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  • 123Tab L
    It's ok
    This show is good half the time and the other half of the time it's unlistenable as Haley and Sean sound like they've taken some bong hits and are sitting on a couch stoned randomly talking about hockey.
  • SayNotoVocalFry
    Vocal fry
    The reporting is good, but the vocal fry is too much for me to handle. Honestly, enough. Please realize that speaking like that is not at all professional and is actually immature and irritating.
  • Balling penguin
    Here we go again. Instead of addressing how the NHL salary cap is a scam and ripe for violation, these narcissistic journalists look at it from the standpoint of how Vegas makes the deadline exciting, instead of pointing out the abuse of the LTIR.
  • Euro eiei eiei o
    New leader please
    Ian Mendes is insufferable. Every time I try to give this podcast another chance, I’m forced to pretend that guy is clever and witty. He would be more successful covering a Who’s Who of This Week’s TicToc show.
  • MrJones0530
    Oops All Seans is great
    Five stars because DGB told me to do this. I enjoy these guys very much in all their pods. Keep it up fellas.
  • RB9AVS
    Show Name
    Where’s the 6 star rating?? As far as your Feb 28th call out for a show name: “At Least We’re Not Lozo”
  • Ashleigh Poteat
    Thursday Chaos
    The chaos of the Thursday episodes cannot be understated and should not be underrated. Absolutely can’t get enough of that trio. The new Wednesday show is awesome too- always need too many Seans.
  • SubmitFeedback
    Prospect Series Great, Rest Blegh
    Corey and Max are fantastic, the rest really aren’t great. DGB is always entertaining and should be on more. Ian has charisma but lacks conviction of opinion and chemistry with any of the cohosts. Hailey is good for women’s hockey but meh for everything else, and the combo of her and Sean (who is good on his own) is brutal. The show definitely feels like it’s straining to produce this much content and the results show it.
  • Nels1jac
    Current programming is no good
    In previous years the daily programming was good as it was something new daily with different people and I liked that. Now it is the same rudderless M thru W show where Julian McKenzie can’t stop saying “Like” and “I mean” 40+ times a show, a Thursday throw away show and the prospect show that I was never interested in at any time. I like Ian Mendes, but I can’t stand Julian’s ramblings and GenZ speaking that I finally had enough and unsubscribed from the show. Hopefully there is more creativity next year and I may jump back.
  • BertWeiser
    Miss the Tuesday Boyzzz.
    Overall a good show. Miss the variety of previous years. Now it’s a prospect day and Canada coverage unless the Canada coverage somehow involves a US team.
  • Pavmatt
    Julian got to go
    Literally, everyone on the show is great, except for Julian. I cannot stand hearing his takes for one more second. If I hear him in the intro of the show, I Feel my stomach drop. I think going forward I might just start to skip the episodes when I hear him.
  • Slingerman Jones
    Enjoyable and Fun
    An overall good show, keeping consistent content that’s informative and fun to listen to.
  • Disgruntled ADT customer
    Miss the old lineup
    Still enjoy some of the current hosts and content but it’s no longer appointment listening for me like Tues and Thurs used to be. Old lineup 5 stars. Current lineup 3.5 stars?
  • AnonymousCropDuster
    Great show
    Really love this pod. Miss the Tuesday Boyzzz.
  • Hakkey Fan
    Used to enjoy the majority of the daily shows. Then one host insulted the listeners of another hockey podcast. Then they did away with the Tuesday shows this season. (23-24) Only reason it's 2 stars instead of 1 is because of the prospect episodes.
  • The bandersnatchers
    I like hockey and shows about hockey
    But I do miss the Tuesday Boyzzz.
  • Tntinthree
    Think it’s the best hockey show I can find but…
    I would love to see a more day by day, game by game review or at least touch up on the games and bigger moments. Also I’m a new listener but I think Shayna was my favorite one to listen to so far. Don’t know if she’s a guest or a regular but she should be the latter.
  • Braden Hockey
    Unsubscribing for now
    This show made a wrong turn when they made Ian and Julian the hosts every day. Every other host was better by leaps and bounds, and I often found myself skipping the Monday show simply because of the hosts. I will be unsubscribing for now but will check back in throughout the season to see if hosting duties change at all.
