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This podcast is dedicated to helping you learn all of the blueprint topics for the PANCE exam. I will go week by week, following the NCCPA blueprint topics, giving you tips and tricks I used when I was in PA school to help me remember the massive amount of information needed to pass the PANCE and become a certified Physician Assistant. All of the podcasts will be short, to the point, and high yield. Support this podcast:

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  • Cass3272
    I’m currently in clinical rotations in PA school and these are amazing for when I’m driving to locations as a refresher. Pretty much all the info you could need for didactic and clinicals!! I wish I would have found this sooner! The YouTube channel is also amazing if you’re more of a visual learner!
  • Amber Ran H
    Best review
    I’ve been a specialty PA for 8 years, need to freshen up for the PANRE. This has been SO helpful. Teaches you ways to remember things, what’s most important etc. literally my favorite study place as a busy mom who can’t read books right now.
  • agb234
    Love this!
    Still helpful for nursing school!
  • pa_dani
    This podcast and YouTube channel has been so helpful during didactic! I am such an advocate for this podcast to the point that I was given the superlative of: most likely to have the DJ play “Cram the PANCE” at her wedding. Keep them coming!!
  • Marissa PA-S
    Memory Tricks & the WHY
    This podcast is incredibly helpful because he explains the physiology, so it helps me remember it because I understand WHY it’s happening, closes the loop of knowledge and learning for me. And then even better, He gives an easy way to remember things, which is more helpful often than the review of the material cuz stuffing my brain so full during PA school it gets muddled without memory tricks. I would love show notes of some kind/one document with just the memory tricks.
  • fe roppe
    This man & his podcast❣️
    I am so thankful for this podcast. It keeps me interested, motivated, & anxiety-free knowing that I can review all these topics in a concise, on-the-go way that’s different than lectures of some stuffy arrogant doctor explaining medical jargon that I don’t even understand.
  • Driiiiia
    Best blueprint review with high yield focus
    Couldn’t be more thankful for the creative memory tricks/cues.
  • laskier07
    So helpful!
    This podcast has been saving me in PA school!
  • EGwen18
    NPs Too!
    Thank you for making these podcasts! I’m currently in NP school and your podcasts have helped me retain so much more material . The tips/mnemonics you share are so helpful. THANK YOU!!
  • ChristinaPAS
    Best PANCE Podcast!!!
    Wow I am so glad I found this podcast! Currently studying for the PANCE and this has been an absolute lifesaver to picking through and trying to memorize the high yield topics. Can’t recommend enough!
  • Dfvcbkfsgvg
    PA student
    AMAZING as a study resource for clinical medicine courses!! Raving about this podcast to all of my classmates. Highly recommend
  • SFfromNC
    The most HELPFUL podcast
    Can’t say enough about how helpful this podcast is in guiding my learning. The mnemonics and the explanations are so clear and concise. Keep up the excellent work!
  • Jules.9918
    Very helpful!
    This is helping with PA school so much! Thank you for the mnemonics and key words to look out for!
  • jordyniooss
    Lifesaving podcast
    This podcast is incredible. Fast paced, palatable, enjoyable delivery of high yield information. His mnemonics and memory techniques were SO helpful during the exam. I particularly love the rapid fire question podcasts. Crushed the PANCE thanks to you, Scott!
  • kmcelacroix
    PANRE review
    Thank you a million times. I’m studying for my PANRE and this has been an awesome review on the go. I listen in the car and while I exercise. The high yield questions are my favorite!!!
  • Kareat3333
    The Best
    Great review of high yield material!
  • tbgentle18
    Great Podcast!
    I’ve learned and retained more about some of these topics than I was ever taught in my didactic year. As I have listened multiple times over the clinical year and on into studying for my boards, the concise teaching points and pneumonics have helped me so much!
  • Covjm
    Best pance review podcast out there!
    Just started studying for my PANRE. Information in this podcast is short, concise and easy to understand. Scott does a great job at presenting all the key learning points. Really appreciate you putting this podcast together! Only recommendation would be to add notes/time stamps to make it easy to return to a portion of your podcast to specifically review. I understand if this is too much work though. Great job and thanks again Scott!
