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The Horny Housewife is the couples locker room talk, take notes. Your host Jordyn Hakes is raw, unfiltered and a bit salacious, discussing all things sex, the realities of marriage, & answering YOUR burning questions while always protecting anonymity. From dating your spouse, mismatched libidos, the male g-spot, backdoor entry, how-to’s for both men and women, no topic is off limits. Buckle up freaky fam I'm mentioning it all, tune in to learn how to be better in bed, more intentional in your relationships, and explore the unknown. Join me every Monday for some guaranteed laughs, no sugarcoating, sexy tips, story times and the occasional jaw dropping listener question.


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  • AnchieB
    If you’re curious, give it a listen…
    Hilarious, sexy, and mildly toxic. I’m here for it!!!
  • DW23121
    This is the best podcast.
  • Manclit
    Love your show
    Jordan is then most down yo earth podcast show host . Very respectful to all people and kinks , even us. Tiennie wiennies .
  • Home Brew Mike
    Great Podcast!
    Always informative, funny and insightful. A great podcast for anyone looking to enhance their relationship and sex life, even if you’re a Todd!
  • ginap33
    Love Jordyn
    Such a great podcast and such a wonderful message about being intentional in marriage and choosing each other and putting in that energy!! I am 52 years old and have been married 24 years! I wish I had this podcast when I was in my 30”s or 40”s! I have learned so much! Thank you 😍
  • mamalovesnova
    Jordyn is my people! I love the way she talks to her audience as if she’s the semi-inappropriate relative at the family party who you chat with in the corner of the room over a glass of wine, laughing and eye rolling but also giving the advice you really need to hear. I love the topics and the listener questions and I look forward to the new episode every week!
  • KEH82
    So entertaining!
    I love Jordyn so much and I always look forward to the pod.
  • Mikie 13
    La La La La La ….
    just sending out some la la la la la la love to one my favorite podcasters, great and honest info on the regular . i would def advise checking it out
  • 23191508
    I can get down with this. Everything is said poignantly and spot on. Great job overall!
  • CorBob
    So much fun… for everyone!
    Love the balance of perspectives. I don’t know everything at all and I’m far from “perfect” but I always walk away with some information I either didn’t know or hadn’t thought about for a while and it’s very helpful!
  • energy_hegod
    Great Podcast!
    Your podcast makes me feel as if I called you on the phone asking for advice. Very informative, and entertaining as well. I didn’t get bored while listening. Thanks so much for sharing your input.
  • donbarker646
    Outstanding podcasts
    Jordyn is amazing. I’ve been listening from the very beginning. She is fun, intelligent and gives fantastic advice. Love each podcast!!
  • Texas_MandyF
    The best!
    Jordyn does a great job telling stories, giving advice and keeps us laughing the whole time! Couples should listen to this podcast together!
  • mags1215
    Incredible!! Absolutely the most informative and inspiring sexual advice ever!!
    Jordyn you are an amazing girl and a tribute to all couples looking to have the best life possible together ❤️‍🔥
  • RieMcGinnis
    Recently Discovered
    Wow, just wow. No topic is off limits. I LOVE that! Thank you for taking the time to offer this resource.
  • Cmkj35
    Quality Vibes
    Jordyn is a hoot and helpful and informative and empowering. Give her an ear. It’s worth it.
  • Jellibelli929
    Marriage saver
    This podcast encouraged me to have hard conversations with my husband. It’s amazing how just having a conversation about sex, or anything in our marriage that is bothering me can really help solve issues. Can we just normalize communicating in general with our spouses?!? Honestly, this podcast is such a breath of fresh air. I love how real Jordan is and she tells you like it is, what people in marriages really need to hear. Thanks Jordan!
  • Runlizrun
    I love this woman! She does this show solo and she doesn’t need anyone else! She wants everyone to achieve a higher level of intimacy in their marriage and gives us advice on how to do it! It’s a great show and her advice is always spot on. I love to hear her responses to listeners questions. I think this lady is really gonna be very successful.
  • katkaye
    Funny, informative, too many long ads.
    Listening to this pod feels like talking with the girls over drinks, but ads are long so lots of skipping.
  • robertgscott
    I find your podcast to be extremely enlightening for this 62 yr old still very active man.
    This is the best podcast I e listen to on this subject matter. I’m impressed and educated every time I listen.
  • JoeVill1
    Jordyn is the best!
    I’ve been a listener of the HH since the beginning. It’s been great to see the show continue to evolve. If you are looking for a place where you can get all the info you want and need on sex, relationships etc. and how to keep it fun, hot and sexy… go here!
  • DJ fluffy paws
    Best podcast ever!
    Jordyn is my bestie and she doesn’t know it 😂 I’m always listening & learning- she’s like talking to a best friend. Podcast has changed my life. Not just sex- but how I think about sex, marriage, being INTENTIONAL. Wish I had known what I’ve learned sooner but grateful I know now Has helped me be more confident, more adventurous, more loving, patient, accepting, I could go on and on. Plus there are so many laughs in each episode- Jordyn is truly gifted. Not many people can hold a podcast solo for an hour and she nails it every time.
  • ryguy217217217
    Edgy and informal
    Fun for men and woman plus educational. Jordan has a great personality.
  • aka-ther
    Just Awesome
    Proving that being intentional about what you do goes long ways!
  • BdayProcrastinator
    Very good podcast
    Jordyn does a great job touching on ALL ISSUES! I just recently started listening and I have been banging out multiple episodes on my drives. 420 friendly 😶‍🌫️ and she does her research. I am so glad I found THH podcast.
