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The Horny Housewife is the couples locker room talk, take notes. Your host Jordyn Hakes is raw, unfiltered and a bit salacious, discussing all things sex, the realities of marriage, & answering YOUR burning questions while always protecting anonymity. From dating your spouse, mismatched libidos, the male g-spot, backdoor entry, how-to’s for both men and women, no topic is off limits. Buckle up freaky fam I'm mentioning it all, tune in to learn how to be better in bed, more intentional in your relationships, and explore the unknown. Join me every Monday for some guaranteed laughs, no sugarcoating, sexy tips, story times and the occasional jaw dropping listener question.JOIN THE PATREON: MEIG- @_thehornyhousewifepodcastTik Tok @thehornyhousewifepodcastCONFESS/REQUEST *anon* //Advertising/Business Inquiries : admin@pleasurepodcasts.comThe Horny Housewife is a proud member of Pleasure Podcasts, a podcast network revolutionizing the conversation around sex and relationships.

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  • zztapper
    Trogdor burninate!!!!
  • PdidsCA
    Entertaining and Informative
    I never write reviews and honestly don’t like writing in any way. But and not butt, my wife and I love the podcast, you are my fav host and I hope you continue to create content and share not only your research and personal experiences with us but continue to be an amazingly authentic voice in this space! Wish you all the success and glad we found you!
  • Grizzle4578
    So fun!!!
    Love Jordy! She’s so funny, cute, and relatable! So much good info!! Has changed my sex life for the better!! Highly recommend for men and women!
  • Archibald9
    A let down
    Was looking forward to this podcast — I have no sexual hang-ups, swearing doesn’t bother me, I’m down for talking about all this stuff. But I listened for about 26 minutes on my way to work and just couldn’t get past the droning (was she high?) and the way she sometimes speaks with lilting accentuations — I don’t know if it’s a “Valley Girl” schtick or what. But the 26 minutes I listened (my commute is 45 minutes, btw), it was alllllll about complaining about her cold, her son’s desire to play football AND baseball, and her passive-aggressive hatred for her last 1-star reviewer. Oh, and shameless plugs for her sponsors: boner pills and lubricant. Only right before switched it off did she start getting into some actually sex talk, but by then her vapid insights had left me wondering why I’d wasted my time to begin with. *sigh*
  • ben06292018
    Great for growing your relationship
    Spicy content with great context. Lots or great recommendations to other resources too. Really has been a game changer in how I have been approaching my significant other.
  • Realtor Eric
    Great relationship commentary!
    As a husband to a fantastic wife, it is great to hear perspectives and reminders ways to continue dating my significant other, pick up on ways to rekindle/maintain/increase intimacy (spiritually and physically), and hear variety of topics from guests and anonymous listener questions. I highly recommend giving this a try for anyone in a committed relationship regardless of your gender.
  • Chase McFace
    Educational and entertaining
    Don’t judge it by the title! This is a great show with lots of great info, listener questions and amazing guests. The host is funny, too. It’s like hanging out with a friend.
  • Ghhghhhhhhhhhgggggh
    Ow yeah to hard to talk
    Your show makes my 19in destroyer hard as can be
  • gauc1
    Love it!
    You absolutely have to love the open and creative approach to address the elephant (s) in the room! Thanks for the insight and education and the way you lay out the message! You keep up the good work so I can keep (it) up the good work!
  • MellyG91
    Can we be real life besties plz?!
    I’ve been straight up BINGING your show for 3 days now. I love it. I’m engaged, been together 3 years, most things are great for us but we have some things we struggle with in the sexual areas of our relationship. This has been helpful in many ways to open my eyes, or his, to give me a different perspective on things, or just to hear someone’s else’s personal opinion! Thanks for making this possible, and hope you keep it up for a long time!
  • RedHottie35
    My Favorite Podcast
    I look forward to Mondays new episodes. I love Jordyn’s perspective. I found her podcast when my marriage was not going well. Hearing her say some of the things I had heard my husband say in the past really opened my eyes. Some of the topics she has covered have exponentially improved our sex life. Jordyn, keep up the good work!! I absolutely love your show and tell my friends about it! My husband encourages me to share your show with his friends wives. He brags how much “less predictable” I am. Thank you for talking about what you do.