  • Ljttt
    Med student loves it!
    This is so helpful as a medical student! Covers a lot of the main idea material that we learn in medical school which helps me make sense of the overall picture of what I’m learning!
  • j16946
    So grateful for this!!
  • karen624
    Helpful for FNP candidate.
    Thank you thank you thank you. I just passed my AANP exam. There is nothing like this in the FNP world. I listened to every episode as part of my review and used some of the pearls I learned on my brain dump sheet. It came in handy, especially the heart murmurs. I will continue to listen.
  • AJM-/:
    NP student
    I was an NP student and passed my boards today. Your podcast was so helpful. You explain complex topics in such a simplified way. Thank you!
  • DnkPzoaosnnxnx
    So helpful!!
    These podcasts are so amazing and really do help you recall info on an exam. Several times this semester I have been in the middle of an exam when I get a question he said would be on the exam and I just think to myself “thank you Mr. Cram 🫶”
  • C-win
    This has already been such a life saver during my didactic year. Love this podcast and the YouTube channel!!
    Love the high-yield
    Just wish all blocks covered! Someday? 🤗
  • L' Elephant
    Lovely lectures ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Millions of thanks ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • B9034
    Life-Saving Podcast
    This is the best tool I have in my toolbox as I study for EOR exams and the OSCEs of clinical year. You are truly incredible for taking time to produce such great content. All of my cohort swear by your podcast. You make it all make sense in a way that doesn’t make it feel like the firehouse of information. Thank you so much!
  • Pitt PA '22
    Time well-spent
    Really wish I knew about this podcast during didactic year. I take PANCE in a couple of months, and while I have been studying the blueprint on my own, I tend to forget stuff, so coming here is such a good refresher. I listen to this in the car, or during a workout, time does not feel wasted. You make it very concise and easy to remember. Thank you for this!
  • sarahSFGH
    Best podcast
    Thank you so much for all your hard works. I save so much time reviewing and learning new stuff form you. All of the episodes are great and very well organized.
  • mrs dump
    I owe this podcast my LIFE
    I’m in my second semester of PA school and have used as many episodes as I can to supplement my lectures, and you’ve explained several topics much clearer than anyone else has! Thank you for all of the time and effort you put into this podcast - MSU’s PA class ‘24 thanks you!!
  • kasenmarie
    LOVE THIS PODCAST, wish episodes posted more frequently
    I am a PA student in my didactic year and I love listening to this podcast on my drive to and from school!! I’m a commuter so I spend a lot of time on the road. These episodes have honestly saved me on so many questions on my exams. The only thing I wish is that he would post episodes a little more frequently. That’s the only reason I’m giving this four stars. Each episode is timed well and goes over the perfect amount of content. He also asks five quick questions at the end which I think is really great to test my knowledge. I will definitely continue to listen to these episodes into my rotations and in preparation for the PANCE!
  • Dhchhchxchhxjsjdj
    CTP Review
    I am a Family Nurse Practitioner student and I use these podcasts to review material. They have been very useful! The podcasts review the most relevant material on each topic. I listen to these while running and traveling in the car. These have really helped me succeed in NP school and I know they will help me when I start studying for my boards!
  • chloe87554378
    My favorite podcast
    This is the best podcast if you’re in PA school! I listen to it in what little time I have for exercise and getting outside and it is the best review! I love the question episodes for before the test and listened to it before I took the packrat. Haven’t taken the pance yet but I’m sure I’ll listen to it for that too! Everything is explained wonderfuly and the mneumonics are so helpful.
  • Michiiiyy
    The BEST PA podcast
    Great easy to find relevant topics/titles. So so so helpful, straight to the point love the pneumonic and practice questions. I wish there was more podcasts coming out! We need them!!!
  • 63820hdjej?&isiwydi
    No words can adequately describe how thankful I am
    Thank you!! Thank you!! This podcast has allowed me to get A’s on all my clinical medicine tests in PA school!! It is perfect for on the go!!
  • Jackie ODoherty
    The GOAT
    Pretty sure my entire PA study group is obsessed with this guy and his podcast. Does a fantastic job of not only narrowing down the essential information but he repeats it a few times which really helps it stick. Can’t put into words how much I appreciate these especially when I’m driving and on the go somewhere. Please keep putting these out!!!
