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Alan Peto hosts an informative and helpful podcast for anyone who is interested in Buddhism and beginning a Buddhist practice. Alan is a Buddhist layperson who explains Buddhism and Buddhist teachings for beginners and Westerners on his website, https://alanpeto.com. This podcast is aimed at helping those exploring Buddhism or new to Buddhism understand Buddhist teachings and practices.Contact Alan: https://alanpeto.com/contactPodcast Homepage: https://alanpeto.com/podcastPodcast Disclaimer: https://alanpeto.com/legal/podcast-disclaimer/

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  • Asher0603
    Great podcast
    I’ve been drawn to Buddhism and starting reading a couple books about it. Then I found this podcast. Alan’s podcast has been a tremendous help in my journey to understand and implement Buddhism in my life. Thank you!
  • Fivecentmozart3
    Not accurate
    The ones leaving you 5 stars know less about Buddhism than you do. Please learn, before you teach.
  • elikqitie
    Love this podcast for learning about Buddhism
    There are lots of podcasts out there, but I especially love this one on Buddhism because Toni starts at square one for those of us who are getting our feet wet. I like the backstory and context so you understand the why of this religion.
  • mariel1028
    great podcast for new Buddhists
    this podcast helps give meaning to the Buddha’s teachings in a way that is very easy to understand!! very grateful for podcast :)
  • CCG!
    Sadly disappointed
    Was hoping to learn basics of Buddhism, but didn’t make it through episode #1, since he was unable to speak to beginners who may have NO base knowledge. Bummer.
  • LooneyisHome
    Thank you
    I’m so happy you created this podcast and interviewed the guy in episode 9. You answered questions I feel I couldn’t find anywhere, and what I mean is that, i couldn’t think of the right questions to ask and you asked them on that episode. Thank you so much.
  • kso47
    Interesting but the word essentially became very annoying
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