  • Jlbrass89!
    Always good advice and a laugh to go with it! Love this podcast
  • Fancy1974
    Love the show!
    In relation to todays episode…. I have a guy friend who I would consider dating if he didn’t have a horrible smell too! His house, his clothes, his body, even his dogs, carry this awful scent. I could never consider more with him ONLY for this reason. I am positive other women feel the same. He only gets first dates. He’s a great guy. Good job, nice enough home, sweet kids… just smells. He’s told me stories about his ex telling him that he smelled… but yet he’s clueless!
  • EparkPat
    Very entertaining
    The conversations and topics are so relatable and real!
  • Jupitersthong
    From a single 22 year old w/ no children
    This is a really gooood podcast , I love that Jordyn started doing Wednesday quickies ! Shorter versions for a quick commute or if you have 30 mins or less to spare. Her voice is so soothing , the topics/ listeners questions are something you won’t find anywhere else ! If you are not listening , you better start listening.
  • Aaron95747
    171 great insight and recommendations
    Provided lots of good advice I could have used years ago with my ex wife. Impressed with the content and thoughtful discussions. Quickies are a great addition. Love the Podcast
  • MichaelMurphy313
    Honest, Educational, Funny Sex Talk
    Jordyn a/k/a The Horny Housewife talks about the most intimate subjects in a way that takes away the embarrassment and shame that usually accompanies these topics. She is smart, open, honest, funny, non-judgmental and has no biases other than a sincere desire to help committed couples improve their sex lives. Her advice is a unique combination of no-nonsense and common sense, and she treats all of her listeners’ and their questions with dignity and respect while calling them out (gently) on their B.S. when necessary. She is an excellent interviewer and actually listens to her guests which make her interviews a pleasure to listen to. My spouse and I listen together each week and always learn something new. I highly recommend!
  • 33race33
    Jordyn helps me look forward to my Monday morning commute. She creates a fun & insightful look into being intentional in my marriage. My wife & I have mind blowing sex 2-3 times a week and I want to keep it that way. Jordyn is never short on ideas to help us make things interesting. Thank you Jordyn!
  • HamyColo
    A sixth star
    Is there a sixth star? Y’all - an episode that each, and every one of us can benefit from be entertained with. This 1?! ~perfect energy and a seamless flow of consciousness that is beyond measure. Knocked it out of the park as per usual~ don’t ever stop.
  • I’m just here for the tea
    Jordyn makes talking about sex okay, not just in the bedroom. Some of us grew up in a home that it was not okay to have sexual curiosity. Jordyn is seriously the little sister I never knew I needed.Jordyn’s got a huge heart and always comes to the table with an open mind. She’s adorable, beautiful and a girl boss💪🏼 Support her podcast and subscribe! She will not disappoint.
  • remfish
    Brightens up my Monday 👏🏻
    I’ve listened for at least a year now and look forward to your new episode every Monday. Love the “toxic” big sister advice 😂 as well as the real, less toxic ideas too! Listener questions are my favorite but when Jordyn does have guests, they know their stuff!
  • Kayla Szalma
    Absolutely Love this post cast! Love the listener questions, different topics each week! I look forward to Mondays to listen to the show, and now Wednesdays!
  • mamacassreads
    You need this podcast in your life
    I’m hopping over from Spotify, just to leave a review because this podcast is ✨ chef’s kiss ✨ perfection. Jordyn is hilarious in her delivery of real-freaking-talk truth about sex and marriage. I listen on long runs and am certain I look deranged laughing my head off with sweat dripping down my face, while nodding my head in agreement with pretty much everything she says. I’ve listened to lots of sex/marriage/intimacy podcasts and this is the best, hands-down. I proudly rock my new THH merch and tell anyone who’s married to listen to Jordyn for a giggle and SO MANY practical ways to level up your marriage and sex life. I’ve been married for 16 years with five kids. We’ve always valued our intimacy and both have high drives, but our sex life has never been better. This podcast is one reason why. Thank you, Jordyn! A forever fan + listener!