  • Autumnsm
    Can’t recommend this enough
    This is the best podcast I’ve found while in PA school. Everything is so clear and to the point, great mnemonics. I can’t wait for more to be released.
  • PAS2024
    Thank you!
    I’ve wanted to leave a review for a while. You are a godsend, sir. I love your mnemonics and practical approach to understanding complex material. This podcast has helped me so much with studying on the go. Keep up the great work and THANK YOU!
  • skinEdip
    Honestly this is probably one of the best podcasts I have listened to. I’m still in my first year of PA school and I have an extreme amount of material thrown at me on one specific topic which causes me to get lost in the tiny details. This podcast truly helps me know the high yield topics verses the FYI information. After studying my lecture PowerPoints, I listen to this podcast while referencing my notes and it ties everything together. Only downfall— I wish there was more!!
  • iTunes what is this
    This podcast SAVED me in PA school
    This is absolutely hands down the most helpful podcast in preparing for EORs. I love that Scott only focuses on high yield subjects in his show and his quirky unique ways of remembering things totally worked for me and helped me completely turn around my performance in PA school. Thank you so much for this incredible podcast. You are greatly appreciated.
  • Jeb21!
    So Good!
    These podcasts are so helpful! Having mnemonics and different ways to remember certain things makes studying so much easier!
  • Adnan202
    Hands down the best podcast out there for all PA students, without a doubt. I love passive studying and this has been my go to method for reinforcing the information from my clinical Medicine class. I love all the mnemonics and tips and tricks for memorizing the massive amount of information. Thank you so much for all that you do - please keep up the amazing work! You are keeping us afloat! One minor suggestion I have is that if it’s at all possible to have a transcript for each episode, perhaps on your YouTube channel. Sometimes I am looking for a specific part in a particular podcast and find it difficult to find as I don’t remember exactly when I heard it. It can also be easier to take notes about something when I am reading it instead of having to pause and listen repeatedly. Just something minor from my personal experience, although not essential. You already do enough for us!
  • sbar98
    Best resource
    The best source for PA students, can not thank you enough! Please continue to help us PA students it’s much appreciated!
  • cweng26
    BEST clin med learning tool I have found!!!
    I’m currently a second semester PA student with a fairly long commute. Your podcasts have saved me this semester!! I listen to the episodes covering what we’ve learned each day in clin med, and by the time I go back to review before an exam I feel SO much more on top of the material. Thank you for sharing your clever mnemonics and presenting the information in a concise and consistent format. I cannot recommend enough, and I can confidently say I’ll be revisiting these podcasts as I prepare for the PANCE!
  • cbw2024
    The best
    I use this to study for all my clinical medicine classes. It’s the perfect review on my commute to campus and super high yield. I can always count on getting a few extra exam questions right because of this podcast!
  • adrie7721
    First and foremost thank you so much for taking the time!!! I love how you explain each topic simply & concisely yet in a very entertaining manner. I originally started with your YouTube channel and then later heard about your podcast so now I can listen while I work out, shop for groceries, drive etc., I can’t wait until you completely cover the blueprint. Super excited to review it all in such a convenient way.
  • Sosofia10
    I honestly wish I found this podcast during didactic because you make it SO easy to remember the most important things. Now I’m studying for the PANCE and wish you had more content out (like rheum hint hint). I recommend this podcast and YouTube channel for every PA student I meet because it’s such a great resource no matter what stage of your PA journey you’re at. Thanks so much Scott for putting your time into helping fellow PAs like me.
  • Ally H PA
    My Favorite PA Podcast
    I listen to Cram the Pance on my daily rotation drives and am learning so much. He’s an incredible teacher and really knows how to pick out what’s important. Thank YOU!!! Because of you I’ll definitely feel more confident for the Pance!
  • leezbeez_
    Honestly so helpful! Especially for finals!
  • lurn23
    Will you have my children?
    I LOve you! Thank you for getting my through didactic and clinical year. Your podcast is amazing and really sticks. Thanks for making them!!
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