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Interviews, insight and patriotic perspective on American culture and politics. Stew Peter’s quick wit, candid opinions and engaging conversation have made this one of the most popular radio programs in America. Watch/listen to The PCRadio Show!

• Political Analysis
• Uncensored Content
• Dynamic Interviews
• Relentless Seekers of Truth

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  • Gangrenous Khan
    He’s mirrored everywhere for a reason
    I recently started listening to Stu. He is one of the very rare journalists who constantly and consistently report on the truth because he cares about the truth. If only we had more of him instead of the multitude of lying media scum we have today..
  • Let's_Go_Brandon
    A cure for the brainwash
    Stew is a true American Hero. If you have brainwashed family or friends, this show might be worth recommending. I highly recommend Stew Peters’ show to ANYBODY and EVERYBODY. Let’s Go Brandon!
    Red Pill
    Stew, Tucker, and Alex Jones are some of the only ones that give you the truth about what’s really going on in this crazy, corrupt world we live in.
  • catgirl_05
    You Went Way Over the Line
    Disappointing. You dirty dealt Vernon Jones.
  • R-Urwin
    I think Apple slows the download speed for your episodes. I have 1,000 MBPS downloading and I just had 4 podcasts fully download in seconds. This show is taking forever to download. It’s not the first time.
  • leahbug2009
    Apple Must Not Want You Heard
    Love your show Stew, I listen everyday! I subscribe on Apple Podcasts and your new episodes will say I’ve already played them before I ever listen to them. Keep up the good work
  • cynthialsd
    stew is the best!!
    I try to listen to him ever day . He’s not wishy washy never afraid to speak and expose the truth!!!
  • ~dsc
    Good info ~ episodes all wrong!!
    Good info, but I listened to 9-30, then wanted to listen to 9-27 ~ it’s actually the 9-30 episode. I figured I’d listen to the 9-24 episode; it is also the 9-30 episode!! If you go to his website it’s POORLY organized ~ a bunch of short clips (many duplicates) with no dates?!?! Not sure if there’s a place to get full episodes that are actually the correct shows in date order? If you like organization and order ~ this podcast will drive you nuts and you can’t actually listen to the show/interviews advertised 🤔
  • ChristinaC482
    My News Go To
    I love this show and I am glad I found Stew. This is where I get my news. Check him out on Telegram too.
  • heavenly music
    Apple slowing download speed it seems. Great podcast!
    Love the format and Stew is great for bringing us all this important news that is not being told to the public. Shame on the mainstream media! The only thing I would definitely change regarding the shows format is the opening music. It’s nerve wracking and stressful to listen to so I always fast forward through it. I love the music Rush Limbaugh used to play.
  • Macsty1
    Great, but....
    Love love the show!! One of my fav’s...However, have been noticing that there are portions of the show/file which seem to get cut off or the different segments getting mixed up. This just recently started, not sure if its on my end or not, but all my other podcasts are ok. Hope “they” aren’t sabotaging you, stew!
  • carriecamarillo
    So informative
    Love all the guests!!!
  • BethGrahamWellness
    Great investigative reporting
    Thank you to Stew & his team of contributors
  • dark salty water
    Stew Peters is Based
    Stew Peters may be the only podcaster or news source that speaks complete truth, fully Uncensored, beholden to no corporate entity On the air waves. Every day is an awakening listening to Stew! He is a true patriot. This country needs more Stews!!!!
  • Harbee1(67#
    Stew has motivated thousands into action
    Stew Peters, much like 45, doesn’t need the headaches he’s created for himself by pushing back against the cabal, yet here he is spending his time motivating others to speak up, push back, and fight the loser libtards from destroying this country. Thank you Stew, from an Ad-Free supporter.
  • Breeezyyy712
    Favorite podcast
    I look forward to listening everyday! Seems they are starting to censor bc the episodes aren’t coming out everyday like they’re supposed to. So unfortunate that the govt doesn’t want the truth out there.
  • EWB Realtor
    Informative and on topic interviews!
    I really enjoy the guests presented on your podcast. In a sad time of US history with all the censorship, am grateful there is a source to come too. Thank you. Hopefully episode 162 will get corrected so that episode is available to listen to. It currently is a previously recorded episode.
  • Wang Chung DD
    Your episodes aren’t showing up in here
    Love the show, but why aren’t the podcast showing up in here? Like 3 this last week are not listed in apple podcast? More of the fascist censorship from the leftist maybe? Please fix so the episodes show up in here again!
  • Derek in Denver
    One of the few courageous people willing to tell the truth, when all of a sudden it’s not cool to do so. Fight back America!
  • damacnut
    The Next Rush Limbaugh
    Rush was an icon in a much different time ... 30 or so years ago America was “relatively calm” compared to the Marxist/Communistic times we are experiencing in full fury today ... Stew just may be the guy to carry the torch in these highly uncertain times and to pick up where Rush left off (may he RIP) ... God bless Stew and his Patriotic efforts ... and may God bless America 🙏
  • ShorePort
    Best truth teller EVER!