  • Mister weny
    What is this?
    Two shows hosted by Ian and Julian with DGB reduced to being a guest? Not a good idea. What is a good idea is putting the kids together (Sean Hailey Max) so I can just skip that one completely.
  • Svechniac2018
    Changes stink
    Getting rid of Wednesday guys is a bad move. Could barely stand Julian one day a week and now we get him twice. Terrible . If you played drinking game where you took a shot for every time he said “like”, you’d be hammered 5 minutes into every pod.
  • proop8
    skip mondays!
    Julian is worse than the former monday co-hosts, way worse. like really really the worst. max and corey have the only consistently interesting content or anything informative. sean and sean are both good.
  • Dubs161
    Some good. Some not so good.
    Some decent banter, discussion and intelligent hockey talk. McKenzie is brutal though.
  • Goon Squad Captain
    Mercy Rule!
    Am I missing something? This is still professional sports right? No matter what the score is there are still players on both rosters trying to win spots. If you want to say the pre season is too long I agree w that but no mercy rule ever in pro sports
  • gunder1024
    This might be worse than bro radio
    There are some good folks on here that offer insight and discuss interesting subjects but too many of the athletic staff take it as a joke and they come off as a joke. It can be worse than bro radio. Half of the time I only hear giggles.
  • Zx3c
    No Mighty Ducks in the bracket?!
    They claim to be a hockey show, yet they refuse to consider The Mighty Ducks’ theme song on their cartoon theme song bracket. Hacks and frauds!
  • ENS Pod #1 Fan
    If you’re familiar with The Athletic (which I am as a paying subscriber), you know that all of these people are super talented! But the inconsistency between hosts in terms of style makes every episode really different. I would check out a few before passing judgement, and remember who you do and don’t like.
  • Lando1228
    Tough but fair
    Easily the worst hockey pod.
  • Binny1984
    This show drags
    So much idle and just plain dull chit-chat between the hosts. Takes a solid 10 minutes to get into any serious topics, and even then it still seems so amateurish. I have tried this show multiple times and just can’t sit through it. The Athletic needs to hire a real producer who can whip this into shape. Please give us a tight, well-edited, well-spoken 30-45 minutes on hockey. I am sure you have the talent for it, but you need more discipline and more professionalism.
  • i love hockey1346532
    Hockey rules
    I love to see a podcast about hockey 🥅🥅🥅🏒🏒🏒🏒🏒hockey’s my favorite sport 🥅🥅🥅🥅🏒🏒🏒🏒🏒🏒🥅🥅🥅🥅
  • Badger Rock
    Millennial Puke Soy Boys
    Weak show with weak hosts, with the exception of Sean McIndoe. The broad on the show has more balls than the guys. But that dame is relatively weak too. A show by and for Millennial Puke Soy Boys.
  • StevenM2230
    Why is it so negative?
    I listened to parts of 3 shows on my 50 minute drive home. All they seem to do is complain and make negative comments about every team. If you hate NHL teams that much, maybe don’t have a show about it. Also, just because you can use foul language doesn’t mean you should. People listen in the car with their kids in the backseat.
  • ikidder
    Please talk about hockey
    I’m 17 minutes into the draft episode, and most of what I’ve heard is about the injustice of Chicago having a 1st, and how the “plutocrats” win in the end. If you want to make that point, go ahead. But, after that, move on to another topic. I don’t want to listen to you complain about the same thing over and over again. We’re deep into the playoffs. There are so many exciting story lines. Find something positive to talk about.
  • virtual_me01
    I enjoy Corey's interviews and professionalism. Otherwise, I would rather hear from the average fan at the bar about what they think about hockey. Sean Gentille is a self-important tool. Unsubscribed.
  • John Frusciante
    Out of touch with real fans
    Some shows have guests and topics that are interesting but they are in the minority. They focus on original six teams. All others are covered in passing or half heartedly. Latest episode is how boring hockey is right now after trade deadline. Guess they don’t realize there are wild card races, major injuries outside Minnesota, women’s hockey, and league issues that GMs and owners need to work through. Just to name a few interesting things they could be covering. I’m done.
