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On a mission to spread the laughs (and groans).Daily Dad Jokes Podcast - Dad jokes that are guaranteed to make you laugh and your family and friends groan! Top dad jokes are curated and produced daily. Sourced from the Dad Jokes subreddit on Reddit! Credits are in the show notes pages of each episode.

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  • smile1234567891011121314151617181920
    I haven’t even listened to this but the ads alone are the worst thing I’ve ever heard
    Seriously. I keep getting this horrifically cringey AI ad read for this podcast and I can’t stand it. If it’s any indication of the quality of the show everyone should steer clear. You’d think a joke podcast would try to draw people in with a funny ad but I truly can’t imagine anything worse than what they’ve delivered. It’s embarrassing
  • wesley thomas johnson
    This is the stupidest idea for a podcast.
  • whomeverwiz
    Bad AI voice, stolen jokes
    If you want to read the dad jokes on this podcast instead of hearing them read by a poorly-done AI voice, just go to the place they are stolen from: Reddit.com/r/dadjokes. I haven’t heard the shower thoughts podcast, but I imagine if I stopped to that level, I would hear all the same stolen Reddit posts in a crappy computer-generated voice. Stolen content, presented badly.
  • Kayleep112412
    My joke
    What is a vampire’s least favorite beer Natural light (also to Kyle how r u 11 but u have a husband)
  • xxx1xxx1xxx12
    Approved by walter
  • maverick 1212
    Sooooo! Funnny!
    I ❤️ this podcast
  • Jsgsjc
    I know someone named Lorelei Stewart She’s in my class
  • TFW Baby
    I love the jokes, but…
    I love the jokes, but I can’t stand the 1-2 minute “shower thoughts” at the end of every episode. I understand they want to cross-promote their shows, and I wouldn’t even mind it if they did it once or twice a month, but for them to add this at the end of every show is annoying. If I wanted to hear “daily shower thoughts” then I would subscribe to that podcast. Guess what? I don’t… that’s why I subscribe to “daily dad jokes.” Please stop doing this, and I will increase my rating to 5 stars again.
  • kyle de horrer man im 11
    Bro the robot voice is flipping scary me because I listened to Murder With My Husband and that’s scary. Don’t judge me I’m 11
  • Chickadee1129
    My joke🥸
    What does a little kid on Christmas call a rice crispy treat… a rice CHRISTMAS TREE 🎄! my little brother did that one on his own. By Lexi.
  • Elijah 33
    My joke’😂
    How do you put an elephant inside the fridge? Shove it in.How do you put the giraffe in the fridge?Take the elephant out and put the giraffe in. Tiger is having a party and invited elephant,giraffe and hippo but giraffe could not be there why?Hes in the fridge! BOOM BABY!
  • 😘😭😒
    Xoxo 😚
    Sooo funny!! I’m like literally in love with this podcast. ( Hey podcast, will you marry me? ) It’s a great way to put me in great spirits. I love it so much, I listen to it over and over again. I have never laughed so hard in my life before this. Thank you to the makers of Daily Dad Jokes I appreciate the work y’all put into this podcast!! ☺️😂🤣
  • Bearcats and ladyAvengers
    I love dad joke’s
    I’m just listening to this podcast and I can’t stop listening like oh my god🤩🤣😆
    Just by the first episode I could tell, he was telling me something… it was to haunt my friends with dad jokes. MWAAHAHAHAHHAHA 🤣
  • Ik just lnows
    This is fine
    The Dad : Do you know what make me kring Me: this guys joke Hey keep it up
  • Jose Madwords
    Discovered recently, can’t get enough!
    10-ish jokes is the sweetest sweet spot. I use these to crack up coworkers and family members. I play it while I walk my dog and my sudden cackles confuse the heck out of my neighbors. “I trained my wolf to meditate, now it’s aware wolf.” You’re doing the the people a great service with this feed!
  • Brodie Knox
    The robot voice is annoying but it is fun to listen to and the dark humor every so often is funny.
  • Pickelweasel
    Awesome podcast, if you want some good quick jokes.
    You have to check this podcast out, it may take 4-5 episodes before you enjoy fully but it’s worth the time. Lots of oldies but Great jokes overall.
  • jusjus8
    Let’s hope he sees this
    I thought you could find shrimp in the lunch meat section, but it’s just a whole bunch of baloney(bologna)
  • Jvl8122000
    Awesome !!!
    Very Funny !!! I laugh every day at this. Sometimes twice.
  • max?🎷
  • Mexican Hot Dog
    Creepy AI Voice
    This would be so much better with somebody, anybody, actually reading the jokes. The AI voice is fake and cold, lacking any emotion, which feels creepy and makes me sad for the future of humanity.
  • BIGDON01
    I send to kids and grandkids most every night
  • hernyfuzzt
    There dad jokes what you expect
  • Mike former listener.
    Some jokes are in very poor taste.
    For example - “What is the difference between apples and orphans?” “Apples get picked”. “Did you hear about the soldier who went through pepper spray and mustard gas?” He’s a seasoned veteran now” These jokes are from the 12/10/21 release. What disgusting jokes! This is the second time I’ve heard jokes in poor taste so won’t listen anymore!
  • iamsayinghellorn
    4 star
    Kinda funny, maybe without the claps and laughing, and use a real voice please
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