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This podcast is dedicated to helping you learn all of the blueprint topics for the PANCE exam. I will go week by week, following the NCCPA blueprint topics, giving you tips and tricks I used when I was in PA school to help me remember the massive amount of information needed to pass the PANCE and become a certified Physician Assistant. All of the podcasts will be short, to the point, and high yield. Support this podcast:

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  • SidneyTaylor
    A great tool for PA school
    This podcast has been very useful for my friends and I in PA school! It includes information from our Clinical Medicine lectures and incorporates helpful ways to remember etiology of disease, disease presentation, diagnosis, and treatment. I love listening and can’t wait for there to be more!
  • edggie_veggie
    Love the podcast. So helpful! Especially love the explanation for the S3 gallop in dilated cardiomyopathy
  • BecPA25
    PA school savior!
    I am so grateful for this podcast! I am very much an auditory learner and this has helped me tremendously! There are so many helpful tips and tricks that help you remember the important things long term. Studying in PA school can be so repetitive and draining, but putting this podcast on while driving or doing housework has been a game changer!
  • 9796SamK
    A HUGE help in PA school!
    This podcast is the best thing that’s happened to me in PA school. He is straight to the point and so informative. I listen to these podcasts when I’m not actively studying and he always has great ways to remember things. I’m a big fan
  • locorn17
    Life saver!!
    I get such a bad headache from studying at my computer, so this is a great break while being so refreshing and short and sweet! He does a great job at hitting the pearls and the “high yield” stuff so that you know you’re getting the most important info out of each subject. Thank you so much for making my life just a bit easier!
  • sharky42069420
    Awesome resource
    I’m glad I found this podcast before taking my PANCE! Great reviews and easy to listen to. Thank you!
  • ElsomW
    Seriously every PA student needs to listen to this on their drive to school everyday. Man is a great teacher and helps your learn things!
  • npstudent22
    Great up to date podcast
    This a great to help learn and review. I love the mnemonics! I am in NP school and is this the best podcast I’ve found so far to cover the topics. The questions are excellent to test yourself. Can’t wait for more to come!
  • lu10982
    Best pance podcast
    This is by far my fav podcast. Super easy to learn the important stuff and great mnemonics ! Can’t wait for my episodes. Please do some neuro topics.
  • laurawillson5476
    Best on the go study aide
    I listen to this every morning while I drive to my clinical rotation site. The episodes are high yield and excellent review! Thanks for such a great podcast!
  • Marine PA
    Keeping It HIGH Yield
    Thank you Scott for putting the hard work into making these podcasts possible. Very helpful during the commute to my last few rotations and getting ready for the PANCE. Many other podcasts have massive introductions and endings but this podcast gets right into it and I appreciate that. I will definitely be checking out the YouTube channel as well. I think you have a great thing going here, thank you! Update: Passed my PANCE and did above average. Got a job in Surgery and still review some of these topics to stay fresh, thanks again!
  • Fruitygarment01
    Best podcast
    This is perfectly done!! Thank you for making short digestible episodes. l’m binge listening to this podcast. Everything I thought I knew is making sense now! Would love to see an episode about micro and antibiotics!
  • madysnc
    thank you!!
  • ABPT89
    Concise with mnemonics and great patho explanations!
    I have just started listening to these podcasts on my way to clinicals and they are excellent! The patho explanations are truly exceptional as I feel like I am able to better retain the material because I know the “why” better. Love the mnemonics as there are several I have not heard before and it definitely helps to retain some of the more memory-based items. Thanks Scott! An episode suggestion: would love to hear some explanations of CMP‘s (what exactly each is related to and what to think if they are high or low). Again, thanks for a high-quality podcast and the time that goes into it!
  • jrcfl
    Awesome podcast
    The way you lay these out and go through them is incredibly helpful. Keep it up!
  • Vsc14
    Saving me in clinical year
    This podcast is single-handedly saving my butt during clinical year!! The mnemonics are SO HELPFUL and everything is high yield! The heart murmur episode is amazing and I wish I had it during didactic year too. I love that everything is explained in a way that’s easy to understand and easy to memorize, would have been super helpful didactic year as well. When I’m doing practice questions for my EOR or getting pimped by my preceptors, I find I’m able to answer a lot of questions simply because of this podcast!! Please keep the episodes coming!
