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The Athletic's flagship hockey podcast features hosts Ian Mendes, Craig Custance, Hailey Salvian, Sean Gentille, Sean McIndoe, CBC's Rob Pizzo, Jesse Granger, Sara Civian, Max Bultman, and Corey Pronman, as well as The Athletic's great NHL writers, delivering previews of the week's best matchups, interviews with league insiders, analytics, prospect updates, betting picks, and much more, every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, plus select Fridays throughout the season.

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  • Noose Brighthawk
    A great hockey show, fun and classsssssy!
    TBH, it’s really 6 stars for the American edition, 4 for the rest of the Canadian week. But always worth a listen, and no one should ever argue with McIndoe. He’s always right.
  • Shoeless Jack Johnson
    Those advertisements....
    The advertisements are too long and too abrupt. Don’t start the show with a 2.5 min advertisement. You are turning off potential listeners. This pod cast has a long way to go before it can compete with The Full 60, Puck Soup and Spittin Chicklets
  • Bwcanes
    When I was missing hockey I found this podcast. Complete garbage! Political agendas, one sided commentary. It’s just garbage! There are some bad ones but this is the worst! Keep looking when this one comes up as an option.
  • Patdadsmen
    Yes, please, ok thanks!
    I love all the different shows, love the week day run down! It’s super team podcasting, glad there’s no salary cap in podcast land. Take that tampa! Whoooooo! zing!! Can’t wait for the next season, keep doing what you do. U-S-A!, U-S-A!, U-S-A!
  • FatKraken66
    Please less…
    Everyone on this show is so great! Except for Hailey. I’m sorry, but her attitude makes me want to stop listening on Mondays. The level of annoying sarcasm and disgust from her is just unbearable. I can’t believe Scott got fired and Hailey got to stay. Honestly though, she used to be good. I never disliked her up until maybe a half of a year ago. Because the rest of the crew is fantastic, this show gets four stars. Also, I don’t dislike women sports figures. Please replace her with a better lady who won’t make me want to cancel my Athletic subscription altogether.
  • UZReview
    Not great
    Compared to the other top hockey podcasts including spittin chiclets, cam & strick, dropping the gloves, and sports net, it’s just not entertaining enough for me to follow. They do have good guests on this show and I like hearing about women’s hockey and stuff but it’s not for me.
  • Turtlemountain
    Love the monday show
    Hailey and Ian are a great duo, big big fan. Friday prospect show isn’t my thing, but a great way to pretend I know anything about the draft
  • bananalover434343
    Great Show
    Love the show. Everything an NHL fan could want. Sean McIndoe, Sean Gentille, and Craig Custance are especially mint, but everyone is great.
  • crankshaft333
    Love it
    Love the podcast. Love the hosts. Nuf said. 💪💪💪⚡️⚡️⚡️🤙🤙🤙
  • proop8
    skip mondays!
    do i need to say it..?
  • Goon Squad Captain
    Matty Blues
    Just found the podcast! Love the Draft talk! I don’t get access to much of it down here. Very good stuff
  • yardenasky
    American Tuesdays
    Love the show, but I’m especially loving the new American show. It’s a beautifully timed poke check to the Canadians. But I really do look forward to every episode. And I may be in the minority, but I love Ian’s puns. Keep ‘em coming!
  • Lon Berry
    Skip Mondays
    Monday episodes are the worst of the bunch because there are insurance seminars more interesting than Hailey.
  • mizzoutiger89
    Like this podcast-but Monday, with Haley-fuhgeddabowdit. How on earth did she get this job. I’ve never heard someone NOT answer questions like her. She always has some excuse, changes the question to something else, OR suggests we get someone else on the show to answer that. Seriously. So done with the Monday show. Today, her partner gives her a softball-who would u like to see win another Cup. Even I came up with Flower! Then she starts talking about how he’s not old. He may not be old, but he’s been in the league HOW long?? He got benched by the Pens. Now he’s The Man again. He’s news. It’s not hard to come up with his name. How can u not get that softball. Just one example of MANY. I’m sorry, but MOnday is a write off. Oh yes, (todays show really bugged me) the word is ‘oust’. You’re a journalist/writer??
  • LynnEsq
    Love the variety
    I came for DGB, but have grown to really enjoy Hailey and Ian as well. Excited for the all American Tuesday episode, which I assume will include a weekly call for the Hockey Hall of Fame to induct John Mayasich.
  • VB.5280
    The Hockey Show - Monday
    Please, no more chatter about Hailey’s personal issues. I had to stop listening last week because the broken toe blather just went on and on. I couldn’t believe the show started on the same topic today. Maybe Ian and the producers think it’s funny, but I have to say it does Hailey and the show a huge disservice. Please stick to hockey. Thank you.
