting it out of the depths of the chaos
  • amyjf2019
    Great podcast just one source of confusion
    I love this podcast, I’m always interested in evidence based advice. Easy to listen to and life changing 100%. I stopped drinking alcohol after listening to that episode. I hate to say anything negative but I was surprised to hear one of the sponsors sells meat. I’m not sure why a podcast so focused on heath and evidence would support people eating animals products. The evidence against eating animal products is overwhelming. If anything it is a danger to society to encourage people to be eating meat, even if it is potentially a “better source” of meat than what you’d get at McDonald’s. Maybe we can get an episode on the benefits of a plant based lifestyle and the dangers of meat and dairy (risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, ect).
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