  • HappyPA-S!
    Can’t wait for more episodes! You rock!
    I am a current PA student and have been looking for a good PA review podcast to listen to while I run and do chores. I’ve tried a couple different podcasts but this is BY FAR the best one. No frills, succinct information, simple to understand and great explanations of why different pathologies happen. I am so pleased!
  • Xi Squared
    Much Needed - Wish I Had This in PA School
    Honestly this is exactly what I needed before my PANRE in a few days. Wish I really had this in PA school as well. Just a quick podcast rundown of the critical elements to do well without fluff and wasting time. Much respect and much needed please keep making more. Can consider MSK system next if you’re not already in the works for it! Thank you!!
  • Jennyreh8
    Such a help with didactic!! Thank you for the mnemonics and great explanations. I especially love to tune in when I want to take a break from books/the laptop, I can follow along and quiz myself as I listen!
  • AmandaW494
    I love this content!! I am currently on clinical rotation and use these podcasts on my commutes or when I want to be active (while I’m out on a walk, doing laundry, cooking or cleaning) I have thought back to mnemonics and other pearls in this podcast during EOR exams and even while on rotation! Thank you for making the time to make these, free quality content is much appreciated by this PA student :)
  • EMMOORE14589
    Great review!
    I am a new graduate and I am currently studying for my PANCE in a few weeks. This is by far my favorite review podcast I have tried (and I think I’ve tried them all). It is perfect to listen to on a walk or during a commute. It includes high yield information without all of the other fluff that many of the podcasts include. I also really enjoy the pneumonics and memory tools for topics.. it’s really helping everything stick! Thank you!!!
  • BrianBossanova
    Short, sweet, and to the point!
  • kespit18
    Fantastic Review Podcast for PANCE and EOREs
    This is the best review podcast that I’ve come across. The mnemonics are memorable, the review questions are helpful and applicable, and it’s engaging. Very grateful for this podcast with EOREs and the upcoming PANCE!
  • Frescobaldy
    Great Podcast!
    Thank you for taking the time in creating this podcast and your YouTube videos! I’ve found them to be super helpful. You go straight to the point and give a great explanation for each answer!
  • mck sal
    Cram the PANCE
    Best podcast ever! Very helpful and a good summary of all important stuff to know for each disease process. I listen to it in the car everyday to class and it’s a great review! Also a lot of good mnemonics to help remember high yield info.
  • everyday listener 2
    Super grateful
    Such a great podcast. I like how he goes straight to the point, step by step without adding unneeded fluff. I travel every weekend to see my family, and this gives me a great boost for my exams and saves me a lot of time. Thank you!
  • lexfrat
    Amazing podcast for studying on the go!
    I love how he is straight to the point, and has such great tips! I am studying for my family med EOR and wish I found this podcast sooner!
  • hbarrows
    So helpful!
    I listen while I go for a “break” and run! It’s the perfect way to break up studying but still be productive! He makes things stick!
  • AFSala
    I love the podcast! I had to travel this weekend and wanted to avoid missing out on too much study time and the podcast was perfect for it! Learned a ton on my drive and will listen regularly now, not just when I’m on a road trip.
  • PA-S Co' 23
    Cram the PANCE> all other PANCE/PANRE podcasts
    Stumbled upon CTP after trying to find good review podcasts for didactic to listen to while driving back and forth from school. I had listened to other PANCE podcasts but they were basically only practice questions with minimal explanation of topics. If you’re looking for a podcast to really focus study efforts and to give an all inclusive review of topics, look no further.
  • Long time Bert show fanatic
    Helped me and my classmates pass exams!
    So soo helpful in PA school!! Everything is super high yield following the blueprint and the perfect review. I love his mnemonics that have saved me and help me remember things long term. I can’t stop telling my classmates about Cram the Pance- we love him!!!
