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Best-selling author and documentarian Dinesh D'Souza provides enlightened conversations about politics, history, philosophy, literature, and much more.

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  • prolife in IL
    Wonderful podcast!
    This podcast is educational and thought provoking. The guests are great. The analysis is great. I have enjoyed the summary of “Albion’s Seed.” The description of the Midwest was spot on. Keep spreading the truth!
  • ViktorGee
    Great Show
    Thank You Dinesh for another great show. Good info to help figure out some things in bidens world. 😕. Praying for the peace in Israel 🙏🙏. Victor Crockett Retired Army Special Forces Retired Postal Worker 🙏🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸. p.s. If You have room on Your prayer list, please say a prayer for my wife and two daughters, they need Jesus🙏🙏(Wife - Joy Lynn, daughter Sunny Glynn, daughter Zoee Lynn) Also, please say a prayer for Me, I have an unspoken request. May God Richly Bless You and Your’s!!!!!🙏🙏🙏
  • Asciguy
    What an ignorant shill. He and his guests are all jerks
  • Kounfdhudf
    Quit interrupting!!
    Dinesh and Debbie have to STOP interrupting each other. That is not conducive to good listening
  • thankful 'n glad
    Southerners love liberty?
    Thank you for explaining these regional influences. (My family is Native American from the NW US, settled much later than tribes on the east coast.) How unfortunate that both NE Puritans & SE British Anglicans viewed these native lands as wealth belonging to them (manifest destiny). A few Puritans valued natives (David Barton & Roger Williams). It shocked me to learn that the SE Anglicans who treated black slaves as property were ever esteemed as virtuous standards of liberty?? Never would their value system find biblical or moral support. What liberty meant to them sounds like their greed was their virtue. I hope your study touches on the French New Orleans, before the Yankees bought it. Sounds like they embraced local natives & lived for mutual benefit. That’s liberty.
  • rowdyette
    You nailed it!
    Yes you were totally correct about Obama. I was telling everyone the same opinion of him back in 2006. Nobody wanted to believe me.
  • Big Sincho
    Dream team?
    They already are terrorists. Their childlike chants and lack of depth prove they have no shame. Blocking the Jewish kids from classes through intimidation and threats are acts of terrorism. These things evolve slow, slow, fast. The water is almost hot enough to boil. I appreciate your depth of knowledge and scholarly thought.
  • Mars Explore
    A Patriot And Honest Man
    Dinesh breaks down complex issues into smaller understandable part. He is a teacher and a scholar. Dinesh has interesting guests so we get sometimes get a first hand account of an important story.
  • NoNickname4944
    Unfortunate and superficial
    Dinesh is a shameless hack. He is the opposite of thorough and lives entirely in the world of innuendo and assumption. He does not analyze or present facts with even a modicum of objectivity. I expected much more from someone who wants to be taken seriously. Sometimes it is difficult to tell if he is being intentionally dishonest or just has so many inherent biases that he may actually believe what he says. His podcast is a farcical travesty.
  • Small Time Dude
    Hypothetical News: Merchan’s Dilemma
    Sadly, a second potential juror has presented problems. The first juror, you’ll recall, admitted that he found Trump “fascinating”. No doubt, a sentencing potential, which caused his inclusion to stop. Now, a second potential juror, has volunteered that he found Stormy Daniels “fascinating”! Merchan, smiling in agreement, before realizing the active cameras. Will Stormy now be subpoenaed to test both’s ability to focus?
  • SoJo115
    Loud droning questions to his guests
    I got so tired of his questions to his guest and always has the answer in the question. All his guests can do is reply, absolutely, or your spot on, and add something that was already mentioned by Dinesh. He should tone down his volume when questioning. It always goes up a few decibels when he addresses his guest. I really am getting annoyed with this.
  • Lord Newcomb
    Thrown under the bus
    I tried to start listening to this again. But I can’t. If he is willing to throw Ukraine under the bus, you’ll do the same with Israel, another important American allies. I’m a veteran of Cold War and I will not listen to or support anyone who is opposed to stopping Russia.
  • Cutedge
    Had to take off a few stars because he pushes evolution.
    He still pushes evolution with ridiculous assumptions for his reasons all have been disproven if you go and study it. He’s pretty good with politics, but should stay out of science because he’s not a scientist.
  • wailboy
    Family affair
    Yeah your right ,the worst treasonous sellout is for the love of money .
  • groovy squirrel
    Defund this creep, not the Post Office
    Your mere suggestion shows your un-Constitutional leanings. And a profound lack of appreciation and respect for the USPS and those who gave it to us. GFY, d’sourbreath.
  • Wingman2023
    Defunding the Post office
    Defunding the post office is rediculous, post office funds itself, no government funding at all. Sympathetic about your experience, but privatizing the post office would be the end of any letters or flat sized mail delivered… the older generation would have no way to be served
  • MamaSab
    Great show!
    I love to hear Dinesh’s take on our political/cultural landscape. He’s covering topics that other commentators pass over. I appreciate you, Dinesh!
  • Free Patriot Tim
    Police State
    My DVD finally arrived today. I just watched Police State. I highly recommend it.
  • TKBorgo
    Police state
    We’re very excited but we can’t watch it tonight husband is hunting it till Sunday afternoon. If we rent it virtually can we save it and watch it Sunday afternoon??
  • #Sleepydwarf
    So much knowledge!
    I appreciate the wisdom of Dinesh and Debbie D'Souza and look to them as a source of information with current events.
  • rancid brew
    A Warrior
    Dinesh, thank you for all you do fighting this battle to save this country you are an American hero!!!