  • @ cai
    Talks good and true about sports
  • Loosemagoose
    Scrap the Monday show
    Get hosts that actually have conviction in their opinions. Gets hosts that can disagree but argue their point. Get hosts that can just answer a question without a minute long preamble. Get hosts that a comfirtable on the mic. Mondays are sooooooo awkward. The Monday show is such a daggum slog. Shake it up or scrap it
  • Indyhockeyfan
    Let Two man Advantage be it’s own podcast
    I first heard Lebrun/Burnside back when they were on ESPN. Eventually I got burnt out on them and quit listening. The athletic brought them back with two man advantage. I gave them a second shot and quit listening after about 3 episodes. This podcast comes out three times a week. The middle episode is just two man advantage. We’re about a month in and I now turn off the podcast when I hear brass bonanza. Take that warning song away and this becomes a 3 star review. Take out two man advantage and this becomes a five star review. I’m sure if enough people enjoy it, their podcast will stand on its own. Other than that, I enjoy the other three hosts and like a twice a week format. It can get a bit Canada centric, but I enjoy contrasting it against the opinions I hear elsewhere.
  • dewy24
    A little narrow
    This podcast should/could be a lot better. I like everyone on it but they don’t talk about the NHL all that much. There’s a real need for a podcast that talks about what’s happening in the whole league and I kind of expected this to do that. Instead there’s a lot of “who is your favorite blah blah?” type questions. Maybe get some people from outside of Ontario too? If you have people who work on all of these different teams it would be great to her from them.
  • hbyanksman
    Great show
    The hosts are great, the segments are great and Granger things is great if you like to bet like I do.
  • TheBoss819293
    Have to do better
    I gave this pod another chance after being disappointed with it two weeks ago. Dale Tallon was mentioned as being the GM of Florida by one host, and this was not corrected by the other host. Come on. You can’t provide worthwhile analysis without knowing the basic difference between the team now from last season. You’re you’re paid to know, write, and talk about hockey. You have to do better than this.
  • Hdhdhjdso
    This podcast needs to discuss more of the NHL as a whole not just Canadian teams. Please never let Hailey back on the podcast and get more players on as guests.
  • Enuf about the North Division!
    The Athletic can do better...much better!
    With a writer covering every NHL team, why does every podcast here seem like a retread of any other podcast coming out of Toronto? 5 minutes covering a league wide topic, followed by 55 minutes of the North Division coverage, ad nauseum! Please pair up two writers from teams within each division for a weekly podcast where they discuss the teams within their division! Maybe even invite a writer from a third team to join them to get a different perspective. If they want, they can briefly touch on any large issues of the day around the league. But keep the talk mostly within the division! I COULDN’T CARE LESS ABOUT THE NORTH DIVISION TEAMS!!! - my team will NEVER play them this season, since we probably won’t make the playoffs. BUT I DO CARE ABOUT THE TEAMS WITHIN MY DIVISION! So, please, give me as how I care about once each week, rather than three that I don’t want to listen to!
  • Bowzaaa
    The more hockey the better!
    A solid entrant to the NHL podcast rotation. Sean is the best, be sure you catch him on Puck Soup as well.
  • XYZoptics
    Canada. Canada. Canada.
    This podcast is for hockey fans in Canada. About 80% dedicated to those 7 teams and their national team. Which is fine, but this isn’t TSN. I expected better from The Athletic.
  • Kreylix
    In Praise of Abusers
    Just listened to their segment about Mike Babcock, and F these guys. Two sides, rehabilitation, yadda, you just have to be kidding! Babcock should be permanently out of hockey but Mendez and McIndoe are looking forward to him being an NHL coach next year.
  • cuspofcarabelli
    Keep the conversation to hockey
    We don’t care about your political views. We don’t care about your opinions on corona virus. You make this painful to listen too. You could be good but mostly uninteresting compared to your peer group.
  • Section304
    Great Start
    Any NHL talk is great to throw on. Excited to see where they take the show.
  • John Avery1
    Nice hockey podcast
    Really enjoy this podcast; unlike other hockey podcast this isn’t full of juvenile conversations and or cussing. Refreshing to hear!
  • Matt_R 27
    Great so far
    I’m enjoying the variety of hosts & guests to this point, hope it continues to do well!
  • MikeyWebby
    No Jedi Mind Tricks!!
    I want to listen to ONE Athletic hockey podcast per week, NOT THREE! Why are you making me subscribe to more than I want or need to listen to, just so I can listen to Scott and Pierre do their one episode of Two Man Advantage per week?? You need to make your podcasts individually subscribe-able, or you’re going to lose me as a listener altogether! Thanks, Mike Weber
  • Grfox8
    Good Hockey Podcast
    Very informative and easy to listen to. Looking forward to DGB later this week
  • CalvinJamesMI
    A great addition to the hockey podcast world.
  • KgibMC
    Expected a Lot More
    This first episode sounded like “college radio” or something from Bleacher Report, NOT something from The Athletic. Ian was an ESPN-like font of bad puns and silly comments. It’s 2 days before the new season, during the launch episode, and time is being dedicated to fantasy team names and the hidden album search?? I’ll give this the benefit of the doubt, but that’s an inauspicious debut.
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