    Subscribe -bookmark-start your day with THE Best God fearing American/human patriot out there. Stew Peters I’m so glad you’re in this place at this time. God protect and bless you and yours always.
  • Sopfish
    Should be in top 10!
    Hard hitting and truth! No fluff! It’s a must listen for all conservatives!
  • Ban 1
    The best Podcast in uncertain times. Thanks
  • benn145
    God bless America
    Best hard hitting podcast out there. Keep up the fight!
  • Sarah E Jackson
    In love with this podcast.
  • trishincolorado
    Great breaking news
    Stew tells the truth and has great guests!
  • cjl2441
    My man looks like he’s a little constipated here
    Don’t force it, Stew!
  • Cancel the Cancelers
    If you hate the truth, you’ll hate this show
    Open your eyes people, the MSM vets everything before they allow you to see it and it already has a finished product of thought before you start to analyze the content. Don’t be another pawn, the world is scary but you’ll be even more free if you allow yourself to see the truth. Stew is a truth telling warrior and his show is a breath of fresh uncensored air!
  • jenifafa
    Great info
    I often hear news first here
  • JillGabsAway
    Nothing more I want than someone that can tell the TRUTH to the PEOPLE that are funding this America! TRUE PATRIOTS that love the USA & wish for the world to do good too. We’ve got fake leaders, doing real crimes on our dime. They should pay the price. START HERE—> by getting to the bottom of the facts of what’s going on daily, spread it far & wide. I share w/many I know & I pray to save even 1 person that can maybe save 1 more! Stew Peters is unlike any other: he doesn’t want to be heard, but he will say what we’re all thinking! He LISTENS & allows guests to speak their truths & situations to us so that we may be informed. Because the MORE WE KNOW, the better off WE will all be! WWG1WGA. United we stand. Divided, they win! Stand with Stew Peters & get this truth out to others to make America whole again; to make the world safer again!
  • marzza
    Best news in USA
    Stew Peters consistently delivers quality content and breaking news stories not covered anywhere else. Stew can be relied on to ask the right questions that we would ask given the opportunity. Outstanding program.
  • @3rdGrace
    My Favorite Podcast
    At a better time in our history, not crawling with propagandists, criminals, & liars, Stew Peters would have the top news show on TV. He speaks in a crystal clear tone & manner, with a voice, I believe, that was gifted to him for such a time as this. You never get the feeling that the sobering material he is reporting on is at all funny to him, like some others - though we do have to laugh, & he does at appropriate times. He brings on the guests that I want to hear from, asks the questions I want answered & doesn't constantly interrupt while interviewing. If he doesn't understand the increasingly difficult material, he conveys that to the guest, which is helpful to us listeners. The Stew Peters Show is my favorite podcast!
  • J in time
    Solid interview style, great content
    Been listening intently lately, great info on the current medical issues surrounding us. Really good, clear presentation style, and allows guests to speak. Get confused on his view of trump but everyone should maintain their right to opinions/beliefs.
  • Step7269
    Best Freedom Fighter Podcast
    This podcast shows through truth and facts what the fake media will not. Thank you Stew!
  • debnutts
    Stew Rocks
    Don’t ever give up Stew!!!!!
  • nitestork
    Stay the Course Stew ...
    Keep pounding the stolen election. My personal vote was STOLEN in Baxter, Mn with sharpie distribution to republican voters. I am a retired RN. I’ve never allow a cv19 swab test. I wore mask only at grocery store since I needed groceries. I will not accept the coerced injection. I am fully ashamed of the entire medical industry’s dismissal of ethics n legalities. Please stay the course with truth information n continue sharply sounding the LIE alarms. We Are Listening❗️
  • PatWagFly
    Dr Judy M
    I listened to this show 3 times, thank you for such a wonderful guest. I guess the most relevant news is being censored, truly a shame.
  • Stop Kiryas Joel
    Episode 120 exposure of controlla
    Excellent work exposing how the death toll was made worse and still is across the globe using deadly treatments. It must be exposed thank you and your guests! Now they are killing children it needs to come out.
  • Reveresrider
    Good job!
    Just heard you on! Keep up the good fight!
  • wc_nyc
    A show worth listening to
    One of the shows I listen to every day
  • PAHerrin
    New listener
    Impressed! Heard you on Alex. Subscribed!
  • M Rossi1281
    Thank you
    Love your show!! Thank you so much!
  • SpudHut
    In the Dirt Truth
    Boom....putting it out there, spewing the truth as it should. Put on your boots and strap on you pants cause it’s going to get real! Thank you both for not sugar coating it!
  • Losonpoint
    Truth Teller
    You can always trust Stew to bring the truth to the patriots
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