  • T.Scott54
    This pod is awesome
  • makingmovesjb
    LOVE this podcast. Each episode delves into fascinating topics, and I could (in fact I do) listen to Jordyn non-stop. Not only does she offer valuable advice for individuals and couples of all genders, but her personality is 🔥. There are times where I’m listening with my earbuds and break out in laughter, leaving my family to wonder what I’m listening to. Jordyn has introduced me to numerous subjects I didn’t realize I was overlooking, and I feel like she could easily be my bestie. This podcast has been LIFE CHANGING for myself, and has enriched my sex life and my marriage significantly. THANK YOU JORDYN! 🔥 🔥
  • Anonymous Review Author
    A Tried To Like It
    I was really hoping I would like this show. I enjoy learning about sexual topics and expanding my knowledge. Not just for personal use and gaining experience, but also for genuine curiosity on what other people like/do/think. But, the host can come off pretty heavily with the “she gives you p*ssy, so you need to bow to her in return” biased bullsh*t. That is a very toxic way to view the intimate and sexual relationship between two people who mutually love each other. If it’s a true partnership with a real connection, then there should never be an imbalance of a trade off. As in, if the man gets pleasure from the woman, then he must do something outside of s*x for her in return. That’s called a barter, or a trade, or a transaction. ‘I will let you have this if you do that for me.’ The host should not be an advocate for this mentality if she wants to promote truly health intimacy.
  • Nickname0512
    REAL TALK Podcast
    I can’t get enough of these episodes. The education I’ve gotten on top of many laughs (this chick is just NAT UR A LLY funny!) is out of this world. No shame and just tells it like it is! LOVE!!! PS: I’ve never left a podcast review. Ever. I love her that much.
  • Michellebotkin
    I’m obsessed with this podcast! Great content in every episode I’ve listened to so far. And I’m plowin through them since i found this show! Plz keep em cummin. (I had do)
  • ShayShayyyy08
    I wanna be her friend IRL
    Jordyn!!! I feel like we would be real life BFFs!! I only just started listening last week and I’ve gone through SO MANY EPISODES (I drive a lot😅) You give the best advice and I relate so much to so many of these episodes!
  • H.storm
    I never knew I would have been into erotica. Now I know. Looking up audible books right now!
  • Cartel1
    A reason to look forward to Mondays!
    Jordyn knocks it out of the park on a weekly basis. I've listened to a handful of podcasts and THH IMO has some of the best content you can find in a podcast. Keep it up Jordyn!!!
  • revzd
    Keeping it spicy and fresh
    I’m grateful the THH! We’ve been married 9.5 yrs and have been impressed when the variety of conversation this podcast provides. It keeps ideas coming and keeps it fresh! Relevant and riveting!
  • Just_Drape
    Intentionally Balanced Advice
    Easy to listen to and entertaining. A real eye opener to some things people have lurking below the surface of their relationship. Finding out ways to spice things up is also something I think she does well. A light fun mood that will keep you coming back every Monday.
  • Robert802212
    Stumbled upon this and love it!
    I want my next to have mind 💨 🔥🔥. So this is great!
  • Dpoff1998
    It’s the best
  • Chefs_Kiss
    Mondays = MNF The Horny Housewife
    Like the title says, there’s two things I look forward to on Mondays: listening to The Horny Housewife and Monday Night Football! You really don’t know what you have until you don’t have it. Last week (Christmas week), I forgot there would be no THH episode, I felt like a part of my weekly must-have entertainment was missing! I’ve learned so much from listening to Jordyn (host). Listener questions are the best for suresies! But there’s more, Jordy throws in these super useful reminders on how to be a better husband/lover. It’s the simple stuff that really matters, I came home last night and gave my wife just a big squeezing hug to tell her how awesome I thought she was and how good she smelled. My wife loved it! …And that was when I looked into the camera and 😉 as I pulled out my roll of Mentos. Just that the pack of Mentos said The Horny Housewife.
  • Tootieee!