  • alisha_zee
    amazing podcast!
    currently a PA-S in my clinical year listening to these podcasts on my drive to my rotations and learning so much. this is the best PA-S podcast out there and covers so many high yield topics and questions that you will see on EORs and exams. please keep up these episodes!! the 50 high yield questions done recently are amazing!
  • maud101
    Studying for my summative exam and fell on this podcast... one of the most helpful resources I’ve found. Straight and to the point. Please keep them coming— you’re helping us tremendously!
  • Daniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiduh
    Recommend for ANYONE in medicine, he is amazing :) the 50 high yield is incredibly helpful and so easy to listen too! THANK YOU!
  • GuitarGal1995
    Excellent podcast!
    I recently graduated from PA school and have been studying for the PANCE - this is by far the highest-yield audio resource I have found! Straight to the point without unnecessary marketing “fluff” that often comes along with other PANCE review podcasts. I feel well-prepared for my exam next week. Thank you so much!
  • lauren PA student
    Perfect for PA Students!
    I’m in my clinical year for PA school and I’ll be taking the boards in September and this has been sooo helpful on my drives to clinicals recently. They are short and to the point but include all of the necessary information. My favorite podcast so far for PA students. Thank you!!
  • meeeep4
    Great quick review
    This podcast is a great review for topics that I’ve learned time and time again but need a quick refresher. Would recommend for clinical year students for sure! I listen on my runs and feel so productive!
  • Huey500
    Very succinct and well presented. Highly recommend to anyone in school or preparing for PANCE. I listen on my way to and from clinicals and the gym. Each podcast is 20-30 minutes which is perfect!
  • areigan
    I cannot express how great this podcast has been for my end of curriculum exam as well as PANCE studying. The information is straight forward and very organized. I love the useful tips on how to remember certain conditions. Please don’t stop cranking these out!!
  • Samiha E
    Super helpful!
    Thank you for making these podcasts! As a 2nd year PA student, I find them super helpful to listen to during my commutes. I also really like how you structure and organize the information you give us. I find your repetition, mnemonics, and questions are all amazing strategies that makes this info really stick. I also enjoy how you sometimes integrate real world experience into these too!
  • ekilpy
    great for PA students!
    my favorite PA podcast!! The GI episodes matched up perfectly with my clin med block and helped me immensely! I’m now going back and listening to the cardio and pulm lectures to prepare for my cumulative exam in a few months and will definitely continue to listen next year to keep up my knowledge on everything. 10/10 recommended to everyone I know!
  • iairbear696
    Please continue!!
    I have been waiting for a podcast like this. While I like the other podcasts already around, they are sometimes way too long. These are great quick review episodes that hit the high yield stuff without spending too much time on one topic. It's great! I am on my Emergency Med rotation now and it has such a wide variety of topics, that this podcast has been perfect for getting through a lot of the information. There isn't a lot of dedicated review sources for broader rotations like IM, FM, and EM, but I think this podcast is perfect for these rotations -- and for the PANCE/PANRE! Thank you for starting this! Please keep doing them. :)
  • mcmaurz
    This has helped me immensely
    I’m using this podcast to review for my EOR’s. Scott gives great ways to remember things. If you’re someone who uses acronyms, phrases, or funny ways to remember things- you NEED to listen to this podcast! Episodes aren’t too long and yet they cover so much great material
  • Akonruleseveryone
    Thank you for making this. About as high yield as it gets.
  • Winnerwinner
    Exactly what I needed
    It’s awesome to have complex conditions broken down into high yield components. This podcast has helped solidify concepts that I’ve had trouble understanding. Definitely would recommend listening to this.
  • hill282828
    Love it!! Has been so helpful!!! My go- to podcast for long car rides
  • Daniel Moreno's Laptop
    Great review for morning drives
    I really appreciate your direct attention to the high yield topics without the unnecessary literation of filler information. It does not sell short of excellent at all. Thanks for your time and effort into these podcasts!
  • oliehouse
    This podcast is so helpful!!
  • SkiFletch2022
    Great Show, High Yield
    Another great high yield PA podcast I would love to see more of!
  • Tmcdowell0526
    The best podcast for my adhd
    This is great , I love it. Keep throwing in those mnemonics + tops and tricks. Very helpful
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