  • ScottyDogWalker
    Like Dinesh, but
    Most of his episodes give a “temporarily unavailable” notice when I attempt to listen. What this means is, I have to turn off my VPN, then the podcast is available. Now why is that? None of the other podcasts do this. Remove the privacy violating bug in your podcast and get a 5-star review.
  • Chris from Commie Connecticut
    The millennial
    I think her name was “Libby”. Excellent! Articulate & knowledgeable. I sure hope you have her on again.
  • ballpeen brain
    The Cost of Diversity.
    I never laughed so hard when you explicated the utter absurdity of neopronouns.
  • DinaForHill
    De Criminal.
  • GlamCalvinist
    Back off Pee Wee Herman
    Paul Reubens was a very good guy who had a porn problem that many (most?) American men have. He was known to be a positive loving good man with flaws.
  • Pamela7644
    Love your many subjects
    Good show. This is how I see Romney, Christy and other men who are Trump haters. They think they themselves are the best. Now as they age, Donald Trump is obviously the best. They know they will never be anything but what they are. Bitterness sets in. Who better to hate(other than themselves)? The best! Trump. ! Sad , but it seems so to me.
  • ryals1231
    Love your show!
    We love your show Dinesh! It’s nice to hear political commentary with some actual analysis. I also love the apologetics at the end of each episode, so much food for thought. Unfortunately however, my husband and I have not been able to listen to your show for the last few weeks on apple podcasts because an error message always comes up. We have different phones so I don’t think it’s a software issue. I reported the issue to apple so hopefully it gets resolved soon but I just wanted to let you know in case it’s a censoring issue. God bless and thanks for your work!
  • NeverD’neesh
    D’neesh is a traitor pure and simple…..emphasis on simple!
  • ripoff0608
    Completely empty of substance
    A great podcast if you at just looking for word salad without any facts, twisting of truth, and ignorance of any real news.
  • KeepLearningMom
    False claims to promote lies
    Promoting lies to get ratings. Shame.
  • DenBest
    Thank you
    Thank you for tireless efforts to spread the truth! I enjoy your logical and concise arguments. You are a true patriot. By Gods grace, you are an example to others of what it means to give of yourself sacrificially for the good of others. You and your family will be in our prayers. Do you not grow weary in doing good, for in due time you shall reap, if you do not lose heart.
  • Leglanche
    This podcast should be top 10!
    I have listened to Dinesh’s pod cast since day 1 and could delisted to them all. He and his wife ($ daughter) make a great team. He is spot on in his analysis of political and cultural events of the day & adds to that a classic education for all of us in covering great literature, classic philosophy, and Christian apologetics.
  • Skydoglives
    Learn something every show.
    One of my must listens daily. Great info and delivery. Thanks Dinesh
  • Foglark
    Stop interrupting Dinesh, Debbie.
    Love them both but Dinesh doesn’t get to finish his sentences anymore because he’s so polite to Debbie as she speaks over him.
  • Nwdarrin
    Complete Nonsense
    This is the nut job behind the propaganda film 200 mules. It was so light on facts even fox “news” wouldn’t show or speak about it, that’s when you know it’s bad. Another echo chamber void of challenging thoughts like maybe Trump lost the election *spoiler* he did
  • Bataan Marcher
    The Wrong House
    Not to argue with you but I believe that Joe Biden has always been mean spirited and nasty. It just wasn’t mentioned. No need to blame it on old age.
  • Geekster2
    Too many commercials
    Every two minutes!!!!??? It’s worse than Fox News! Compare to Newt Gingrich with NO commercials!
  • Hello Kid D
    Always brilliant
    Dinesh always brings it!
  • Doctow Wobewt
    Skip it: A bunch of baloney
    I don’t know why my friend recommended this to me. Very obviously under researched and misinformed.
  • ChuckysBucs
    Just the TRUTH!!
    A longer article is deserved and will be coming for Dinesh, I’m short this man is a role model for all AMERICANS and all people really. Fearless, Committed, Resolve, Intelligence, Compassionate & A WONDERFUL PODCAST WORTH YOUR TIME AND MY TIME EVERY TIME!!! Subscribe!!! Rate him 5 star’s- and realize you’ve got a friend in Dinesh as well as his WONDERFUL WONDERFUL WIFE!!
  • Peterm1j^
    Voices of Reason
    I turn to Dinesh and Victor Davis Hansen for a reasonable and thoughtful approach to history and current events. Thank you. Gary Martin US Army (Ret)
  • Omistich
    Great podcast
    Thank you Dinesh for a great podcast. Your insight on current and historical events is enlightening. You and Dennis Miller get my vote for having truly great command of the English language.
  • Suzie🙏
    Episode on the WEF
    Your talk on the WEF disappointed me the way you were joking about the “sex workers” there at the forum. As a Christian, Dinesh, it was not a good way to talk.
  • BJ Perr
    Attacking the Catholic Church for Frank Pavone’s craziness
    Danielle should get all the facts right in this case. Fr. Pavone was not obedient to his bishop and that’s the main offense
  • LadyVeritas13
    American Hero!
    I love Dinesh, he has single-handedly exposed American corruption and the dangers of losing our Constitutional Republic. As an immigrant from a corrupt country, he recognizes all the signs of losing our freedoms. Watch his amazing documentaries and get educated! God bless you, your family and our country.
  • 1 musketeer
    No to the daughter
    Not interested in him promoting his daughter. Did love the show
  • work email_MAP
  • Jazzcoat
    3 minutes
    3 minutes is about all I can take of Debbie. Dinesh is and will always be a rock star but her banter honestly adds nothing. I could get just as much insight talking to my neighbor. We need full strength Dinesh!
  • gone and delete app
    Love it!
    Enjoyed the Odyssey very much!
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