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Looking for a relatable health and wellness podcast that feels like you're facetiming your bestie and having an honest convo about all things faith, fitness, relationships, mental health and navigating your twenties? Grab your oat milk latte and take a hot girl walk with Callie Gualy (formerly Callie Jardine) your new healthy but human bestie. In her podcast, Callie shares relatable moments and struggles, showing you that you don't have to live a perfectly aesthetic Pinterest life to still be the best version of you that God designed you to be.

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  • ml.ash
    i love this
    i recently got into podcasts, and my husband sent me some people to listen to and healthy but human was one of them, and this podcast has been my favorite one yet. i love how she covers faith. i love how she feels passionate with everything she speaks on. i started listening to healthy girl summer (mental health) and it was amazing. thank you so much.
  • megzimmie
    Thank you!
    Randomly stumbled upon her podcast today and the first one I listened to resonated with me so much I was in literal shock. From pregnancy to God to anxiety. Keep on sharing through this wonderful podcast!!
  • Yo to yo toto
    This podcast is like a breath of fresh air 🎉
    I have been listening to Callie’s podcast since it first came out and it has helped encourage me through many life challenges. Callie and I share so many similarities and the podcast is literally like a vent session with a friend. I look forward to the podcasts coming out and appreciate Callie’s motivational topics and holistic point of views on life’s journeys. I also love her Pilates workouts. 🦋🎊💜
  • kiwi kitten🐱v2🦊🦊
    Best podcast ever!
    I’ve been a semi long time listener now. Since 8th grade, I’m a sophomore now. I feel like listening to Callie has really helped me with my relationship with God and myself. I used to struggle with an eating disorder and this podcast was one of the factors that helped me get out of that funk. Im really very grateful for this podcast and Callie. I definitely recommend listening to this podcast whenever you can because it has helped me so much and it can probably help you too! Thanks!
  • FaithFirst73
    Favorite type of Podcast!
    Just started listening and already love it! This is my favorite type of podcast, talks about real life problems and how to be healthy and everything while building on a Christian base. Love Callie already, she seems very genuine and relatable and is fun to listen to and has great advice. Highly recommend listening, thanks for the great pod!
  • MaddzTaddz
    I think Callie is just so pure of heart and truly REAL. She shows up fully embodied in who she is and that comes through in all of her episodes and conversations. I love tuning in and just feeling like I’m hanging out with my girlfriends on the couch.
  • love sc but not rn
    My favorite podcast
    This podcast has everything I want in a podcast, and Callie is amazing! From checks in, to fitness to Jesus! I love it and couldn’t recommend it more!
  • Tasha1994
    Love Callie but not a fan of the Christianity preachings
    I really loved this podcast at first. Callie gives great advice on fitness, loving your body, and self confidence. However, when she started getting really into Christianity, it came out in her podcast to the point where every episode now feels like she is trying to convert me. I don’t like it and if she wants this podcast to be about Christianity it should be advertised as such because some people do not want to be preached to.
  • celestemariee
    Best podcast!
    Callie is the best! I love her podcasts and workouts. It seems like she always knows what I need to hear or am struggling with in her episode topics. They’re so helpful and really brighten my day!!
  • Erin M Skinner
    Growing Faith
    I found your podcast through Jeanine and I absolutely love it!! I have never related to someone more in a podcast and live in general. You have helped me have so much clarity on my faith and things I have been struggling with. You are an amazing human 🫶🏻
  • _goodvibes_
    l o v e
    i recently found this podcast and i absolutely love it. great advice, great person to listen to, and really helped me out. super chill but not boring at all. she's so real and genuine and i just love this podcast. it 100% lightens ur mood. 10/10 recommend. tysm callie <333
  • jilliansmith.rd
    Can't get enough!!
    I am thrilled to have found this podcast and how real Callie is. If I ever need a ‘pick me up,’ she talks about relevant topics and brings on great guests. I cannot recommend this podcast enough!