    Listen if you love your partner
    Listening to this podcast makes me want to go home to get freaky but yet passionate with my man
  • gbfhhgg3566
    Great podcast
  • Weirdo creepy stranger
    Great show love
    Thank you for doing what you do I find your info very helpful and I appreciate that you’re so understanding of what you are doing to help others with their situation as well as helping me with the my own personal situation that in in a lot of ways just about all but a few of your topics I in so many different ways I easily find my self under connecting with on very personal level that has been so helpful in helping me understand and realize things that I either missed or wasn’t paying attention perspective that has had strong impact on my thinking outlook self reflection. I have better myself and will continue to do so. There are so many episodes that I don’t work start as for the past six months here and there. Any advice in your opinion, or other websites that I should check out it just letting you know that I’m listening and you’re making a difference and so many and I respect me and you give your opinion and your advice in analogy I find so valuable and have really applied all of this to my life to make me the best person that I can myself and hopefully my ex partner or my next one things will be a lot different. I just wanted to say hello five stars I’m myself have many questions and ideas of subject. You will be hearing more from me hope to be hearing from you. Thank you. Merry Christmas.
  • Jmartenspdx
    Real, and really helpful
    One of the best relationship and sex podcasts out there. Jordyn is totally real, says it like it is, no psychology talk. As she often quips, she tells it to you like a sister, which I think is valuable for both men and women. The title may make you think that it’s just a raunchy show, but it isn’t all about sex and it is totally focused on helping couples create and nurture long term romantic relationships.
  • N8zHoney
    Married and learning new things
    I’ve been married for 25 years, my husband introduced me to your podcast about 6 months ago. We enjoy relaxing and listening each week. Keeps the ideas and conversation flowing. Thanks!
  • Cbevs28
    I started listening to this podcast probably two weeks ago now, and let me tell you my husband and I are grateful. Hearing topics and relationship help. We are newly weds married in September but we have been together for five years and a full house here, Which makes alone time very hard. We have a blended family five kids all together! Our youngest is 3 and then there is 7, 10, with 12 year old twins. it really was putting a damper on our sex life. But we have made changes and worked together to connect on a different level I feel. Though we love our kiddos we have taken moves to have the time we need together! I tend to take it to heart if we don’t get our time together, I worry all the time I’m not enough when my husband is nothing but loving and devoting. But hearing this podcast has helped me evolve! Self reflecting on myself and seeing where I need to work and he needs to work has helped me stop over analyzing! Todays podcast really hit home. Thanks for everything!!
  • RJ Worden
    Fun, educational, conversation starters
    My husband and I have a pretty “evolved” sex life, but we still love this podcast for new ideas, interesting new topics / guest speakers, and the lalalalala-listener questions. Jordyn keeps it fun, fresh, and relatable. It’s not just a “sex podcast,” she covers everything relationships, romantic / love psychology, behavior, etc.
  • Girlmom224
    Love this podcast!
    Great host. Great listen! Love Jordyns “mildly toxic” ways and her personality!!! Always look forward to Mondays!
  • Tgross14
    Horny house husband
    The horny housewife podcast is my favorite. She gets right to the point and says what she wants. Jordyn even opened up episode #153 questions with my heavier question. I really appreciate her content!
  • Paul 2123
    Keep it horny
    Seriously love this show and she shares great stories and keeps it 🔥 reminds couples to not become boring and stay open!!
  • Jolene 33
    Down to earth
    I love how Jordy is totally relatable and makes you feel comfortable no matter what question you ask. She takes her time to give real honest answers. She is funny to listen to. Makes it almost feel like you’re just chatting with a girlfriend. I love that she is loyal and dedicated and is honest about what she feels it takes to make relationships work. I love that there is relationship advice and it’s not just all about getting to pound town. There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes to having a great sex life and she’s gets that and helps break it down for everyone. Super enjoyable to listen to!
  • Nightfurynikki
    Love your podcast
    I’ve been a long time listener and it just keeps getting better. Keep up the great work.
  • Harder53
    Love Jordyn’s no holds barred
    Her uninhibited style is so inspiring, so charming and so inspiring. She approaches sex as if it’s something that’s lots of fun, experimental, and an activity is something that one can be totally open about. Shame disappears when I listen to her. Really funny too.
  • dadttg
    You’re never to old to learn
    I am a 71 year old active mail who has learned numerous tips from Jordyn, a woman half my age, I have tried many of the techniques that I heard on the podcast with my wife of 46 years and she loves the new twists. Thank you Jordy!
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