  • vivid okra
    I’m hooked
    Funny and useful all at the same time. This is aiding our marriage and our relationship. And Jordyn’s raspy, sexy voice on top of all that.
  • Stogen
    The Grateful Husband
    I recently found this podcast and I love it. My wife and I have been married for 10 years, we have four kids and our sex life is, overall and considering the kids, really great. I was looking for a podcast that would help me level up my bedroom game and better understand the nuances of my wife’s pleasure interests. I have found good advice in these areas from THH podcast and so much more. Even after ten years, I’m still learning new things about this woman I love and this podcast is helping me with that journey. I also really enjoy Jordyn’s humor. How can you have some of these conversations and not chuckle a little? There are only five stars to give, but this show really is a 10/10. Thanks so much, Jordyn!
  • Woodwalker1
    Good advice
    Jordan does a very entertaining podcast full of good information.
  • Dolb68
    Completely sad! - read the review
    Maybe if I had discovered this sooner And shared with my spouse Maybe I would not be twice divorced. Maybe - marriage #2 would be a happy joyful place If I had discovered sooner and shared.
  • Lizmar96
    Love u
    Love the podcast!
  • alisha💪123
    Love this podcast!
    Your podcast is so much fun, I usually end up laughing out loud a few times each episode. I love how honest you and relatable you are. Listening to your podcast is like chatting with your friend.
  • Fancy1974
    Love the show!
    I listen all the time! Love how down to earth and blunt you are!! You can’t “beat around the bush” lol when talking about sex! You are brutally honest and I love it! We could be best buds! And I love that you enjoy the weed.
  • PlaysDaily1234567
    Honestly I respect the way you respond to questions, often trying to understand all sides. Not yucking someone’s yum. Super funny show and informative!!! Look forward to new shows and love checking out older shows I haven’t heard!
  • hdhduekeldkd
    You’re awesome
    I’m on episode 8 and I just started listening this morning. I’m hooked 💁🏻‍♂️ you honestly remind me of my wife haha the 2 of you think the same way 😊
  • NickJohn5150
    Great show
    Sexy voice. Great show. Love personal experience mentioned. Hate that it has turned to more advertisements than listening to her podcast
  • MadiP421
    Mildly Toxic in all the best ways
    Like the best friend we all need, someone to tell it like it is and. One of my favorite podcasts #mildlytoxic
  • mpaunovich
    Chef’s kiss?
    I don’t know why I listen to this podcast. Jordyn is weird and sometimes maybe too high? But I like her. She is genuine and reminds me of girls I went to high school with that are still living in my hometown. But Jordyn is smarter than them, and she is a lot more open to exploring sexuality than they are. She does a good job.
  • Mikeeebear63
    She’s a little “cra cra”,
    Love your side track on the ‘bunny trails’. The subjects you choose and the way you present them almost alway provokes thoughts and always keeps me. Coming back. Great job Jordyn keep it going.
  • Dan the Naturist Man
    Great job Jordyn!
    Love the listener question and Jordyn’s insightful answers. Great interviews with lots of useful information. 🤣😜
  • Look_itsBrooke90
    10/10 recommend
    Started listening recently and my husband is happier! And I love that she is so relatable and also hilarious and I want to be her friend lol
  • RbCLee3607
    Love The Horny Housewife !
    Jordan is real and I love it. There’s definitely something to learn in every single episode & it’s fun to listen and then put it to use at home.
  • srguzman18
    My favorite podcast for fun and learning
    Love the topics and the perspective! Great for any adult audience looking to unlock their fire!
  • brnbrn6869
    Great show
    Really really great show
  • Mrsoceanwoman
    Your rawness is great!!
    I just stumbled on your podcast a couple days ago. I am already totally hooked. I love how you just speak your mind with no filters and make so many things about sexuality normal and I just feel good after listening to one of your podcasts!!Just keep doing what you’re doing you are an amazing woman!😈😘🍆😛👅
  • want to be sissy
    Hey sexy
    Can you answer some questions please
  • LeoFrenchy
    Beneficial for seasoned couples
    It is fun to listen during commute. She addresses a lot of important issues and facts that include a married life. She has done her research before opening on a topic. She is better than a couple counseling. And much cheaper.
  • streetbike2015
    Best podcast
    I found your podcast and fell in love with it from the first listen. I love how real and down to earth you are!!
  • K Gutz
    I’m so happy I found this podcast. I actually look forward to Mondays knowing we’ll get a new episode! Genuinely makes me laugh and is super informative and relatable. Finally something for married couples who still like to have fun!
  • Joedaman6996
    Great podcast
    Thanks for the content! Love the solo days, keep them up 🤪.
  • Bratman2597
    Read the full review….
    I hate this show… it’s terrible, I can’t believe I listen to it…. Why you ask? Because my wife was working on a similar show about 5-7 years ago, but with young kids and a busy life, there was no time, and she just threw in the towel…. That being said, I hate the show because Jordan was able to beat us to it. And while I’m sure my wife’s show would’ve been great, it’s time for real talk.. This is a truly great show. Jordan is carefree, realistic, relates incredibly well to millennial and Gen Z couples, and her brutal honesty is truly refreshing. I’ve listened from roughly episode 75 to 100, and my wife is also now 100% bought in! She enjoys listening on dog walks and I know that each week that she listens, our night will end well…. Thanks Jordan for your great, entertaining, and refreshing show! 5 stars in my household!
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