  • craimas kide
    Healthy But, Dancer
    I have literally been listening to her for two weeks I already feel balanced. For people who don’t feel healthy or balanced this is amazing. I’ve literally had people come up to me because I’m a dancer and say how do you do it. I stay healthy and I listen to Healthy But, Human. I love how in the beginning of every episode she checks in with everyone who’s watching and tells us to take a deep breath and get a good drink of not coffee, not a alcoholic beverage, not a surgery sports drink, but some nice refreshing water. My point is stick with this girl and she’ll change your life and mind.
  • Ashli washli
    The best podcast
    Omg she is amazing. I listen to here when im feeling down and she always brings me back up !
  • :( would God approve???
    Great content!
    I just found your podcast and love it. Thanks for the great content!!!
  • lolololololooopooopololol
    love this podcast
    love listening to this podcast it’s always very informative and entertaining!!
  • simplyallyxx
    Self love, wellness, confidence
    I love this podcast so much there’s so much self care, self love, confidence, wellness, health, healthy lifestyle, these are all of the things that I needed so much Thank you Callie for brightening up my day every Week....
  • abby16lr
    Best Podcast Ever!!!
    I absolutely LOVE listening to Callie. She’s so sweet, helpful, and encouraging! I like to listen to her podcasts while I’m on a walk or run. It’s like having my bestie with me and we’re just chatting away! Before I know it I’m done with my workout:) If you need some helpful guidance in your life, definitely listen to this podcast!
  • kayyyyyyyyye
    fav podcast ever !!
    callie is so uplifting to listen to + makes me feel so much less alone ♥︎ she’s an inspiration to say the least !!
  • georgialynn215
    my gorgeous queen
    freaking love callie so much. she keeps it so real and spreads so much good wisdom. i even write the things she says a lot lol because it’s so good!! keep it up gorgeous queen
  • Emmalee Peck
    Callie is Amazing!!!
    Listening to this podcast has helped me so much with motivation and self love. Everyone should listen to this podcast, especially if you’re at a place in your life where you’re not feeling confident in yourself 💗
  • Daph--
    So fire. Obsessed.
    I LOVE THIS PODCAST. Callie is absolutely amazing. Literally didn’t even realize but I automatically turn on this podcast whenever I am driving—guys when you are drivinggg👌so good. Always makes you feel better! It helps you reconnect and refocus. My perspective shifts to a healthier and happier one :) thank you so much!! 🤍
  • marrrrrd
    I’m hooked on just one podcast 🫶🏼
    I enjoyed every word. Amazing advice and words to help me move in this crazy life we’re living! Totally recommend for mental health and self care 😊
  • Makenzi s
    Amazing, down to earth podcast. Great for walking 😄 thank you Callie!
  • Pattttttttttttuie
    Ok I literally never do reviews but when I say I lOVE this podcast I reallly do! Omg the Getting out of your funk episode is literally gonna change my outlook and life! Highly recommend!
  • Cosmo Girl Han
    You need this podcast!
    This podcast popped up on a Pinterest “motivation” recommendation back in August and I have been listening weekly ever since. I’ve never tried podcasts, but felt tired of my usual music choices & craved content. I’ve gotten into better habits again and have started to feel like “ME” again, and I owe a big part to this podcast. Keeps my spirits up, makes me laugh at times, and reminds me that I’m not alone in times I lack motivation! 10/10, you need this podcast if you’re someone who loves positive energy & feeds off what you listen to. XOXO
  • ashdodoekeosovekowo
    not to be dramatic, but i literally teared up in the beginning of the episode doing the breathing routine & asking myself the questions about being proud of certain accomplishments. absolutely obsessed with this pod. 🤍🤍🥹
  • LaNikki90
    I love this!
    I saw this podcast recommended yesterday and I’m loving it. I love the check-ins at the beginning of the episodes and I feel like this podcast will help me improve more as a person.
  • emma.mae26
    Love this podcast
    I’m so glad I found this podcast. Found it last week and I’ve been binge/listening all week while going on my “hot-girl walks” during my lunch break at my internship. So helpful and fun to listen to for a girl in college. Especially love the episodes about healing our body image :)
  • Deedeelle
    Skating Friend
    Hey Callie! I just finished listening to your podcast talking about your figure skating journey. Your story is so so similar to mine. I haven’t competed for 15 years but I started skating again 6 months ago. Skating and competing as an adult is SO FUN and I’ve already made so many supportive friends. The competitions are so low pressure you should definitely consider!!