  • 223534553
    There are maybe 1 or 2 good hosts but most of them are absolutely cringe and annoying. Definitely makes me never want to sub to their journalism
  • Mikafino
    Wildly inconsistent
    Thursday is strong and the prospects guys are total pros. The other shows are borderline unlistenable. Main offenses include, but are not limited to, incorrect humor evaluation (McIndoe is the ONLY funny person), over confidence on politics, juvenile attitudes about how hard to try in interviews, self-deprecating tone attempting to justify mediocrity, terrible introductions, lack of personality.
  • wayne dex
    I am not sure why football is leading off on episodes. I like the podcast when they discuss hockey.
  • A.Pobo
    Good for prospect analysis only
    Cory and max are the only redeeming hosts of his show.
  • Ebickford248
    Show stinks
    This show stinks
  • sheb1278
    People are harsh
    I’ve read some of these reviews and I don’t understand them. I love this pod!! Keeps you up to date daily about what’s going on in the hockey world! Keep it up everyone!
  • FunWithFlags_68
    Sean/Hailey Combo Must Go
    Mostly good, but man when Sean and Hailey are on it sounds like two high schoolers talking hockey. They’d be fine with other hosts but together it’s unlistenable. Ornate amounts of dead air.
  • Tax The Marmana
    Not bad
    It doesn’t take long before you can’t stand Sean Gentille. He is the guy that you know that no one wants to hang out with. Because he is so annoying to listen to. Hailey sounds like the ultimate white girl. Her stories about her personal life just go on and on. I have to motivate myself to continue to listen. The other hosts are much better.
  • JLP248
    Bring back Sara
  • APS09876
    Literally Sara
    If I have to hear Sara say the word “literally” one more time I may cancel my subscription
  • GnarlyNyman
    Mondays and Wednesdays are not good
  • Masmall99
    Does the F bomb really add to the podcast?
    Listened to your podcast for the first time and was impressed with the depth of discussion regarding the NHL draft first round. However, I was very disappointed in the use of the f-bombs and just don’t get why you feel the need to bring that to the discussion. It comes off as unprofessional and alienates those who may want to listen but have kids around a lot or just prefer not to hear that language. It’s a shame because without that this would be a top notch podcast. Perhaps you’ll consider reevaluating the need to use such colorful language. It does not add value or to your cool factor and just seemed out of place with the bulk of the show. Your show, your rules but just wanted to provide some feedback that might be of benefit. Couldn’t you just refrain from that for the sake of some of your audience? Given the current format, I’ll probably choose other avenues to get the info I’m looking for. Its a shame because your content was solid. Michael
  • chris4hawks
    Great show
    Sean Gentille once broke into my house and threatened my cat unless I rated this show five stars on iTunes. An an unrelated note, I quite enjoy the variety of personalities on this show and enjoy the player interviews.
  • Avery12354
    It was good 👍🏽
    I think 💭 it was very full of hockey 🏒 🥅 but just talking about everything going on in the NHL so you don’t have to watch the highlights of the NHL is what they do basicly
  • J.J. Hanke
    Corey, Max, & Nonsense
    The Friday episode with Corey and Max on prospects is great. The rest is garbage. Hailey sounds like a stoned Millennial. Ian is a clown. Dom is lame with his numbers crap (whatever nerd) and his co-hosts are unable to pronounce his name. Five stars for Max & Corey. One star for the crew that should be working at Canadian Tire or Footlocker. Addendum: Craig C. used to be good, but is now a sad Seinfeld-esque caricature. Rambling, whining, and stupid. And then there is Sean. If you listen to him for an hour and not want to pull his underwear up to his earlobes and take his lunch money then you are a better person than I am. I’m sure he must have a very punchable face.
  • NathanS77
    Too much twitter
    Ugh can’t anyone listen to a podcast that doesn’t obsess about what is on twitter. Most people aren’t on there so focus on real hockey news and less talk about who tweeted what. Oh and maybe stop overusing the word “literally,” especially Sara.
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