  • Asia too cute
    Time with Callie is awesome!
    These grounding moments her are great! They remind me that I need to take that moment and to drink water lol. I appreciate how much she really genuinely wants to help others with this podcast and helps my self esteem ☺️ I feel like I’m listening to a really cool home girl.
  • ann_889
    A Must Listen!!
    I’ve been following Callie on Instagram and joined the sweaty studio awhile back, and now I am listening to the podcast! This podcast is practical, relevant, and relatable. Callie gives such good insight into common struggles and really gives great motivation!! It feels like I’m listening to a best friend! I highly recommend this podcast
  • Selah joy 28
    I’m so obsessed with this pod! I listen everyday during my walks and Callie just really seems like the person everyone needs in they’re life - even if it’s through a podcast. I really do just enjoy listening to literally every episode! They have literally change my life. I used to really struggle with binge eating and her episodes on food and nutrition have really changed my mindset! I’m so so soooo greatful for this pod!!!
  • whhdjdntbfndnd
    i love this podcast she’s so positive and exactly the type of energy i love to surround myself by
  • 294839gabs
    I love this podcast so much!!!!
    these podcasts are super inspirational and you can relate them to your life in so many ways. I love callie so much and i hope she keeps making more because i’m making listening to these pods a daily thing.
  • sophpov
    must listen <3
    this podcast brings me so much joy, light, and knowledge. it’s opened my eyes to so many ways of living that i hadn’t considered before and i am so grateful to callie for making it every week!
  • KayleeRae92
    love the hot girl energy!
    I love Callie’s instagram and YouTube, and her podcast is no different. Her positive energy is so motivating and inspires me to be the best version of myself. The podcast about managing stress during finals week was exactly what I needed.
  • sarah553738484
    You have to listen to this podcast
    I love this podcast so much! She makes me think about loving my self more and having a more realistic life/ routine! You definitely have to listen to the one with Allana Blumburg!
  • abbstractabby
    Taking a Leap of Faith
    This episode made me fall in love with this! I’ve been listening for a few days unsure, but I love her positivity and that she talks about God through stories that I relate too. 🙏🏼
  • PriyaACA
    So inspiring and positive!!
    I came across this podcast while looking for something to listen and this has really changed me and made me feel so good! Thank you!!
  • Kaylee Danielle🐣
    This Podcast Gives Me Lifeeeee
    I’m a relatively new follower (Insta) and I had no idea that you also had a podcast! So of course as soon as I found out about it yesterday I had to check it out, and now I’ve watched like 8 episodes and I’ve already rewatched the stressed about finals episode because my finals are next week. But back to the point, this is such an amazing podcast and is completely relatable to where I am in life, dealing with struggles, strengths, stressful situations, dealing with anxiety, gut health or ED recovery, beginning my fitness journey- all of it so so helpful and inspirational to be my best self and to bet on myself. I 1000% recommend, 11/10!
  • puppyparty🐶
    i looove this podcast
    This podcast is literally the BEST. Every episode is so helpful and gets me thinking about how I can make myself feel better. It’s soooooo good and you should definitely listen to this
  • ava523!
    love love love
    i love your podcast you’re like my big sister 💜 ur socials, youtube, and podcast make me feel like i know u :) you give the best advice and i just love everything you stand for
  • nai457💜
    love the podcast
    i really loved the “navigating your twenties” pod episode! it opened my eyes to follow what i want. please make more of these ily
  • stiving.healthy.princess
    My Favorite Podcast
    I love listening to Callie, she’s like my best friend/sister. She talks about how to be “THAT” girl while also being real and supportive!!!
  • Lily Tanaka
    Love it!!
    Callie shares some great tips on how to live your healthiest and best life! I downloaded and listened to all her episodes — I’m literally obsessed!! Lily Tanaka (from the Inspire You podcast)
  • kitkatwithheath
    So authentic!! love love love
    Callie is so authentic and informative :)
  • fix.your.typo
    Obsessed with this podcast!
    I love listening to this podcast so much! It’s really inspiring and motivates me to improve my health and wellbeing!
  • gappcucch
    I binge listened to all the episodes in two days. Love how genuine Callie is ❤️
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